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The Top Five Social Media Posts That Can Ruin Your Chances of Landing a Job

57% of hiring managers have rejected someone for a job because of something they found on their social media...
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Being Positive and Optimistic Is Bad For Your Health?

Bad news, happy people. According to a new study, being optimistic can be BAD for your...
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It's National Avocado Day; Get Free Guacamole

Today is National Avocado Day, and Chipotle is giving away free guacamole with online and mobile app orders. For one day, Chipotle Mexican Grill won't charge extra for guac as long as you enter the coupon code, AVOCADO. There's a limit of one free item per customer while supplies last. The offer "...
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(RUMOR)... Tristan Thompson Feels "Trapped" In Relationship With Khloe Kardashian

It’s rumored Cleveland Cavaliers forward Tristan Thompson feels...
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Woman Claims She Almost Lost Her Leg After Serious Infection From Pedicure

Woman Claims She Almost Lost Her Leg After Serious Infection From Pedicure A North Carolina woman who claims she nearly lost her leg from an infection she got during a pedicure. In June, she went for a pedicure at a “very clean” salon. The next day she was sick with fever, chill, nausea and...
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Tequilla with salt and lime on a table

It's National Tequila Day . . . Will You Have a Margarita Today?

Today is National Tequila Day. And a new survey about margaritas in honor of this holiday found that...
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Build-a-Bear Shuts Down Its Pay-Your-Age Sale After Tons of Parents and Kids Cause "Madness"

Yesterday, Build-a-Bear Workshop ran a special sale where kids could get a bear for the price of...
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Your Bra Could Be Giving You Headaches

Many women actually wear the wrong size bra.
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The Top Sign That Someone's Rich Is They Have an iPhone

A new study found the top sign that someone's rich, and it is ...
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Americans' Favorite Fast-Food Restaurant, Is....

_________ named Americans' favorite fast-food restaurant.
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