G-Eazy got a new album on the way!

G-Eazy fans have a lot to be excited about as he recently announced he has a new album coming and its coming next week! G-Eazy's new "The Beautiful & Damned" is ready to go and will have a lot of "sex, drugs, & rock & Roll" in its themes. The Beautiful & Damned Available Worldwide...
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Trending @ 2: Toni Braxton v. Lupus, Bow Wow & Soulja Boy? Tiny & Mayweather?

Toni Braxton random story time! I had this pug named Bubba and he LOVED Toni Braxton! We had to place a stereo on the floor for him, and whenever he wanted to hear her, he would push the 'on' button and play her CD. And if we tried to turn it down or change the artist he would catch a fit, it was...
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