Saweetie Interview

Thursday, May 10th

KS1075 Summer Jam 21 artist Saweetie called in with Big Mic to talk about coming to Summer Jam, the success of Icy Grl and much more!  

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SK is on a 75 you boy big Mike I'm excited to get this person on a line it's going down Sunday August 19 day is on a 75 summer jets want they want she is the icy girl herself so weenie or so ago. Thank you thank you don't like at a country not. I'll please sweetie where sadly it's Arnold would sue nearly make it real. Have you made your way through the mile high city before yet now I had a utterly excited at what has no better way if you beginning introduction to dimmer right here with summer Jan 171000 strong. Now it could then anybody have a lot of. I guess they were so excited to have you on the show I mean I remember several months ago for seeing your video for the first time and I was like damn I'm in love. And then I was like man what what does this record who issuers you from a and when a Family Guy on the show we're excited and so you'll for you what's it been like watching IC goes global these last couple months. You know they're right here aren't you and I Ellis Island closed so Blake are a lot and I attacked Iraq. Really to buy it. And what just ward wasn't just like a couple of years ago you just like graduated out of USC. And now you hear it here you are millions of strains millions YouTube views. Crazy and held by not letting migrate out. The super exciting great. So obviously the record I see girls blown a big vote for you what's the definition of an icy girl. The actor very thick and you know I. He. Larry Armani cheap and make that I want me hanging out. At just like any big. You know a lot of people army has thus it was somebody comes out and you got Iraq that you starts. Catches some planned light though is this going to be a one hit wonder anybody that's wondering that with you they just got to listen your I mean it's EP and then they'll know damn she's got some become a man. And he covered the idea here. I'll go say I heard a rumor that may be got a album in the work. I put out a way. I'm quite a clarity how it played right. Error. What is going down August 19 and me. We had a crazy a lot of we get race from a Wes Cooley with the big boys outcast. Dicky so what more Lou I gotta tell you I'm excited to use so we I'm excited to see you. For the first time you hear and you know here and amber you know we are one of those you'll first stations jump on the record now I mean just seeing it take off a love to win you know I just see new artists like you. Who you know I've just heard how much work you've put into this grinding to see the success payoff for you ma'am and I'm just personally proud Hugo. Well you know what they're called are two other people like you believe. I really appreciate you re definitely not get Betty. You're area. So we August 90 ice to guerrilla cells live here some jets when he won tickets a tea totaled 75 dot com. Or.