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Friday, November 17th


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Volatile won't wait until. Giuliani who GPS 107 I want the replay. Eight cities still. Find out some crazy man found these faith and. I in this scene. Every night thinking for tonight that is vs New Orleans now. Most likely to. We're showing. They hit your first day for free. Terrible. Terrible losing my in the rooms and. Seventeen therefore not one of them. It's fun to play in most likely put beyond you can't fly a 75 million. I mean disease. Find out what's your name how writers Michael Michael was most likely this is a British or freeze that's on Cesar Jones. So yeah. Well you say now come off. Sorry wrong things we come. I guess who's about what you named Jack whose most likely this is their birthday for free stuff wrote so he's either Jones. I would go authority there. Andre is Syria really live about a murder theory. There's so I do not know. You know Errol you're wrong rose sorry I can't let them spy is. Who's this the ultimate cool who is most likely to say is everything for free stuff Tony Cesar sounds I'd say don't need to. I'm. Gonna do it I would do but you're wrong sorry I think psyche is awesome five what's your name. Who's most likely to say it's your birthday for free stuff wrote Tony Cesar Jones aren't. Graham Jamal. In the wrong road I guess it was about what's your name. Palin whose most likely it is say it's a British for free stuff. Third hey you. Did you know that. I you don't I'm I'm hoping they look at you could go there and maybe it maybe it is the guys that ran laps sincerely sedans down. 08. Ally of the freedoms are long and they are right. I'm Stanley for god to the nuggets game congratulate you say yeah. And then tonight you got my it's your birthday Thursday. Tired coming up but listen during those those G would you go Christmas album is in the works for one of our favorite rappers and armies and besides I'll tell you more about the next. I'm Manson yeah. Say keep it dominant. Only on K yes. When I was seven IRA. With many years this dance rapper and share my jockey equipment project and this year they are back again and again I'm Merry Christmas for my mom my. We'll be released as a full album on the Purdue players said they're literally still putting an altogether. If that is going to be one of those wherever he's gonna come together superfast projects I don't know if rushing everything is gonna make into a fire album let's. I'm keeping my fingers crossed on that one then you don't want it rushed MM Lugo via black Fridays here and you don't want buys them gives you need to get that out right now and a lot of people flat on their first one that they did little momma happy Merry Christmas my mom oh I'm the first addition there was nothing that's how did you like I. And I love that when I actually saw on the little scare for this one just because he's aim at the arresting me out but I do like the concept over because I think more hip hop and RB artist. Need to make Christmas album that think they're cool for the holidays will rocking besides bouncing episodes ago let's put that team an official at Disney southern Mississippi and not too. Well does that have to bring this up but I looks like Jennifer Hudson and her fiance has splits after being together for ten years. This thing couple's shared an eight year old son in Iraq for Hudson told People Magazine that they had been in the process of ending their relationship. For a number of months and yesterday Jennifer requested a risk and received the protective order against her ex fiancee now this is her second marriage right. So never got to know that it's not now. So almost. Certainly there are just now you might not remember this but this guy I used to be a Debbie Debbie you Breslin yeah it was also on new reality show I love New York his name was puck. On that sound policy well this CM punk assumed CJ hunter is trying to find out. I mean he doesn't know did you that might Rao no not all I can. They're like yeah whatever else. The problem is that is that they were together for ten years in days for a whole decade. And I now realize this and not gonna work out why. I think the child forever though. And she went no spousal support you know divorce these yeah eligible women are bulky until Casey beautiful should find somebody and Mary don't you can't say what every one and we got to Kim Kardashian and her family but one thing we cannot disputes. That they know how to secure the back on the court at CNV Kim made ten million dollars and 24 hours. After the ones of her new fragrance fragrance line now the most interesting part about all of this is back her perfumes. Were sold online and nobody had even smell them yet. There even though they smell like it or nothing. How like how. And they failed and she still felon it's not like gardening and your name change cock. That's three of the limelight so I may not falling back 00 yeah. Mac yeah money right they're ML she wasn't talking money into the brand is strong man that's strong yes possibility graduated and I can section Cruz mountains. It is Jones a kiss on a 75 minutes or secret fashion show in Shanghai China is falling apart and one huge super model won't be attending. We'll tell you why Tony save this show about kids Elizabeth I'm happy Friday okay. Here are commutes to work for your final days Ocalan was taking that next week off by the way so this this could be the final one for all week pay your turn it's your hats off to. Actually I love you gasp and I am tired you know I think this up so Victoria's Secret fashion show yeah falling apart. Katy Perry yeah man that's my favorite saying it's a rapper TI EE you don't know why I don't. IE in an ally to other models and then you know I want it on diet right after. There's only time you read the colossal didn't together no matter. I'm well. Wow without really getting a famous anywhere or. I'm Katy Perry down band. Because you know she was representing Thailand with a flower in the know what she doesn't just parish I have some beef OK okay. So she didn't show in Thailand's she was represented them with waving their flag and stuff so if China was like well I'm. Wind about that you can come and. But I'm claiming it's an easy issue yet long time no matter the Chinese remember roe V don't. They don't put this week we are not yet they don't forget Donald Trump does not have your back. You're in trouble you can get Donnie in there running yeah. Let's average out my way so now GG I need. Well not walk in the Victoria's Secret fashion show because she. A while back posts and races video for mocking Asian people. I did see that video we move gas so here's the thing to hurt. Camp didn't reveal anything her sister my Twitter yesterday and posted that she wouldn't be traveling shot China but in September. Chinese people warn the supermodel not to attend this year. After she posted the videos they get the warning shot don't come. Yeah they Danielle and the video of this it was out of herself squinting her eyes on social media. After Chinese people give your check you to stay home stay home. I feel better now and that situation that he really careful again these these are public figures not just models CNN guy huge following on social media at home and you gotta be really careful things that you do because you never know how that might come back and bites you. When it's Matt's dad you think you can be deleted in 24 hours in the legacy or not but it. Those this is a great example of things can come back and I see him and people find a way to download your shat chat video somehow. Well and Victoria's Secret fashion show is huge spurt in the model world that's a big show that you wanna be apart and so. For her that's not a go look as she can even be able to walk inning to Kansas kind of innocence jeopardize your career a little bit with it wasn't making tons of money regardless what you things. Kate there's not going to be there she's not going to be there and it even further it was you squint your eyes she was imitating. Buddha. You can't do that I'll know. That's like somebody dissing god yeah you know what I mean so that no that's you that's shots fired GT shot fired shots first. Yeah she was doing that so yes she blew that but the magic you know gee it got that back you know in September she I'll be there but if I like very accurate fast. So get on all its forgot and I know you're like now we got we're not forgetting that you make Bynum as we were serious don't come here Brad is there's put in their pocket right there. There is that little that situation a little different down. I don't know she took decides she should this G took the political side when she wore bright glittery dress of some flowers during the performance in Taipei in the capital. Taiwan Taiwan and China got beef is you know that. She didn't get it honestly I don't know and is. Yeah court seeks I don't know man. I was sure they knew that no matter does he really really does go there to support the people and shoot this one debate be in the part of the culture. She waved the Taiwanese flag during the concert. To support the country which had been butting heads with China for years over its independence and loose so when you wake up play and you know showed there. But only now with that that's done the same thing would like to bed and all all that going to. My home boy you know been fine now yeah. That's what China and if not all these years in. You know under paid who is back and they always a lot of lot of rappers and several might jump aboard abound that would Chinese food. They don't if you think he's I. Obviously something's gonna go down and social media obviously big vehicle for that so that's the consequences yes the face now I'm surprised the social media didn't backlash GG. For what she did. Is say here's the Prez who did the shooting him backlash. Okay Perry no known on a GG GG Ford to do in the making fun of Buddha and make about retention bonus when your eyes. Thank you much go into that what about the it was the Chinese people on her on her in for Ramadan saying hey. No that's not cool will warn you this is not a go look at match wits. Actually fueled the situation of her not being their country trying to say don't come eaten Chinese Americans I didn't see too much into that I don't maybe it was a firestorm I didn't see it don't. But I don't I would like gas not cool but if you pay the price and that's you can be part of economic slowdown big bucks and obviously they remembered the comment you sing Jones on pistols and fives so there's always a consequence. Whether. Good or bad. I'm under sections they gave us some of the consequence when he's on the map right there we're allowed to talk about he had been in some this year in China well how about this on for you. Apparent she is offering her son's services. For free. As punishment for suspension from school I love it clap and up from long and actually really Smart when you think about it you know. I'm gonna solicit you think Carl when neighbors around the corners. To get their loans then because you couldn't get right. Child abuse. Click yes unless I'm just didn't really I don't know I'm I'm a new us I know you're offering services different name for your kids. Can I ask him more your your content somebody's lawn that's not how that child I don't know. I don't think it's child abuse directing somebody who believes that. Other woman offered her son services for anyone on FaceBook. Marketplace for free. Yeah this throughout the marketplace a while and they do what kind of services. Lawn service rake yards mow grass pick up trash wash cars have to. For a Max of three hours per person. Well I. Initiated disclaimer why she was doing it fair to the free our workers punished for different campaign since suspended from school for three days didn't say what he did. Obviously busy defining it was you know maybe because that's teacher I don't know. I think it's a really see her yeah yeah I don't think that you're never gonna mess of memory and mood mood that's our work that's better they know and do it by yourself. More kids into the so I guess the spending and I dissident home in particular they. Well did you or day that yeah you know this in their home and doing toward that you Mollison good how you doing this for everybody in the block so look what he's booked for the whole week you know good bad and it's like for three don't know for the three days he's booked up. From 9 AM to 6 PM ES OK with that was removed the radio I'm Seth tell you all bring airlines now and again good all day but maybe like three hours a day. I think that's a good three out there are today yet throughout your day while she put my FaceBook. Marketplace so geeky can get hooked up real quick just sort of funny though I okay then lose money on the marketplace. And of course I'm playing devil's advocates I didn't see him Mike him well you know it was a feisty suffering you do food. Don't don't worry about that all figured out are going to family members and stuff you know Ali this is whereas a kid like huge like a I don't want to be sure any life on. Ask LA made me mom I never any gaming program are that are important to get the regular believe the statement that meg always up. You do yeah. Got to work area you know I would go a step further out of that teacher on my kid that said something like. I am glad I guessed that it from school I have to do this job really mean the minute would you recording and amazement. Glum faced a Blassie's yard yard selling movies like the wind would you bless them depends how old big kid is. You know again I think our kids now with this teenager and a nice yeah I embarrass them. Please yeah probably yeah there. It's so. They can go to each house to me on the same interests he asked that not the parent Dubai he has to go to our hurt could go to the house and solicit the service today. On such and such I messed up mass school are. Richard Gere released yeah. That's what I make you do for you show them off if I'm a kid I've wanted to address is am I getting in trouble ever again or if I do and so when I got to go do something you seek. Affiliated but I'm big myself there again your mom got a fever OK okay adapt their. Yeah speaking of speaking so agree and tell you about the huge percentage of all of us who have done it just. They didn't sound like kiss on some five million called in sick before right everybody's done it. Media only once or twice and you never fake calls in sick. Never. I you've never been here and have a lot of did you know why I never figure because. I forgive I treated back to back when I was in. School like a policy from my parents. And I sit home or school I can do anything you can play outside gate you can doing you does that sit there and they on the couch MB thick so that that was your school Delaware but I still apply that to today OK so fun I think stick I still can't do that then I decide to stay home be sick. You're mentally sick. Independent role. Of course you go there I'm just saying that counts me out mentally sick and mentally that up so I need that's that day I've definitely use that. I never really zig RU. I'm they truly sick Howard. Okay and low and I include I think that 40% of those I think every. This year and I think you think they have your fate 40% oh yeah oh yeah we know Bob time taken my thoughts right now. Even if Philly I could condone might not know my mentally sick I'll. Up until you know medical plan. Answer when had a style and I know that when I was really sick but that was real safe that's considered sick when an employee claimed they saw a toothpick and a restaurant. Your business next few. All of a tick somebody called in fat because the uniform didn't fit. Well be me every day Jeff. There was a bear in their yard. Abstinence is ask someone has an amount unbelievable. Couldn somewhere in golden here goes one they can come in because they don't have enough gas in their car. If you're fired right you've kind of an odd you can just money as we were tour. Righty yeah. The responsibility. She'll get some gas not the responsibility issue I guess I TV. Here's a lame excuse for young woman's fake nails selloff and she needed an emergency manicure. See you then I would not actually what faith they they know yeah not enough when you broke a city that. Little spot next. Very view that it's actually. So that doesn't count. Someone called in sync back in obvious because they were afraid to be out during the solar eclipse. That they're eating bird. Trying to get disability. Now. Negated though he sank like eldest son of the right in my where we sit in the studio the sun's coming right at me. And I collect disability or not it's good to finally got a window in my eyes get burned by that can't blame disability anything for a quick come up there. What and that's not me think yeah. A series. And it was Hillary Clinton and okay my highest Vanessa Palin is not only these are liking me and if you want to think they shoot. That caused the limits that you tomorrow and he doesn't even think you're going to be sick today I saw a way. I'm nor does dilated my kid your eyes right always do you have. Always that I problems I cannot wait to get laid take them to tell yeah. Everything always involve my the guilty eyes dilated like forty hours ago still can. I love so like yellow Burrell and then. And it doesn't play golf I think they don't like to see my face and there. She's only got 3 o'clock in the my company and thank comedy I did get rid of doc the Jonas you're right Tony seasons Jones on kiss. I didn't see you again. SH I ask him a man I could and I am. They dilate in my eyes which I did not assignment for I thought I was gonna you know pillow cover over my eyes may Lee ABC yeah tour that I am all the cool what I'm no big deal. I found I haven't done since I was a kid or whatever bay leaves you might not be named Lucy making up close. For like hours eight hours so I could see my key neat that's pretty much I could see. But I couldn't read any meat and text messages guys talked about the crap in my text messages and GM that's yeah I taxi as they should pick up the phone call me rattled. Did you big name Democrats basically what what's cool what's going on. Yeah my bags I forgot to teller because I didn't seem being up front and now Italian she she loves she has to human all right finish because I'm not come out at all I forgot. Fly yeah. I am blinded well I. A Mercedes I'll make a bro she can't did you market. Hundred dollar. And one guy is still no jealousy to drive like worse yet. She got home news comes down. I'm I'm I'm just getting like that I could see my TV and the other the other day I'm watching like you know the little. I like the news updates in the south Garland daily glass fly them once and update them what they got going on. And they said that. Kim cart as CNN. I guess her daughter north west a wanted to see you create a YouTube account to do make a tutorial I think that bit about Jay Frye. And then they can't involve four at the cotton is like now now going down she did not need you to become apparently now having an argument about it. But I just like yeah she's not even knew she could barely speak but then I may need to get behind me because my needs love watching these two little girls aren't YouTube. I don't like hacking I can just like how you guys talk like she can barely understand the words are coming out of an outlet and I understand how that's happening yeah as do. On YouTube. I guess you watch so little girls need to be counted as she watched like. Pretty much everything she was like them they're a little cartoon but there was like. There is he's out cartoon is that they were re in. Act like. They're like police Disney movies but they were all Spanish but they're doing crazy stuff so we had a nanny he didn't know that speaks Spanish when there will be no re creating pray Fiedler really inappropriate. But no one knew that so we did leading YouTube actually from a mile yeah old is jazzy. Yes he's five. Now let's say yes you're like daddy I really wanna make you know YouTube tutorial YouTube account. Let's say may occasionally play and make up quite well. You beat out a lab that now now only one's gonna post pictures are anything like that is going to be me of her own social media just isn't me I could imagine like these young kids let what's your opening them then up to the cyber bullying. All of that so early. An aids you know right when we and then didn't from the same thing because she was in the back he actually saw something bad. He'd rather let me talk to not just this rhinos think yeah and he liked my nose at the time. You do we know going out there. You we wouldn't Zeus are run and then he goes oh my gosh pop up this otherwise those kicking this otherwise. May I wasn't taking him Hayward actually. They're making now he's watching Oprah wins you let him make an account way you wanted to do. Based on that I said no we value it based on him watching medic if you're like no you're not making their town that's this is. To be easy and you never know what these kids can give each and so I am more scared of the fact that like what people are gonna say. To them. I just don't I just don't want no accessing dialogue. Through dues social media was my children that's it well this bullying going on as well so here's the problem. Should kids under ten be able to have social media accounts in the first place for Tony's in Jones luncheon is an awesome five should kids under ten be able to have social media accounts. 720489. When I was 75 hi what's your name. Rosie witty essay. I'm ready I got there or 810. And he directly out and play even if they want it out a little bit arrogant and out of out of my mind now that. Thank everybody overweight or county egg and did not have we read everything that I believe. He's in but yeah. He hasn't got a little bit there at the pilot and I think it. They shoot another point it is entertaining for the kids yet she's talking about more talking about trading account and have a lord the actual child is that the child be able to create an account so so maybe you're right now instead you know Twitter is the Gramm all of that under tame compared. Coming out my daughter Lovie. Well I think there are out of me late poll but I've ever after it. They got out I just thought about this the thanks for the call by the way what if it generates money if it generates money for the family then. And maybe now I know I I just think here opened in them it's the things I am very early age their kids let them be kids. If you want them to be a star take an after school. What did you in Prague and things and and they served by just felt like social media is a crazy place. They expose your child to assess early yet hey it's seventeen to zero for now 1005 I guess it was about what's your name. Hey there's low simmer I want I think might play Hilton who are highly developed serious. Stopped right if my daughter was sent out saying you know. What information from offering like ten Jesus you know. Put your daughter making you simply can't make some money you know was an advertising opportunities. Actually be true anyway and I don't know how this fortune though that would any other. Money doesn't beat CNN doesn't do much. One new wheels on the money Carlo Rome there. Thank you rather nicely snow here thank you so listen how would you name well. I really SA Europe. Okay well you do I I don't look at it under ten should be on there might hit blood YouTube. My ire. She saw you all know the big area where they were actually like having sex I don't know or. And I'm like totally fair and you cannot and he could at all. You know and we might if it does she want to let your kid did that let me and I'm hearing bringing back. Rain break. What about like apps like musically and stuff like our reporting kid that doesn't lips thinking. I don't I don't any hit government bovine you know could mean. Right now we're talking social media social media musically in the have people that comment back and forth on people's stuff. Sure but he can't hide there like with YouTube like he can regulate it and he worked and. Some say used to we cater to kids were you know you're nice when you can Jamaican breathe extra income into the family. I mean I don't know I would have liked him epic related because you know Avery excited really Elaine inappropriate blue Bala where local media and let me and they showed. And I think Cheney. What if we offered you ten grand to do it says you know to start a little show with your child. Lou. I let me get that they're gonna take a look at the SEC. Jane okay all right any. Thanks for the dog here oh pre made it obvious saying you know extra money around holiday shop can't get those little little finger leaves the employees are expensive. Whatever it takes me a big kid I broke it would put an island teenager who works for her face look into the eyes and trouble with his kid underneath don't much YouTube. Right can Ernie can't run you're right they are young but obviously very hard fashion is never a problem with fifth but Connie Dunn at first I'm angry with Dunlop. Kanye seventeen therefore not one of them but should kids under ten be able to have social media now. Does it sounds like kiss 1075. They should kids who was mostly my Laphen. We thought we got told that we can we have to leave for fire alarm doorknob on the president's cronies that we're not going gone. We don't fire drill and we're not getting them outside right so. That's why were asked if you want leagues you don't want to they make as we know where we're gonna do what we wanted to. I see kids under ten be able to have social media accounts 170 for now 1005 hi what's your name I aren't we TSA. I don't think that that's right and that there should be no kids under the age and I thought we are similar comment that the ID. They closed the radio at any age. What about eleven that this. Cannot imagine what it's not missing the point they usually golf I guess it was about would you name. I'll bet yeah. Oh yeah isn't all bad bad man well they don't located about the play page where you aren't. Not immediately fired up there. Everybody. I'm well thank the Pope Markey is right. You sit eat every day. But the fact you should doubt that you become brother. I guess it was about what's your name. Why don't we see your. I'm I'm definitely he had. I get like say Clinton went okay basketball Lee I iMac I including big. I make and I reality generally can't really out there at the end it out of panic everybody had their yeah that's it you'll like it. You got to monitor 'cause you know so if you don't know who saw them do I'm musically duke and they hit you know they can't comment and getting your message is there. And I have yet to act act I actually let that I get better at bay hill. Thank you got us right even you living let's have a sense are you learn and I believe I mean no I'm. Okay that means there were obviously say and not. I just YouTube are music clearly and obviously with the filters obviously knows that Jack no FaceBook note. Winner though at the pavement out what they're adding 80. Yeah. It's now do. Yeah yeah. Oh wait waiting on them and trying to get it and getting out people I'm married I know I've been getting it are they only have I don't know what it I don't buy it at mom I need to work. Music player but you don't. Thank you Aaron Aaron. OK so there it is the consensus is out. We're not making money when I let my kids on YouTube don't know lol OK and obviously cyber bully on the dangers out there so okay I'm there is a problem when I guess. Nobody wants me attendees together like. Oh yeah. Today's your day to go ahead so with these girl. Copies of the game as answer more questions correctly this she does OK okay they you know about from the studio day show you're keeping track. Let's go say they're negotiate questionable ones shortfalls they hold this domestic cat lived to be 38 years old her. Question number 20 sure files if the scorpion loses. Isn't stinging tail it will re grow a tail within a few weeks. Her old question number three sure fossil humans can distinguish between over a trillion different smells. How are your sources the questions are done hang on and you say he's okay. Our thanks see their time and I think is back Isaiah 11 PM my best this week so I'm praying they don't take me out of the way they like to my. Everybody I'm I'm I'm very very. There aren't very good period Jose he's questionable ensure false oldest domestic cat lived to be thirty years old thrill it is true. That's nameless cream puffs and Austin, Texas toll neurocrine 38 years complete. Now I. Guess western ever did surplus the scorpion loses its stinging sailor will re grow that there within a few weeks from something I. Actually you're close but unfortunately for the scorpion want to lose him it will not grow back but it does lift I look at their lists that we thought they die of the bumble bees all over by the way dance. The roll me whenever people my president three surplus. Humans can distinguish between over a trillion different smells. Our. It's true fans it involves a the dogs out human nose is still pretty incredible shape gives you the score I could not. Why but it didn't and couldn't win at. Doesn't that mean you win you got it congratulations. Once I did I wanna look. And today's otherwise awesome guy picking it can consume they're not your paper on how long she can. The longer I live Lugar and I yet we can't thank you can't I can't yeah. Many other days and they do a good. And to be on UK hasn't won a seven I'm warning zone read play. Listen live weekdays at six to may or on demand at any time I'm KS 1075. Zach Kahn.