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Thursday, November 9th


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Right. Portal won't wait until we. Maybe on the UKS 107 I want this replay. Eight cities and she knows. Sony say it's Jones case when a 75 new mourn and more I mean I mean there's a where's my sound effects are gotcha that's common threat. Trying to turn. We never mind I'll let alone trying to turn out. It's there every day coach didn't win. My girls that. Pull out all right there. Yeah yeah. Yes red 000 yeah I salute them or not you think it's coming up 34 back OKC's going to downsize even when these tickets and then we're gonna have this drawing about this to be on the bench experience with me. When I'm gonna sit the bench we're gonna want to practice although we should suit up and come off the bench to help the team win. On the same time. God remain GM but it you know Carmelo is coming this town Russell Westbrook and Paul George we have our own set of the nuggets basketball stars if you will improve. There's only of the nights I don't. I don't know one name though lay gag you now Larry Harris. Whether the better man and all we like gas he had tired broke my bat him. GOK let's move on kind of crazy when you were in play most likely what we're gonna do we give you phrase of who's most likely to be or do something between us three and you have to. To get us to win those four pack of tickets. And possibly sit on the bench for the night's game tonight standby goes down to 61. And most likely would be on you can't let them and I'm doing. In this scene. Of course not when I was 75 I would you name really Ricky was most likely to listen the cap classical music Tony season tones. City. Pool. Classical really hit it on man I hit my fanatic. Tom. Thanks for the go broke my kids and with the bar which are named say they made their karma. Like you listen to classical music girls Tony season Jones Kuwait waiting leaning classic already Panama he knows how light symphony types these things over and they called them out that the safety. Oh I can't let them publish your name's Maryann who. Maria who is most likely to listen to classical music totally see your tones and it paid out. Actually set a page. Yeah we want the F family for back to the net gain. Exciting. The great game tonight OKC miles back in the building the pregame vengeance they didn't get Antonio was up and where you let you know if you win that is well in the meantime we'll radio stations is Udonis the vents can put a better outcome of the less than three units village which you'll say he's an all right organizational recruitment is an all time high once loved ones know parts and in outplay you and is now. The man's. Thank you good dog and only on KS when I was 75. Why did I not messing with that I'll write their story anyway wipe the receiver in this matter it looked like the website put it out there that she will be silent supporter and also went on the day they see the Nazi. Waiting for the right time to come out now Taylor fired back with a cease and desist letter to the web site. And her attorneys that didn't they may even as swift or what has remained silent on the issue. A white supremacy silence does that mean support Brian and how do you rumors even get started. And that's okay here's my take on my thing is why winning isn't publicly denouncing it if it was just a rumor in the first place. Yeah your attorney says Ben Wright and it and they have famous face you've done it she didn't outfits she's not saying hey I am not supporting it. Yeah she kinda quick to go on Twitter to this being golly everything that she does them night. I think it got Ellis good to say like how we have to do not have these kind of issues so I don't know I just kind of raise awareness of my many commemorate. I around but at the same time with her attorney she does handle business that's very long. I don't know. This letter whether she is RA then one day our lawyers may say it's taking care right I'm growth about the CM more poll in the White House unless you actually have apparently she pulled into the white house with their 39% a bridal party for an extinct they wedding photos zoom back in April. And the only problem is the senior aides and security officials were not notified. Burke got by the privacy during her wedding dress her guest importantly allowed freely wandering around support election JFK's well now. That people photos in the Rose Garden but the situation at this point in basically they say hey. I'm Rosen we're not gonna happy posting these pictures online because you had such a disturbing. Boy I don't even know the thing about that is it's now. Now that all right Jack I cannot taste of species on some list right back at the thing I got turned on the aren't that cool thinkpad well. I did not see that I can act as I don't know why are used to working huge human. Spiegel worded Reynard signature pop from the Colorado State as he has actually been selling medical marijuana now. A 300 dispensaries in California but for those of you wanna Wear Goldberg's products. They're designed for women an aim to reduce pain and cramps demonstration and so this is a good look here. Ladies associate probably always live on you up right. Some kind of animal is going down in a notice. No lolly pop. Though they brought it day by construction careers now Tony zinni. Jones on kiss on some five so you don't you're sitting behind someone the traffic lie in the light turns green and they don't move when you park righty well. This sadness they Lewis a man was given a ticket after he honked his horn out at a police officer. Let's yeah there's serious that this would happen he's you want to Zorn the police officer didn't move so honked his horn again. And obviously they don't move you may I don't move my drink right. So apparently he got pulled over on the officer asked him if the man's horn was that he said is your brakes though. Hole. In many got a ticket for excessive noise from the vehicle and of course he plans to fight but he got ticket for that it's come back with flu Bryant. Dad can it be great I was tone penalty because that was that was the wrong but you know what. Ungodly sums and all the time you weigh now you I don't know if you give the Kurds flooded they do. So time who are driving and you know I have this like little circle thing awful pecos that and they cut you off. As host out of nowhere like I'm driving in this cut me off and I'm like yeah. I got like honk my horn because I imagine how the coming up to put under its if you wanna go. You want me to slow down or some just don't cut me off this circle being that Jones talking about the roundabout somehow the idea that we need and we vowed. I don't even know why they put that day it's a mess and I'm surprised no accidents have happened by now but I can't worry that people need to cut off all the time there. So on that note and I'll you what happens do you want to somebody you got to take it. Do you think the guy deserves a ticket from you at the top what do you think it was because Smart ass remark. The Smart match. How her tell her you know that there are sure. No you would would you guys Montana please don't served out the bad lie and made a move no no notice that there did you look hello Ryan. We know so I. It's very. Small part to go to help grow more and it's there for a reason I'm sorry. Sorry search and that is your identity does not. Yeah hopefully mean. I don't know I don't look at I'm afraid the complex I don't know I guess I would but I don't know I think he could just here's the thing you did sticky is a process. Right. We lose you gotta go to court got right to court case you guys pay for parking. I want to take you brought us one avoid the mess I don't know the next slice their music and they're right sometimes. They're old enough traffic for nothing Jones lives at 1935. West comes. These guys go out number I. There's the question you guys can answer the senate please let this explain the three you think this guy deserves a ticket prompting an accomplished more or less probably about what he said let us know right now. It's one of them five hi guys so if you were on the price is right when you take 15100 dollars. Over undo our. I would definitely go for. All right right. Wanted to cartoon Joan. Font Jacob I can down. I never experienced the highs and right so. I definitely go for the cards given on price is right before road I don't I was made showcase showdown I did. This evening your car now on my gosh that card is looks so good compared to like fifteen had traffic counts then like. I know a hundred dollars. That's how much does Jackson are Thomas the cars no lady took the 15100. OK you've got to really get 800 dollar limit you know that you don't pay taxes regardless well this week contestant on the price is right that some boos from the audience. When he passed up. 75%. Chance to win the car. Yeah I AM the golf course then the grant and now really why did you pick caddies that the money. So what they consider this okay so now you're known he was actually just plan then the dice game I don't you have to match though the car. If you roll it obviously there's number amounts here you little four year old four. Cars. And then one of the dice was 15100. And then if he realm role does the action more chance this. Rolled the car so it was one of the game but yet to play cracked right yeah so we could of the Jan Murray was favorite getaway car OK well then I'm back I. I backup because they've given us don't have a chance to make it's the showcase showdown there's probably a car something big in that showdown. So I might have taken passes them as a backup and mingle for the showcase showdown but fifteen years is that the F 15100 dollars right there. And if you rolled another car he would got car course black. He can roll and got another 500 more money now then yes you can go yet 15100 no matter what and no matter no money no matter what I had two more roles. He would elude the money he knew he already have that in the batting right but if you hold the car you got the car but if you roll more money would come more money. How about these games says hey. Good Friday that it read like my whole family on comprises my family feud really Ollie out my like my grandparents on family feud really. Mom my system seemed like ten. Well no I probably I probably would have gone for the car regardless just because. We're all about like yell you go for the grand finale yeah if you never noticed she then you can got the money to. Right yet they get the money no matter what you take the cash he got loose and ran this. There's sing alongs sit newly nominated to listen this guy doesn't save but do carried trying to document vision and let us down Kmart. Mine was made up he was done did the wizards did they just looked at you I think you were a dollar Iraq as crowds other get out of my face yeah. And that added like oh my god my faith is if I need to see disappointment rim all of my faith it was so embarrassing did you kiss on the cheek no I was. And I think I don't know if he could raise this morning but before you got the you know I really think is Sheikh no my dad was super high belly like dancing down the line in super embarrassed. Please sit out with a Father's Day dis and wanna. Society yeah I was in a dope OK let me say the reason why he could've been a winner OK there's a possibility that he if he won the cardinals were 20000 dollars. He would have paid 9000 in taxes than you gotta be up front before you leave the show. Andy did you put UK needed cast is this the the taxes so who was the winner. So we could take my home with him I don't pay taxes on 15100 he would have been 9000 dollars 120000 dollar car. This 40%. Okay wow hey you let me like that big. For me in making it you know how you get up on the stage or whatever time like we did donate canopy so. At what amazes me and we're like a brand new Camaro and I'd be able to walk away with a standard time. I like it though I myself think about it but it. Did it may look like Al Byrd allowed it there's still trying to send a field can be Abbott now. Yeah yeah. They did that Obama can't be the first hour and then whenever you see you were a little. You got to re right doesn't love the place like this six 803 would you take 15100 dollars or a new car if everything is shows up we have a great morning so we were all aware of what a home invasion is right. Yeah okay what a couple in Florida were arrested for pulling a home invasion but. It's not what you think. Know what happened they pulled themselves. Well let me explain they think it's the home invasion and they even shot themselves won an arm and one in the age act. Four they were trying to collect any Casanova from their landlords so they make their home invasion. To sue the land I don't know out like it's not need to know about how they're gonna say the man and the third. The 36 year old woman shutters of my arm and the 35 real husband shot in the legs. We're kind of concerned then. See how you gonna suit remember now that going to be this fall if you shot yourself has to be some time concerns while it's got to be like seagate. You know if your home it's invading then maybe get the kind of money off it like for everything you get money back it says these days. And I made it look like the breaking into attempt to sue their landlord for a settlement I never I don't know I'm rented anything new. Before but. And everything that in any contracts are being home invaded my guess maybe they're planning to bars and on their windows and that's the landlord in the landlord and and now they had the faking right and so they can collect the check right well I really appreciate the fact he will DS looking into the rental agreement contract. You're just concerned that if they shot the southern try to make it. Under enemy of my yeah well I'm trying to I'm. And rental agreement saying I'm just trying to fit the bill that would cure themselves I'm broke I'm sure that. Well don't you on why I brought that up ominous save situation because you're gonna go so too so far. Asked if they go home invasion and shoot yourself the most of them on Mondays and I guess yeah. Ed that was an an article. I'm not an article. I don't know I don't know why we donated it. Today that it happened while they may actually get there coming where you were so. What do you think their punishment should be. And I think this June so. Right as I end up paying me. Sharon doesn't victim at any rate this is the crazy story and it's it's funny I mean really this was true I thought the actual story was fake. Who literally search and obviously you got continue people go that far. To try to get some money you if you shoot eleven hurt yourself to get some money you are crazy give us your collier replies on it takes like this season radio three Tony safe and sound like kiss on the slim five so you know when you showed Dionte your Diaz house for Thanksgiving dinner and no just give you a big hug and welcomed you into our home. Tell you how much you mean tour and then demand twenty bucks to cover the mail as he's about surfing. Will blow your. I lost. Okay here you walking she's a walking into your county's house right does not a normal day yeah mostly TV I got things union Thanksgiving dinner yet. So walking into songs sees the need to get onto a big. Right you mean so much to me funny twenty dollars for the Thanksgiving on the answer you. So that's crazy. It happens. It happens really yes the but he adds we do on Twitter. He charged for Thanksgiving giving dinner and that most people don't believe it but 1% of Americans do. Well. I'm probably. It's truly looks. Where am I gonna get that kind of food anywhere else you can get what my family cooks and a restaurant really. On Thanksgiving Iran pitcher being torn dollar you contribute to the food and they're making money contributions to demand for payment. I can't imagine pool and that's my grandmother out and about its ten dollars to get a thirty dollars at the EU right not I'm not early however now how will not play me like that led. I've slowed. I know I don't think any of our family would ever play as my nab however upon your money if they outscored here's the day today in asked for efforts are they. Charge in the family members. You know that's been like couple hours popping green beans when there must win over the style may fourth smeared them some help out it's not like that's my contribution right. I bacon but I got no being done of these yeah. I make hasty call the shot in my house well here. I have my plans are and I would bet I'm right I gave him I don't know so much as far as in charge in the family maybe taxing their plus one. I think that pool and on the net and you bring with you write you know a grandmother came for you not I'm not sure why not. They even bringing over for the last by the. How can anyone every hear. When my shall never even giving a yes. Sorry I. Are you can't grandma's charge them okay. Among the jays so I understand you guys have the heads up if you have the heads up or you're doing a potluck everybody makes the contribution right. But did you showing up to a relative's house and like you know. When you twenty dollars we twenty dollars to pay for the milk. Not not like we need help we're charging you. You know you've. If it's just nice guy. I'm not doing good thank you want to defend it because like sometimes the only things turn around his. On Christmas. And Thanksgiving database healthy and they show up when nothing and they come to eat and then rebounds and I call it my food in their outward like on the their morale and then they're out there. So many questions let me tell the wanna take a walk in the re entry. Like you know we can ask me it's that way. Can't stand that's down. If found not mean I did it the good Mac it seemed like the real they seem pretty cost you go forty to fifty dollars alone yeah. So would you pay to ten how. Army's Thanksgiving dinner yes I would. I try to do a trade deal man like I'm condition is instead I got planets may not cope well. But initially would you be offended like really well Walt Disney is sock them like my grandma Ari you know my on these are really young charging you right. I might implement that in this here and our family charge charge yeah do your house anyway so what can. Red towel as they get out. The suggestion you know you're about to get charges there's a bouncer at the door so general so get ready eight. I certainly you get the ball quite well let's listen all I know is this what happened. Somebody in their family by the RT got charged twenty bucks to cover mill that they are about his serve for Thanksgiving. I have 1% thank you get at the beltway. They did you could make it free refills on the coax I don't know that they come with still. Like for cakes the desserts but I think it's Philip which you can't on one plate Taliban and maybe I'm doing great yeah seventeen therefore and I went 075 lives and your thoughts. Would you pay to attain your own family's Thanksgiving get. Don't think Intel's lunch is on some 51% of Americans do this on Thanksgiving they charge you for your role in where all. So would you pay to attend your own family's Thanksgiving dinner 170 Ford now one of them file hi would you name Abu recall program. Although we broke open when he got to say would you pay to attend your family's Thanksgiving dinner. I'm yeah I'm literally that simple as that. Another sitcom accompanied by defense. But finally people I didn't think they don't have. You know in the paper and I think you know the third third than third or if somebody chuckling without whom there are so full. How about. One thing reform. The depends on the financial situation. Yeah definitely looked as if I wrote that I couldn't take them out or you know well I don't know. I'm happy form and everybody is going out. Would you would you be mad if uncle Toni demanded twenty dollars at the door. Admin but I want to thank you make sense for how we could. Thanks so they gonna say yeah you don't you do right I guess 1005 what's your name. I'm only SF. Me I don't like that on TV so you pet cat we are being re right. Is it really why not I love how happy I mean I'm not picking me anyway. Trying to lead lap thirty bucks why not. I think plant in the summer a lot of resentment and I cure and then charge you that you normally of course. Mine was so you're not gonna be offended. Did he get the heads that you've done the kids welcome appreciate your twin us. No I don't think me I would never be back and then on the miles grind you cast a quick. Think the dumb yeah I don't know thank you I just listened and what's your name. Direct where would you guys and from what you walk us through this year everybody brings some really if you don't gravy plane if you want to get up and go very. I will charge call or. Good to me that's a great. Idea have been M Zandi everyone brings the dais anyone putting money for whatever days that they made so ever went technically contributed to it yeah. Another good example big feud elected in broad. So. You're you know you both about a popular you do good greens well what you got what a lot of people about it. Right now everyone likes to know a person cast of roll on these Qassam role. Now everybody liked the way they make their stuff being felt you know one thing you get to win by making your own. Well I don't then you can't just show up yeah and piano for the superior man charged with. Don't living charter medical up the bill. I'm not in the big league home run I care. These ice it was so so drama Molina Wal-Mart on the advice of disposable Tupperware and then this is your piece and you want to go home state Dallas I liked that idea. 7204 and I went 075 would you pay to retain your own family's Thanksgiving dinner medicine. Everything in towns I guess on the some five would you pay to attend your own family's Thanksgiving dinner 1% of Americans are charging by the way. 7204891. Of them by about what's your name. Scheme genius or. Thank you then maybe he can really open it. OK. I won't let being. And then thinking yeah you can get well did you know he might have been pretty clear out you know you gonna go. That's right they they've got Obama picks you know O Reilly. Very true but there's no difference then bringing food over to the house with a different than making our own and doing that most families always make at least one this embryo Murton. Yeah you've got to make one game does not mean he blew. Eight million dollars but hey Julie I think Chile. You know I'm not okay. Okay yeah I mean I don't think it could have been the money and I went around like crazy prison after all bail out got a family. I don't right now we could you please come on that we've gotten better. You know yeah. That's all I want at. If I mean. So what would you rather have their families either bring you this are awaiting discharge him at the door. I'm good challenge anybody that I'm gonna ask them. Mullen who hook. Yeah I mean we've gotten any you know I think continuity and what I did I am I. Yeah and somebody like you're gonna come right out of their car and get in the game you're given all of ball. You've got 200 you know big hitters and the. Wow that's an awesome GE and the memory like that. Affect all. And a gentleman very. Big you know I mean I'm not yeah right I need help would fool would come and yeah yeah. It's. What they're. Yeah you can do. I think god who could not isn't isn't fun what's your name Aaron really SA Europe. I'm Lynn and then yeah. I'll blame. While my little. Think in England Hollywood mom like am I don't care how we and you let. And I think you call ahead of time being but they charge you after that would you think it hit it yeah it may fit the act on the please call let me ask them what they want in my area they need anyhow that's R&R. And Ed what they blow. Who's really eat you know. You might meet meet my current level. Hey if I get contribution limits contributing to the way. Not so much hey gimme twenty dollar that the door type speed of sound is a family only if we charging that the door. Do you tend to get everything in an act well that's not how doesn't apartments only not only got a bit licking a solid even if you haven't seen cousin Nene you know and make an eighteen years and still look back they came out you get to see my approval free to go. Here earlier today and I never see that guy once a year now okay. Hey you know you but our family that. About it like right yeah I make the worst spill beer on my carpet my Alley what am I need tablet and AM noon you know. He'd pay fly girl anybody's EDT on mom hey the I Arab Arab. Could go and all I know though this Thanksgiving talk is making me hungry right. I can't waged. There are good memories go. Ready to land that was saved your own yeah you know the object of the game right yes it. Answer more questions correctly this she says okay all right C announces video audio. Jones is keeping track OK and then doing it here we go girl question number one shortfalls there is any plan that reins glass sideways. Proud. Question number two shortfalls some turtles breezed through their less follow. Question number three sure files from McDonald's only serves to make lobster in Cape Cod Massachusetts. Oh yeah. I your portion of the questions are dining on the because they he's OK to play. I actually got a Mac is video very thank you Kenny gets up for grabs he's saying then they would revamp their I don't know. I think you're on there and only a little nervous we'll find out if we don't question number one thing he's sure plus there's the planet the rains glass sideways. Greens rains like you know when it rains Voss. That is true with the blue alien planet is located 63 light years away from earth what's the right question or to ensure false or anything that the side. The aim its blue alien planet. There will collapse and I would like my point that I'm giving you off the Wall Street today a game. I question number two surplus some turtles breezed through their bus faults. Detroit River turtle finishing native to Australia for my guy. That would be starting right. Including we've got. My real question number three surplus. McDonald's only serves the Maine lobster in Cape Cod Massachusetts. Have a lot of water over there in Massachusetts. True or asphalt soon. I think the big lots and then killed. And there are going to be love there hey there's only certain place Canada can now that I did I some water something. You're not a lot of water in Canada oh yeah save this should make sense right right right that Canadian post and others got lobsters and we're gonna. I don't they man they've made both love the today. The question wrong and I'm sorry if. But it's okay if we don't I just don't wanna make pig headed gradually yeah. It's going down Friday November's OK you get there and you know everybody know Wednesday. The other one of them. I'm listening to Leon UK has won a seven I'm warning zone read play. It's a lot. Weekdays six to may. Or on demand any time. I'm KS 1075. Zach Kahn.