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Friday, July 13th

DeRay Davis stopped by the KS1075 Studios to chop it  up with Tony V

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As awesome by the boy Tony be most music in the mile high city mob broke Cano from the weekend checking in. Longtime home boy and special guests in the studio B Greg Davis got shows going down this week it looks good thing. Cinemas what do you gray Davis and I am also Super Bowl have the d.s and on May mean we are related in his relatable on the lodges and the army and I don't have not department I have problematic foreign you don't like what H shows this weekend but do eighteen shows aren't more than 11 am unknown dog to a five so long ago five endeavor. Is just like Compton back to back to back back to the back that allows them remember the music and also what I did. Is just like counted justice DJ quick add beef with as once I'm at a concert but anyway Ochoa to bro. Men may get LeBron over to the lakers in I'm we are responsible for that all of it did you ever have. I thought of I mean as of ultimate the vocal and his barber does that he was going do is it about it he would have never been okay. Go to the best dealt. Laws aren't mountains can could grab that and a brother. Number am I in my hand and other things gnomes and cry right. Jason you met him prop subs and marshalls did the year been there before. Yes I have eight season and Rossi went hello some bad habit and I and I was not there you can't Nash yeah I can't remember the woodwork and that is any try to get a dialogue was landamerica you know don't. So it's not a million kids out of me because that was realist last year yeah you know you don't sit is Italian I have rewrite the yellow firefight. And and it's called good though the windows aren't tests and nobody went that way nobody let that has always accurate you take this. There's an element we got these so right now Tony beat. Kingdom and you writing I like it don't you do the dank and still to. Of Obama love what you don't do you itinerant slow it down our. I got article to grow and aren't we do that with the buildup go to video of me floating right now. He videotaped me while it's a must Elvis on our realise this a review took his phone accidentally deleted let you know young guys I I I cam up all this is delete that. But I don't matter map out of law is that the same that in Obama mom won't net the schools. I had about the troops out of our friends. You went out last not obvious you guys so this weekend. Yeah now looking inciting and how you how while listing them around America you go to those are busting and got the car crossed. Iraq to go. He Cuba Deborah Kerr retirement of enjoyed delicacy with steel drums and double that at Hoover bad in the windshield the light to sort out. We'd like to live quietly put a bike paths to their legs they allow. A turn off the leader Mika. Have to get through and made it off and that other cabinet. Hater. For my do you know my friend you're not driving two gigs waiting just to get this morning Nagano OK now what you say he was gonna be totally outside in the truck brought up. Obviously trying to figure giveaways you better be a hallmark brand had its biggest they would laugh about here right out of a bit of a freeway don't wanna stop it. Word is tickets until you met have you ever wanted to do is sell it me you're always welcome you know they downsize over here so you Cokie you would be every morning though because I doubt you did it would I don't. It's funny. Ever think you'd didn't and then he got the other and it did do it's they use them what he'd do well. You keep his job as the president Rua but you have one of the roadway to Logan let go let let let it go. While we still well records are broken by a man. God's is that we saw the end this that was openers I intend not the men are from. None of that settlement so yours buses from the he made Davis commit the south to north of the improper. Eight to 46 north hill boulevard tickets again Islamism five back down bro was always a pleasure mad they Ebert you appreciate you coming in moving slowly doing big twelve all right let. It I don't think I'm. It's. And.