Ice Cube

Ice Cube's BIG3 basketball league is now being sued.

The owners of the Championship Basketball League (CBL) filed a $250 million lawsuit against Ice Cube, and the co-founders of the BIG3 basketball league, claiming they swiped most of their idea.
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Ice Cube speaks on people comparing Kendrick Lamar to Tupac

So theres been a lot of talk lately comparing Kendrick Lamar to Tupac. Recently when Ice Cube was asked he disagreed with all that talk saying that everyone is an individual, and that Kendrick is his own. Check it out : Video of Ice Cube Talks 2Pac Compared to Kendrick, New Friday Sequel + Walk Of...
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Dispensary: Ice Cube Gets Star on Hollywood Walk of Fame

Actor and multihyphenate, Ice Cube received a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame Monday afternoon surrounded by family, friends, and industry colleagues. Cube's ceremony took place outside the Musicians Institute, where legions of fans lined up to get a glimpse of the honoree. “I’m so honored to be...
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Ice Cube Confronts Bill Maher About His Use of The N-Word

One of my favorites Ice Cube talked with BIll Maher about his use of the N-word. In my personal opinion I only think Maher apologzied because of the backlash. "I like your show and I like you. But I think this is a teachable moment, not just to you but to the people who are watching." - @icecube...
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Ice Cube Blasts Cops in New Song

Ice Cube says his new song, “Good Cop Bad Cop,” is about America being filled with crooked cops targeting minorities, falsifying reports, planting evidence and doing anything they can do to send another black kid to jail.
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Ice Cube at the Premiere Of Warner Bros. Pictures' 'Fist Fight' held at The Regency Village Theatre / Bill Maher looks on during the fourth inning of a game between the New York Mets and the Colorado Rockies at Citi Field.

Ice Cube to Discuss Race & Racism With Bill Maher

This may just be some can't miss TV! Rapper-turned-actor Ice Cube will be the first guest on Real Time with Bill Maher following the HBO host's controversial use of a racial slur last week. Cube was slated to appear on the comedian's show to promote the release of his Death Certificate: 25th...
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