Stupid News

Friday, March 17th


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That's what got. Cyber Cathy is Stillman was okay as well as 75. Well now. Ideas and a teenager was lacking your air arkansas' state part. Down eight diamonds. Well yes so it's it's actually Cobb and diamonds state park. OK these diamonds that can be found apparently in this parking tickets that went wrong I asked her so fourteen your way. Addict I minute crater of diamonds state park. Seventh largest diamonds found since it was established in 19727. Point or port area. Liked raw okay disease you to keep its okay that girl doesn't provide an estimate of the diamonds value the boy says he named his super means diamond because it is pretty cool looking NB. Now we're suing you for seven million dollars for using government and the boy plays to keep his souvenir. We'll see how long that lasts a what's the value do you think they didn't say cat break but again it's a diet is is seven carat diamond right erase it and have some value owner of for sure I and if it's and it's like. Rock formal group its us to be cut everything I know exactly as we can okay cool dry for yeah that you're gonna get a big time that's the kind of like I'm that. You know goes museum has some bright like you find is that there was diamond park here in Colorado I would have my kids there every weekend. If you've got exactly go and wander a model if you're out in three hours dig all you want it her way into Internet. I did I did it gets arrested for biting your husband during sex was she of anybody knows it's gonna leave a mark exactly right perfect mark. Exactly she knew exactly at a bites and get the most pain I've. So this 8040 years old her name is Jennifer senior has Boehner from Ohio but they were vacationing down in Key West. Ella she has a drinking by the bowl alliances Sunday afternoon Easter on loan Randy. Levine yeah they keep Beckett to the program. So they went to the rim to have some drug and sex in a few minutes later. Somebody works at the hotel heard screaming. Like bad screen. So they cut their animation they were okay and hasn't picked at thoroughness and that he was crying. Out at a they made the executive disease that does not if he's got the caps. So when I got there it turns out while they were there and get it on his name they were drunk in Arafat and Jennifer started biting him in as he put it not a fun way. She latched onto his forearm wouldn't ago while hall. That DARPA has issued Adriatic to get sheet that he was just using her for sex. Uh oh okay like I've got there she said speak yet that she went to Q and and she yeah of the entire wage to at least greet the willow. In the ad is afford the whipping me is it was CB yet and that is that might I add their very beautiful life. Right very street remic hadn't. And pet goldfish think about is everybody a pet goldfish survived for twenty minutes out of latter after it was marred by a cat. One time it's yes twenty minutes everybody had many of buzz out loud as that is flush relative to our gas. Elect goldfish named Nemo. There are various efforts survived for twenty minutes of the fish was snatched from a garden time. A bigger size called OK okay snatched from a garden pond dumped on the doorstep of nearby house alive ready there's that time and with a lot of your day. The people of Fannie now believed he was dad threw me into the issue boxed into to a nearby bets out. Okay. There they pulled that the little paddles plant right it. That it smelled like there's stick it she can't think. A zen Gary Wright mean to hit any tartar sauce or ram. Heavy delicious that vet and the fish suffered damage to his kids and scales but it X ray. Jody and no broken bones and that is. House so. Yeah. I know that we had to dig at Trace and authenticate toying for hours at work this procedure that's an event realized a got to beat the visas still alive. Put it in some water no Internet injuries expected to make a full recovery picks have for all the they gain brand image right and not having read the that crashed into their oxygen prior to ask him. You giving the glass thrown to the trunk that fish is never bad break you up doesn't mean now he swims upside down now.