Tony V's son

Wednesday, February 15th


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Morning show. Thoughts president Kathy Jane is with her dad right now who's done the best help answers or keep that in mind. A Tony v.s in the housing now with us. I'm told me yes Tom I just wanted Q. Give you love I know that you. Your son plays basketball yet college bass while he's like it kills it he's adopted by the threat yes. He's really because ID that well again where he get the gift could you grew up on the hard story tells us titans ranch now the projects in west looking through there and analysts. I quit my job like they cannot go back today. Man I'm so wait a minute so you are going to see one of his final games yet they're here's here's a funny is like. I think the last game you went to you like on this is his last game those last home game eyes nobody said this in his last run and soft on men's very. Monumental right have a good time right so then you tell me. Yeah I got to leave on Friday because Obama's of last game moment. I'm asking is he gay okay can tell you how many last games yes yes okay so you're 30 that's. I am really last home games were last weekend. Last season games of his college career are this weekend. And then conference tournament so it is obviously keep winning it's still a last game OK so here's the thing that a lot of you will notice that. Tony he is totally like one of those parents. You know those are moms have put their little girls and pageants. Tony he's just like that all right extreme right exact. He's a good movie in basketball pageants freer beat they'll put on your Jersey I ironed out before you put rhinestones on my. I'm supple mobile. Don't envy you didn't like very supportive dad to the point where sometimes those that would be the guy alone China go to college get laid he can do you are every weekend. What's old son I actually make hunting in the game I think we're good. The other is by sunlight here in sacred right. I think in the middle of him in the Euro that is within a commemorative that's all we're doing here hooked to you athletes are here Mary. So way to really use we're gonna go fly. And then they they kind of got you over a barrel because where he goes to school. It's not the cheapest fly when it's honestly or goes schools where they got a plan right now. And some towns are a little bit smaller and only a couple airlines go there. So to corner the market in the flights are like a thousand bucks while thousand dollars to see doctors on roundtrip. So the stock markets were and even when I ought to go find me help me get 'cause you see Tony on the sidelines and about wearing your Jersey eight you know. On so do you need a bad day pass yet you can make that happen by EU EU. Chris were some analysts who doesn't fly there my wife once ago I know but what I'm saying is you need it since it went way airline is you work for united holiday flight there the man for a a cat that was one of the expensive airline I want a colony by the Al. Yeah OK okay so then you can go to it was a great and I have this opportunity. To William get in trouble but Chris is like. You know because he works for the airline like what. For the first couple years at a resort buddy casting him operate like Oakland but it has anybody that's right and now that's kind of died down so then those prize some OK so I could sit and say why it's working OK he's having this season of his life he's number two and number three ranked ahead of the dreamliner is he is little of his I have a three pointers he's ranked number two and three point percentage he's ranked number three in the nation whoa so it's not it's it's not like it's one of these things are we're going to see and it's gonna be over but he has a chance to go to next level. Possibly play a play in Europe or even Dili I'm not gonna say pros yet because. I mean he does and never see a short Rex complaint is. Actually right especially liked my size how tol is in he's six foot. 0610. Okay all than me rebbe make him playing hills right. I'm going to show.