Ruff Ryders Reunion.mp3

Wednesday, June 21st


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And you don't show here writes he then. Either they're getting back quite poignant anniversary tour. Yes easily beat the lots drag on double lot. And even DMX bliss and I hope they have insurance on the inmates I don't know I don't know he's mad dependable. I need to turn time like this. I don't even out anyway they're going out on a ten day tour. Thanks Joseph is gonna be on the let's stop they got to stop the museum was sound in Houston Dallas. I'm an even LA before closing in Las Vegas on September. 30 years so this is going to be. I wanna go to this soda. I'm putting evidence they didn't do this another dispensary come up before nine timeout before and I'm wedding and I cinematic like our revenue and nine. And magazine named Millie knew that he is still more.