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In the wake up Jill needs it behind you GPS 107. What are the zone read play. Eight cities and she knows who. Recent films like kiss some of them mom did moon day. And but it's the new. The building industry. Obama and I don't know that there. Okay maybe also excited for Friday happy Friday in my eyes beneath the young is whether you know when a man who go have a nice. How much we give away sixty degrees today when I heard I don't quote me on this. Sixty degrees today. Tomorrow's supposed to chillier in the fifties made I think these men Sunday. Monday 72 degrees. Monday when we work should wash your car right wash the car. Get Ali sick wash the car go off in go shop been doing everything you do on your free time call in sick on Monday passed today. Over your guys' money this holiday forecast. Hey listen I don't forget we got our food drive coming up next week we're excited about the weekend if your rescue your your families together. After this canned food drive by the fourteenth annual Thanksgiving food drive and we distribute food to optimizing. Fourth Thanksgiving that's when I'll know before and don't forget Seward area play most likely coming up at 61 that the semi four back to the maggots in that sense and was what's gonna happen as we did. The bench experience last night. And now we're going to a new one and I believe it's so just turn yet my chart yet I don't even know what game this sport because okay seeing. I was yesterday Suzy before a whole new game down the floor packed he qualified for the destitute thumb if they want you qualified guys because we have like. Twelve people showbiz on one I was on the bench dressed no no nobody called you say you guys come down. You bet you one of his she's qualified your wallet five we will call you. After that until you saw this and I'll make it clear because that is what can you please tell your listeners that they qualified and then you win okay some winners. Will be notified. Everybody else who qualifies pyrite and don't trip I think five heads up with 85 going down to write your chance to win and keep cutting tickets. I think so good concert tonight I don't know. Are you know because they did the promotion than you may think I'm pretty sure it's got. We'll find something in the closet that's good for you and that you will enjoy all right stick around go anywhere I. It's fun to play in most likely put beyond you can't let 75 million. And in this me. Qualification. Experience where one of us three felonies in Jones. Is most likely to meet him he can. But Sony they even sell. The indices. 491005. Out of Tony's isn't Jones who is most likely to beat them. I was your name hello. Heard her son who is most likely to be inpatient Tony season Jones and our. Especially tough I guess some of them might lose this Kurtz Chris Tony say these are shown whose most likely to be impatient you don't follow along. I know I'm the most patient guy ever leave the store you and I can't replace the top row by kids with them out of your name. Angelina who's most likely to be impatient don't see either Jones are. How they don't know we're. Here it's going well. All right you know Perry they usually go high gas on a 75 who's this what prayer Victoria who's most likely be in patient Tony say he's Jones. I'm gonna behave baby come. I'm sick patients tattooed on my wrist and I have no pacers. The reminders cell phone every day. Dimension to go into the the Denver Nuggets got a four pack thinks hey we're gonna find out what game is for your also qualified for the pregame dance experience we've PJ Jones next week okay. Well radio station since the that's the best Victoria hip and Denver Arizona but listen three Eagles though TJ girlfriend savage Ellen aren't getting kicked out of casinos it's truly it's. Celeb mom talking about how to play early. I broke big for them turn have been digging ways to worry all the way to the point where you just got kicked out the Cosmo. In Vegas for being too drunk the great TV apparently got not a hotel staff. Glasses got broke into a couple of kicks him all the way album what they say even going hard in the paint since his release how hard it is to be kicked out of Vegas. I guess we know today that everybody gets smashed in Vegas so a few days kids out because you're bad drive matter who smashing glass and stuff like that he had. I'm sad and there's a difference between his massive belligerent he tied and we agreed eagle blizzard that's crazy you're done it. Any other girls I'm trying to understand how that works out where you can still have alcohol VP honor roll. They said that gap like you said earlier point 08 I I never you typically they're like I said no fault yeah. Another. You can lose momentum belligerent here not. No I entered the inaugural if you can you can be drinking comes got to get your first they gotta testament then this guy. Have a quiet Pablo did not call offers there is on at our. I believe you know I think he says she says situation on the south loop look at me some things to do for the weekend you might want to add Denver pancake and boobs are so that is. This morning when happen dangling down at some months they think it's only ten dollars at the door. Also they're veterans day parade and festival goes down tomorrow or near civic center park at Fannie and so you might want to get there early concerns going to be a zoo. Who in the neighborhood oh pancakes and then goes through our veteran lefty as. I'm the fun though yes that's all of our veterans of today happy Marine Corps birthday 242. Yeah I'm old Breakfast at Tiffany's it's unreal thing actually to Kinko's just opened its restaurant on the fourth floor. And a 49 dollars you can have a cup a couple of teeth. And put carpets. Obama 49 dollars of that lifestyle let's try it out. And I just think you guys in the urban vague and we all these first 38 dollars sunglass got a lot better but we've got I bet against section careers now Tony six. Sounds like kiss on a 75 Abby Friday's so you know when you were in high school in your teachers showed your movie with violence and graphic sex. Now that never had that idea now neither me neither maybe share that island yeah well. The fairly teaches you serve ninety days in jail for showing students that same movie it was eighty season death. Annan on their hands now she's going to jail for ninety cities. Is this even second rate team before she just showed it gives you bad teacher. I have that's what have. So she can't do the substitute. Really choose the substitute teacher in every night school like Eminem teachers commend all the time and our substitute teachers command. And play and movie while we all watch it they're just doing their own thing right judging grating papers. You know they they have a lot going on the necessity tees and I don't know the student bank created just popped in a movie not check the regime light up a little that's a little scary in itself. Oh no substitute teachers grating papers if you're subs to pluck but who cares. I hit it in the final grade at an earlier visit to Cairo I had the English teacher no lag we would go into the class. We wouldn't do anything I swear anyone here this Conseco streak I swear street embark on. Some way it's not like I'll he would just sit there and read about how you look. But that's it we get your teacher suds my teacher all know had me I want to tell you that I like I might my regular U not a substitute teacher. They're out all we did it was electronics class and all we did it was washed OJ trial. I've always do what's owed tails her whole semester and the whole semester the Pope visited the odor you go about fifty. Don't see any legal did all this is it involved with the movie in my god I'm computer games that doom and all that stuff were they video they've. They they never get it yet and wonder why failed test car. Yeah. And flair while we may when my teacher describes administrative assistant teacher. We are screamed out ms. wiper he's keys and she started crying about the principle and with our guys trouble. Oh yeah that's don't be cruel kids it's bad you don't you don't know. But the teacher's teacher really didn't care now she's going to jail for showing a movie for not doing your job. You have one job. We are job non BJ didn't check it seeing realize what within the movie moment the whole time scatter like what she is doing something else. But how do you not think graphic scenes like while though it were you know the movies playing well let's give her some credit instead the ABC's. You know that's kind of schools enough. That's how dad of. Normally don't like the. Guys have been doing algebra and Jay once you get begin with she deserved obviously I hate our big I coming up in the next ten minutes. The verdict is in the predicament doesn't brother will tell you about OK don't go anywhere Tony season Jones is an awesome fun -- Friday's for the verdict is being in the humanize his brother is found guilty of child rape. Moon terrible for making them I feel bad this is what it's like to be a celebrity. Historically you're never going to be able live that down. Every day you know Twitter Twitter has no itself. And I I actually that's also Somalia and has no itself unknown shall never be able to live that down it's all of her family business is out there. So I just really sucks for her more her family's gonna have to do it for her now. Person's almost can't do anything so yeah I can I get that but it's like yet the devastating for everybody right yeah for everybody that's that's going in on her. That's zap cars like when you say that you know socially has no kill I think social media stupid for doing that right it's not. It's not hurting Diddy you know ray and how hard is it to support a family member going through something like that because. This can maintain is that is innocence all the way up until. You know the the trial despite DNA evidence and all that stuff and you know she came under fire for paying a 100000 dollars on his day. Right and those few put up property for that too right yes you penalize you get it however she did not testify I think they wanted her to. Come on and testified they see chose not to do it. What I think you I. It's hard because you know when instrument in your ballots if you want out of as much as you can buy at the same time you have to still think about. Your life and what you got going off for yourself so as you've already done a lot yet that same money that she's put out for lawyers that you know the supporting from the back and we don't know what what's going on behind the scenes to really say like oh she wasn't supportive enough. Oh whatever is going to let the end of the day her family's business is now there. For our a pretty key situation at this point if you're. They demonize and you posted bail on your brother who's. Going through at the time and alleged rape case and you don't know. And he thinks he's telling you that he's innocent then it's only natural you're going to support that person OK but if you know. If you know what's going on that you like are now catching helping your your honor don't you screwed up I'm more imagine because of what you do need is over you that maybe she didn't know anything he's still on this and I knew I didn't do it then prayer comes out. And now you may mean Phil now I feel a certain way because you nice to meet. And now. And brother are not. I don't want no I don't want do what you did they should run for not testify. I think you're wrong group for not getting on you know getting on the trial. No I don't think you're wrong. Well here's the thing she could have found out may trial I know that this is he really did this and now I'm not testify I was gonna testify. I had your back to him but now I know the truth. You never know we don't know what's going on behind the scenes there. But I think when your family member and someone's telling you you just want to believe what they're going through or what they're telling you say you're gonna support them 100 right. Right I guess she did everything they see possibly could and the situation I really feel and see how does that she she supported it. And my supported him as much as she possibly could and just lets the fact that again on the business other I mean there's there's some pretty serious details. About what was going on I don't know if you haven't over their town by. Well I mean is it just comes down to the eleven year old stepdaughter was. They're that did leave the now convicted of being rates four times a week and sometimes twice a day over a seventeen month period. And most need tax happened when the girl's mom was network even so you know let's listen to take the focus off of I am now yes and focus on this eleven year old girl who her life is. Ruined in the sense of how my can get past this you know it it's. That to me like it's the worst like. As a as a father. I'm gonna kill you yeah. That's real talk. Prayers and my family I want to kill you and it and like I say if it's a brother this is there whatever and the founding member yes we're we're bound by blood. But you crossed the line there and I want associated with you anymore rare artist and your mom brother are if you must this there are found remembered. You just went too far that's very well not a man no no we're not clear more even know were black we know. Mary there's definitely that that's a subject to talk about so. And on that no. If you know based on this trial and based on the evidence. This guy needs to go where he belongs and hopefully we can focus on rehabilitation. For this young girl. And for that matter anybody who's now a situation I so coming up in the next five minutes always tell you about though Wal-Mart shoppers. Who. We stumbled upon seven point five million dollars. He stated so I was happy Friday's so well Wal-Mart shopper. Fell into seven point five million dollars what but I actually didn't found to a bogus it and is foot Morrison for watermelon. And got paid he got paid in some well lawsuits are on the rise man. He will I guess she was kind sir basically according to this report is he's 59 years old and at some of the the incident he was. But I guess he was trips and his foot broken while he was finding you the watermelon. Because he's got stuck into that. Fills out the politics this group could really get it out now yeah. And as he reached for it it apparently the foot broken and is. It got messed up the low wal mart's fault said NFL I'll near wal mart's fault judge gave it to win some like it comes thief. Right all right click he's winning and I wanna know how to win like that. Got cell phone that's my point is that there's like so many ridiculous lawsuits nowadays and I think this is ridiculous because if you can't sit Pallet out with some fruit or vegetables or. Or anything that you're gonna buy anyway. The Ellen loves star was negligent for not putting up you know whatever warning sign whenever I need everybody's looking for loopholes nowadays who's got worth seven point five million dollars for what happened to him. No way I don't think so. Wal-Mart is actually appealing the verdict. He had meant that they are the check this out and also includes 2.5 million incompetent Torre damages. This guy that's a good lawyer did. Enjoy your run. Right. You heard what. But it like you know the farmer's market to sell like that would have fresh produce and things like that bloody what do someone like we Jean before a watermelon are account over some like and it drops in. They heard himself thrust on their foot please listen to them. I don't limit they dropped there. They keep saying it's Wal-Mart fob because the pilot without. Our guess display you -- where he could have checked every season you're the lawsuit forward usually what they do is they. They put the talent down and then there's big cardboard box and all the watermelons going on top of the palace. So he if he tried to step on top of the tellers a peaceful in the palace to reach over to grab watermelon this fall. Losing the store's fault you know and I mean should ask them how. Well let me help you don't know what those things that may help you I can't reach you can you give him water I want that one mark watermelon at the very top. He played with you know what he played well no I manage huge. Simple I got paid obviously that was them the very expensive that's watermelon oh yeah. I'm like 00. Yeah Castro good they have brought to you can get some of that please. Don't say John I. Just five most of the season on social media wealthy regular without. I was secretly prefer. You Teresa is Jones gets on a seven fives so we've all fallen victim of checking out social media sites after a break up. Sometimes these wanna see gathered through there maybe wanna be nosy who's won me a stalker so let me ask you this to you on follow. Your ex after record after the break up or should you give the mayor is it too soon. And get it all depends on how are you guys broke up there within a good break let's celebrate the moment if you have a good break because I don't feel social media sometimes. Pray people do. Our adult and it just didn't work and they're still friends. Social media so you know Dustin Workman big red and whether it's good or bad I like that on just there's no need that. Keep up with the light thing that I look like a stalker who's going I don't wanna be in a position where it looks like I'm talking Yale so I like cut ties instantly. They leave the befriended me really that interesting he could always shoot me attacks you can call. The other point and click like on all my photos or me clicking like on in your photos and awkward thank I am still here right for me to go live. This questions for both the meaning have you ever use somebody else's pages two per share knock somebody's face so he shares are technically you're not following them. Still once he was going on but you know I've been followed. People just because the new just have gotten a flight he's still my Ford last night like petty stuff. Done quickly and follow and they like two weeks later found dead in the mall IG back and right are you mister Marino. Right and I actually I eat up my days. Okay. The other followers don't block he laid out but I actually forgot for blocking okay. Oh yeah and I got Graham while providing its noises as good I don't wanna see pop up for my time PME to learn how to hide. People things only come upon my hand right online because there's been on social media there's levels of anger with your answers on solemn. There's pocket and then there's under friends. Right yeah I guess I'm. Everyone feel confident about yourself like you didn't really affect you try to break it didn't affect you so. Eight we can still be friends but no high no mart don't seem that way you show that you are like the bigger person in the relationship if dynamite guys don't want anything your stuff I don't see anything mentioned doing. I'm and they just not have any like you know. My ear that surround. So I think that game you can yeah he had temptations like if you're pedestals when that you can click on the profile we'll check it out yet or not exactly easy with their own toilet. Hey there's gonna be an app that shows you how many times somebody go oh yeah hey that I. Bad bad day it's coming in and I rather just not being a victim of any event I Stefan is they think that there's people other found out. But don't tell you like they can see when you're clicking on the page and stuff I have four against Iran today and I found an that'd be away they've got to be a way you know when you tell me that. The people. It's kind of like back in my basement now FaceBook to people without knowing you're like. Top eight that payment under page yeah a lot of people down the Kenya page of the most yeah don't think that's true idea of restoring. Really going after sure whoever's on your pay your dealer to get the most check it out I live right now the only highly popular ghostly figure out synergies. Is your word not one of them but when you break up with your exchange you on follow them right after the break up this nice little. Very safe and sound on your Friday's is all of them five so see you on follow your ex right after their break up I think people are commenting on our chance one assume five FaceBook. Page Tom Henry couple warm right here this is a cool mean that is Jocelyn put down fifth X means. Thanks for the experience. Part time has expired. Now exit my new life. A big bad wishes to change based. Oklahoma more Cheryl says. Yes that the part of the healing process. How can use their goal if you're constantly reminiscing on what was. Aren't even what was about what was that about what came to ending the new relationship OK okay constantly. Men images there for now 1005 you follow your ex right after our break up my what's your name me read pretty SA. On the interior an egg you have Nomar didn't in my legs. We have kids we got a good record figured I could some of them are actually can't. More many. So do you want some really know what's going on here now come on we weren't really going on with their life what are they doing what are they up to. Why did people aren't good Smart strip when you're every bit like to go I you're way to go find somebody out you didn't want to. So you follow immediately. And follow I don't even know nothing that you're gone you're gone man. When you said you have kids together and you want do is gonna what you kids' day and what they're doing. If they're not hurting my child I'm not worried OK they're being kids they can't act on the matter I don't care how they live their life. They do it your life but it affects the kids in negative light I'll put my foot there after. Based on the go well welcome to remind you I guess it was a filed what's your name and I am alone won't yes you can we as they do. I'm so warm I broke out for the month ago and I thought I'd want it back and we don't I think in different bowl and I felt about it rock you thought I would say. No defense of their relationship. I mean we have no one else to get it so it's kind of like it hype he couldn't man however I just. Doctors hate it I went out there. That middle ground that middle ground out and yeah I mean I think the FBI site as as the it felt yeah. He just played in front looking outlet do you have a new move now does he know not he seems. Matt you theme we don't care phone plan so I OK. Okay. In a level that I don't invest you look they even go you're welcome I gizmos and how would you name area there really got to say hello. I things that it often depends on like the break up like if you'd I can't Wear it that's some good turn but I let it be the other for whatever reason I think that it would be that the ball. But what is the dude I had the girl repeated angered at being a no lose lose. They yeah you know one I feel that's actually went somebody else that lets you didn't want it that they were with somebody else well there with you. Okay well this isn't but it's eight keys are claiming in my morning you have to see it you know I'm reminded again. That person that they took an end up making a doctor could you see it though. Ultimately I'd say no. I think the answer is that we're giving our you know for this discussion are great but it's not really what the case that our time lines. We really see this lockers and everybody going on each other. Couldn't open a thank you for the golf I think you put it. You know and on that no I'm beginning to think that if you are doing out there love jealousy still going on right or maybe you still like that person was can't admit. That. I mean that's possible to you and then lights on them and the people have really good relationships where I didn't end I just didn't work out to support him then he then we're down anything at all closer and then you know I guess there's no real problems you never know might come back around I color rarely get pink elephant that is based. Is there a story got them while. It's. On your race you think you'll ever okay I got back. Tony save Jones interest thing you should you don't follow your extra after a break up I can't wanna sell five FaceBook page Victoria says. My aunts and I have just don't plan on FaceBook after being divorced for twelve years. It takes him breaking up with a new baby mama to realize what he was missing out on in our kids what would they were doing the moon won't kids. While they even know what we can produce and there you've there are some. Yeah those are your kids that shall says the bond you out. What value wanna continue to have them on your social media but not together anymore get out of my life truth and I visit my. I'm sorry that there's a take a break up since you now on FaceBook that you can use to basically take a break from Africa saying really it is. Clearly the best thing that ever came to life. Take a break up big for me personally get annoyed and that's just what anybody what they're not impose when merry you know keep talking about the same thing he always up to hear their political views every single day momma take a break from me guys I'm trying to prove something. I'm not tired nice break seventy is there a story now when is the final would you name Clifford me all I've been I would say. Well I think you should definitely a follower. They're hurt they're anywhere in relationship why well mostly because of their favorite track is. If you don't hit I'm follow iMac I that they let Baghdad police saying everything electric billion. My love of because when you gain earlier relationship then there quite a regular Blanco Larry their brand with your egg that you met them money you're taking any kind of thing and so it did come to credit these players make great label debut and then I believe there will air quality egg that they egg. Yeah you're setting yourself up for the win the next one RD avenue and rules are you ready to go egg Maggie you've you know. I guess it was about what's your name. AM what do you say Europe. You definitely I'm Ali act as a monkey farm that have been in your life. You have your people are happy that you're friendly get together you drink from Y and then you'd think that. You and you only see really. You didn't know the GOK. You also get a pie and ice cream disavow 13 large pizza Babin there. Hewlett damn the trying to think that's actually a great idea. Just how the light out dawn broke Paula there. But now you turned its. Oh you guys they keep the job do you cook better looks. On the for all of our FaceBook friends that are going through the drama and are kept on follow the friends focus on your health your new friends and your other friends. In your life moving forward. Focused on your interest your passions don't worry about jumping in the next thing trying to replace that person. And of course don't forget to take things one day at a time and especially really try to cut those guys. I like the gaps and lastly. I'm Melissa organizing. From five dollars seventeen those heads up would save these for. Hey it's. Yeah I yeah. Am I really don't so too excited I am. I'm OK I can see why yesterday I let you know coming in India decimal places this year as. See you got a mess in the studio and all righty Joseph is keeping track Daschle got one right no zero right he has in his own dad get loud right series was over. We'll find out here real re ready and yes we're similar shortfalls. You can lead couch downstairs but not upstairs and true question number two true or false it's illegal to pee in the ocean in Portugal. True question number three sure flossing you can not die from drinking too much water yes. This post tiger portion of the questions are done many brands sees a campfire I belong. Way to go morning they need I I mean landlady won't hang out NY and running our. Hey you. I don't play it straight I never get them right let's the other that is today's. Strange Friday curiosity question number one you can lead account downstairs but none of sinners fall. Correct cavs can go there but not down about her come get some great. Whereas there are huge surplus it's illegal to pee in the ocean in Portugal false note these are. Crazy right I just got Portugal had some like insane weird law outside the site tell a different way. My question imagery surplus you can not die from drinking too much water true. No awesome memory and drink in moderation moderation for water best friend a Big Ben can't you don't. Obviously there waterway right now two months all of months fun though the score look like. There is that you are a winner. Think Mattie congratulations and well yeah maybe you do. The show tonight. You know they learn how I will lose Maria you did did you dig into a regular basis and you lose the men's can't went on I don't. He's a good show and don't forget sudden next week starts they kiss was in 514 Daniel food ever get various locations collecting nonperishable food items. They go to the food bank of Iraqis an intern go back to. Those in need like our friends and family as far as Thanksgiving holidays and spout concerns so they tried out some food on the tables. Again those in need their. More small going to be out there say these. Myself I know roses and agro if we knew in my school's big nuisance of two ready honey you all how. Are bad. Boots I think he's gonna get there with a later in the week OK also coming up my New Year's Eve. On the rocks don't miss me those post Malone young done little guys can be doping agencies or not kids' homes and five back down. They now like some kind of payment plan or whatever so. Tickets yeah Michael Palin and Clinton. I'm for your holiday okay damage and plan yes pretty though. We just got going on home. My card Christmas. Partying with Emery at Cornell man oh Philly hence I really don't think it's actually on semi now. He gave details I canceled them buy dot com cannot and there's a limited amount of tens and five the. Tickets right now so you wanna talk those best show is gonna be told me she command hang out with this. And also don't forget it's. Nevermind I forgot. I don't know I'm going to be there. Good job. Let that go mom I think CD's that I can get tickets for that as well let's cancel one of them buy dot com or DN AM while you're on the website Amaechi check out all the places to eat for free if your veteran because that's going down tomorrow places like olive garden Duncan. All day long breakfast lunch and dinner veterans eat free semi she should get out I guess on some five that your name IR Kelly's suicide. I don't think ticketed if you could get that shout out I think there's only 13 create the great. But often they're going to go back to back check back tomorrow with a pretty simple. Awesome tell you say good luck okay and our. Thank you. I'm listening to Leon UK hasn't won a seven I'm warning zone read play. They live weekdays six to may or on demand anytime at one KS 1075. Zach turn.