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Thursday, November 16th


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Or or in the wake up show. Maybe on the UKS 107 I want the zone read play. Eight cities shouldn't. Zones in the morning good lord mean. I think Barry is day. Recess. This morning talk about it unless my must come as a in my. Good morning. This the moment but I'm almost struggle must by the way that was not my fault yesterday by the way if you're missing yesterday morning. We had dead air and then because you're like in this delay thing. And I came on the air and I said hello and I shouldn't have done that as a rookie air since John. Then Ricky. It's true or maybe it was the regular season my fans not something that's what you're bad does this here's the hole opened my hello. Turn up the good thing here is a great left all day on my best they can you know Britney can be. You and I can't believe someone in the twenty years the king in Hawaii I wore it seems as you please. He certificate. That it's just play and I simply said hello and then about a 10 o'clock came out simply saying I'm half hour. I didn't do that okay I'm glad that you listen to these. I bet he did go back you listen for the sounds like they're wrong and it. But they were accepting hugs right now for Sony. I've got a bad all day yesterday and that it's a new date row and it's one put up their struggle bus for you earlier by you know you did great at the foods I mean a damn I was really proud are you thinking guys by the way people work out but that's awesome listeners after the fact when we went home in the food that was overruled in the first thing on the list -- assuming you're slowly at the start that in the Russians are analogous. Low. I really do really great but anyway a lot of roll on deck today that's even there may be senate's everybody came out to. The broadcast that MetroPCS yesterday. It was awesome we really preach every sort of how many of food value add eight ounce soda big senate insure every session wanna come on and do it again aren't you know when it was so we're shaped parking lot they've been over there. I thought the grilled gonna start down in the parking lot yeah. Because they're great yes O Jerry Rich's take unsolicited videotape which. Many in the party not the Mitsubishi is complex and this didn't. In the same options when he found makes this is so come on our civilian limited pistons and I don't show and before I wanna do this real quick on and you need as big shots are really appreciate you guys coming out. It means a lot to me that you guys hang out with me and now we do this so don't think you guys right now also. My thumb a couple of boos there yesterday you know. Maybe in a roar every state is looking into extra match up. How beautiful yesterday and oh yeah like emanates down the steps and yeah a little bit yeah. Like I by the new exits the real extra dollar federal now. Limb yeah I. Lending and accommodate here and I think Jones and oh man in the mall yeah I did any. I did say that I don't have many dads and they never get to see me actually just I look hot mess up my love radio is as dumb as. Or maybe it's. Unless I win. So they're not for ten grand 700 porn I was about how would you name sharks. Yahoo!'s most likely the seller not pretend he's Tony singer Jones ratings were. The dog. I'm a hero there. I felt sorry man my kids and the violence and name. Paulson ball who's most like this other dogs pretend he's Tony season Jones and control. Now I like rocky to begin work initially why would you guess that the. I'm lazy yes that god he broke Lou radio I have to say so yeah. A hearing. So drew and I. Yeah I got family for a bag to the net it's game also say you'd never know what's NATO jump all care about somebody coming up but that's a mile swim team to girl as she dropped her lawsuit against the sister Klan yeah. Good morning at. I'm a man you know maybe the dog and. Only on KS when I was 75 right so according it's. He MTV reality star turned rapper blades than I've moved to drop her lawsuit against all of the sisters except for her best deep. Are her ex nasty Kim K finally moved slowly carve Kourtney Kendall and Kylie from a lot through. Accusing the crew have given her show Robbins China canceled that I asked for camp crystal my ex fiance Robb Greg ASEAN and the lawsuit is still an act. Accent why does she still got them for just those three and dropped everybody else what do you think. I don't know maybe though the race just. Probably. Tell they don't know. They then got the most money victim meantime is like really out here embarrassing herself at this point as you don't know what she wants to do more to life. I just don't get a. She wants money out on the me just do your talent is too much money you know look at that excuse Smart she would need downloads camp to try to give Connie producer rapper railroad and add this web page is comment from them here. I'm her albums for sure and that's what I. Mean really playing a game yet he's by embrace freedom by taking legal action in the rapper is demanding an immediate release from prison as well as his probation terminated. Apparently filed documents yesterday citing the judge has a vendetta against them I mean the probation violation charges are dropped. And that his probation officer requested no jail time technique is also asking for his probation be terminated. As he hasn't shirt and has generally been a re a billion really look overly. I got my. Actually yeah we Terry I learned. And then I got a little. Hey I told you that judgment she wanted to do that's fumble from voice command do. They'll shot out but scheme for your probation would be terminating the or do you get a little big headed their money line even though they may get changed in the last two weeks. Yeah all right so we need is right. You mean didn't he did get screwed over because he got arrested. The charges were dropped. So technically he didn't get in trouble him violated probation so the judges whack you right if I do feel like T he should be released again what you're saying without the taken off from basing simply no I I agree with you there all right we told you earlier this week out Larry's made a public apology to his friends and family for a sub PMS melt down. Until maybe executive assumption that his ex girl with Demi fuses social media hot flashes the benefit her. And that's exactly what she did a lawyer for his I said the man and a court ordered a mental evaluation in the wake of the singer's recent bizarre behaviors it's likely that she might win this one. She might win there and do really financially not all there is like I read daddy's is built like a 107000. Dollars a month and he's only. You come under fire. My big retold in the put the phone down do we tell yeah let's not falling down in the gaps the athletes are. NASA and I don't think he's make it a 105000. Dollars bucks a month earlier. Don't usually go sit on I don't even. I don't forget you know Xena. Really lies a little bit jealous rivalry when I can tell right route and then you notice on the slot machine next do you. There's a two dollar credit when you do. Play. Oh yeah I mean that they were and you just are your money to dollar credit and their nobody comes around I just walk up so yeah yeah. It's my dollar credit line now menu nonstarter in my new home or try this thief might get something. And you played at two dollars. You play flat if you play now black hockey go to jail. We know what they're winning really mean the money's not yours according to a news report by fox 31. Well then let me give you this story first about credit vouchers found on the floor. Or finding forgotten dropped chips. To a series of less innocent crimes like cheating or roulette or trying to swipe blackjack. Chips could end you up in jail. Trying to swipe what does it unlocked OK so you walk up to a machine right an adds two dollars on make you were getting ready to play O. You already clay Wright played the machine there. I don't understand how that's not you personally jacking it what was your machine does what they're saying there is two dollars and there you're welcome by could've been somebody else's machine. Okay Blake but if nobody comes around to cleaning and it sits there all day long. Why lock casino's own loss forgotten or abandoned property inside their establishments. Ends. They don't mess around when he comes to you. Busting you so even if you see a ticket on the floor you know the new tickets out of print outs yeah did you take it with 35 cents on it does not belong to you can't take it. I even if I drop like a twenty dollar bill on the floor inside the casino. It no longer belong we belong to the casino if you drop in picking up right away it's yours if they don't see that you dropped didn't you come back how can they not see that got so many cameras up there. I know right okay so let's let this change up your C drops throwing dollar mil right yeah walks out doesn't realize it Jones comes in twenty minutes later picks up and finds it goes in cash. Is it teaches you know you and I. Are you an image she and why is it true thanks he's actually going to jail for theft. Our customer had two dollar cred on the scene like I was trying to tell you guys and. He played it nothing happen the next time he visited Johnny's he's up in black talk time casino security and state gaming informers four militants. If enforcement officers should have approached him. They made him look there's the third Florida's dirty little room and someone told the ladies go to Golar from the casino. That is crazy. Right. I don't see the real difference if you drop your money out in the street you know instantly when I I'm lost money like I told you lost money to you after a while out mystery that you actually think it's gone now. Oh crap it's over and over like somebody else takes an ad that's their blessing to walk shock ugly to me that's not there. I'd say they're glad writings right well he told the security gaming agency was glad it paid two dollars that you I don't even know you can't pay back. They refused. Handed him a citation occasionally I would go to court. Yeah pay 200 dollars in fines follow my guy pays for his own FBI criminal background and finger painting after you put a printing. And he got to pay you this in the game 24 hours of community service. Two dollars and remove the dollars and believe it and they banned in the off from the casinos for holy why. Customers begging him for two books yes. So nothing is so we're we're going on a retreat in the next couple weeks try that first of all person for what I've done it before I've I've. Play somebody else's money I guess Baywatch I'm just saying right now Obama. Oh yeah no I'm Lou I am finally went to the show no doesn't. I yes I wouldn't think twice Manning is the money left leg you know and a couple dollars on the slot machines. I probably is that I have my own quarters and stuff like that and I still you know he's going to make only flagged down attended. There's true colors black dry heat and they want to cash out. Somebody else can do. When they go to jail. Definite plane hit drama out. That you guys there well I'm not go to Johnny season as any other value I don't know if you don't do that I'm not known there's the well let me put a sign out there and everybody else is. John King is on us and Obama and the world imagine we will ask our own players who are worth another look human consumption out my. Speaking we'll be calling daily UCL a little basketball players back armed bad press conference this English. I'd say parlux. So well plus they have solid force doing from the source inside it. And exercise my miss dozens of an outgrowth of that upload does in my family my coaches my teammates and UCLA for lymphoma if you were there. Also Paula does suit people assignment for causing them so much so when young man however there's not an excuse for making. We just Susan. Also fired for myself am I've learned my lesson from his big mistakes and I'm Rogers temperatures soar gum I'm a good read this is like this woman here. Follow selected date president's in the United States government put out that they provide news world. You know I think he got there and say I'm sorry that I play now it's. Different you know what. How did you get your dog got a savings that could trust me and I got up say. But you notice he said. President trump not Donald should not Donny and called them president Chirac are not own these big way for Ghana on the big weighing in the. I am I mean soccer both inform our. I don't I can't now I'm me yeah you're. I am I women's soccer are you honestly because that post op that's great. Wilford donning another win on the book Madani Saudi exile. And people are all clapping in the garden right now ruled for Donnie but I'm more of that with the fact that your ceiling and you come from money. You've come from anything right who and you inside the failure not Dylan at the nanny nine cent store you have to limit you know Wal-Mart and Kmart you still an. I. Let them all places like you you wouldn't think that their security would be a little bit our employee then you told me gotta gotta gotta let the thing and I that the door they look at Nancy crazy and I wish I know for the ones out here. I'm yeah this update now really in let. Down to bat like he couldn't his own frank good god that let you know I don't want to lessons however it. I have to honor all shades down yeah and they were facing ten years. Prison time Chinese don't blame. They do not always respectful okay one more thing now they're here OK they're coach Steve all spurred announced that they're being suspended indefinitely good and they can't. Travel or suit up with the teen. By the universe is actually content and conducting. Investigation. Of their own and they'll determine what their punishments can be so on not know what do you do you think they served enough you think it's been a big scare they're did you go or do you think that they should get. On getting off the tee may be suspended for 510 games. I mean I do feel like dating kick it off the team makes sense it would it wouldn't surprise me at that was the end result ebit. They're making such a dumb mistake when you have so much to lose. When we think about it 200 dollars where if there was us and resell time. Listen to a billion dollars on how we got ten when and where nobody showed no match that we've done before and how blessed John. That's nice but yeah. Donny. Armed gauntlet now decades was and found myself even after a huge. And a half days should we spend for the rest that duration of the year. And then start. Next year OK I think you let them back on May soon next Syria a case of this that I'm really counts of their eligibility so next year. They will only get to play three years of college on another. Only that the other only punishment was like slap on the wrist and the you don't get to play. That was our only punishment they're they're not facing any legal ramification. Sales unknown and nothing here wow now that's not going down they were in a five star hotel eat rice and the best qualities and see that you probably find out there. You know and I know they did say the Chinese did the government treated him well treated them well yes I sauce with the rice Burrell could definitely that's kind yet. So they were in a hotel locked up with all this stuff. So I'm not so it may Emily could put some younger and play basketball right so we're okay with them missing the whole season sees the whole season down. Whole season I got later Gloria I want to Hamas literally dozens and a little bit tougher the man really honestly believe you don't I don't know tarnish. I don't know I don't know if this doesn't even matter like. It really is okay would mean you know in the regularly normal person that about it though is it me or you uranium as we wanna begin he has to slap on the wrist Quebec on yes we would pray. For something like that to happen what will we really receipt that now misdemeanor theft in the United States is taking and a fine and Mason community service they wouldn't Asad jail time. I don't know what the college would have done if they did here I. Had to do jail time but I mean them not being met in basically is like. Washing hands and you don't get to play but just don't go back to your normal life everything's back to normal. Wow a whole season OK that's cool I'm I'm. My guess on sale out. We have you whose name we have people who drink out were so they'll get what we're gonna prove. We'll true you are enough with sports film I gotta and they let you out I'll tell. All I had eating out. Alleyway and it was food. Lou. I'm gonna say outlaw. Yeah you know I'll call you get Soros is the lyrics I write this down right weeds in the rye whiskey we and then right. But I find out. I yeah I like because you know does that IRA is an exact number one 30000 Americans die Marco Island used causes in 2014. There have been zero documented yes actually we just have 19 news reported a case. The document the first known. Death by marijuana overdose. A spark in an eleven month old baby that's that's or just came up. 30000 to one OK get the game for me one thing we weed being mean for wheat OK so elusive and okay. Marijuana appears to be significantly less addictive than alcohol. I agree Jane. Never got they did you drink can score from marijuana then marijuana may be harder on your heart while moderate drinking can be beneficial. Say that again marijuana may be harder on your heart while moderate drinking could be beneficial light wind yeah wine glass so I. That's why the score for. Off to one alcohol is strongly linked with several types of cancer marijuana is not exactly sport fruit. Marijuana marijuana marijuana and marijuana being treated for cancer to yep yep both drugs may be linked with risk while driving but our goal is worse. As agreed. Agreed. For marijuana. Several studies that link alcohol and violence particularly at the home and that has not been found with Canada's. Score far at a nice top aides don't have this one he mostly. Both drugs negatively impact your memory. General guy right you got no true way out of sometimes you know you've got guys look like much right but I did last night god. I don't remember I'm not. I'm either I don't know necessarily black gal on marijuana but I definitely have to get things OK there you know give us a slow process again. They're taking a long time remember anything that's for sure I think that's kind of guy that both drugs are linked to increased risk of such as psychiatric disease. Waving that led what are you what kind of psychiatric studies now tells us how we're not happy is that Tagamet yeah. I mean when I drink dark liquor that's a very funny I was at Mellon schizophrenia I think eight. You learn. And women learn you can do about schizophrenia and on the other hand self harm and suicide are much more common young among people who may shrink or drink too frequently flying OLA. I'm not with. Whether we. We did you rent a truck well what brought all this time. Yeah OK I'll call appears to be linked to more closely with the weight gain than marijuana she got that right. Yeah. I don't think there's literally no no way going on now man actually read a study that marijuana helps people lose weight really. As I've been reading aloud about the than marijuana nicely like. I don't know that's up. Honestly I can't speak on am not a doctor I have ever read that lets buy and read stuff they're saying it actually helps moderate people are losing weight but I you know hungry when I say he's just trying to either research I think it's something like this that and strand that you're actually smoking makes you hit hungry spoken words solidarity. I don't know when how old I would say you know let's guard its final 5151. Neighbor who favor. We eat marijuana when they're you know according to. John clay season until I saw or pregnant Amman green eighty whoever is he in this marijuana generation that's according to sign him. Well there isn't. O'Neal's Ali I don't know that morning 1987 shoot low. 93 cool dad graduating class at 2000 by 2007 right here. That's 2005 when the iron so nice January 16. 87 by now what do you. I don't know MI can senators here than I am gen X I can't I connect Zeneca the really. As southern. Yeah a Generation X. and being I don't know I don't know announcing that I see and that's what they're gonna do. Whatever it is were up you look it up we're obviously in the millennial phase I think she millennial at CM. The she millennium yeah. You know 35 to fifty is Generation X. thank you 35 to 58 PM eighteen to 34 she's more and Mickey love her I know because I know. Okay how millennial 'cause 1987 you know everything Osborne our song. Oh yeah. Aid against them touch your I was born in 1987. And I graduated in 2007 and he did this map could assert this. I eat cookies fruit plan for this great. Right he would enforce anything we get prepared for this man did repair costs for me always birthday. January 16 2000 97 without. I'll run it makes me seventeen anyway so for oh geez. It's crazy because with the change of the change of the guard if you will when it comes to millennial a lot of new terms and words. Come into play. Like each give an example spilling the TV you know that's a millennial trump everything yeah. I dignity Claman back. And oral dual club. Kind of like a guy that's always trying to give us the descent I'm giving the research plan around a planet all right week on week boot. Al bouts Netflix and she'll. And others don't have Nixon back in the day that's the movement can't tell. I may Tiago and it's real it HBO go and so I guess been I don't jump at VCR sales total commitment we. It will give our luster until. I blockbuster movie you see our round Friday night yeah. Seven dollar movie. OK so what do you know many other ones but let me licks lips correct now makes sense lipstick gray gray. Yes they should go actually you hate it when I used to think I know you're like I think clay now. Asked if rang for months. And that's a full 400 IU lip out for months. Do you call torment till the daisy and Kanye West song was not hot anymore it was over for everybody boo. Craig asked during a decade although don't you know any. Mom. Gucci and that's who she act. Who cheat not on the list because he has courtesy yeah. Yeah I'll the same that's Gucci now. Strengthen our search company behind us by Denver or not only 4044 defendants in north side and I'm having so there is. Gucci yelled what Mayo low. Your yellow tie I want Wayne's I drink yes it's about makes sense yeah around the top forty but okay by police is on the list bat fairly soon. I know that ice cube Fridays no that's not the we brought and that could not only do we bring everything and the ninety's that ring adding American iron and that's always cool originally. I hate the street cred well. Right and you're sure I do think parents are kind of funny not they don't understand words like Wilk was hoping sees it woke you either they. Yes let's spare a learn about what's going on out are things getting socially injustices who. He does know everything awoke to a well are you want to think and always hook. Oh you are 080 he's so when you make your kids that need some woke up no no no now. I thought it was going to marry. I asked are you limited to handle all I thought OK so there are no problem asking Jones you know why don't we run walk out the door broke. When you hit my got the Greeks don't have a big say they woke. I never say that okay is making sure you know I don't I don't take where is that I don't really believe in. I'll get. Oh yeah saying I woke what are those words not I don't understand is really hot and are you seeing and add them Sean nice they woke from what is named. Just I was cameos Gambino new love that song I'm spin off its you know Montana and Arizona okay we'll never. Ali it's. On the top you know seven or are you know why I love OK Lili Wilson junior trying to news com. 2011. And all right 2008 Wisconsin okay figure myself out sometimes they're frightened I was a what's your name Craig. Visually SA homily real words are words that are played out. It's actually well certainly I understand it but it but hello I am what they call but I am quite family McClure out. Same same amount of land management Albanian hates you bro that's my word was a fan out. I girls rock will work for everything you guys don't tell us a fan doesn't go right giants fan. Senate say hello this they didn't family yet and. We're comic fans me among don't know my mom win cousins ran yeah Rosenthal topping that's my all right I think we can't roam. Politicians and from what your name Erica Jessica millennial we're better played out or hot. Almighty they're good aren't fully. So let's armed bleach bath ballot casting down because of Lilly says he's hurting why did I get among millennial let I that it might jokingly let it. We got stupid. I don't even though I have. Have three shirts I simply don't you guys. I can't end here. In that Iraq. They usually go the other big you know I guess cousins I would you name it didn't rain on millennial words that are hot are played out. Caddie god by my daddy. What's his name and a little I don't know. The mood. And helping keep it took so whenever I indirect equity it then you thank caddie I'll. I don't I don't know they'd gotten yeah. Yeah I or anyone yet. They think I'll say yeah. I guess it was and how would you name yeah mine I didn't know Leo word that's hot so played out it can you give me out. A ten year old. HM you. Latter are more and you say now I've I didn't not know that never go wrong. Google it it's a good message yeah like more than the losing out loud HM you. Don't let me now allowed me. We'll let you know. Why they would let me and I got to look yeah a couple of Dicey announced. Okay. HM you won't hear his credit thanks for the call by the way. FO OH is on the list so I guess I'm you I guess is on the list some I guess I'm Ameritech's methods is then word that we use that makes sense to you see athletes everywhere it was definitely swing nice. Audi is. Thank you so yeah I'm talking about mullah Aleman of the guys like that taught everybody that I'm really really. The thing that's just not trolling match could be so appreciate yeah what happens when you include. Yeah and there was something on the go. It was all they're. Hey here's seventies there for a night when the semifinal which you gotta say jarrah just what do you guys say ma'am what words a millennial were remarked what a word similar deals he's got a hot or played out. Bay bay who worked or maybe today I think you're gonna pay a million won't let you my brother they'd they'd pick. Old school way of saying yeah I do you want a lot oh thanks for the call I guess it was a bother your name Dickey millennial words that are played on a hot. I am tired body Gucci and Claudia. Hi yeah I never think. I live fire that. Mainstay is I asked why Josh. Live today in the area in our in our actual is not about the more you all buyers on the list. This I might come back. I don't know. Were deliberately go I hear you get pretty upset match. And in the middle school and everything you're trying to do everything has seen I'm like you got a good son a list. I heard everything inspire. Every individual really I mean it there were. I bite on that do you do you really think about it when you don't eat it right right sanctuary they usually go earlier calls fire. Why isn't the violent game now millennial words that are hot playing out OK I have to you know I have and by eight sites like. Yes and that's like me home owners I only come back around. I'll that I. And I also hear all of I'll wait out really. He really does like. Is really Denver OG around Manhattan if there was some of them are now less than zero would you that's not definitely no mood have you saying that measure antiques. From back in the day. That's how I suppose. I think you're gonna say yeah I guess the reason why would you name and then let millennial words that are hot or played out crowd booed here. What is it into. He's I read this about what they did I read eat this this that it could duplicate every area and happen. I think the home runs daily. I guess it was about what's your name. Okay well I'm Generation X. and I know is that we put my real babies you know like he. Right yeah. Play well early. And the Roman right yeah I just directs them dinner tonight the Mets off all the salad creamy it's an arrow and it. You heard. It and I bet you are not only be hanging. We look like great listener he. And I really think if they're not going on yeah not in my nobody on base you've got hero oh why can't listen plummets name. If you could run noon oh firmware. Aurora Colorado either. You since I'm not from my home so I mean you know. Broke yeah. That's ever right well zero. Brody did liberals. Say an all time maybe. I can't even my thin brown all of around the time that's us forever man it's not clear and very we actually jealous some of these young guys grow protein shake Chad ran. Good. Role play out rove and play outflow at least three years thanks. Indeed is the wrong. So grab. I mean even more rested cancel I can't even Joan. And I. They're crazy or listening imagine it's a little railroaded to a Tyson got a winner there are no right. I only did the game as answer more questions. Seen as a game ours agent national center for a moment RA DHL is you're always keeping track go here we go see question number one sure Fossett's blue jeans worn invented by Levi Strauss. Question number two tour false the wild Turkey was almost the United States national bird. True question number three true or false dolphins have larger brains in comparison to humans truth by your portion of the questions are gunning down little rap program. Kirk. Nice he does. Knew then I'd have my egg whites. I'm feeling very Smart today. Our. They don't embrace food I know I MDC does the real kicker right now are here we go question number one shortfall sees blue jeans were invented by Levi Strauss. True it is true and America. Well. Sure Folsom prison never to those wild Turkey was almost the United States national bird. False note to his true. But I just you know I just didn't go with that yeah well I rarely they got they replaced it with a multi autumn of ninety deal with the Turkey many other. Lot of wild Turkey got a little Ronald. Question three sure false dolphins have larger brains in comparison to humans that is totally true correction. Dolphins. I found our brains are two point eight on average yeah. Big nog and I love gave real close and you other winners. How much. Anyone that is stated we are really your. 170 Doug was this against you is. I'm listening to Leon UK hasn't won a seven I'm warning zone read play. It's a lot. Weekdays six to may. Our on demand at any time. I'm KS 1075. Zach Kahn.