Tory Lanez w/Rosa

Wednesday, June 6th


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His son SM it's euros I got. To have been listening to you for like a solid since 2000 mind like the same my name creamy it's the tee on every mix all of that. Well thank you so much I appreciate sessions for real growth in the bottom of our. I can't wait to you how much I never got this you performed his dad we do in a nice fanatic in the afternoons but found let's play on the memory dog died tour going down right now right. Yep yep yep that is gone crazy everything they Creighton three years which older than that they've been like the most crazy they've ever been such a mystery deepens our history bad history. And are you would jump in the crowd this tour. Yeah I don't cry at outraged. At. What shall I shall you know I don't want nobody ever beat Marshall and be like that what the so like you gotta be at the best shall I ever saw in that at Rite Aid. Actually he's not like in here are these singers and that's some like you know are these shows can be pretty chill what you turn up outside is say I listen -- like YouTube videos on YouTube cannot creed I'm descent I'm a fan sick comes on and you jumping in a crowd you hang up from a balcony you crowd surf in on Michael R&B ballad is Clint. I would like. Rapidly in the ought not say. But the thing indeed happening expert but I haven't why can't let it ever was like I've why. And that love me a rap music songs like shoot Reagan like EA goes up like that so you know good candidate this year at all. Up when a girl old chicks they don't want it now Udall can't so. I gotta say I love the album I just dropped a memories don't and I theaters on his BID but my favorite piece piece of you I still essentially every single day is that sixty slow grind prop you express health family fans. And what. Diggnation one called meet a girl like you really dislike. Almost like I feel like you're a fan of music so you really did hit songs you like you just flip. You know I like to get that feeling back I certainly created an if they don't be cute now generates. What's the favorite what's your like favorite song you've ever remake. 801 and I was. Days like one probably was no. Songs like that slow I'm slowed down by a single one democracy part B bounce back at bat speed was pretty. A Leo was topic my it was how Finley and slow grinding YouTube jock wesun it. That's a hole by now another thing freestyle and I did not heed this bit like death. Yeah and I got it like Charlotte. What about things so that all in my bag like that's pretty Lima you probably is good and are a lot of that talent much drag art. I agree and it's like there's a lot of arm B singers hour rain have you got your own sound like. For example like BI Dion memories don't diet. It's like arm B five and and a ballad like the beat just drop and in new rap and so was gone Harvick and yeah and when harming no I just think his lead is that this is a song but my favorite I think lying you've ever said was I don't know why I don't I've never memorized a freestyle before but I don't know how I memorize your. Thank you go off eight minutes on the beat with funk flanks. And now one point you'd literally go on the stun gun Murray's done and now and even what is it might go about the scar tissue on it's it's done. I literally lost my mind. The rail. And it's an. How does take you to come up with wit. Not like necessarily out bump for example like the sixty is that you just hanging out in the studio I that's you like I I really wanna do this like how did those come about. What did you say it more you think the what we can. He ample we can house. Yeah like you're out there like for me it's not your knowledge is it me I know it's not that big big big big that. I didn't know about it and there keep it very easy for me to make our side is locked in quite a week a little bit better. What about saying how did that song come by you have a what's your name the girl from bind weight back in the day and none none none none not LeMay what took look silence is not her remember her. Oh yeah. Sure she was and say music videos on how to now come about. Armed video over the start you know about it like it was the first solid and Smart cards in the. I think we'll meet a big compliment he wouldn't do it popped once and I would be the first song that was created when I got starred in the. I would ask Rick is that song popped off that was like. I knew view because I like sound cloud and I like remixes. And then that was a song that took you from hey come on the senator Reid mixed up oh OK get spun on radio and I get national global recognition. Yeah not that great. And. What's your favorite thing about performing and ember can and save zero the time. I'm like energy out there is really why should I wanna stated that the form. You're gonna be funny memory don't die too or June 18 at the senate music market is still tickets up right now kiss and sent by back on they cute for economist delaying. Thank you so much about the slope on them up based.