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Wednesday, July 19th


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If you need to know. And right aren't so lesser paid out one point one million dollars to settle a lawsuit with a Silas who claimed he infected her let her. These court papers show now the documents were first published Wednesday by radar online but they appear to date on late putting well. Now according to the documentation I sure was diagnosed with her music 2009 or at least in yet. Unprotected sex with the claimant. Without confessing that he was carrying the virus oh my god I am so Knox is at this point I don't know if I continue to read this like I am wow. How I should raise some of the big ten's medical bills and Tony twelve day total 2754. Dollars and forty since. Some bets when he also had his doctor called the woman's hour that the singer didn't beat Gary. There are these diaries. So a fairly easy at the disease for many years the legal documents also know that I served well mixed. Since tell her he's oh my god my heart is hurting so bad. In 2000 mandates when he stand around when he finalized his divorce from Geneva Gloucester had this she accused him of cheating old. I mean this guy. I am speechless. Right now. Plus there are you worried twenty plus years for this. Like your career is done and their careers fallen into the abyss I can I gotta I gotta go drink something is Bruno Mars didn't agree.