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Monday, November 13th


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I. Pool or in the wake themselves. Maybe on the UK has 107 I want this replay. Eight cities and she knows who. Ariza isn't shown in the morning it's Monday morning happy. One day we know how how. Happy about it. I AF OK if I'm David. I yeah RA not a lot of these be happy about one on one him to go back to work. And the brunt Broncos get embarrassed on national television was an embarrassment. Well actually it was really marriage thing that I did sleep through the first quarter and then I woke up and I can't really give me. Tennis match sleep so the patriots now meg good team when we're pretty bad tee. Raiders not a raiders had to buy so they could lose you I'm out I'm not saying that value referencing things that they're just as bad as linens. I don't know we'll see an Emmy talk badly about them on this and we'll see to find out military you don't wanna take NL I don't know Larry is still. I know they're not the cream of the tongue well Robert the president. This guy yeah you're right they're not agree with Don lemon. Could you know look they're not they're not doing all meg that you can't do like about a week. You know it's okay you're welcome thinks. We don't talk about the model talk about this all came think I don't know why we're talking about noted apologize really I'm I'm really mad that the bronco fans are more in our our. Are people pretty whack whack your own wow what I think how fans were born then going into the half. Time they're in the bears and airborne coach I hope so. Well that's fine the coach Joseph why I'm I try to go wow who's that that's a matter I like him a couple of. It would on the MI idea to go we work well Brit it was there you like him I loved the no matter how. Lady love ran up against anyone I want my players are doomed them a second. You I wrote this thing isn't that weird being one a long time those are good times we'll never see those again tonight. This is of the really good on the positive but for the most likely in the car before back in 96 defense or just better. Yeah lying there are winning when that the nuggets that you know winning yes you like 85 right now they yeah. Every player man and look forward do you wanna go to an eye gives him a lot of people are no Morgan played six Tony Stewart who is most likely Tony Zeta-Jones the go into it. It's kind of play and most likely would be on you can't let them and I'm. The main disease. Who is most likely to out of Tony C Jones being the best that match it's one yeah. How different. As to how nice eight time all I know I know like guys images there before and I wanna send me five dollars seventy. Let's find out some crazy man found these fade and. In this scene. I chickened out who's most likely to be best to head match 720 for it now one of them about what's your name. I was names hey look who is most likely to be best of math. I'm really bad boy enjoy you know a lot of store employees and yeah. Say you know a lot on. Granted there are a couple of. Thermal. I didn't think I. If you don't know you know they named Barack linemen Aaron Sony thing then I don't. Beating so yeah. And the port act to the nuggets game. Yeah she did know the city he did yeah New York groom who knows though you're. We then. Our repayment buddy we'll radio station that you. All of the men's room it well I. Go to the list the three is really do you do here is pleased when all else fails blame the men's at least that's what wonderful gazillion guys still everything. Mental breakdown I'll tell you can't match. Thank you good dog and. Only on KM. I was seven I I. The last month without being fully aware of tyrant mental break down crying on is the grandson and his wife's story on FaceBook liven up claiming he is broke due to legal fees from his daughter's case. We're dialing up some clarity on the matter with yet another video he released basically same manner all the motions and then broadcast that because of the mad he's been given by a psychiatrist. He says that he is off then and now doing better and apologized to his family and friends and now this drug Denny was on he posted on its IAG and getting guys. Now this is convinced you that he was on this show because you searched Google and. Or Bob how. He didn't need more people. He's a really good again thank you about today I was so they are. Give me that god kind of exciting it is being gone far. I'm The Spice Girls are coming back in the five of them been locked in secret talks since the summer. And I they are all on board for a suite eighteen ringing in at the right now maybe working together. A couple of projects which will include an album and a TV special celebrating the spice girl while faster Pussycat Dolls that'll be relayed this. Got everything and we just solid Netscape but you know turn now mentally that lets you do it's gonna be okay they don't make some money I know people if they hit and miss on the social media right now some people excited some people are more like seasons twice now they don't have the same kind of. A fact they could sell other rumored fun. 700 people. It for granted there is an all new hi all private jet deal out of Moscow. The service where you can ring and grounded pride instead just to take pictures and blocks for the ground. A two hour photo shoot out we'll write you about 237 dollars if you wanna professional photographer. A 186. Dollar and they even have them make up artist on site to make you really look the part yeah I'm definitely not doing that and and my money you know we Madonna isn't illusions I now you can file about the Grammy may have rent a plane to take pictures like he's yours and I. Well look at this right there and I'm not you know I brother Photoshop playing behind me I'm good thank you like. CNN about insect sinker is now doing David Jones on his losing my home having a safe commute on this horrible Monday. That's horrible. On the Broncos are playing also better. Demands that run track down this excited and it's garbage it's really. If I'm saying is beyond they've beaten Eminem song notes that the ECB and it's not as bad I'm sorry it's my opinion I really I numb up gay hater at all. I'll Eminem fans that I do not they're going out like say hey we gotta go do an imminent given as stiff the most depressing music. Hapless a lot of you have to sit through it and I'm really doesn't get one type record demand doesn't want in this kind of you always had that. Once shake my massacre remember them one more with one candidate wants a big awards in Europe may dogs gun with you can you can. You can't legally it is. I have no men act and really tightened but even then it won't he didn't say he tried to throw beyoncé on it but I made sense why there isn't. You know he's really heard about the current hip hop that's being played out right now I'm more happy hates mumbled have a means we may depressing ballads every day. I know it is stunning eighty warriors whatever happened now hi my name is and things like that we made fun of people like that kind of stuff I know you like the one we're. I moved the euro's Superman the only down when. Where I sit there could say after the song is no walk on water and apparently G he had to persuade beyoncé to appear on the track right yeah they would really like my dad. I mean how much another. Flow regular mammograms whoever I swore she would like to have Eminem featured on our songs. That's what they met not a song doubled beyoncé and that we haven't sampled it yeah lovely mayor of the city that this isn't this great knack. Are you Rihanna who. Think yeah. And for me. Don't like that rap but a lot. Leo GI PC. Like a blank check he. No limit the. Right you know what is really at it and got hurt enough to sound like he's stomach every resident Leon is only his company's. Is it just blow them out smoking work yeah but it's going to Iraq now how many snaps this. You stick with my birds and free styling I don't I mystery but unlike stroke freestyle. She should this thing to go home record of being great isn't this that your song. Okay building. That the person the man died very young this welcome wire 2005 was the first playoff Friday big Mike was ecstatic about it. Kids in her for a reason it's. He just looked awesome kids you know. And he played you know when there's a new Eminem. This its campaign well it's gonna get played there fifth and about any of the other things and you know you can come here that I get burned. And I thought my story on email and play one of my kids. I guess 175 now report why give a big shout out to flags don't elementary. I'm Friday they did a really cool veterans day tree needs to other veterans. For our armed forces and it was it was chilling might there might. My next that up and actually two of my new news did one at their school. And then my my god daughter teaches a slice an elementary and there's a 3 o'clock so they shot that he was awesome I'll see the kids are very appreciative of all of our veterans and obviously. We are to as far as you know serving fighting and even dying for our country so. You know when you're in your apartment or your house. And you're just lazy you wanna do anything really all yeah captain snowstorm. Yes load those they sometimes you don't have to even have a reason. Are there any weird things that you've done to avoid leaning whatsoever you know lit. The store down the street you can get up and go but you're like wow how many do something else. I'm I'm did try to figure this out within my house like you're missing an item to make some thing. You for example okay lady was making Mac and cheese and she realized she was out of milk so she double the amount of butter and it was. Throw. Any disrespect to have to resort to like yeah. Canned milk right you know what what if you don't have it like what are you done want to see the water I got a lot longer then own death yeah I've. I've had situations like where my hair stylist was canceled on me like they. You know I take my my Wii game pretty thin line down at some point. That's a matter Ari take my hair out so like guy can't you know sold out like this anywhere looking crazy so. And back then like the first time around over Ethan on the mentally for the coming all the way to park around the Hulk like eight. In the middle of nowhere to right so I would like I am everyone's mind I was rice diet and it was in the middle of a snowstorm. So all I I was like rice for her like to me that's right I differ creation the rise. Like different I think that looked like he did even me. On my right is highlight Mason and you have no vegetables I had met you know groceries with them on notice that box I found didn't box slice the he treated with the spices and a loud and trying to make different kind of like I don't know I guess Chinese rice. Three straight guys everywhere I hate news. Despite right at all despite thin these mini not nano food. Man I mean you think you probably lose a couple pounds soup after that I dizzy and rice not so you don't. With a couple carved it up I guess I throw you know I'm not really sure frissora. The thing that they know and I could then we always got you know. Max Max wind comes definitely it's all done snap and then we have like big like bingo club meetings where I've always could mean they'll put him in the crock pot. Means for breakfast before lunch please for anybody that I won't kill you normally don't know slid out of my nose storm just. If you could easily go to this don't pay for your house Jones. It is less than having no excuse now refuse and you repeat that homeowners hit the least I think it would please give something they know. He's got grilled cheese is no she's not in my early years he hit an old friend to catch up so that they would bring the wine and they wouldn't have to go too much about restoring. How's that my I don't want to catch up. So no furniture no matter how can I really can we stop being lazy excellent agreement from restated sounds like cancel Muslim father isn't streak. That has as much sugar cinnamon doughnuts would you be willing to drink it. No no war and get your favorite spot that we are we drink our coffee from. Started lone star business are bugs they unit trying to kill us before they thought. It's so true slowly. Review this is a mounted a ridiculous amount of sugars. And the ground aid gingerbread strategy you know I'm I'm not saying stay away from them on the same responsibilities and are read now. While we should have that right now I know he did Jay Leno didn't want what the under gingerbread cookies the peppermint mocha cappuccino that's hunger and Housley how many calories. Yeah that Antonio had you not okay the car mold grew late draft genome that was bombed I did case that yes and again that it's okay. They're paid click on hockey I don't. How you OK maybe an important and why. I'm currently and. Yeah a lot of laughs yeah yeah yeah this is afforded even work. My. I am sorry I'm sorry apologize to me think he's column might seek out doesn't have a zones. That's good Palin on how does how that and I live literally. If I go by the authority it paralyzed get anyway these drinks have as much as seven Krispy Kreme glazed donuts. Oh yeah I've already lied to them donuts then have. Any gripping grin don't have no more than I eat in has as it's safe to say you're in for me down around one a long time but I do like donuts so I rather have at least. Two or three doughnuts and like a regular coffee yeah. We in my book is a good deal. You've read. From the June oh yeah you don't get nothing to do with the yeah Anthony. The only way you don't mind I knew the job and salary is around they gingerbread strap genome. That's not gonna give you you know you'll find human body and mind pumpkin policies no none of them really now Bollywood came first of all these guys. As of faking the funk right now the pretend to be unhealthy and stuff when I offered buckeye. I'm any idea there on about the top spot means it's gonna buy now because then my one and again in my man not who have not federally Jennifer. That's his bonus of five so you don't know when. Wanna go to college there's either the scholarship route your parents are rich or you're gonna apply for student loans were both listened pell grants and financial aid to marry. While the nutrients for teenage girls is their auction off their virginity for college tuition. New level teenage girls well other eighteen there's still eighteen teenage yeah well again. Yeah. And I had early yeah. How do you get instead though not done the same when you waiting for said teenager I'd like I got really like well that's crazy they're 1819. You're still team. So that's what I meant home medical. Asian Pacific not Mandela this every veteran he is so late. That's not taking something away from me that you'll never be able to get back and Johnson Matt often. Just insane man blows my mind actually. Well the company actually helps you knew that's Carlson right. Any help clean yes Cinderella escorts. Playing seven new way for women to pay for college under student loans girls can pay for their college education with their virginity. They really notice yes I don't think they really know that they're still emerge and take my. Question the company claims to have medically certified that all the girls are virgins on the site. And here's an example one year old jasmine from the UK she's a 1161000. Dollars twenty year old Monica from. Home 23 dollar non. Hold on let me that is how I learned yeah I feel like those in the face. Get hurt with. I think that the impact. Like I wish you could take it all back. They say it's green and he's not a unwittingly has come back there. Am waiting to drag me to the my own money and I go hole I can get I'll manage to offer high end 161000. Dollars. Lincecum in the UK yeah jasmine from the UK and are sixteen Monica 123. Florentino. Here in the states citizens she's only asking for sixteen grand river district in that this is the new strip this is there is no way it is now hold you'll. That's Massa may it may and certainly I imagine you're not giving it one dollar at a time anymore. Hey girl this is this like the lies like prostitution. Alive. Is it is it will. This is best I. Mister Gatti got Condoleezza guerrillas are another level than this for the real life they aren't. Yeah or flour Wright yes do your bidding from home now remember let's go back through a few months ago he talked about how you go home girl who borrows your daddy dot com. You're definitely felon heard you know flower right this is selling flowers it's okay. For now the sugar daddy up and you are the stress and reflect this in the company rose to world rice came after the auction. In 2016 and Alexandra Katherine she's an eighteen year old Romanian model she sold her for virginity for two point seven million. Why. Yeah well and the why is there is college always say look like MF yeah right Doug Collins. Pretty much yeah bound man why couldn't they have this produce. They all praying really really my kids get a hit a couple dollars maybe alert me all your public entities that things. I don't know man my network. No bro suit. I think every go. Her older auctioning off their virginity to if Collins how would you feel if someone you knew. Was doing this 720491005. 696980. Every Tony they hit shows on kids homeless impossibly young girls are auctioning off their virginity pay for college and I offers much is a 1161000. Dollars. How would you feel if someone you knew was doing this go to the phones images are for an analyst about how would you name me equity I think your. And that is button and as I have buried Saturday night at night even embedded. In Aachen and I think we can be fired Larry is that I may not need to get greatly. It just a crazy about that led six would even take you to that level pay for school. You know am I that is that isn't right here Arabic bragging and Lisa also reply yeah I mean I think that I like. I would he not crazy because I. I know you know I'm and that's that was never an option back and it always thought all we just. Finger off. You've had in say our union on them but now you know it's quite an egg may even face all around him. Immediate and realize it really matter in any yes man who just go back to love dancing Ku out of town. I think on the back half I was like you know I know I'm. Yeah. And. Yeah I Obama won't. I'm speaking about how I yeah hilarious. My not a and nominate and I spend my and then also. Come here and feel and narrate. If I thought I I guess who's about would you name intervene but he does say Lindsay is that the prick their epic and it kind of apes and it will be my choice if it. Make the right now but if I didn't try to be supported and make sure that they have great reflexes there they act the old pregnancy preventive care. Hello ladies dads are being in the days manulife yeah I do not like what he's. Your daughter. Am I judging. From what. Yeah we'll have that. Definitely would not be that way forever on me for my daughter and and leaving her quick Eddie. Senior 1161000. Dollars for school year you're not okay with that you are morally I would be okay play. I think it would be hurt throwing error that I couldn't support it and make sure that you are very big part is we do it they way they're hurt or other art but then we. Free deals six year old do okay RE. James I don't know whom we occasionally go you're welcome oh yeah I think he's 200000 dollars seems to me on season OK says. It's not sorry Nancy I read this arsenal might go home candy yeah. Cycle life. And her name wonders you know I. Laura and I want to send my girl I ever did you pay for college how I. If so when you didn't do it given the company is now. Sony says it shows I guess on some five girls auctioning off their virginity pay for college how does this make you fill it someone you knew was doing this. Maybe daughter may be because in median niece. I'm. Price is high as a 1161000. Dollars on the like you are now seventeen therefore not 1005 high would your name Strahan really SA your. Come and I think it. Totally crazy. Planet and I also think that they tell them I'm they had battered look at them bet. You know having to pay that much they're college that we're going and every eight then. You he didn't pay her college like that it static then pimp and a third place I mean I have two girls and I would leak out. Write me to add to growth to be devastated. Either right or what the heck are you feeling no never Perrier what you're right. I agree with either a deadly speeds up to the school system that they need to drop in prices through the weekend women have to do all that it's ASU five yeah I agree 100 well remember. This girl wonder about two point seven million the highest on the site right now is a 1161000. They could pay for college and maybe even more so you're you're talking about the high cost of college but not you're talking about possibly setting yourself up for the future would you would be willing to do that. I'm really know. I don't know I'm yeah. I'm not really is more personal morals that's I have huge more open and my girl I believe right out though. I mean even think about that isn't saying about all I can think about I went to college I played her I felt like you can do it. Right you know they do in other ways though. Am good for you thanks for the call girl saying if I don't I guess it was about what's your name Mick Williamson round I'm only playing that good though. Girl and obtain money they're having. People pay money can auction off spared virginity for college what kind of people would be paying for that anyway like move on after a girl who got slash I know. Apparently they want a fresh flowers much my whole goal and off my home area code and every you know dads it's not exactly what I do and they want the price is not a lot. Well 63 and I was always wanted to be was a young woman and I have lost money so why. Really yeah. They personally. They golf cart gives the symbolic to me I'm bringing him would you say your I have this thing that I think they're a large you know a thing about this situation I mean. They're hoping that the about like paper at the end made up by people called money I mean we had to keep their input there's something deeper. And you didn't have to live with it up later on the value of life and. And I'll give them what they did when I. That phase of life right basically go bureau. My gas well I don't know what would be a solution for this just don't do it I mean women are doing the right now apparently to combat. The high tides of the high price of college stripping these out when I don't know I'm not one time anymore that's out of the water. Maybe that the local day. Pick up another job that's why mezzanine loans for every. Her own. Monday you make good the the things. Aren't you know. There's days I'm really like to hear hey that's like this one he wants that is tickets are on the line you can be your combustion and have a bad week I hardly when they get most of my last week off. Arianna bad we can't say he's not yet you ready you ready to let one size is in the best Lucio adios Joe's keeping track. Tiger love Heidi are his third game here we go girl question number one surplus McDonald started the barbecue joints and burning in California. Question number two shortfalls no bull was originally called the background. Our follow up question number three sure falls South Africa as 25 official languages. Where I your portion of the questions are dining unaddressed these okay plus. I I'd be better back I. A woman never know the questions. This is thankful her exit. How we're gonna find out both the media reopened questionable once they sure both McDonald started at the barbecue joint in San Bernardino California faults. The answer is truly. Do you barbecue joints are being slow cooked pork and then beef I would never of had my brother retaliation no clue. You've heard Joseph is well beyond. Usually most brutal of the originally called the back ground balls and no that's true. I'm not going well they. Change a year into the development. Before I became who questioned retreat to a false South Africa just point five official languages. True that is also my absolute irony is both good. I am so talented at this game. Don't worry about are you guys are both off today. I am losing man made the big news to me because that's what it was obviously his. I have until they. We answer to make that. Things dating all. On the same day on Monday at. Everybody know I think it's your. Guess turner Societe Sony isn't show don't forget tomorrow would you all over again. Nice tickets and 6 o'clock hour plane are most likely you and Tony sings Johnson who is most likely to Tony. To do what they think. We need a toll is pretty funny to me like if you need to Levy. The I also don't forget we influence at a GM has of this eighties at 855. New Year's Eve on the rocks is going down. New Year's Eve was that at this she's like Obama Byron wolf you can I Wear Red Bull like hello. I yeah I think despite the day and they used on one car. They're trying to. Fred couldn't afford to Daniel thinks he would drive starting today can't wait guys from eleven it two we're gonna get the MetroPCS at 1235. South never favorable mark and that I can't wait to see all these guys remind all go to a town. Yes going down on Wednesday and they're all true you don't put an age cannot compete and still litter I'd done. They really know what hey yeah. I eaten yet did you see Houston they've actually gone up. Yes she did suburbia in your own now. Hey we're gonna be out of federal. And Arizona right on the corner MetroPCS please bring nonperishable food items based in the food Negron he's in this year. We're focusing on child hunger because one in five kids in schools today. Are going hungry as we speak they don't get proper breakfast at. Thank god for school lunch but they don't need your missing breakfast and dinner sort of try to make a difference obviously things can writer on the corner. Help our friends and family in need when it comes your nonperishable food item okay. You MetroPCS 1235 cent felt let down my I don't mind. I'm I'm somewhere in south federal wolf how hard this got a seven. And beyond UK hasn't won a seven I'm warning zone read play. To live weekdays six to may or on demand any time you could KS 1075. Zach Kahn.