Self love

Monday, February 6th


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Our Kathy. I believe you wanted to and talked about some intimate moments between ourselves. I mean that we have with with ourselves right now it's aimed it between us and that's not happening no actually have slept together. We have through other people through. Ran that day just week here yet that is so weird that we there's been like. Four guys catch you know I've shared now order a US three has been three Kenny as an act. Technically at a person that night he rejected do the hot time I had. A. Wait you're eight year old boy Brinker is was there yet so he had some of that sort of I'll answer my husband love to hear that it are right so it's a new survey by buzz feed Coca they deadly deep. Into people's habits and ethnic and so now you can compare yourself to everywhere announce the name more socially acceptable way OK compare yourself to now everyone else is being one with themselves I think I may have taken this to say I'm part of the results. Proves itself is not gay when they cast. How many times you do it. 38% of people say they do that a few times a week OK that seems healthy 25%. Doing as East Point today. That's what's healthy as well the thing. From midtown to be honest opponents honest. They say it's really good command to do that. I allow it not every day yes and not a lot I know they say it every night and day a couple of good addition to your regular sex Leah Imus in this that report but. 90% of people say they rarely or never ever do it. That's really nice present I hate meeting those guys and we're like I have a woman why whatever do that and that'll get me mirroring. I had an acts and I mean he got my swing or I never saw him do that right never signed him in many of the motion I never signed it DB in the. I gave moving on your I'm community that listen it tastes we. My god. Most people are dead and ten minutes or glance at the end that should that sounds about right Elisa do you really a whole night years. That light some candles at the line. Brighton coach Weis is not percent of people go at it for a half hour. Okay that seems excessive for the GM the time in three threes that go party by minute law and that's like pulling out some stuff and like. Make your lotions and raping your eyes and got batteries that. That it be glad there can be Hewitt and now over an hour. Will alone. It's. Oh. 60%. Of people have done it in at least a few times in the Anna please release that they shouldn't have done it. Leg work. Or stock can check Larry I argue writing. Yeah well if you happen upon our truckers looked down like. No no I don't want them during the night nine LSU and once again shifting gears and fifty for yeah. And grinding Aaron. Six beekeeper says even used porn to how to on how what role or present its fifty ver percent. Yeah I mean that over half right in its horn right. That's like it's dizzy yet you need that because. Be back in the day you can rely on your imagination. Scattered with 35% of people still use their imagination there in all of those of people without Wi-Fi I hit it ticket. I. And I know these people have no life by to oversee use magazine style. The other groups say he's pictures of somebody vary in June oh that's true that need a Kerry B and finally 11% of people who referred to do it. To do it that actually having sex while because it's super safe. And it takes ten minutes are glad it's like ordering in and do it anywhere Iowa back down into a.