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Wednesday, November 15th


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Affordable won't wait until the maybe on the UKS 107 I want this replay. Eight cities and she knows. Hello hello okay well I guess we around on here we weren't we were. Good morning I'll let you know I wonder why my headphones on it called crazy other idea. So whoever ran the board last night. I left it on there I'm done Sousa had I don't know them are delayed okay makes plenty there that we run a 32 delay here for thirty seconds ahead. No there's guys they're like nothing was happening this county and Larry is very like hello how. The polls lately it's a breakout night here. Yeah we got another about a no wait not I have a lot of doubt that Saddam might know it was yeah morning is making so called food. Who were down there last night they shot at the but they now. Believe. Oh look good. I put on my computer. I was trying to eat my god that's my standalone. Good morning in my favor either they don't they thought can do. There is no way mayor Antonio. Well listen we're honest truth. Here in the coming out now. And then you're okay. Guys that's enough. All. Right Johnny B hello and we. I think writer Danielle I think the value gaggle. I don't know what do you think when he heard a huge yeah. I of them informed thank you think you can play most likely to uneasy. Guys look. Most like you say hello. It's fun to play and most likely we beyond you can't look 7:5 morning. It's seeing. Hi we go to Tony things are shown who's more likely to run. That's the wrong woman I was able to guys for Islam means no matter how. It's on the line whose most likely to laugh at the wrong moment. Tony things are shown. Plus sign up some crazy about founding faith and I've been disease. Most likely do well. The wrong moment so easy John prizes. Hello why this. OK I was a mess Tony's in your Jones most likely left the wrong moment America safe created what. The bad guys think about the match should now run. All they should go round I guess he doesn't bother your name Democrat Daniel was most likely left the wrong moment wrote Tony cities or towns are third joked being go. Wow you goddamn you as I heard all we break this morning. There are embedded. Deadly fourth regimen legacy gaming got a congratulations. So I don't pick you know calm everybody knows they showed you look fairly regardless hello. Yeah listening. Hello another baby on the latest American Idol superstar I kept it on the low for way too long ball play who it is next. Eve five K yeah well seven. But congratulations even ordered a singer jordin five CC really has got married and expecting her first child late next spring. Now Bentley she loved him back in July in Hawaii and found that she was tiger is by August about me they would be in the water railway line manner Oakland immune honeymoon right on the mayor's time. Way he does Tony said earlier I should to a Jason I really like there was phases Jim and I I don't know about this you do he's just came out of the woodwork why did see the rings that they have and they did a good thing that she her ring is not really ball and or anything that's his she makes millions he makes like 40000 dollars a year finish line. That's what's happening right. Yeah did things. I live well OK I don't then I'm glad I'm like that. Rapper actress eve was introduced as the new cohost of the CBS talk show yesterday even replace Aso Tyler. We'll announce the departure from the show in June and made her final appearance in August I really would have preferred to see eve on the real. But I mean I guess the talk is cool and I Osborne Sharon Osbourne her new. So something until I don't. Yeah yeah I think she's still on their not loving god finally we shouldn't view the talk we're talking a guy miss him you. Everybody's talking right now is your candidate there than networking may enjoy then that's trying to help white people meet black people and vice Versa. That's come meet a black person I even as being held by a group of independent black filmmakers and content creators as an attempt to bridge of the racial divide. If it comes after study that showed about 75% of white people in America don't have any non white flattens. While about 65% of black people don't have many white friends. Makes me feel comfortable. Heading bill. And I think it's come I don't understand what they're trying to add like correlate with bad timing but they said it was. Black filmmakers that are suggesting did you end content creators is that this is pretty crazy right here except hello all I'm uncomfortable why. Here's the thing I think the idea is right but. These these so blatant way they cut me a black person and how I got 91 everybody just comes improve my clubs and no one. They say it's. Yeah I would say that kind of rock out like there are yeah. This kind of inkling that knew me live your glory days. Isn't afraid really off the Mississippi into 25 at the metro PN now do you bill that seem right DNA back it's actually career is now I'm. John gives us. Okay I was out of nine news and if you may be able to take her place in another way we'll tell you about in less than ten and everything. Jones on just 1005 so will know that Dell our car was a nine news legend bright moon well there's another part of her legacy and that of course is being somewhat the bossy voice that you hear on the Denver International Airport train. Warning you that the doors are closing. We are now that she's retired DIA is hoping that someone else can say you're delaying departure of this train. So how do you conscious if you're a local celebrity all right. You guys you guys down at what color local slippery so yeah I guess I don't think so broad look at. How local celebrities don't we on the radio when we are broke broke and hale had out there so what do you say to me addition. I didn't send the essence practice sessions and send them back amassing near us the thumbs up. I believe anything. You can tell us by you the thumbs up or like a wave which one of doing that or what I'm sorry to drag and then at the very end bull all agree on who gonna nominate. Because someone there are common we have to nominate to get your club Ford DIA to pick one lesson I slash C a making a really big black. I got to be on top of that RIT Harry barred by the end of this year. I read this is me and my god I better grab opening grand plus yeah I. Not really give each Amazon list unless things at Nelson as on the train I and who's gonna go first. Tell these are though I don't. Also other guys don't like you know what that's not so bad rap. And it didn't make it more they are you ready for a moment strained lower all Jane Mayer I don't. Online sounds just take did one didn't have enough. Hello and welcome to Denver International Airport and I think that's one mind you took easy one to whatever okay you ready cities around the area. The doors are closed seemed pleased. Of the event and you don't single again that included. Am I am I am right there. The doors are closing please keep clear and hold on for departures for all eight gates. Are. You know better and better grieving parents if. And I tonight you'd like OK I got twisted mind then I had read every don't. I hope. She couldn't go. Okay. OK okay we came on the and okay. No matter if they always do Jones niacin. Alone. I've got to try now illegal we're just got to be honest not great man I can hear your great. I hate you guys. The please hold on we're approaching the station for all big gains. Not back lol oh well that's clear nomination. Well Aston. Let's see you wait until the public servant showed thumbs up thumbs down thumbs up for sound okay. Let's move on the mile we give me. While your pennies she meant thumbs up. Don't get me some troubles could put our little tight like yeah I put it right yet Tony being. So I want to know what you're nominating. I got this. Domination messed up the line Cologne home. I'm trying to iron. A train is arriving please keep clear and hope for the why don't. I really did you ever comes up wow what am I in Mosul hardline anti. It's every guys and don't be discouraged today oh. Yeah I think you are moving on Gelman nothing less than ten minutes we're gonna talk about so well what you look like without make up. And your phone might be telling you just don't go anywhere Tony thing just like JS awesome plus a couple weeks ago c.s when not in C Graham and she was doing to make a tutorial to effect. I don't know I'm. On where I am with the boys at your girls ladies and it wasn't just for her. She was doing a fresh yeah I mean it help you know you want to contoured fish in the bag and Rhys Jones won a little highlight all week. Now I do not want to get on the highlight them we know he suggested in this may happen. Hollywood look good all of this though with Jason assays at your girls ladies initiator up this tutorial for how we're all on it yeah. Honestly I. It's a man look at Hawaii now that holiday glow I'm not seeing him to a Seattle I actually. I'm the better thank you yeah. No probably about eight. Hey John I will say I think you're onto something because now there's an app that reveals women out actually what they look like with I. I make up. Not like all that on lower back. Now we're 111000 dating scene. Sounding great because you just like Sudan everyone's totally you know that they're in the morning they know that the thing I. It sort of pull anymore Gailey did. Look I recognize it's well thought out now I know my children have been a much. Somebody in the wake of what is all the killer I hate bigger dog me are you name it. Okay the app is called the makes app that lets you re move or bad makeup from any phase so actually can also. Helping out with what you wanna look like also if you like spruce up my eyebrows around 10 yep. You just use the picture or video press a button and the make up disappears for. Cynthia I mean it doesn't you can either war. The New York this is actually great for people that are like on dating like Tinder out to drive that they see the pictures and I can't let go Minsk. And many like islands with you this likelihood that. Eyebrow raised their oil imports Healy thanks so why the left and I love hole what do you think people are gonna do their energy so be patient that they might be dating go to Al. Yeah our fabulous. Technology you know that's not fair pager I don't think it's not my mom's sick and then we'll take your mom on my gag on this day I'm sorry. And when you really solid they look like without make up. Really had no filter so basically this is the no real clear this is Villaraigosa filter down get them out because you don't have to spend your money and dinner are not deny it. Don't worry David on ballot all you can just tighter for the nine I didn't take your own all right stay in Europe always Netflix I guess pizzas or -- I tried as our pets are gonna. Given false advertising they don't know when I look like women make up so so if you look good either way they'll see there's people that well yet. So if you look good without make enough to worry about a lot. Like how we did if you get the same and we got some good listen if I give millionaires make up on my shoulder has dropped him and act mean it was a round spun. Ichiro does plus is pillowcase. And then could we see so that I have brown pillow cases back in the day there. You can't just because he blended in right blended family that whatever they aren't we right yeah. She's gonna have the chance I won't let you listen to Catholic I'm. And I do you know it's the make absolutely she'd check it out ruining dates and relationships in the future when war then yeah. They skimming ride around the corner somebody's always. Beating drum get your dinner table we're gonna talk about who does the the most resistant then don't go anywhere case 1005 with Tony CDs and shown us Thanksgiving right around the corner where the terror team this. So does things. It's my favorite part is no. Diaries and marinate them no way but that could lead to a problem you know sometimes is excess can you had the excessive food you know get food coma. Yeah and then if you have plenty of all golf in turn into a little bit of a party depending on how many people you have as far as Graham is concerned right yeah. Yeah. So out of all your family members. Who is most likely. To get drunk. My uncle my uncle. Com and then my god yeah. That beauty and not living in the pain I have my family home. Okay Michael is from Compton. Your uncle Michael is he now. A little different thing belief in god that one uncle who does she now always show vowed he's definitely the first one Merrick to get drunk right and that just shows out. He always like performs at temptations song. Right after Thanksgiving holiday season do all the dance moves and seeing the hell you know what they're undefeated and am. They tell their uncle Michael is a hot mess I have this one local. He gets treated like on all found me events mom and the thing is this TO he's talking you know he was it in the military. They brag that he wasn't in Vietnam. Well I mean he was in the navy but he never got the ship but he always talks about how we. Well I yeah yeah yeah now the ball below I was there when there. There are now. Well yeah. Oh my dad I don't think it turned out not only care about OK yeah the bombs that song. And everything right now. Yeah and again I knew I mop the floor I hope you look good when I was there you see my picture on its own little. Oh please didn't look like they're Republican Bonnie hey when they pull. You're not writing you off and I got. They did not know if it's okay my dad's you know he was there so he tells the truth right now. LA can say that hey you really weren't there are idle drives. I realize they go in the same story alive and I. Mean it's up and down word that's ten through one this is most likely get drunk get your house okay for Thanksgiving or some number ten your grandmother 2%. Number nine your grandfather I can see that number eight your mom. I don't have a drink now I had never had a number seven your sister. Outbursts are seeing him number six your aunt. I thought she'd like one or two. There are five do you. You're in the top five you are in the top five Lester a definite drug every year number or your dad your dad's right right. My next you ever tried actually foreign five brew. Number three your brother. Many Brothers Jeremiah ever okay you don't get credit doesn't you don't drink our. I don't drink why OK you besides your dad make up for that right yeah you guys take over that position is definitely. Asked whether that number to one of your cousins. They're out I mean that had a lot of younger cousins so they like it and new into drinking so they're like wow it's it's not only did you know. My cousins come over now and they're like they did you drunk hey can we tell you what's new action job well tomorrow I would songs play. Hey dad I didn't need to DJ good I know got to do our job banks around banks broke and see you're right number one your uncle. Absolutely. Kill my Hollywood mom and sister are listening so they can really down. No hopefully they're not actually there. Way to keep track of who gets drunk on Thanksgiving Day we we did they are interested to hear about that by so what do you many kids learn not to or you have kids we don't know that says win first winter called strikes and it's kind of been like off and on as far as cold. Let's leave been consistent was more weather but. Cold and flu. Is quick to spread through jacares offices classrooms. On that you know if you have kids or even if you come to work like our boss if we're sick you'll send some right. He's pretty cool while yeah yeah. I don't ask me if I'm like god previous one we we enemy leading and on our deathbed Bono know. Oh god commands and I come you and I have and you know Americans asylum and I don't have to command right. We get them sensational and angled for a really she really took. Today's decision isn't Phil did a call girl you don't well yeah. We have pretty nice but he's cool is that a school bus like as did I mean when he. Mean. They have awareness favorite. Maybe I. They don't you know you do that bleed through yeah he's the coming radical minority and please don't really got a guy well there are hanging underneath. Scuffle that I. No Koran all over reacting as voters think as parents we stuff and how we don't care we're going to work and work and we don't the problem is is that if chick or not we're going to work it's all about the money right there on an issue you sick days vacation days whatever. The drop off this. You can't keep yet. Sick kids. Are sick nieces and nephews is irresponsible for sending them to school because he's off to go to work. I think it and that is the cinema score and to pass away like possible on there. Journalists on the other kids like essence and that's not cool it is irresponsible your kid don't feel good and yet just like Sadie said you're gonna pass the germs are. Today other kids like prozac you guys are them kids that's enough I'm not roll like Leo yes he does have strapped. You know since I'm not because inner school for everyone else to get strapped. Yeah well I'm Lynn do that right would you go so far as you write in emails to the other. Parents and say yeah I'll keep you can't go home because my my kids can watch how would you cross that line now in front on somebody long would you just be like man. Well we'll just complain about it apart complain about it to the teacher first to yeah yeah and then after it kept happening and I would always see it. Then they know little kid's sick there and they get it would be so Solomon Johnny always with the sniffles here. Who's my hips and Johnny don't go home I need to go to you know depends more on. Not really it is important Johnny asked to sit in the principles pop is do what John Chen added there was little Johnny is this hour. On the canals were lobbying I want him to feel better that's cool okay riots I've. Well would you like you think is this one mom to cancer ran right she wrote a letter to all of the students are actually the parents and it was like really. She was mad. And just doing my job it's as simple cold she takes him home and it's three its Iraq. The season for your for racing school not a babysitting club. Not only others are brisk what are your own child needs to cuddle them okay you need love and care for them she'd tell people how to parent. Great according to. When her kids get sick from somebody else's kid. Yeah I'm not gonna be that'll hold bout number and be really discreet in this. Worried about it take for administration there that makes sense that I'm and you know I'm gonna do the proper channels and go to the teacher and hopefully the teacher tells. Whoever Dick Cheney's staff OK yeah Jamison being there are you if you get if you ask you because if you can't afford daycare. Yeah he'll do that right we have to do not not everybody can do that not only can afford that. You're absolutely correct I'm taking it deal if I can afford daycare you go to schools argued bazaar why. They're things are okay it would take you know injecting tons of other kids. He shared everything I did you employ I can't I can't afford my rent free kick out. Think you would deadly sins or can you send your heads my destiny onetime house thrown out cynically and go to work. Some people find that position I do get that point of view but if you're if you're not in that position. You keeping kids home there's and maybe when it goes well but then he can I think. There's no huddle. Why seventeen therefore not one of them five are you irresponsible if you said your sin your kid to school when he or she is sick as and to. That's going on right now. I was in my kids whose own things they say no no no everything sounds like it was about but we have a great morning are you are responsible if you send your kid to school. When he or she is 6720491. Us about how would you name higher on my early as a girl. I think it's I think it took depend on how bad your kid is sick BK and I mean I'm looking harmless little dark and I am packed you literally take my coalition goal before and I I can't how important to their work or some time. I'm actually we let gay and because my kids actually do well why well if you know what to expect. That's dope and if you got clutch right there. I don't know Jimmy babysitters you leaving it down like that this. Not yeah like. I don't even town like hey you know it she could Wear it let me know our our iPod I made it work it made it part you are right smack you. Do you where did you go with June due and I cannot be read them I would definitely reform. I don't think it right to Panama blame because then I mean what you want to go to work was. As they actually you name it apparently. Course I don't. We sat this one nice guy who would constantly come to work. Six and I only get so madam I don't you know alleviate your thank you just you walking many and we can put this in Paris Hilton you've now he had to me I guess what they're breathing. It's just I agree I think like that's really messed up to put people in those situations you're healthy you are China and not to think a lot of people can't. You know snap back that fast they usually call her a problem I guess it was a fun with your name. I had my name assurance that using your all of eight that fired. My kid my wonderful yes Yahoo! up out of the book because I can afford something appeared two. I want to the babies so he goes well they are happy to report Alberto yet I don't want your article ID OK very good at all. Yeah you are right I know there's a couple Tylenol teacher can you give me into ours take care my kid by teaching them laziness or in a way that area. And IMAP import brand. Incorporated. Thank you really gone girl I guess it was the Bob what's your name and street that's recently as an. The blue and let you guys know that it isn't very good record single parent could be able to get home birdies and and Leonard Orman some parents you have to Bernanke is cool no matter what it. Think there's exceptions. That you can't carry enough that they have a fever how are they have some kind of you know we've been as the doctor there because you paid their weight Q. Kate Kate and played against got a cold with a little car pool of central I don't really think Africa's big deal. I was talking about virus and not a disease. Go to school at the Sharapova musical. Quiet girl you know I don't think it would be below you know can't get up close what is your doctor tells you they got the whole thing. All right yeah you can't go to yeah measles chicken pox. Things of that nature is strapped throw stones they don't. Home and I know what it's like being a single parent. You know your work work down on me when you stay home they may not end about it you know at the end of the day got a good care of your child's well. Payment. They should go. Seven's user forward and I went 075 are you irresponsible if you send your kids to school when he or she is sick obviously. We got a complete the issue here Jones. Could we go to school may get to know your time. Tony says John budgets are awesome five are you irresponsible if you send your kid to school when he or she is 672049. What 075 hi what's your name. Indirectly. Zinger I. I thought I can't take it or I'm voted and then the quote thick column although it. If you haven't played well diverted our teens get thank. The Panasonic went very sweet big I mean around. People look at some people can't afford millions of keep it economy ultimately bigger. Think Laura and I thought it was an unfortunate that the mile. Nick and I hope Bryant ready and I I didn't want and let it end you know you don't want to indicate that I had it and they think they you know. That's not call them and it hit the book day when they need money from people that candidate so it. Yeah I've been trying. Don't benefit all of AG bell and begin to play then. I salute to their bed without them and kind of guiding them by. I get why not tell tell actual teacher who suddenly K little Johnny or little Samantha is sick today you might wanna keep her separated from the others you know put her in a corner to do all poor job age. An accord and that kind of you know light heat heat on me about like what that would get them back and that little. Like giving up big Mac Berry been good I think he's just a battle I don't know me they hit it 1080. You know make sure that they get them out. Our recess is inside not outside today I used to watch a movie yeah. I don't I don't think it but they do I guess it was about Russian and Chinese which has a hero. So hurt I wanna give without him the better way to go globe who picked my daughter. But school doctor until 9 o'clock in the right side yes. Yeah. I live right there are not in my whole lot. How does that kind of party asked him if only okay that's that's what they do and I want to belt area. Bet half the pin their child the pool because I am looking LaMont and if I don't work. And a big deal and man what a I don't think it's irresponsible. But what do you irresponsible. If if you don't teach your children. How didn't take care of their so when they're made him go my daughter know baking will be cropping and clean things. In her arm and no thinking oh do you think you end had a partner so I mean you're the irresponsible candidate if you don't he knew. Maintained while they're sick. If he's loyal and baby them out and don't really give them actual chances to become. Battered people by learning how to do those things are saying send your kids what the coughing attack to school. I understand you have your situation about the same time the kids suffer at the front but here's mean he don't take these two Tylenol man known okay. It's sure gonna be okay and what your life so. Unstoppable when I'm including your family OK don't pay the net that's her on her Tylenol. I'm meaning they're really big like even me if I'm really really really sick I won't even go to work I mean they're believe it accord but I think if the simple cold. He's gone crazy could happen. Big shot at the boiling ghost of the metro Denver they are there is I was raised by them as well and salute yet they do you think you got to debated soon I so let's agree to disagree if he can't afford that you send your kid to school with the tunnels and a financial statement. So the teacher can see all these guys can do that Jennifer yeah. No no now all right that's that's their rules were Johnny in the corner guy does your cruel man there's just. They didn't show budgets and some five coming up in less than five minutes to go ahead though twenty girl. Why Savvis tickets on the line. Enjoy the Mercedes and I don't object of the game as the answer more questions this sheet as correctly OK okay let's say you gotta masses CRA is bigger than the foam broke. Okay I'm ready better I'd say he's innocent stadium IRA he did show you just. Let's go baby go Aaron questionable ones are also most produce their own red colored sun screen all. Question number two sure sauce the Great Wall of China is the only man made human object. You can see the space her question number three shortfalls there are more McDonald's then libraries. Tiger bush or other questions are done and grabs these Oklahoma OK okay. I hate me around. Hey they're. Paying currently. Then man how those questions about a way. There. I. RA arrow anti BER thanks guests. There you go girl question number one shortfalls skip those produce their own red colored sun screen or what's your own that is correct ticker shows news and lets web. Voters sway did you sense of protection from the harsh on her. Question number three tours across the Great Wall of China is the only human made object heating season space plus. Correct you can say you can't see anything main. You can see here you consume lots of you can actually see lots of human activity but the Great Wall of China isn't actually visible with the unaided eyes. Question imagery or Paulson there are more McDonald's then libraries. Trail. Tehran. Really and other drivers than McDonald's thank god what they've got they're gonna. The great thing would be for very long not a good value hey Ron saved you lost. Well I. Though I know about because you still got to get to 21 examines yeah. OK but there was desert throughout their. Tony they don't like is sort of assume five I still don't forget we are going to be. Anti MetroPCS. Up to 25 Mississippi. What's so weird US yo somewhere. How. I really really good. A quick all right guys let's recap why we say in Baghdad prison for sign non. Air Tony didn't know we were on there and sing in front of Basra thing here and the game is Sony. So yeah dead air and instead say I don't know OK are finally on defense hello. Little fear is there at no extra any dead serious about the most labels are OK let me just say hello like you picking up the farm no I. The song I come and others like you know you can hear you soaps I was in blue myself talking to myself get. That that might glamorize this. Emerging Daniel they see if we got continues moving on. Assistant Tony by the miss the kind of limited to nonperishable food items like candy is he got some bread we also take your Rama noodles because. Not only do we feed kids and families for Thanksgiving but we do throughout the year with the food bank of Iraqis senator MetroPCS and of course the western dairy association. I'm so I dumping it our Christmas party is going down these thing we need to our box is in the building Buckley be attending a party or yeah. He says they asked me in late February that's what hurts him okay. Where is your weather now now I don't match. Okay. If that's OK and sort of led by god comfort. It's beyond UK hasn't won a seven I'm warning zone read play. Listen live weekdays six to may or on demand anytime you can KS 1075. Zach Kahn.