Tuesday, June 20th

Macklemore is a cool dude, and we chppped it up about his New single “Glorious” feat. Skylar Grey released Thursday on 6/15 it's the lead single to his 1st solo album in 12 years. Mack will also be on tour this fall with an announcement in the near future. He mentioned being ecited about cominng to Denver as a part of the tour

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Joining us on the program a friend to the mile high city Matt Moore good morning good morning Mac mark how are you it's partly for you. It is too early for me. And then early for you guys that you're used. Bags are you get them copied object and roll that's that are uncertain here. I'll give it actually word new morning Sosa we're getting used to the time like you brother. Now man well. I'm sure you're realizing that it will completely changed like to decrepit. Morgue. Yeah ever read about that I. That pace so make things happen before you man got new single out glorious just drop last week. Yes super excited about the manner in its own. Great support new music out into the world are being hibernate in the studio for a month on them. You're coming off another like a massive European festivals or write their cracked. Yeah we did we get them looking puzzle we're gonna go back out there a couple weeks and will be kinda. Back and forth between the states and Europe or. Let me ask you how hard is it trying to do music while your on tore trying to create new cons and at least give a 110% to your fans out there as well that kind of overwhelming. Yes good question I can come. It is difficult because I give so much on stage every night you know he's in the paper and our apps like you know on the top and a couple of you know. Ole Ole. And yet or bad it's a big shocked that they production and I expect a lot of energy and I mean being hurt that he can get. Created it you know anything is locally like it and you know and ordered that rap for an hour after him and go. Go under its. Definitely. Not easy to then go in record date and so he really take great room. From writing and recording music on the road. You know we are opting a traffic studio but. It definitely to get fresher. Those who fill I think a lot of fuel may not know this but this is actually going to be your first solo album in twelve years. Explain a little bit about that. The main goals yeah. Yes it is that is the first but Brian. In quite and. You know we decided after the to mutually incorporated and discovered you know you're hoping for awhile now and let. But look I and then. And you make it great music clips from some amazing people and I do an album. Maybe people and in arms or when the car is great and you know. And we're ready we'll get back. The studio audience and makes or magic bird. It goes I think you're in it's important I think you know states to take in a character like we need to keep going to meet its key question and you know. Speak at a break can be healthy. In therapeutic. I think focus on trying to get a break from these guys Soviet yeah. Had a day off failure on that regard and you hurt or error. I don't know and it'll mean two weeks yeah celebrating our 21 day. Right. A Mac I gotta give you little businessman because I know you're Europe Seattle Seahawks fan and you know we're Broncos fans over here and I got love for you but when you weren't a Jersey man I was like I'm about their guy and you guys kill us. Or are you yet you gave back a little bit of bad I'm glad we want Super Bowl fifty grow. You know me so. I loved it contained get that it didn't rain. I love that allowed it to patriots lose I loved it turned out of of that Super Bowl the previous one yarder. Thanks appreciate bro that's. You got a concert coming up in the near future right. Absolutely and in in Denver Indonesian. Super. I'm always excited he's back there apparently before. We were you know. I would do it Bartlett back in the day before. In Colorado those two markets right there like the northwestern Colorado. You have a leash on super and that like it's almost feel like that more and in Denver. Then there had been in most places in the and so on and so it is kind of for sure. The new single is glorious. Featuring Skylar grey yeah it was released last week so go ahead and introduce a forest. Absolutely. Dead bird without it's Mac mark. And this year is vibrant and single glorious feature and I would agree that get a. Real quick before let's go can be a drop absolutely. You know this Mac and more each other with the new K it's 175 morning show Tony CDs and child. You know it didn't look. Yeah without a Mac or you're at Purdue hit five with Sony's navy and so now that. The new kids on a 7:5 morning show he sickest filed one more time wrote. But you'll that it. More genuine listening to the new kids went out that our use of. It would of the Mac Mort you're listening to do it on that side that's Ecuadoran. Eighties and so let's go back. And numbers. And all right yeah dad yeah. And just get on them. They broke thanks to give protected and we really appreciate your time wish you much success on your future endeavors and we look forward to seeing you can get down in the minds city. Congrats on the news so you guys so good that that the chemistry. Are they use them as soon thanks absolute.