Swearing Eases Emotional Pain, Feel F-Ing Better!

Swearing when you’re in emotional pain actually make you feel better, just like it does when you bang your finger with a hammer.
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A Study Finds Two Beers Are Better For Pain Relief Than Tylenol

There really isn't any downside here! LOL! A new study out of the University of Greenwich in England found that drinking TWO BEERS is actually better for pain relief than TYLENOL. In their study, people who drank after a minor injury reported 25% less pain than people who took Tylenol. The...
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T-Pain Thanks Fans for Support Following Fatal Stabbing of His Niece

Police have identified the woman who was stabbed Tuesday morning in Tallahassee, Florida as rapper T-Pain's niece. Jovona Glover, 23, was fatally stabbed outside her Walgreens drug store workplace, according to the Associated Press. Authorities said Glover was bleeding heavily when medical...
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