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Portal all the way themselves. Maybe on the UKS 107 I want the replay. Eight cities and she knows. Phillies isn't Jones in the morning happy Monday actually not. Traffic that's been true why the mob. I'm view right now they are you happy and I'm not so great study and I don't mean Jones we're sad. She got a big old smile on her face I do know why CDs or you know. I in front of many a lot of money last night I. Let me. As a really really sad meg game last night. So how enclosing. The grand opening Brimelow. All right so we have an excuse though what offensive line sucks I don't blame the quarterback. They couldn't block. Terms Jimmy got sacked five times K and if you take away that punt return for the touchdown. It's only fourteen points we're still in the game technically OK well here's the deal. You and shows no longer able to say one thing to me about the raiders because the US can link to the point we don't really get a field goal you're you're absolutely right you can't. I think I just say that props to you know work and you're still last in the division I cannot. Because they are really now we're gonna know San Diego's the last thing I'm glad they're not last year. That guy as well laugh anyway. Hey Al my congratulations hey guys you know and we analyze and everybody lost everybody on social media luck 200. Greg you're the quarterback listen you guys are armchair quarterbacks you don't always talking about yeah I'll take orders now are. You want to. I have is that crazy idea on paper debuted at the end so yeah I think fairly well he's got warmer here in this context we could you next year and by the way captain nick wouldn't be able to help us as much as everybody wants to get him a job I'll put my team. But you start from the beginning food you can't just come in be the quarterback can make apple knows. We're waiting on rock us whether or passing lanes all right well we'll just open my mouth. When I was married Hamas is actually cast go to the 7 o'clock we also lesson tees on broke out. It was a bit DA can't forget we also have Bruno my ticket here. Feel like that that's going down we let them with these aid did you find them before that sixty when we got foremost primary compound tickets because obviously this is the last week leading into Halloween. You just thereon so worried that you have there. And enroll student saves you crazy weekend right now I and a whole situation and we. No quick hits now. He went hello I'm home yeah. Obviously you start a little sad story about that mix. Here at home only to allow. Galvanized sniffles yeah. Biffle. You know these days until late king is with them five so it's kind of been. And under the weather you don't get no rest I do get right parties are asked all I am not party might have thought oh we have learned we. No I did the Bible it. OK late night Bible studies and I. Look bad there. I got a call you wait you he's like me out I let us all where you are so much I was in the usually the first person here oh yeah every time things you want to. He doesn't give me my credit you are the first one here but today you would naslund the my Broncos love you donating your email late let's ultimately we can get to the point. As I've done my thing always the bad and whatever we did with us Saturday night. I was supposed to say it's how you would ban the cup and party right put on a list. No just me on the list pick other persons while Beckett went I imports and then making a high slot amends and I. Million. So you front and at least one week it's shown say he's run up going vitamins and I and I kind of a later night. They we may later and I we were just running late. Sweep the snow Saturday night right it's a Saturday so we end up going through. You know. Peak seasons considered the more Irvington. More are being paid so Urban League at a taco truck right outside yeah talk over you get to a cheeky stuff that I know Pete he's become now like the after hours spot. So we go there it's at least 2:30 in the morning wow. They hear is strike one okay we get. Play that aren't shy when we get up there and there are a lot I know on the want nothing but a lot of your heat heat. And like state called my faith. Thought man he's like I'll just go to the front just hope that my house where you are I think it's a strip clubs torment that I'm not going to. Thousands of the strip club hey I'm here and let me in anyway that so we waited in line with cold he's already little you know fat. We get into that club I don't think urban classics like first in a race so kind of deep right move now kind of like that so. We don't end and a lot of my brother this Mandela told them before the Yankees then I'm. What did you like look at our friend on birthday within a matter like ten minutes or less eat it to my ears like I think usually. Wait a minute wait a minute later and not go with you on federal to every Mexican tacos out how. Hack out. I do all of the heck why not want me in my ratchet songs played in a club at 2:30 in the morning unduly generally I'm in a affiliate that got away about it the way the moral of the story was I even a little uncomfortable the Brothers are coming guerrilla Hamas. You know and then he felt kind of out of place against who they believe they're not very interesting yeah. Hey hey hey computing grab a little bit unhappy experience the other side of culture firsthand. Is there what other. Chicago bid from Chicago is forensic I don't you think heat except they legality you know I. Big brown I would not handle I knew they give you might see you know the man who would like eighth amid this summer flop it. Did I hate I don't sit there and die the women up good all of you may download you know attention right there. Brother Lincoln at Jay Leno now can they got a good thing that saves and what. Thank you gone back there yeah you're allowed the well I want you today that they mean America and all of the main advantage. And I felt they. He's not paying Nissan. I think he's an impractical no idea it was as well it was definitely and I think eleven I didn't I don't take any you know big big swipe through those who. You know you're known to lawfully TIL juniors now. Outside junior. I hope so much now they can they and then that was probably the first night where we had our first interracial date well you can take them out more often yeah you guys. No no listen Denver I think Denver's school with that we're cool my you have really been to restaurants is yeah you're gonna play. They got to come the mob ball team do you I would put my. Hello I think my rats turn up plainly and turn up do we get the picture up there. Why the remake though bud pit bull no ma'am what it would play Iraq. Rick I don't know I don't know let's listen I got money in the remake the table I gotta say if Friday go to mumble in his Saturday go to the proof go. What's great. Is better understand memorize there's always that balance balance you're right there oh probably guy you got to take that next level. On to the next level lying when time named guy and brazen from the cold Salem this morning on our guys I'm announces that you know. We get talk about Islam meant then we had you know yeah. Sleep I know you you know. I am really great I tell you how that's how can I go back on the air I don't know what I'm Ian was like we know Jimmie gets only about. Sure my god we got diamonds on the air yeah. I'm glad somebody does about him while we do and you know you. Good reported out there at the put out there. I always in its one amended jail. But yeah no no we we all its growth we were Islamic did you we could talk about the woman at all for I think as good as he does take you to far don't have. We can half way. I got they got it I think that is like it's cool with last Thursday now and I don't know if it. It's all good now so I feel like we're in a good spot with us on the open now to all and he'll be down only open but when you got a break up don't come to me. You mean you know against a baby you understand when it's all over said and done. No I don't want you know you're talking to me about it a little turn out well for now. Okay yeah. A U boat itself deserved or not. Dollar seventy don't deprive America of the former baccalaureate. Tony season Jones I guess 1 assumes. Good morning happy Monday for some of you who are not bronco fans. The through that in mind I am bro like I just can't get over my you don't die hard fans so I keep talking it it's a bad issue for him make Matt look. Until we play him. We're so Morocco on tomorrow I don't know if he like Michelle. Yet against Candice C. That's the thing that doesn't. I gave Goodell a million and that they should beat the chargers right and it's even let me tell you this isn't a Big Ten schedule Kansas City. Philadelphia and then New England yeah with a lot of housing gonna take. That way but like Tony they'll believe that the bronco that we're not post I'm on tomorrow emotional level because yeah because he can. So Bob thank I want spell out how old brandy and tonight the. I would assume all of them get Brandon marshall's wasn't doing is on the program tomorrow we get. So guess they come and hit nine when he is well witty and especially now. Jozy local comedian if the money don't siege on the money notes money doing ceremony money touring yeah your recess follow law. Doesn't remember I don't remember we basically sold out for breakfast he's gonna come join apple I don't I. Cool is how these immediate needs to be able to take it right yes yeah that we probably keep the real Breaux senator. Okay so we sold out for breakfast he's gonna be on our show little bit later I. We have gone from he's got a special announcement he's known locally he's got a lot of friends stuff so if you have Jessie and others see Mac now FaceBook yeah it's got killed. Okay earlier this 4009 and 98 is this somebody else and got the bill Sims back on. So he's coming by Glaxo. Obviously. I don't know how to go in this direction but I will tell you story. I have friends who had a roommate. And words can jump right into it becomes that's a question what's a dumb rule that you roommate wants or had you follow OK in the region last this is because I have a friend. Who had a roommate and these were female friends and it's basically. A disk in a nutshell. The hung out for a while and six months and these rules that one start given them these rules like you have to be home by eleven like you well yeah I curfew these are adults laden and started hitting man. When she wasn't coming. At the appropriate time this and it ended up being like two months later being in a done deal because that person this kind of obsessed with the the time frames of this is my house because. She joined her friend later it wasn't like an initial like we're gonna rent together I have ever that I need a place to stay. You can stay with me that these are the rules but it it didn't happen a sore from couple one satellite I don't appreciate coming in 11 o'clock A might one up on our own week night you know I mean anything. Mom you're moving your rights and as you shouldn't matter. So you have that haven't I I had a roommate situation when I first moved out my mom's house when I was like twenty years old and I remembered though one of the rules that the girl had me concede already have a place. I think her boyfriend moved out chilly yell no laundry after 6 PM let's say you can't do your laundry after 6 PM. As you think of them trying to sleep and you know this thousands Louisiana wait time I broke 6 PM when what are you going to bed you look at new. Why like we meet them. Does dad knows the worst situation ever yet again and they sat and I did I did that was the that was the weird rule fern like I I only paid about one. No laundry about you think any roles the three new round when you bring a new girl. Yeah. Move your home read about you did after clout the. Yeah I was like you around Honolulu don't rule that you are proud man your own money is no so I can be happy anyway right award away. When it's your life you're aiming about how the crazier hey there clearly over gambling tournament. Room foyer area where their pets I don't know let's look happy rules I really down too many rules that I had Dem party downstairs and bays mean. They obtain whatever moment you're cool and more elements are literally made out of like wow I can't yet I know you don't birdied six yeah Barney I'm gonna go say something. I'll be on the laundry room down. That's crazy why there's nothing there's. Thank you to watch your portion of the bills or this is the line the refrigerator known pastors want everything on this side is mine yeah. Everything on the side as yours don't take my stuff we know tell the community friends so yeah everybody knows still from you regardless even as far as I. I ER you'll stepping up there I know it is my eyelid they are white who did I believe that I many rules. Yeah you Seneca and bring guys over and that's what's in the emerald founded yeah I'm. As a whole basement to myself let's agree and whoever I want and there's a back entrance right. Any fear anybody on my list he was for real about that when the act yet you have the upstairs sleeping. Whenever I got to get a different friends that I like your dad that I care delicate and ease the bill me there was. And that's why I am very knowledgeable and know to don't rule out the dumb not to me that's a good rule. That night I 700491. Of them filed with the dumb rule you're a roommate wants. Or you have to follow we get his summit takes plans as well at 69803. Yeah. Shows like Jay is one of seven. Eight so there it is. Dumb rules that your roommate has given you washing clothes washing clothes after 6 PM I really have Alan. Also one person on our tech plans at 69803. Candy good. Well my system for a lousy had a world that I could not talk to her after 9 PM because there with her TV time. Also could not ask her where she was misty wasn't home then. Who cares who they don't ask me where I'm Matt. They drew a piano and then person my roommate wouldn't let me have any in my own furniture or dishes. They probably have a whole lives with their separate command carrier yeah bump cope with your house right in my place. Now you get while they're probably not enough room in America ownership basis elect elect to fit the mold yeah. Hi this is great you are the same so you just use your paper plates. I would think right yeah you should be careful with that it's similar if it's the leases in their name you kind of got to follow the rules are be ready give out its failure lucky enough not to have to put in the world learning right get that lucky. You know the mood here as well so far FaceBook page you guys could join the conversation if you like. Christie's death she had a few phenomenal read a couple of them roommate. Did not allow any cooking in their mouth I had the key completely wrong. I was in many other parents or have access to kitchens so awful. Also they are they also sang karaoke until 1 AM would no regard when I had to wake up in the morning F 5 AM food. How did he like none I'd be able to cook at your house that's black hair black through the leg you that's that's a sign you gotta get out how about this like. It is this let you talk about you know don't talk about the 9 o'clock this could be decent people during the week anyway. As far as like hit a Lindsay hour to like go to bed right ray plate but you know and I mean here here you have a roommate to save money. Right yeah the whole point you sharing bills gas sold. I wanted to get my house so I could save money billion myself I'm Mickey is the C new. I don't. Seventeen therefore not 1005 with a dumb rule your roommate wants or had you follows go to the phones are what you named Carmen is then on an equity got to say you're what's the dumber rule your roommate wants or had you followed. I can't have one thing though they're one in particular friend did not go out over to the house well known as the best fast yeah. I know that's the worst. Let me. My roommate like I don't like her earlier because you know she Shelly thinks and I don't want to third and he warned so you should see your friends about influence relay. But even though might. I ended literary the batting third with one like me because. Like when did you guys become my she become your parent and not roommates you right. I end and if you're splitting everything I don't think you should really have a little rules the Nubian rules don't go back. Well I mean I think you're putting everything happen happen I think okay. Coming home on the family say when they have correctly picked on in the morning beg coming around it like 2 o'clock that I mean I could see that but if not having a big hole. But it went over there on the weekend when it's your day up her and there are I'm posse yeah agreed yes it I don't know it. I love mayor won't. But I didn't know this is now and this isn't and I AM because you recruit PR on the morning. I don't know where they're gonna recognize your voice okay. Well they usually come here a good luck with that. Saying. See my point exactly if you hit it if you pay the bills right on the middle right Irma. And you can wanna have a couple drinks with your friend until like 9 PM on Monday night that should be okay. Right pat thinks about 39 PM the reasonable time right and then but here's NB a curfew she can be your friend over the weekend. They played well that's ridiculous you can remember your friend over. Your trip. Your fridge our. Early you know like me seventeen therefore not one of them five what's a dumb rule that your roommate wants or had you followed begins on the takeaway plus a tornado three you know I don't enjoy lunch is on some five we don't know rules that your roommate once you or how. Do you follow before he said I'm out. Claiming they're three that is our tech find one person put it could open the phrase if she had recently bought groceries. I'm like oh wow the liberal wanted to show you go Tracy Bonham. He can't open afraid of what you have idolized and evaluate them pop open while the band the few months from groceries to what. Haven't established rule is seeking out in the freezer and let's listen to the line between the bridge are natural fridge for your own room another prisoner he can come out of prison I cannot sit on the couches in the limb here. I could pull up the kids in Sierra. Club drinking your juice water while I was. The player grammys I Internet and. Yeah I had no matter what I'm on the road on the couch accelerate our brand. Very say and Kate's won't affect my FaceBook page how connecting to the good rule of my TP. Toilet paper paper yeah I could throw in selecting rack up some forty million or any of Aaron says make should pay their rent on time oh yeah. Come with the money that's a good rut c'mon. Literally it's a great roll and roll yeah Devlin synergies therefore now is in the public to don't rule your roommate wants or had you follow I does this not. OK OUSA with a W roomy wants or had you fallen. Time. Everything and I'm an act. I don't that don't. I think and then the Internet is not a I'm not as safer than another era but then they went on the only thing. And I monk bigfoot never again we believe me ask I played myself pipe and a lot of money on punishing the art may look like nothing I. I'm proud to tune him up what do you take responsibility aren't so now what are the whole we want our day we don't. On the flip it included a lot I'm pretty much make our own. And I mean we don't eat cake and eat Turkey I got I think on the typical I don't think. I'm thankful even movie now they don't go copilot and I hope that I I don't know about an affiliate there. There's a profit getting out of the lock everything up and down a lot but we a lot of great thinker and then I. I don't know if that belt because they're not not my responsibility and Obama my calendar my cat litter. He didn't say they wanna meet people aren't and that's not my I'm putting my. They're up I think that's not you know I think that's. OK okay so this I conversation turned in this match my room yeah. Train Gatwick and and leave well locking a cabinet that's like a new level above me you sir every DC area. Do you do you find you without like I don't want I thought he can bring you my friend I don't there's so if you can't back my county and you know you can't you and I. You know I mean that that I thought well I agree I agree with mama don't let any bad I mean why I don't wanna destroy you. They asked thank you for the call girl what you have other roommates left and hopefully like you can just keep the friendship or even the roommate relationship going without having such financial problems like that that's crazy or walking up to cap it sees wow Y where YUS billionaire mark and ask. Actually. We continue the conversation take place this six 803 coming of the less than three dozen so the future of the house plans to roll superstar has been announced and I'll tell you it'd match. We did on Sunday afternoon that he will be performing at the Super Bowl halftime so it's 28 seen another game is set for Sunday February 4. A Minneapolis Luke sixty. The US the big stadium to relate them as they included clouds and a balance. Begins with the two of them asking do you have the time and then joking British accent. They really involve the NCAA dancing the halftime so it's Super Bowl. If you're jumping around in their failed the familiar puppy dog fasten. I think he's gonna he's not scared I've begun to have a good performance again a lot of guest people on their. It seemed every wasn't AT Eminem may even be out there trying to drum machine I can see now. So there's so many different ways to dial it can be they think can come out yes send them to being back Janet. Now I know my athletic. Lawyers don't know what malfunction yet no thank you Pete reunited theater which can guard as he lived very why she mocked the reality star's new cell fees last year. What about a singer appeared on watch what happens live in discussed disagreement with Kim. He says that says she called out him because the reality star took on Bette Midler she's so honest Lisa went on went in on that met Larry and if you're gonna go in on him. You're going to hear from me. I think also build her former enemy I Christina Aguilera once tried to punch or a nightclub. We know if you've got physical that's who has since ended their feud painting Christie now. When bella all the blue. Big would have been people who slathered the crap out of her because casino like small people like you went through struggle you know they don't know what peak national review on them act dramatic things then you know. It doesn't fly from rubble that is huge fight yeah. Round draw up how. It appears that hole really well how god he had any of you never know union openly talked about sex and would ask so how old were you when you first toss the salad. The actress says even though many will deny it they enjoy a little backdoor and love from women. And there are signs they've they're singing a completely different tune in the bedroom so now let's move you're gonna do. You guys into a little backdoor loving but now under the Tony no comment. Yeah are you alone not unlike how. Huckabee is not know Leon Oklahoma can be no OK okay. Yeah I'm thinking out of the full on that side as well let's not make a mean salad in the kitchen that's all I gotta say. Well you know I don't move I ever even I. It's very gray yeah. I'd really. Saint Joe's on kiss one awesome. Viva FYU guys know the front left front this lady quit. So yes quit she could because you guys quit drink yeah and he isn't thinker you guys didn't. Sure lo. Gets in the wild always end here and flowers are alive I was super nice there parachutists would have popped back. She's no longer with accompanying czar jobs felon appreciate it is making this an issue like this that your mail away. I go take your cameo say thank you choose another venue for the candy she think the guy I mean I don't them. I think maybe she was frustrated because there are the jobs heart Kathy thank you. I was hard to college you had people coming out of jail to conceal. Really spread from person. Yeah load as you look at whether guilty toll me he said this email to me saying others died here you just gotta daily gives CN. You figure it felt professional it until I don't know he said he served five and a half years for murder him. The nuggets contact information that he didn't believe who is nappy. They did you did you give him a job Tony okay area already Diaz is it appears that appears to exchange. A much to say his name but. Somebody's girlfriend who is Shelby from other chino is a stop by Jared he's waiting for the lobby for you know I said I had no idea it was coming I'm home. He said you weren't so aware that he was coming my Bible Tom you've left for the day. Thinks this to anyone that I have no contact info he said that your personal friends with his girlfriend and then you suggested he come by and see you once he got out of jail. Personal friends of us check our best bet I'm like all right well I happen. I don't remember well. Aren't we Tony thanks for talking too much yet to start talking and talking don't know what you say and clearly it's an agenda. Maybe if I did not say that someone took your love and honor our neighborhood children probably not we'll see Dodi B. Yeah anyway thankless jobs he can obviously Kelly I think there's others where she left because you guys. Never should thank you okay what. Jobs do you would think this just doesn't have. None none your jobs have always been appreciated everybody says you're cool we love you yeah you're you're just a great guy I'm Greg I don't know I saw video of some lady at the DJ whose cussing you out wow. Is fading you need the business bro yeah she wanted her song played well yeah I guess that's thank goodness for your junior jukebox song they guarantee but I think I added the web DJs sometime when that's the view is you think that. You know the lights are going trends are flowing get a better life of the party but you know I didn't think Jacques this summer is a request request and we don't play the request. You're worth eating right yeah we'll play with some iPhone even though there's about four. I don't know if I necessarily had a rule. It reads obviously you don't get enough they he's but I know from either. The job that I see that we really don't sewn up close to the president taking your order and drive thru school restored them all know we're always quick really all you messed up my order you must be don't know what they're dealing with you get everything right behind the scenes when it's time to get your order on super nice to tell when I order out thank you yes thank you so much I try to discipline has just because I don't want them cinema that's why not and that's why I'm not sure exactly the right way reeling at the wrong person to really pleased. And at the cook right yeah he's the guy messing up your food yet on the screen exactly what was supposed to be no Mel extra cheese on the ground. Jimmy of that yet and that's to doom. They send your food back too easy baskets and from not to server that your young and just not the president the drive through windows and really not their files. The messenger may be nice to the prisoners I was my pleasure my pleasure my pleasure you does that. I checked the way they fill out the mandatory yeah and then I'm sad if you say thank you days in my pleasure so going there say they yeah that's my best and they have. They don't know where he got hit it well there were I love guys part of the. The the chick flick culture you they similar role this morning John bush when he got due to my pleasure they take on Sunday Times. Did you know seventeen therefore in Iowa than five taking jobs. What are some of the thankless jobs that you have worked war. Are currently working right now I guess we want him dedicated Jones on kids' homes and five they coolest jobs what are some of them you have worked for currently are working now. That's our way out footlocker on detect planets are playing at 803 with a thankless jobs some I wrote. In order to save money for themselves they changed the commission the path as more women all we need was minimum wage yeah. Well laughter yep then you got to Kennedy was shot sympathy out I'm on the FaceBook and kids without Dana being tailored. That was then and I'm always mention my name people so. Yeah I'm nice to unlike some I may see my money yeah. Are they English stop being a mother. Fool as Sherri Israel whose job they at home moms out there and have grand man down when you stay at home moms in the cookie Amy I doing laundry. On the world yeah. Did they would. Cartoon all there. A little bit Manny gentle guy silent on how good do they may you know cooking. Me gourmet dream yeah yeah my. Is Clinton over Haas now you don't like my macaroni is right I ended up I never complained and tossing a grace Allen free all day. Really you I don't. Pigeon hole and I feel like it's. Okay. Whenever dandie dinmont ever laid out all that don't need my own mind when. Doggone well. Oh yeah and crude on the moment. True god. Yeah I don't know my honeymoon I don't know yeah Amy Goodman and the DNA so yeah no. Okay you're a man of god they are valid. Like this talent not any kid hey I mean cell in the UK. So I can hear every night like yeah let's go to Pusan is this race who originally SA and thankless jobs. Yeah yeah and then I thought about the medical assistant. And I've been back for eighteen years and it just one of those things that you just couldn't get. You know you don't have a lot of thank you everybody when they can't hear the one who has that the palm phone you're the one who gets the brunt of it you know backers have a bad day you're going to get their play catch on the black young yet. Don't you mean thank you but you don't get all ignoring none of the glory but that's far away yeah. It is like you know we go to a doctor's office or whenever like you know you first you see than I feel like I am very aptly when blood pressure let's get to the doctor Eric rice so pumped to see the doctor. But we don't really say anything to the merits of the people that we check in winter you know. Gray and in other applicant then and they did your father that we process then we get there. You know week I don't claim to implement fully confident I'm glad that we do rather low where you work and everything down OB I mean we know. You know they go and they do their ten minutes and then they're out. But although referrals and all of the leg work and everything we get into another position and all of the things that happen on the backing and that they don't is that we do. All of that I could you know it's ten minutes to the doctor if an hour to two hours per patient per. And the patients go off on news something is wrong with the billing or something is wrong with whatever they're dealing with every time. I don't know what had to talk with here he was a Euro appreciated as unwelcome workout they really cowgirl have a guy when you see you I guess Jonathan would you name. I'm pretty thankless jobs what are some think this sounds that you worked or currently working now Chris. Won't occur when I work so you know I don't believe I'm thankful because we never get over for the hard work in my hand and when you get that's a national and I want to talk a great. We cannot on himself as one writer. You have something that we do our job correctly always liked everything you're doing everything recognize. Everybody's fault or something back right. You know that here in the bill that we have a custodians and then our our former building. I think that we always like try to give about most respected and to our Casone is all the time I am sure I love it drops. That we have one hour show one time means ladies they dare I love Montreal. Nadia we work hard you just going on the economic a lot of times that until we get that. That in a lot of times and it just doesn't why you're here and my job and you just fine. I can't tell what you're up a little bit this sir probably. You know what here's the thing you know Boston companies assess who pays for you that's part of the job or whatever but. You know I think you're excuse me are appreciate you those those those deftly get you through your day. Play and I know I'm not under these jobs. Thank you look at just the other end and everything that you left and I thought my god I'm making my job here and that he's done that in just we don't get it and you hate site. Thank you thank you from thank you thank you. That that they should come rather have a great day. Here's my custodians at a school are Johnson because the kids never appreciated and teachers probably come clean has come fix that. To receive those kids grow up you got no dog sand over and then can't the vomit but that's part of your job and I won't do it get on it you know. Yeah right no time for jacket around when I get the thinking is what you get paid for some. And that's what sucks because custodians are appreciated so exactly 170491075. State whose job do you have any do your Kenny currently right now. You know someone. Since 20 for now 1506. Three the only thing than just on his own simpatico is jobs or what are some of the think the south you've worked for you maybe currently working now. Yeah I take flight again is 69803. Up one person put a door technician everybody gets angry oh we have to block an opening a business. Yeah I wanna say when you downgraded broke sorry I'm sorry yeah. It's an elevator Mongolia we got to climb eleven flights of stairs and I that's never find my shape me of course I would guess that. They list on the right he says at a Starbucks long hours annoying customers low pay if you don't like your coworkers you've got nothing and. You know what to think this job because it's on become sort of march under the coffee shop down and they only he tipped in the publish it and we're trying to make you go faster as Starbucks all the time we're in her eat my hat is should take a bona coffee yet thank you increases. We love you pray that you like I'm kids won't have my FaceBook page did someone give the bartender he says there and the public pays the adult beverages tough on line of the day. Can you all are all welcome. No you're right now why can't you know this serving it up but sometimes you view good but can you get into April oh yeah. Yeah I think it depends of Lamar you're gonna you're you're like yeah could borrow there's no money you know it's I think it's huge it's right you don't. It's kind of foreign minister mullah watching yes they say he's a young mother this last year really good ones breathe pretty think this is. Can now she says our hospice care giver only and let. That's our job and the very tough job to someone you know get rid in the car and you're trying to console the founding take prayer and Epperson at the very end their life. That's very hard seven's user afford now on us and I think this just hi what's your name AJ AJ when he SA and. I wanted to make English god that I currently have an ironic how irrational yeah that's zoom. Yeah we queen in the dirt dirt got things vehicle. We've been happier things inside and then and we get that paper patio at may have very well he and my crew OK thank hit. Food yet how is my son did well there Kate Jack yeah I think I may simply a big kids and I like to design stuff than those who may not work land and I really didn't put it back and. Right now for sure I can get. Our ticket that corner and the workers are working mostly for kids to also right. How well they didn't pay pretty empathetic chipped it really got to look at their hit the sultry. There aren't that forum diet. You know they're out there and all the elements but their diet won't it out when they don't they have the right. They'll be quick to jump on line or say it is here is something good happen better than anything I ate my yeah right Philly you miss hit by the my heart I know how does. But I got the vomit from your friend Europe are okay. They call girl that I am today I guess who's the final what's your name and Kimberly Kimberly Williams Seagram though I had actually you do it. Our job dialer pick your wallet for like forty years age duck like everybody actually would be huge not commit there it figured out. And then I actually hurt in that same period of but here you wouldn't believe that kind of cool and Donna there really had things. Yes yes you think he'd be so happy to get their supplies luckily I've actually had people like who wrote big because we don't know I have what they're looking for. Yeah right but yeah other than that like to call it was like a nightmare basically get people come in big bear might do about the debate. There's no cheese right now I met yet. And customers are a while but they usually call girl yet another good day you too I guess was the publisher named Nicky Nicky was yes they think this jobs. I'm I'm feeling that people who are in the cleaning. Industry. Janitorial work that type of sub. I they've working very thankless job where I work at at a courthouse. I am always very much appreciative to our cleaning people. Because they give can get overlooked and I think this kind of walk all over most of the time but you know people cleaning my toilet. So I'd never claimed that bill would be I think I am all the time. Game and we this I agree it's not so argued although our custodial for the billion hi guys don't these amazing Villa at the end. You know what you sense the guys who ply toilet paper absolutely. I even say they GO PR but I can't say that I'm satisfied with the actual what the paper that stuff hurts suspect. And paper yeah. I kept myself. Three give me any conversation on our thanks landed six he'll be thinking just what some think the stuff you've worked or currently working now. Ready go ahead that was crazy girl who hit play again. I'm Bruno Mars taken on the line you have to win this if you don't you don't need to. Here it's pretty expensive and it's so now the. Sadie you ready I'm ready I should get the mouse in the studio momentarily shows you're the judge Amin did this here we go Leslie question number one sure folks. The Milky Way is the name of our solar system. True question number two insurer philosophy. Snoop Dogg has a new song called make America a crippling him. Food. Well question number three surplus. Public will soon be serving an item called the kick catch up goal food idea. So. Try your sources the questions are Democrat sees Obama camp. This study. My she's right there right now Leslie led Moline either hot ticket I know I'm Bruno Mars Lowery your answers as yet. I'm I'm I'm hoping very good today and Monday yeah back to back everything okay. You're ready you're ready here we go question number one tour false the Milky Way is the name of our solar system trailed following. The city of our galaxy which contains millions of solar systems Darren. Technical without one it's actually knows that do you examine a number of technicalities. Who. President producer plus Snoop Dogg have the new song called make America crypt again that'll slow that is true. True make America the game is often visit company coming EP with the same name to be released on October 27 this Friday. Question number three sure false Taco Bell will soon be serving an item called the keep cat chalkboard and on the hour. Yeah he said that's too well let's talk a little BF part of the formula go with a sure oh sure yeah. Last year I don't know created Cassidy is stuffed with kid can't which is only sold in England but now. Taco Bell's officially testing here and it's gonna be available soon that's disgusting and. Well it sounds like you to know what's the verdict on this situation right now right let me say it can fit you're a big loser and. Are you now know you know Glenn Beck I don't take losers around here so sold Alberto Martin. You've got and. Are you here okay. I've been all right now we get myself I know you. Joseph know and on Monday October 3 the Pepsi Center what radio station sends you to the hottest men's Leslie. AS 107 that in oh. Listen to beyond UK has 107 I'm mornings so replay. You can live weekdays six to may or on demand at any time you could KS 1075. Zach Kahn.