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Portal on the way to show me. Maybe on the UKS 107 I want this replay. Eight cities and she knows. Tony say eighties and Jones in the morning good morning poor me Friday and Thursday it slows there is no it's Wednesday my god why you Russian. I'm in non radio walk out right around and I think they're mad I may get from that copy messes up NEA I need it. I forgot my coffee containers Cy Young cup only comes around here throughout my black you know Phil didn't. Tons occur yes mom on the final Saturday Dubya and crews are dishwasher we Alan we do and we have that copy missing working again okay. Okay yeah I love and a I was we're gonna wake up here in his second we got some great things lined up for renewal in the Denver Nuggets on on him or not it's OKC a bench experience all three of us are going to be doing that throughout the season. But as we're gunning for eighth place yeah. So what's gonna happen is your dad is 61 named guess who's most likely to them. And I'll give you that question here momentarily somewhere with this is when he also. Can tell you think it's coming up at 855 when you go heads of the seas. And we're just having a great Wednesday morning which is sun shines gonna come us to be 51 degrees tomorrow yeah it is on the go forth and would you. I don't know I don't know I detest you play well I listened again. Hello all we and a host Glenn daily known how many could mean Mickelson Rhonda you're gonna. Rhonda we need to go around that Joseph the front if you should be whether woman we need you're out there. I'm crazy about sunny days and tell them what it's seeing. I've taken up from 204 and I want them five woods one of plus three Tony save your Jones. Didn't shock hearing and I knew. You 049 when the Bob. It's time to play in most likely put beyond you can't let us senate finally tell them what you mean is seeing. Most likely thing is not the seventeen. Junior forward now one is about how would you name query or hey Maria what's your answer or eighty prepare. We did you but it's not me. Problematic for the cubs I guess who's about what your name Carla Carla who's most likely get a soccer probably bingo. Family court bag to the mega game has gotten yeah. Do you also qualify for that bench experience I don't know anything PL OKC tomorrow night at the Pepsi cinema radio faces and use the hottest events Eduardo better and intimated less than three dozen bills in your city's gonna be carefully thought about rape in this comedian minus crop. Well I will tell you it is my. Oh he's so sure. You know maybe the doctor about it. Only on K hasn't won a seventh live from. I care is a body guard it's come up for her next seen she's sexually harassed him humiliated him and holds him when he 200 K to be exact according TMZ. Now according to the body armor I called him a Nazi skinhead and kkk member and a white supremacist war. All of those are some big guys game. There but I think. Now I'll stand from meg you know he's quiet but now he's always some money. So now that's down I don't know I haven't got a couple years left on the contract before she let him thousand that I say no you on the on the bread back from that flew thousands you don't and you need yeah build everything that's been doing apparently this. Luckily there's like it was almost 880 total all right generally right on me not telling the truth he is wants is money you. Well whatever it takes to get the money you know. You clearly know Chris Rock as pets and McConaughey for flash so he did on Thursday of last week apparently rock with a explained that he doesn't hire women because they cry rape. And they need witnesses with him at all times in case you've ever accused they cry rape because they want money said the comedian who went on to add that you wouldn't hire a cleaning lady because he's terrified of being falsely accused while we he's heard no no story and I'm sure another vehicle borne out through. You never know you my alma a valid point but you did say that and tell all women is that kind of kind of crazy that. This situation is different men and that's where I think women apparently got really upset about they're calling him a disgusting pig in the middle of the stand up boom people who are we being a deadly game look good on his part on that but at the same time your at a comedy so in yes freedom of speech and he can say whatever he wants to say ride flat. There are consequences with what you say. Warm there is it's it's another name added aboard the noise this time with soul singer Jill Scott she filed for divorce from her man just after fifteen months of marriage. A man insane he was blind sided by the news then decide if they'll just a little bit CD called Dylan evil woman. If I whatever Joseph wants and so against my every woman and I had to marry. If you unless he gets credit gets whatever she won't say I that I really like gotcha yeah well I'm married or what department sit right there you ability Brad did it again. Section careers Downey James Jones on your drive into work hopefully it's a safe one now depending know what he's still in Colorado was shoplifting could be a slap on the wrist and finds may be some jail time. But shoplifting in China can you choose 310 years in prison and happened Julianne the little ball into other UCL players UCLA players do. They were arrested for shoplifting. And what we're where they idea now exactly the time store next to the hotel. If we hear their side of the story in and I was banned totally the Tom store knows that the security is hot. And those stores is not easy just pick up a person run. You know it's not Wal-Mart it's not target and then they're they're playing close eyes on you. So I'm trying to figure I want to know exactly their side of the story and I also want to know what they were stealing. Right because it is an expensive store and asked to be cameras in there. Right on the same they might have been in the relax because they know different United States they're probably you know I'll bounce while there I believe if I'm we know like we're really relax on that. Does it say that they pay more attention to them just because of the fact they obviously they're not from man they're extremely tall the end things that are already done more attention to themselves. So you think they should have been proposed. Now let's profile that you think that they would be paid more attention to them just because of the fact that they're not from there and don't you just like a source essentially. My one should adopt it draws some attention because they're tossed through that the players are being questioned about the only truly because you're located next to the hotel that question in their room. And then they were taken into custody so they are you left the store yeah. The police came looking for them so they could be employees word losing that they did it more could be. Video surveillance we don't know that yet we're gonna find out but let me ask you this. Should these young men if convicted get off easy or face China's harsh consequences. Well three to ten years in a Chinese prison why I mean all I know is that's not the time into the game arrested in China would Donald Trump an office that's step one Smart not that I'm beginning arrest there's iMac. You know they're they're conviction rate is like 99% yeah. They're not the. Even now. And AM inside. I won't let you may not and that the country Maggie you know your finger shot off I have no yeah. But skilling what does that Bangkok. So within some. Smaller country appreciate you can only be sure you again John stop your fingers they have shopped on you know the thing about Europe. Basketball player new and different countries like you would start out. I believe that's so much promise to go in the NBA. Next thing you know you yeah he decided down most though this 200 dollar. I don't wanna check 200 probably thousand. Limits on the not so now. I'm not gonna LA UK okay I'm Mon night and listening though and you know regardless your player named goes from fancy seniors to know loves. And you shoplifting when you have my right. And the brother Lee and a little ball is younger brother to Los and you take your rookie Alonso ball well let me take that bag he he doesn't have money this family. All his dad's got money. Yeah money I don't mean he had money that I wanna buy is did the person is Wally until brings up the conversation why you should pay. Athletes in the NCAA tournament. Earlier telling me that it's okay Eagles still don't know. I don't have a thousand dollars an iPod they can go out what they want the money quickly answer the questions to these young man gets off easy or face harsh logical consequences if convicted. I can make game. Yeah yeah they did. At a tournament and come back. Overeat and you wanted to see something only guys they're gonna get off to let yes or no hurry. All. Yeah. Can I just don't neutral throughout. Just the question aren't even our own I can we wanna hear from you our thanks plans. At the 69803. Shouldn't these young men get off easy or face harsh consequences. We're talking about Alonso while on the other two UCL plate UCLA players arrested. For shoplifting team. Even Jones I guess gruesome five Stuart is talking about the Leann to a ball into other UCLA players arrested for shoplifting in China and we got to talking and. Lewis must three. Ray you were in China. I have a very loyal hearts. I moved from another state for these two men here and I asked him you know very because if no known home it's the truth I asked them you know what it was all three of us in the situation and and you know you found out that you know I was the one who took a while lay out who we are these the war. What would you tell him now. But let me say this guy reclaiming my time. But I think my son's mouth was I'll punch you in the face. She's lying and I said as a man no matter what the situation is you put your hands on me it's crazy. Tony I can tell you what would you deal he said I slap you feel any faith in the if you make an ethnic I mean you okay. Why now cities say it was he had to say in the sense of this is still going right but this is filling in China three to seven years in Chinese prison I'd get a rise we don't you think he. Know I know Harry yeah nothing many. And you're brought up the best she did we even know about it you I did I would take healthy even without a part of the thought OK yeah. Donor and save it and Halloween now and stay there will be guys analysts say I. I. Hope that wouldn't tell. I don't get mad about but what right when the cubs come on lap one cannot talk about. I plead male what we do a lot of mixing it with savings once the handcuffs come on and I knew it was 82000 audio yes. I am so out of all of that you'll be the first sellout bulletin Joseph. I'm I'm I'm here. You're reacting tell you it's not a matter when it and yet if you follow suit no matter eight even if it was huge result he will he wouldn't speak here's the deal. We're not going anywhere we're not going anywhere on the show my mouth rub my kill myself thank god it's. I think our guys and. They're saying they're gonna give me. You know ten years and would give me five years but the give me an eye care. There. Well yeah. I'm who's been down review for and then absolutely I miss you you know fourth stroke alone keep it. That's why I like we're also we're garlic so why not just do my thing yet formed the squad that you're gonna feel wow well that's why don't you know you're glad. Hello Nancy in this group whether the PP is still some Big Apple what we did I hear the mistakes I made a mistake. And the age now I wouldn't think I'm repentant to you glad I'm apologizing I'm hoping that you guys were like how you mistakes they'll. I don't understand everybody will want to save what you still for I don't know we just don't first I didn't say if I ever did lose some terse no when when that. So were the top like a little rings or something to keep saying how we're gonna turnover and got Yankee. Newly. And I'm not go to jail and I know we're teaching good luck to enjoy here this Mickey Wright didn't enjoy yourself and wind and when you found out when that I'm so that's. You know trying to come to our hotel room and they tell you hey. What have you stole. And did. Okay because if that debt. Nobody knows they don't know but we were in this room if she confesses to us you're gonna say yeah I hear it no he's our you for shirt without a doubt gonna hit me. If if you and I guess I didn't would you hit me. When you re definitely get a you are WWF soups and should you literally into the top multiple don't I jump ball and doesn't drop on the early show me I'll put your wrestling moving yeah. And tell me I was feeling it would be very hesitant. I mean but in my life is ruined. Hotel in the moment when you hit it about my. Then here and you had thought all that man. Andre at least once Jones knew why so yeah I know is what's shown me like no gray wow manager hit the I thought oh my god there's like a tornado the reason reseller. I don't know off Tony say I'm challenge in the morning so you know when you go to your feet. A restaurant and there's possibility of raping kids and ruining your dining experience. How would you feel if that place and remember your favorite spot then suddenly banned kids with a sign on the door. That read no children allowed. That's a little harsh. I don't mind is that so it's hard to know the parents follow you're now and teaching them how to act when they're out in public. I'll only take a Lee is one time you see my kid act of them probably were a fix that. Have a real quick. Real quick you. One unhappy embarrassing me. In public at certain places like that well you know I think that right quick now as the would you consider it I would never I would never expect a restaurant to ban children. If. I'm winning right now there's restaurants doing the right now. That's crazy luckily I did that hurt would you consider discrimination against your child. Not that I would I would consider is their philosophy but I still be a little disappointed that I missed born that. Establishment for years and almost than they don't wanna do you know. Being answered my family I mean if I remember in this for so many years and now you know. I never found me in my camera my family there anymore right becoming disappointed that I felt like that other people ruined for. I mean that's a conversation as a business CNN senior if you keep having this family keep coming in and and then you see their kids. I do the same way it takes two seconds as an owner as a business person coming to lose and say to them hey. Here's the situation in your kid is the stabbing others in the actual restaurant right I'm getting easier takes the responsibility the next time you come in and then calling what is at that point. Quiet to ban them things a little harsh and. Problem is this particular restaurant is having trouble with multiple families and their kids I think you said that you would handle this with your own. Kid and you deal within your kid would never. Act up the problem is today there are a lot of kids you see him in the grocery store you see when the restaurants it's not. Well I mean certain families who thinks that there are a lot of kids who want to think a lot of families who are fixing it. Well letting their kids we would ever do whatever comedy act out he's gonna get time out when he gets home whom I. I think the issue is this if like I said before there. They're always about kids and all send them like they're not and allow Q that's not a problem. If you go ride out the jumping you open a restaurant and says no kids allowed then you know what dead standards are from the beginning you can just like a wedding DC wedding is now led. Click on their invitation no kids allowed SOU gotta come out the back with you can't just put it up after years of being established and you know kids are allowed at this point Duncan. Can't have your well listen I'm a little dudes but I'm actually in favor of this because when I'm not with my little dude I'm with my wife. I don't want little Johnny over those blue the boost looking ME picking his nose is serving my my intimacy during my time plus ultimately. It's the establishments fall. Is that this was obviously not doing something so the no kids allowed I'm cool with that. Yeah I'm I'm I have to disagree with you I'm gonna say if they do from the get go. Cool I we got you know the standards but if you go switch out of nowhere then not fool you I symmetry 0491075. No Joseph Miller well. Out of that many kids your restaurant considered. Discrimination you can all citizen but the sex like this clinically and how would you feel. If you and your kids got don't. Jones on just awesome five so as banning kids from your favorite restaurants. With they know children ally in south allowed some considered as discrimination may get our FaceBook page to care for a fell far she says no. Sara Shaun don't need to have children in them. If you're paying a fine dining. Don't wanna listen to children being brats on saint seventy territory not one of them thought I was and am bitter what do you Zander. Are they met at the end of the day not a body early said that everything that none considered the parents all match. They need to be overtaken dedicated irresponsible body and they ship them out and suck on all of. But at the same time the red there at the restaurant has the right to refuse service to anybody. What did that they import and I agree so they wanna sit somebody else. Nicky always get more customers apple marketing support you know they're gonna find more people to come and that those men make up their right make whatever rules they wanna do. Right at the candidate they like that that everything said and done all things considered impaired and to be able to keep an eye on the kids and Pittman jags. Right I don't agree thanks for the cover up now prominently by Houston's and publish your name. Are we Jesse Tyler. So I have a two week old baby at home and I think there are certain. We don't think we're live at the restaurant and it's uncontrollable or something like that that. If it hadn't uncontrollable situation mimic the parents responsibility to assess the situation didn't fit uncontrollable on the owner has to come over and it disrespectful. Right so the parents need to have accountability for what's happening with their child and they release something and that's our nature we're in my beginning out of hand. They need to evaluate him and take the next step. But hold on not every parent takes it that when they get offended don't tell me I'm doing my kids but yeah. True but any second now now when he where do you go your separation it's get some parents will talk host that and I know when I've become a parent I will and then yes some of them won't but that does that mean that you ban all bets for some parents and you know how to do that right. Tell us who are not exactly if there is of Paramount that it is you know. You know responsible into benefit this situation and you know go to a controlled situation then it could be good parents responsibility to remove myself from the situation. Well then I'll make you know is this gonna have pictures of the kids aren't allowed in my restaurant. Happy I don't. We have that's okay. You go to radio occasionally come round and we've got to look at their priest and I can't Susan I want your name they're Robert we have seen Robert you know you talk about the children. He has brought up a bit yes there days of vacation stay at home. I don't like Chilton yeah. I might not the only way. I don't like it did about my happy. Thanks to go rogue army so give me. Listen I don't agree to disagree because parents need to do a better job taking care of their kids. And maybe restaurants need do enjoy a good job of a better job of recognizing hey we have is and other patrons here. Can you can have your kids toning down because there are dangers kids can run around her or restore maximum. You know or another pair can knock them over and then we got a problem agree. So I you do a better job of handling your kids and I'll do better about not complain the only thing that Jones on kids' homes and five teenage weed smokers your future's not so bright. Food and why is that because if you regularly booze and smoke we you're less likely end up married or have a job health plan. You didn't gel triple negatives. You bet post and then marry are not have a job you're knocking and Mary hall or job a guy that you're saying that they're very yeah very and have a job I can't they literally smokers now. Yeah you're. There rejoicing in note yeah. And I. I'm sorry you know get him into the lifestyle plows probably like a sophomore. In high school way what I do know this now that you see that's I mean a lot younger. They're backing when I was doing it shows you say you had your first forty ounce and sixth grade now you have zero idea I'm a first mom. And you've got degrees certification and so take your kids are not successful I just think it's okay no I know I mean I'd come out grew. Grew you know I just how to switch schools and all that stuff that you don't get out of that situation nine. So what economists innuendo messing me up I'll never going down the wrong path. I cannot wait later to get into ask them I'm the situation in Palestine in the earlier would have been wrapped. For me well according to this study drinking and smoking as a teenager hurt your chances of obtaining a degree. And highly paid career or even having a full time job so. If you're one of the exceptions to rules. At chase for that matter to you guys did as a young team you're okay. But not everybody is gonna have that then we smokers now probably defensive ends and our doesn't bother me it doesn't do anything to find whatever to each his own by pass the. I'm whatever I'm pro marijuana here it's I'm not there I am and I do feel like is it's not erasing everything you do is moderation and I guess for kids. It and saying you learn your levels and you learn your limits with what you can and cannot do. I don't necessarily feel like alcohol is the way to go but I am from marijuana and this is my standpoint define moderation to me. Either throughout this exact and its. I beat a team in the land when your and I. Let me you don't even back laid back we're back to back away the first pin high school this illegal dump sewage. If you're a truly want right 18 am and you can't do anything to actually Jones is moderate to happen I'm saying I. No matter I'd never. I don't I don't marte get anymore but everyone how much you didn't I used I did I did but I think everyone hash choice and I feel like. It's slow down my performance and and and now if I'm not without our I became forgive phone things like that so. Oh so you admit to losing memory I do. I I didn't know lord Jesus army until I have better grades on my did it all on motivated. How long while they're motivated and I like I didn't do it so don't do it. No I'm waiting area stamped her way on the highway. 69803. Do you think of marijuana is good for you or bad. For you or is gonna have these types of effects on your life as far as getting the job a career or even those degrees like Jones at him like fifty. Kids jedi figures were trying to give away and that was a he's going down right now seven to 04891070. My. Caller seventeen hits like moon. All right Kim K tickets are on the line you have to answer more questions correctly it is seen as okay. Oh I don't pirate these ads religion I. Say easier in the room I. I still would have retired we don't have any question number one tour false the color orange is named after the fruit of follow up question number 20 sure false you can legally drink alcohol while driving in Mississippi felt. Question number three tour false the space between your eyebrow is called. The arrest setup roof are your portion of the questions are dying on the meat dress ladies okay. Still whacky Wednesday Abbie great feeling Smart I thought. I think we might be on the same pain as I ask you confident we'll find out if nothing goes from there is very down. Mayfield video series question number one sure falsely color orange is named after the fruits. True true. Came before the color before the sixteenth century the color orange was referred to as yellow red phone number right there right on the near. Question the future false you can legally drink alcohol while driving in Mississippi. Fosamax false believe it or not it's true. DeLeon LA and I don't think you can drink can drive in Mississippi is long you stay under the legal minimum wage or zero feet oh wow there crazy right. Question number three shortfalls the space between your eyebrows called the reset that. The unit brown fox it. Correct. Leave. That name for the reset is the. Your hand hold us to recommend. I was reading your round this time we're there and what I call you a morale. This isn't about golf the Alabama where I. Right here Abby. Clouds are you got everything your question Rome today hello. What did not my day that. It's right there and then he's going to get caddy regardless. Joseph is going download. Amber's a camp there have been no position. Listen to beyond UK has won a 7 I'm a morning show replay it's. You can live weekdays six to may or on demand at any time I'm KS 1075. Zach Kahn.