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White. Portal won't wait until we. Maybe on the UKS 107 I want this replay. Eight cities and shows. He's in the junk like his 1005 go. Good morning and. Think that go food day my headache it's going down eighth and because it's taco Tuesday. Think about what we're going to be today on federal always mean you should talk shows yesterday at the MetroPCS. You're tacos. Talk of south side. So we know they're bombing did taco weaker left. In my I have to be I mean overall schedule. Certainly I you don't know any other places besides federal loan to help hey bravado or. I'm voting regret buying her own tour the talk of Nissan's I went to MetroPCS. Broadcasting from the fourteenth and I knew the food and and then we with the fact is he sets out last leads don't say he did Dallas knocked out. The main door Whitney yeah you're gone through an hour. God knows an hour lunch where these guys that when I'm gone I'm getting there we're gonna along with it maybe I can tackle in the Matty over the taco because I was dragging. Yet everybody and you can't sneak out of we tell you were found out there's trying to understand. This can you crash. Have blue moon my friends do not walk away from live broadcasts that was part of the broadcast it was right next moved abroad to China and everybody came through men that they're donating their food we've moved some film about. Five or six boxes without really cool yeah always sounds a little slow and then gradually picks up and then we end immune tons of food so chef David Lopez came through Michelle Martinez Victoria marine Kathy MBA SU run I can trunk full food. I'm doubt we appreciate everybody came out today we're gonna be at the MetroPCS. On federal and Evans and we were talking about not just be federal but buckles and happy though is right across the street singing job. Low on Larry that. I feel like on those rapid growth will tell us assaults go we are sorry tacos and of course pretty collecting nonperishable food items for the fourteenth Daniel Thanksgiving food drive. And of course seven assists if we make it Iraqis were focusing on child hunger and I'm just gonna tell you quickly the reason I do this is because. I was once a kid who received food because we didn't have any money and we went to the food banks and who would you churches in and we were able to. Being blessed with a view of food donations as well. And I think it's just a great thing to give back to the community and I really appreciate season Jones coming out and help me out with this project because. If it's a big deal and it really you know for as far as next week's concerned in the future months to come food. Helping our kids and our families in need it's it's it's super it's a super amazing and really feels good to know somebody out especially when you know that the family and friends this year. On that note coming up at 620 we are gonna play most likely to we got nugget tickets on the line it's a family four packs so standby. Let's find out some crazy about Tony fade and now. Being disease. 491075. Who is most like. Life leaves begin drive I would you name a rifle to my gold Tony's isn't Jones who's more likely to get drunk. Hey I'm a child of god so I don't know I don't know how you got it would be me right here right here. Here why don't the gonna lose in the good food. There was a third the issue on the floor all the time now. I think my MR 00. Kind of I law they thought about the Bible warns. Are currently in the campaign. Oh my guys tell them I think you do with a family sport thank you never know each New Orleans delicacies from here to a certified by the publicity is really huge hero get now showtime is that the the approval rating them by lending a helping hand. Serious trouble unloading more now. I'm man's yeah. Maybe the dominant. Only on KM. When I was seven I like that sounds I'm either brilliant or. Dean and the big dollar shoplifting case surely Enzo ball and how along with two other UCLA got my players were arrested in China for stealing. According the Washington Post trump personally ask the president of China to help resolve this shoplifting case during a few days they've they've made in raising now the president China promised to look in Philly Andrew Mason in the process was completed quickly and barely had a source close to the situation reveal that the players charges have been reduced in the case is getting closer towards a resolution means they're only gonna get one here. ASEAN this though if jump it come pass something to do with this you guys give props now he gets no brownie points for me faith based simply get no points for me I. I already know it is up 46% this make any off so bad there's motive today as CNN is a sign as he's trying to make a rally for more people want it. I got it. I can see on that he had jumped by neo within LA. The video what appears to be one of the members walking away from the fight now and when I'm in the grammar I yesterday claiming you've been dumped by mean goes. I think that they allegedly pulled a gun on him as well blow and then I heard that he'd already deleted the stuffed up you went on Iraq and he didn't really one of the videos detect that the pick Sarah party BF so. I. And he just quit rap like two weeks ago we quit right so they actually did you get a little crazy that's quit all together I think this thing around his eyebrows back to return. And sex acts. A couple of days ago IE on the edge of the here's the bad black China debut rap song menu grabbed chances in town. And that now that lets felon still some key about why she's taking so long to release that take a look at. But you know I got my music I just so it's been like okay China's like taking this and then you'll excuse not serious about his I want even as. Know that I am serious about this if I wanna show like I could live from crashing in and I'm rose didn't play so we're going. From a chopper to Iraq hurt that what she's doing is is that inspire you know that they admired my dear sir at all understand at all. That's just you're in that video of the people can drop the highest. I mean yeah I heard that they mean you know I'm rat. I hear or an opt out of our careers not even go fighter I'm good it can't do immense they'll be racking day by construction careers now. Tony is Jones a kiss on some five so GQ released the covers of their annual men of the year issue. And one of them went to Colin cannot predict who they named their citizen of the U. Year and you feel about this proud of the man he it's really been dealt this they like him he vol though it's dealt to see that he's he's still holds. He's still on strike and yeah do anything. He he he talked to talk to any walk the walk. I think is a great live from is there was no actual like in your view within that frame. Who you know actually be on the cover and people talk in the conversation keep going. This wonderful couples have done yesterday on my FaceBook page pose little disappointed though I'm some of the comments that I did get on my FaceBook page. Well you have to understand frankly that both sides probably everybody already had their decision made when he got this award are not so. When you posted that the people that while mobs and came out of the woodwork right. They did and this stuff that I read was argue example we like won't cause is that while GQ is a joke. Com. I knew there was there that they're readers magazine. What a joke. Mom. This there was like missing it and so. I guess I'm on the opposite. Side of things I just don't understand. Why people feel that way. Run I think what people learn I'm looking at they're looking at them you know they're looking at this issue as far as life. Taking a need for the National Anthem. And those who are against gone cap Greg Ford that are looking at the disrespect of the National Anthem of the troops the flag. And they're not looking at or even I don't know if they're even asking him the reason. Why he was doing that and it was all about social injustice. Now when you say he talks the talk and walks the walk. He's on the community that he puts his money where his mouth is when I see down the community like he's really on the communities he's feeding kids he's he's on the streets really doing this. So that mode the question but this guy. We need usually talks about his career he basically gave up his football career. Based on something that he believed in it. I know that most of us wouldn't do that. Would you. You're right I mean. You walk away from her job right now for something you really didn't. I would. I would especially when it comes to my family right and things of that nature I definitely would thumb. That's where they're in a position to go that I need to feed my family of course who so. There was sort right there something you would come thank you letting them. Depend on the situation you know if if I guess I would if a chorus start really deeply them but definitely I would have to make a move. But as you know I guess wire was like on the verge of I have in common gonna feel my daughters and kids how. How what I knew right where you got to go work somewhere else obviously the quarters you know many money sake there Colin Kapanen cast. You know couple million dollars in the bank so we can survive you can probably reinvest in continue to make more money race. But he walked away from the prized NFL career a lot of kids wanna grow up and play in the NFL whom he. There must and he doesn't want a place. But that was his consequence. And I must say that's a good consequence he's there but obviously nobody wants to pick him up because of that. And a lot of people are applauding him because then if your if you've ever struggled and you never had been a victim of social injustice. Then you know what he's fighting for. People are disagree on that platform. So it's a big deal it's a big deal I applaud them we don't have jobs then Brandon Marshall in the studio. He talked about why he needed if you're out on the streets helping people who are victims of social and injustice. Then you understand. I don't believe that this is a racial issue I don't believe that this is a flag issue or any disrespect to the troops because those guys went on record. And they have friends they're friends and family members who are have served their country fought and died. So on that note you have the deafening died in India all the details when it comes to this topic. Who who. True we on are we on the same page with that moms and move okay well I guess I'm missing I think I would walk away I would like witness. Seriously. Mouthpiece for your family and community react. I don't know but I don't definitely that Christmas money. There well how good our occasional Christmas so I talked away the content of this comes with a bright. Note that's part of the issue. So in coming up and a couple of minutes reacted talking about people who would give holiday gift giving anyway. If I came up to it though we want my Christmas present tense stand by women come she christened this we all. Participate. In exchanging gifts right and some of us six. Someone buys some for other people we don't get nothing in return. If you say the sodas Australia hey look I'm glad I get personal and then they'll give up the ball well and you're gonna wanna miss Arizona. I'm never gonna commute. It's kind of crazy because a 69% of Americans would give it seemed yes of their family or friends agreed to. Would you that he filled out that. Oh down you just know that you don't get by the league gift. I'm good faith and that he should be happy that I'm thinly around. I think we take for granted like the fact in that borrowing just to have family around and we get so caught up in the gifts that we. With dynamite and when you as you might but he added yeah yeah the might of polio I'm. No one eye on the my breath. At the parliament might. Although Palin doesn't think so you're Henry with the I think we get it tonight I don't and the family are too caught I think gives the senate and actually increasing the half and me around. Absolutely. I I would do without decades he spent how the money you're laying there and holidays and then you have to pay it off the next three months. If you did this go without than the hanging out with your family and they've done trip for something now no matter Christmas is one of my favorite holiday. Harry go my favorite holidays I love receiving gifts and I like getting yes. Well honestly think that the the meaning of good enough we celebrate the birth of Christ they go so family and friends are that's automatic we're gonna get together that's gonna happen. Really giving gifts to your child wants in the open didn't. You know just did all your family face. Above all your family here you don't have any out of town gambling. Why got Salmonella remove life. Initially primarily iron yeah family here and west and western mostly your cousins and all that everyone in my family now like that we're all over the gloves and Brad bigger did you have a all of one spot because we have got people in Japan. I'm happy while all over the place so you have some in Japan I do I my cousin then he has three kids. And spam and we rarely only see him like once every three years maybe I got another family member in the FBI eight. Public bachelor barely you know ML exactly how it's how money from Japan and I now move the dollars to get them out gifts. I usually you okay. Ended up. We become just the C into the game we don't ever see them grow brag but rather an organ where all of the play look I'm very excited about 'cause. Dozens though not score future 'cause something that's fine what's your brother your sister your mom and dad let's say they must as is always never lived in the same city is being felt like the last fifteen years so it's even get them there. And the kids you know that's you know still a lot of money it's been for four people coming to town it's not see. Right I think for me I must read there. Be happy to see all my family they have to like receiving gifts from a family member is not the deed to me. Right so you flying home is you need to give some hair you know her financially and like Celine I gotta get the. Kids your eyes you got to wait a little ones gifts right. I gasoline on this day give them my mom and my dad and stuff like that so yeah basically and a big budget going on during the holidays you can. Basically I'm broke as usual no ACC's. Right down his list of the year like she's already on her list like started making a guy working working the numbers work in the magic yeah. And it's got a crazy because. You know we talk about a need immediate timer generated take care of them and make that happen. But again you could still do with the within the elephant thing exchange oil her. Jane I have to exchange Edward John name ever lead you to listen to everybody it's a little at a ten dollar game which you something's supposed to do that Thanksgiving right people to draw a name that Thanksgiving you can do it Thanksgiving yeah. And then everybody and so it says not so let you all you want person's soul and dilemmas like twice five big bucks right. A perfect time down for me. A ten dollar limit and trying to help you out. I kid I kid denounce Wright it's all about kids anyways or you can just fly home and say I'm hair right. Iraq is about family my friends who celebrate the birth of Christ. I come up in the less than ten minutes we're about to talk about the top since it's my. I just cool top ten something the top ten cities for singles to find love anybody you're single and went and went single. Something that Ortiz you say these two cities that you frequent most. Are on the list we'll talk about next Tony didn't Joba kiss 1075 top ten cities for singles to find love then it's perfect for the holiday for cup concedes then. And all that's all right what are they. All right so. 305 are in California since what cities San for Cisco's number one that makes sense number three is LA. I can see that number five San Diego. Definitely hard now know are now. Lies in that part now. It's thick it's a party it's a party town kind of like here minus the beats where it's actually a little bit harder and San Diego. Unlike my hometown girls like our briefly just now getting married in their older than me like 353630. Thirty threes and you know it's been a wild and then got that they just met. They're guys that you know have been even hold on for those months for a while if you found. I don't know that he did and find some love in that city like Batman and maybe this is little love that little bit back thanks to anyone neither did yeah. You finance solid one nighter that. Without the monkey with glove. Could love yeah now picking up the number number two Atlanta Georgia. OK it's been a lemon. No love there finally I would like another STV Rafer. And hard wolf there are no I think that's a fair price they're question here how are you. Am glad to see that our son actually whoever they can come MacKey they say finance committee and then move them formula and that's steady diet I want that study the report member Colorado. Well I you're bitter yeah. Yeah. I think the law allowing Donald bell no ma bell live people I know there's a great city to find. Hey let me do this kind of settled down none of them my. I think you this. Choosing the wrong one now we're yeah we're really pretty do IE. He's using the wrong one guy church girl is a friend one of those long ones so I have to look back from the get go. After you listen the media I. Solid facts. Did not let them know on this merely as there is a lot of single men in timber that's a good thing for the ladies but a lot. You don't have to get the federal ban might be away for awhile ladies northern. I try out there on on federal staff I don't think there. Yeah that's coming up they what I need to be looking and that's for sure I think he's. You'll soon find love library and search. Not pitchers the club a church. All of dash out everything Jones I guess on the some five so most of the time for offered a couple million dollars to do film. Did you write a film you get your money now right yeah. For a film yet and I can enjoy any film I. Now I yeah clarified let me just put your fellow Larry okay we're the only thing we want more money now and now and I do and is now. I couldn't get off the rolls every day thinking I know movies. Well yesterday you know. You've got the star Wonder Woman was what was reported to pull out of one woman sequel unless accused sexual harasser Brett Ratner is completely removed from the year project. They apparently like there was a few people accusing him of sexual harassment. Six women actually right and then today it was reported that. She never threatens to quit but the question. It's still opposed because I think this is important when you turn on each page if the person. That would be working you isn't accused. Sexual. Harasser or is accused of any type of misconduct. Not. All accusations. Writes I had they known he says she said Rex yeah and chairman ploy here correct. Yeah I'm not time and money. Not doing it can animate tell you why because first off. It's he says C fan right second of all if you try I mean that's an even better laughter. Some like that sag and the get more money off you fail do you do I can double my point policy which you've got going on then I clearly got. It's it's no different you hear like people I know for me I'm definitely worked with the creeks that. As far as an employer wise. And my always my philosophy is until it's. It's done for me. I'm not making accusations because he says she thinking gets whisked up real easily right though. That's if I mean mess is my feelings on and so you know unseen it's been done to me. Then I'm not gonna turn down a six figure are we're talking millions of dollars. Because at the end and they even if they did try me I'm still gonna come after them animal collective segment double up on the money. We don't matter going because it's accusation is not. Is that they've been convicted it's not that's not true or is there great if someone's. Communicating I think you would have a different I'll make on that neither convicted then yeah I'm working with you can live it's a rap culture in my opinion but if it's accusations and that there's been proven fact get. And I'm gonna take check I'm. No matter how many people are saying no mad if that person did this to me that there's. That's in me boon. It can be a lot of different people flame a lot of different things what was your like your best friend that says something like that she's ahead MM that you compared to one what would I do because he's K be careful yeah. Yeah I had that happen when my close friends come back and in the same situation that never tried it. Make it look like I think you don't wanna try you'll ever do you guys I don't know that's good. The idea like try me in and get mad sad but on the doubled down plunge. Is when when the word is out your status is probably not diminish anything. I knew you know they may know Suzanne we're now a woman circle different than a man's circle you given him Seinfeld. I don't now. I don't know about that but I I didn't I know that politics is the one time the flip up. For someone to get caught yeah anything in the morning I got money keeps finding it's bound to come back around. A bailout people think that think like you out there right now. Your money you get the money get the money get the money tree Robert Lee Jones that would render Philly if you she knew that you're working with someone. Who was accused of sexual harassment and misconduct. What you can attack back on my gosh. Eight people accused him of Rama Lama laughs I seem to show fields they might get the money makes eighty say get the money you know I did the difference. Instead we got home I hang around with somebody like that those. I have to ask that person know what's going on you know what what's what's the deal that you indefinite if it was the other way around for you to do you read deathly. Not go after it not when I did I would wanna be next to that new or associated with that person who's getting them. Playing even know there's no way guilty verdict here no conviction. Yeah. You can clear yet they keep missing them all over John Deere I. It out for yourself maybe maybe it's okay. I wanna call it also is that that about me then you would you wouldn't work with auto insurance first he's my brother Michael this to say about you. If this truth OP's outlook Sony week we have ever been here we've worked together right but we in the same obviously for the same space and we have actually worked to get there. Though it sounds came back and told you that about me right sixty people. I'd say it's all about its cozy that about me would you let not my what you would do you into a desirable me. I think is what I think I think Guthrie was we have a discussion because. Can you write that quick you know we don't know what I'd I mean that's the question comes in we will have that discussion because we know each other better remove restaurants and if I didn't really know that person put to admit it was our boss. Or if it was. Our boss's boss right. I don't know that person not well then no I'm not taking the top. Because both always associated with them or what he's done. Us three were out on the concept you'll see he's OK before we signed his contract is what I hired guns you turn professional yeah. There are no obvious area for local bumpers are no jokes initiate your face yeah okay. Seventeen therefore not one of them five would you turn down a huge payday if the person. That you would be working with was accused of sexual harassment or misconduct let us now Sony's is Jones on kiss on some five would you turn down a huge pain if the person you would be working with. Was accused of sexual harassment or misconduct. Some G 04 and I want them by fortune and but he does say Europe. We have felt he had. Aren't accurate had been put it. Here is the book I'm essentially act or even in the workplace and out leeway to fire in her family owned business who we let you know it. The owner of the business which happened eat the manager Darren and hold without it felt the pressure that was. They keep Bloomberg told them about it but what she told everybody should call. The bottom the bottom caller hi I have been quietly don't want any oh I'm gonna be hush hush about it but she went around. The word play. Nobody I think nobody stop war and whatnot I if I didn't know what to believe it hurt I think capital pool. Being though bash is everything and it I'm told that doctor I quote why I hope they'll. I eat your heart then it's actually address pool there's another girl here that he had a big but her friend like this. Q not fool fool me to wake up then. And and I he hated school. He decides he or. Even any event and eventually I got fired back. Wow that's why can't tell us how we're. Yeah now if you don't mind me asking you when that went down CU directly why didn't she leave. I don't know like home again I called my husband about it. I hate I think by Alabama. I'm tired of playing with the idea of being. Every you know. I think you may accept you definitely try to take action on me. Yeah I love my. Bet you know I know I probably should have left meg yeah I put it does change things are getting a big check because no limit how they show. Oh and. Big money it was a lot of fun ruled that hurt me or there. OK can only difference web web members who meet today in that situation happened to me television radio. You cannot sue me come out there's there's levels for this and I could have probably don't have to I have enough patience for that you know. Hey he didn't actual and he would face. My all all right let's go to the back removed art are commonly eat your heart you know it's. No misconduct yet would no matter what is the misconduct. What actually looking pretty. Actually that's been all but it was what are. Probably she would have won that DOE OC now grow thank you for the phone call I appreciate your story thank you some lets. You have to I guess he was above what's your name. What do you say your. I don't disagree completely that is Adam. I basically am that you well. My knee over her restaurant is a particularly the poorer. How you'll progress throughout that I am society that we live in the back rather than hurting right into the round. I am called it's getting you know he's elevated me because people are basically stayed like you could I get me to keep it silent. What I'm saying I take money over decency said accusations. Does that make sense I'm not I'm taking money before it actually happened thing if they happened to me they would go around the world saying well look she said this so. I'm not gonna do it that's nice and anybody in the world of their chance he. Well that is more than I want her thing I don't think I think I made a hey that's the opening. A hype and this is my eighth. I did see that. Still don't they say it's a change if there was two people there was one person. You still what 81 person will change our whole way of thinking about someone. I think one person is different and get people coming out of very similar stories hit I got hurt very well yeah if you ever fortunately found. But in the end of the day late gal like god I don't know whether or whatever when they're winning I think that he saw this. What hurt someone you do at that he's done. Happy or bulletin man walked out of about the right through it may end up by the playing. And make it didn't come out right away if they didn't believe that they bit old. Ali and I think it figured out where that question again mamet to get sick and I think it I think that these men can no longer give Atlanta. Guys like it yeah. No we agree say it we appreciate your opinion make you play myself. Images are forward now one awesome five he's in the conversation would you turn down a huge payday if the person he would be working with was accused of sexual harassment. Or misconduct Tony sings sounds like kids on a 75 would you turn at a huge payday if the person you would be working with was accused of sexual harassment. Or misconduct 720491005. Hi what's your name actually and what do you think your. Well thank Allah let say if I where Wonder Woman that no I wouldn't work with that so either my number one because if they're sick people saying something in town bears some sort of truth to it that is the one or two people I think people are. And so by numbers we know that there had been gunfire lectured the back. Fact number one number could approve the man hasn't been convicted bedding that is not true either we know. Not everybody especially people with money they make it good again it sit them down he served. I know I don't agree with that and then it better being really regardless the colonists got the right people are really really great. I know a lot of people are willing to do anything gets hurt a million dollars before a couple of dollars. And they don't care about now. Now there supporting it being. Person who is claimed to be a sexual harassment. Continuing in doing what they're doing because they know I'll I can get anybody to work with me everybody's got to continue to work for me I'm gonna continue to make its money. And I'm never gonna go to jail but I can continue to do what I'm doing my scholarly journals. So people who agreed to continue to work with them and and push what they've done under the bus are supporting what they're doing so. We know what's interesting so what's interesting so there are a lot of liars. And 2017 intimate feel and there's a lot of women making accusations. Let's try to make big in situations that make sense welcome from a much and we see a lot of people lie loop. On other half I think that's true but I don't think when it comes through other numbers there's multiple people. You have to consider that there may be better troops who if they down. I mean if it is why there is no way I think people are that bold enough to exploit them. So spending they're coming from different sources gap that you could go really appreciate. Thank you summarize thank you and I can't. The main reason ravenous discussions around because our Harvey Weinstein and Brett Ratner. And obviously is to continue to raise awareness because this could be happening Qiyue. In the smaller workplace you have where you don't have the power to deal put put on your bosses say you are we doing this to meet or this is happening to me. We're likely see how it would all these people are coming forward and the public can shame that person but not your job. And numbers speak as well so even in smog the big jobs if you're in a frog job. And one person says something vs six people completely different. Right and then look at the personality differences are Iceland and had like a mom and pop place like that and that lady was working with you know family owned business right dad is Larry and as I. Is there a all of a woman do you give an insane in this she doesn't tell the wife and the wife is kind of like any if that would've been a day giveaway in my and her case to leave the situation there could have obviously white Hazmat. You can't goes that would go to NATO and like I make sure. Like I am HR yes at that point to set a less well in any manner anybody who does that deserves you know the serious consequences. And through when you let the legal ramifications or whatever you lose your job you lose your career you deserve number eight feet guerrilla. And. I ever did. Hey good I would say Hiro heard her women aren't I you know other games played got to answer more questions correctly these she does OK okay did you imagine the studio. DJ shows even tried who got here we go another question number one shortfalls the first Kentucky fried chicken restaurant was in new software. Question number 20 sure it's also the founder of dairy queen and named the chain after his wife who grew up monitor farm in Wisconsin. Truth question of the three tour false the lions will make up to twenty times per day when the female is receptive to making fun of ever thought. True I your choices are the questions are no flour and I see a game Ferrero. Okay. You really serious today very Smart then and another giant car. You know. Any incursion there right there yeah. Let's try it out I mean let's find out every goes these questionable ones are false the first Kentucky fried chicken restaurant was and you topic I wanna say Kentucky's a false. The answer is true. Well colonel Sanders started kicking in so infighting thank you thank you. Actually saw only the multiple S and I am a point at leaves aren't. I didn't yes question over future across the founder of dairy queen named the chain after his wife who grew up on a dairy farm in Wisconsin true. Phone or to any owner actually believe they caliber of the queens of the dairy business guy. How. Good symmetry your boss lions will meet up to twenty times per day when the female is receptive to mating. T Astaro. Actually that's all coming out of my or those college is done it's tricky time today I'll. How are hey Pamela makes it. Hard to do and why we got. Have there and you don't have to be too bright you'll have to get one at the right and you did. I don't laces and beat me draw a gun to anyone's that made they key guy you're welcome no. Everybody know what station needs love and care program by. Listen to beyond UK has won a seven I'm warning zone read play. Clinton lie. Weekdays six to may. Or on demand anytime you can KS 1075. Dot com.