Frank Ocean

Trending @ 2: Frank Ocean Sued by His Father? Rihanna is Gushing Over Who? and Tonya Harding

Frank Ocean and his father bring a new meaning to Family Feud. Looks like his father is suing the singer for defamation. According to lawsuits and sources from TMZ and Complex, his father is suing him for $14.5 million over gay slur claims. This has to do with an open post that Ocean did claiming...
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[Audio] Dispensary: Frank Ocean's Dad is Suing Him & Is Beyonce Performing at The Grammy's?

Frank Ocean is being sued by Calvin Cooksey-- his dad, because of a tumblr post that Frank composed last summer right after the Orlando massacre. Frank wrote “I was 6 years old when I heard my dad call our transgender waitress a f****t as he dragged me out of a neighborhood diner saying we wouldn't...
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Andre 3000 Comes For Drake And Other Rappers With Ghostwriters #CT&B

The track “Solo (Andrea 3000 Reprise)” is barely over a minute, but includes a dig at rappers who don't write their own material. Most of Twitter believes it’s a shot at Drake. Andre raps: After 20 years in I'm so naive I was under the impression that everyone wrote they own verses It's comin' back...
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