Road Rage

Tuesday, January 31st

The KS1075 AM SHOW ask what is your road rage pet peeve 

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There's one constant being living here in Colorado. It's road rage oh yeah we are got it right if you don't have it then you're a miracle I don't know how. How you don't have any must be really high driving. It's not happy hour that he can kill person or like somebody who's been through some drama that doesn't want any drama. I can get that brandishing amnesty of red blood to it so difficult to go anywhere Intel now. Without always being very traffic heavy get some any minute quick like. No John doe 2.5 per hour 25 turns into a hassle yet and so yeah I definitely people are on edge hopefully we relieve some of that edge. But you know regardless there's always one new thing that somebody's doing that drives you nuts yes like he used to be people going slow in the passing lane next. Now that's built everybody hates that rank and they honored on her face that paves salon and linkers people are very instead they you know you're like yeah right it's like all of a sudden all the rules applied every rails but you are used our time the blue slip your pinky ring here indicator. And the other thing that drives me nuts is some. When somebody you think it. Realizes they're missing their turn okay Al and they're trying to cut through their holding up a bunch of lanes are glad this one lane yes try and get over it out of the lane race when you really should just keep driving Ford get my if you find another way around in January poignant and and sales and pay attention next time better yeah. You have to hold other people of innocent people. Who are like being held up because you are selfish and you are mean and like selfish in it's like. Obviously you can go to the next intersection makes you me earning carry that gas station and figure it out figured out right because. If you hadn't held everybody up for so long we have time to go to figure out. Wherever you're going you're lucky that I late Friday and tell you any time I sent back home Reggie. Them ready well and then Withrow originally because you read in the news and stuff. You never know what people are capable of rate like there was that guy that was recently just like. So he's at a stop sign somebody honked at him and he flipped the naive little mom meg thank you around and shot yet so like you know sometimes crystal do her razor in the one mile road raging in the know like don't do that. I know right because we're right in like this it's seeking and things in the news. So this is happening in the a 25 year old chicken if you see your photos she looks so innocent clean fresh face get 25 year old righty again. Says she switched lanes and frame another vehicle last seen driving northbound on this road okay. Now according to the police department that arrested the woman driving the other vehicle waved her hands who then and then. This chick with the press fresh face proceeded to give. The finger got in return for consumer and as you cut the lady just familiar threw her arms up like what the hell are you doing. And now you throughout their uprising that's when somebody almost kills you you love them and they give you the figure that that's the kind of person where you would should Superman strange. The chair there door Pontiac and keep hitting her head until liquid. That's nice and if so it ended when both vehicles got to a red lights. This chicken fresh face theory she got out of her vehicle. And brushed aluminum that was her willow started hitting the rear wheel and they woman's NB a com image about 2500 dollars released early use my name down to get out of Garko hits. Will I mean there's so much harder damn right you just see you go through the wins you bounce off the well McNabb playing any impact. By the way that's me singing that. We've got to give them. God did not know them. No no no need it give candidates an athlete that you did that I'm all right so here's the deal. We're taking calls are now about road rage yes and you know every that's kind of like. Atop we do every once a while just let people get about the Jensen and Colleen says. This is such a big one. Com cutting out in front of people and not knowing how do you gas pedal yes. So let's examine catch you off and then they go slow before we rugged man who right. It didn't really get a good regime have really what it is when you go to pull a true red light in and then there's some guys. That's left like three car spaces between him the person in front of him that's all over the cheque signing him right yep and he called but still not yet. And that's how the military guys find out that there should have saw. Thinking and you know they met outside ask to be you know there's no getting. It was so here's the thing though they didn't eat a lot of people that have been rear ended I don't fault them for wanting to play a cushion in space between them in the current random but. It's not a whole Carling Bradley you can't control the link behind you know. Think sometimes when the cartel is behind you they hit you so hard to you go into the car for any new people around Indianapolis OK but until then you shouldn't be on the road. You know I'm just saying you leave like. I thief you know like yeah on what I ever in the chances you get rear end again are pretty minuscule. Pockets here and I. You know a lot of guys one career ending move yeah yeah eighty of the the reason why people don't make the next life you know I I even car lanes until the end of those people who are you Larry because you know what I do so maybe the correlates. I pulling the best but why. And far more I. I'm waiting like he has got there did you even bathroom until early date guys but they Q. You guys are passes and I thought oh. Not you would Texas 698030. OK my traffic red raids and Simmons sits in the lane to turn right and there's no cars coming anywhere and there's no cars in the left lane and they clearly could have gotten in the left claims sit there. To demonstrate. My traffic grid raids. Al they just repeated again and we met yet if that's true incredible that's true it's like all the sudden. You know there's three lanes of traffic may he get in but they've decided they're gonna get nearly I don't understand that it is and it's. People that turns cigarette butts out the window really. I know I've I used to be a real advocate for that never I would like pull up to people and go. Hey job just cigarette need to add those people just don't care there really people who wanna be told anything from them like when people start getting shot in the face I stopped doing that. I think guys write this man says so of his nephews and people stopping need to continue to clean. No knowing for sure and it really says and this shows it out on the sign yes it shows the lane continuing to keep moving variety and it's irritating recommend some people don't know what to do at a four way stop. I've I was at a four way stop and stable and of the day. And it was no we would go I'll go right at that price so I'll always giving us embarrass delegates are they. You go and they never really goes and delightful guy and there's it's you know it's supposed to go and order and that's who arrived first verses in. If you can't tell who arrive first I go clockwork o'clock o'clock I plug lies yes right right yeah but then everybody's just so like these rules. Is that blue note that yeah. You dog eat I'm really think Sean don't leave me go shop I mean you're gonna stop right. 7204891075. Resist the what's your latest road rage issue. My biggest problem is they know they're they're thinking we. Like you don't get your race you know I'll com. And now I. Happy and I have swallowed that there is no need years ago now I feel I know someone I know you read what we've come to the realization they could thank you wave. Never comes should just be pleasantly surprised when one in ten people do it. We're not holding that the order. Read and you know I noticed when I screw up and I do they think he waived because I do and courteous driver immediately the person pulls off my butt. They immediately your cool it's in my line in defusing the situation more people should say. Sorry you know why now leads way as when you weigh you wave real I extra ID and your boobs bouncing kick. I never thought I hear Clooney relating to get again yeah. Anger and X yet I know did you see them near me read some may I was living in the front of me and I was like you better say they do is say hey kids. Okay and medium campaigns it a good thank you is rarely hear how. Is it to put your hand everything here and think yeah. Down to finding unicorn. Quicker than you find somebody that weighs in about entrapment. Trip always like just make sure that they know that I know if they were not. I did the same thing I know that. All goes back to rule. I'm giving gifts and expecting a big thank you may play you never give the gift and expect anything that's what you that's how supposed to go winner so like why did. Never written got over what. It is here yeah. But we we found out why. We don't know why people feel that way imply they film that might need. Letting them over but you know I would when the Alain is closing in everybody's merging in India right right so then it goes through every other yes so I think people just automatically assume well this person's supposed to let me over OK I can see that right bug. You know I OC thank you and I'm doing his zipper broke no I do you think you like crazy I overcomes everything you because nobody else does it rank. And really that's your cool please let me say thank you all obsolete before they are cool the four of us are going to give diligent behind unbeaten because we didn't figure where. And I'll let you pull apart we're up first 1888. You. Renovation of the golf on FaceBook and he says. I yield is not a stop sign you have a whole lane edit view yes. Tail gators they drive me nuts and that's my husband. I'm not a big oh sorry about that's a dairy companies who says are giving them a highway people again and I we have like thirty miles an hour. Dude you're merging onto a highway where the average speed is 55 and most people are going ain't exactly like you can't get on their own thirty drives me great faith in the series semi new working at your C geared geared samurai nobody really hairy like what are you driving Graf was sworn ski crystals he's got on it I'm pretty sure everything will make it. This laziness presidency for seventy there's a lot of construction crap we traffic it's it's about setting a trap. No one was doing any more than thirty miles an hour however that guy behind began writing my aunts and on team where my panic no where in traffic. I finally proceeded to get over. And he flew past me. At 25 miles an hour and flipped me out in got incited me and then I just moved rate backbeat I don't and he didn't go anywhere. That's though are still worried yea is that we hitter every. Right and then it crowning. They are great with them right sometimes I'll just pull into a business just to avoid that. Like this is where I was going yes I'm all the nurse's uniform place.