Tony V

M-F 6AM-10AM


I love hosting concerts and events as well as DJ-ing and hosting at clubs, events and gatherings. I can truly rock the mic!!!!

I Love all genres of music. (I've been collecting since I was about 9)

I'm a social media rat

I'm always on Facebook and Twitter. Social networking is a huge part of what I do as an on air personality.

I'm also big on sports I love NBA, NFL (GO BRONCOS), MLB, NHL, Golf etc.

I love to gamble (lol)

I believe in family first. My wife Amy, kids (Dene, Adriann, Elijah) and my lil dudes (Jaden and Liam) are my world. We have a tight bond with awesome family values. I also believe in youth and their educational needs. I came from a low-income housing project. Through my experiences, I know what it is to have needs from family support to financial aid. Radio has allowed me to be a voice and do volunteer work in the community to get kids connected to receive proper services which are vital to their success.

Tony V’s Radio History: KDKO 1510 1993-1995; KS104 1995-1996; KYGO: Nov 2012-2015 KQKS 1996-Present I'm what listeners call the "The Hometown DJ" Raised in Southwest Denver, I started at the local R&B station (AM 1510 KDKO) in 1993 as an intern. I would call the night DJ and do voice impressions and bits. Two weeks into my internship, the station owner happened to be listening. He liked what I did so, he hired me to do the night show as a co-host the next day. I fell in love with radio the first time I was old enough to listen.