Social Justice

I Can't Breathe (Again)

Check out the Video for I Can't Breathe (Again)

Here is the powerful video of "I Can't Breathe (Again)" from A Meazy, Wil Guice, Chy Reco, Ramond & Produced by Mic Coats
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Black Americans Refusing to Shop Today in Support of #BlackOutDay2020

Tuesday is #BlackOutDay2020, a day where many Black Americans will refuse to shop and if they do, they are suggesting the community only shops at Black-owned businesses.
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#BlackOutDay: What Is It and Why It’s Essential to the Global Movement to End Racism

The #BlackOutDay campaign promotion has been taking place across social media platforms and aims to encourage BIPOC consumers to refrain from making any online or in-store purchases unless purchases are made from a Black-owned business.
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Black Lives Matter - No Justice No Peace

Here's How You Can Help the BLM Movement

Here are some easy things you can do NOW to help the Black Lives Matter Movement!
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Pharrell Williams Asks Companies to Pledge to Make Juneteenth a Paid Holiday

took to Twitter once more to continue his work in making Juneteenth an official paid holiday across the nation. This time speaking directly to companies and their CEOs, calling on them to “COMMIT & SIGN the #JUNETEENTHPLEDGE today.”
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CO State Representative Leslie Herod

Tony V Talks to State Rep. Leslie Herod about Elijah McClain

KS 1075 Morning Show Host Tony V interviews CO State Representative Leslie Herod about the murder of Elijah McClain.
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Martin Luther King III on George Floyd Protests, Racial Justice and Police Reform

Martin Luther King III, son of the legendary civil rights movement leader, talks George Floyd protests, police reform and racial justice, with KNX co-hosts Charles Feldman and Mike Simpson.
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Preservation of George Floyd Memorial Continues One Month After Death

The area has become a memorial to George Floyd and others whose lives have been taken by the hands of police in the United States. See the details.
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Ahmaud Arbery Accused Killers Indicted

According to prosecutor Joyette Holmes, A Glynn County grand jury indicted Travis McMichael, Gregory McMichael, and William “Roddie” Bryan on charges that include malice murder and felony murder.
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Family of Woman Who Portrayed Aunt Jemima Opposes Planned Rebrand

The second cousin of Lillian Richard, who became a brand representative for Aunt Jemima in 1925, has spoken out against Quaker Oats’ decision to rebrand the pancake syrup.
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