Five Facts for St. Patrick's Day 2018

60% of Americans plan to celebrate St. Patrick's Day this year, and 83% of them plan to wear something green. The average person will spend about $40.
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Here Are All 29 Current Oreo Flavors Ranked From Best to Worst

There are 29 different types of Oreos on sale right now, and Thrillist.com ranked all of them. Cinnamon Bun came in first . . . and Chocolate Cream Oreo Thins came in last.
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McFlurry Cookie Sandwich Added to McDonald's Secret Menu

Someone found secret menu items for McDonald’s and some of them are becoming popular after circulating online. One man took ice cream from an Oreo McFlurry and put it on two chocolate chip cookies to create a McFlurry Sandwich. His tweet, revealing how to create the secret menu item went viral on...
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