Valentines yes or no

Tuesday, February 7th


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So before everybody runs down spends a bunch of money on Valentine's Day. Which wanna hear from you guys to see if it's that big of a deal because. A lot of times a lot of people guys and girls will go. I mean anything rash is Saddam holidays right and then you've we've all fallen for that and then you don't you're making an. Not really in trouble but they mentioned. You know I mean or they didn't get something from work like the rest of her very ousted. Right reverend that's there IE on the tech science pretty caucus and people are like. We celebrate on your lines so like we're going to have three dollar tacos in two dollar Marguerite is on the border right yes. Dre said that on or comments on FaceBook don't celebrate golfers and husband treatment that the queen 365. Days a year. Yes even when I'm mad at him so if your husband. Eight QB 36 by these companies. I mean even the most the Veba later in labs is the company's Leann says after torn feud between three years together. Waking up next to each other is a Valentine's Day America. That's really end of that right. It's. Dissimilar a lot of people are descendants is the BS holiday this sort of the tech sign I feel like we need in your mention for her she says I didn't get anything for Christmas. So I do expect something bearing gift for Valentine's Day. Also my husband is not the father of my children and I also get nothing for Mother's Day because he tells me that I'm not his mother. Variety W tell you that's not cool it's not cool like so she's manager at Jean guy eating get are aiming for Christmas she's had high hopes for Valentine's Day and argue it's Reinhardt I can't get anything or is he not nice enough to get EU cards from your kids. For more than up days and he's injured right I'm sorry you need to leave him. 9136. When you Uga still wants I had asked it joins it was and as in the tractor right so it so it is that we were dating and he was over the road. And so he took he was like on this crazy schedule I had to get the load back here in Denver when Evers and used driving. Tandem with another trucker okay what does that mean it just means they were. Together with the loads. I think that you enter the. A case in nine IE eight beginning I think he likes dudes. Is that it is so bad Pete Pete V the and then. Right and can't like he'd just trained nurses Sharpton is trying to fools they just go together you know like they bought like what your level lemon didn't do nothing to darn well freeing the zinc found these aides that they find that they were carrying houses he had once at the moment Hyundai the other guys together they had a venue beautiful game together. Their loads up game is at the now I know why I didn't get any bigger say in this sends a hundred million. Out of here and that got beautiful blue eyes easy and beautiful blue eyes now OK so. He we get some like late that night at K like I'd already gotten a bad. And he was in it was one of those davis' starting pitcher Manny being you know we return on the road and Greg Reid trying to get the houses here read certain time have a black. As a baby OK you know like some cool girlfriend I'm not ours well yeah and then I find out the other guys the other tracker. Rot Rosie is like a dozen roses chocolate and car and a card that he got at the tricks that. Everything for the truckers. Who couldn't stop digging his story and were able to get all this stuff so. So apparently your boyfriend was too busy unloading hip I have not asked at app at. Area. Ride yeah and I like did he noticed his other guys scary. All of this stuff I write his ex Bronx Brooklyn you guys are writing your way home and leaving Nebraska at yet. So that that was I don't have landed in Indians call your have you not noticed that it's like and then go edgy music I got news that's all he needed to meet Brad you can grab me with those ugly flower roses that lights up right I would have taken anything had I known that you had options and that at some realistic reds as Butler this was girl caught us. Obviously sir 72. Or a what I shouldn't I maybe that's. This is. Mom are you in the chocolates and a big to do about Valentine's Day or not. In LA chat. He ate there it out at a late day. Cash is always a great gifts for birthdays Christmas whatever we asked but as a man hands cash on Valentine's Day. You probably a hooker he. You know. After a you ahead can't to resides is closed due greatly view.