More People Are Listening to Playlists Than Albums

September 26, 2016

Classic albums.  Albums you spent hours listening to over and over again, start to finish.  It's hard to believe, but that era is apparently OVER.  Because more people listen to PLAYLISTS these days than actual albums.  According to a survey by the Music Business Association, playlists account for 31% of total music listening time.  Albums only make up 22%.  Single track listening still rules . . . with 46%.  Here's something artists aren't going to like:  YouTube is the most popular source for audio.  42% of those polled said they use it to listen to music for five minutes at least once a week.  Pandora was second, followed by CDs . . . but almost half the people said they don't pay for a music streaming service, because they'd rather listen to the ads.  Times have to change, and young people are going to do what they want to . . . but something about this still makes me sad.  There's just nothing like putting on a favorite album and singing along from the first song to the last, is there?