Jennifer Hudson

Spill the Tea With Cedes

Jennifer Hudson Nasty Breakup Jennifer Hudson claims her ex is a liar who is ruining her career. Jennifer asked a judge for an emergency protection order to stop David Otunga’s “continued efforts to place [her] in a bad light and tarnish her reputation,” according to other sources. She alleged her...
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Replay 11-29-17

Morning Show talks about different ways social media can help with goals but also what can get you blocked. Listeners talk about the few things they do when they block people and who they've been blocked. Cedes spills all the tea with Jennifer Hudson's divorce.
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Damn! Iggy Azalea owes HOW much?

Dammmmmn...can someone hook Iggy Azalea with H&R block or something because her accountants arent doing her any favors in the "paying the IRS" department! After already being hit with a $390,000+ tax lien earlier this year for 2014.... she has been hit again for almost $270,000 from 2015! (...
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