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Monday, October 9th

If you missed Monday morning with Tony, Cedes and Chonz. 10-9-17


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He's agent Jones in the morning good morning and Lauren moved back out there for you on Monday whoa finally at. Lol this is our first though so tell roots I don't know. Congratulations winter's coming processor ABC got a all coffee this morning I know I would literally survive I know man Balaguer like holiday season right now and tell him props do you real quick mr. never metro area where we can and one to four inches on grass is my duty it's too bad. Above 7000 feet of talking six to twelve inches chains in the mountains so it is it is bad the mound but the good news is. 75 degrees by Thursday. Really yeah the suns' comeback thing tomorrow 5771. On not Wednesday and then 75 on their low so that's what bill that practice but tonight. You're looking at a possible free so you give sprinkler system are all else you don't winterize your car roof because they did the deep freeze is common after dollars and parcels they watered this morning I did yeah yeah I'll become an entrepreneur about to go off. Good thing we get up around this time so I cannot conjure up wraps it you have to worry about this in his shirt out glamorous. Hotel style armed. How big G kid had them already they get the door first isn't doorman they're actually take care all that stuff for her so your waters are turned off Memphis thanks. How has your weekend. We really good man mad busy you know Sunday's mile and they rest and then we went to move we actually saw that ninja. Nagle mood and jolly fat. Pretty cool when I fell asleep. And it'll be all right now so tired let you know they're making fun of me yeah friend that everybody is like an ambulance draft. I'll laugh and I'm really terrible look at that obviously we're not playing Landers and rough weekend though. That's the place you need tapes you fall asleep. In the movies could be candidate is you falsely for the movies are gonna happen with this record to a city kids will be right yeah big meeting to air right. Not really and then a lot of kids love you John no matter who wins the odds great okay cool thing that ever happened to get an idea that there that we don't care so right. It was 7204 and I wanna some fires are number we have about Donald after dark to discriminate deceased when we actually went there last Thursday night every Thursday to 21 and out. They don't pass a liquor and all figured out and play with the animals in Japanese tiger cage and I'll make this stuff yeah we actually missed that. Way I see you liquor up and jumping the tiger cage. Let's go to smoking now that you like wouldn't you like you yourself tot mom are clearly you know I don't know well word and I'm good. My legs. I got and there when he sees it sounds like it's on some five million for a winner hi who's this area mom my gap. Well you do you think you want some dunaway says do. Larry how do you how do this we all know I've got to tell you earned the ire from the phone you got only there. Round and Larry you're a winner again. I know after dark you're going you've got the ticket to the panel cortex and that's the dilemma. Yeah no one really happy for you rose. You know you like that most say the winner on our show right yeah. This kid you know they're going to at all. Take it out for more information please can you missed the never Z on the men's crazy kids homes and five dot com Lily and the loser but our biggest winner well radio station did you look up. And my god. Yeah it clean you know. What. Happened. Is this do right there man well we can't stop him from winning and obviously everybody else step up your game gets you a couple follows take advice from him there. I know your family at all. When I you know I'm daughter's music is ridiculous and then getting out of hand you don't live Larry he collar sixteen we go ahead of with seizing aid if everybody asap Montague through venison is their car fixing things you can't say anything they. That's why they have you have to wrap it. Go yeah there you still don't see it seemed like everybody and they llama got arrested over the weekend are getting these Elena. I'm man's yeah. Say keep it dominant. Only on KM. Over the week. And she still Ben Nellie with a hot water after a woman claimed that he rates are now the woman has claiming that Nellie raped her what a condom and offered her money. I'll without economist in me and offered her money out of the end of the alleged rape the woman claimed that that's why when Nellie offered her money. And I differ only came in in the room and say you've got to go they proceeded to throw her off the bus and do a hundred dollars I heard. Rosenblatt must if that's and Kelly's attorney says he then that he has an investigator on the case and will be able to show by objective evidence and unbiased witness. That she has zero credibility. You can now I know they're doing that there. Young ladies I really hope not ES two daughters and I was the biggest Millie groupie so I would feel. Terrible if I was sure oh yeah is aged only girls on your bus bro. Gotta say that I I don't know and it's different then you know that as a case at least with this situation like you know as there is people are saying there was mutual. Right goes same as CR rates so that does that toll every kind of situation super serious I'm here I can judge got to let the facts come out. And back in sweet sixteen as a like filed a suit against co-founder Death Row Records Dr. Dre. Accusing him of hiring me hit me and it's taken out a few years and prior at the time of the alleged murder through the hire plot Dr. Dre. I had just secure the billion dollar beats deal however might claims he had a lifetime contract with. 300 million dollars of the deal. Did you just get out of payment and I claim Dr. Dre ordered a 50000 dollar hit on him which is only in its way 141 oaks shooting if you guys remember that when that's ignite PM as a result and I asked the Genesee sec dot entries financial records to prove he paid for the hit. However the judge denied the motion. While I'm I don't know doctor graves with a lifetime contract. Who's gonna ever signed their lives away at all I mean he go to your you know when did that with easy and and everybody else I'm pretty sure his people would drive by the time we've gotten in bed which have night. Yeah there's a lot. I believe that's the thing to do you watch some movies they look like they in it on good terms or at all. Right and I you know I think Dr. Dre would want to have should meg taking now because she did not want and everybody taking that NASA would be paid back but really only 50000 and it. Exactly that day. Let's play anywhere DC. Yeah those glory of the lord it's culinary quick start Saudi season Jones on kiss 107 follow I have so I Halloween right around the corner he had decided which you know. Beach where I know you've still trying to figure out what I should be I mean that whatever is in the closet that you get whenever they. Okay we'll being you know the last year Wren made is nice treaty give. The Emmy premier the president kind of thing you know like as though the gift you got get to the ladies of the created earlier that though it was like it was gift the gift from god. Police say a furry brown never God's gift to women though. Ultra figured out Monday Alice try to plug the book. So again you know that was cool creative gonna cost us a lot of hunting and and to try to find something similar to here. I was a baby daddy last year and he showed up and out of blue baby strapped around me in the doll. And that. The little my body carrier and have my diaper bags and T a episodes of the claim that the baby he's. Oh that's nice yeah I was cool I mean and we were given the big shots Tamara that I do remember. How my guys together over the top of that it's make believe maybe I'll let you know within that faded remember. Oh unsettled and his father. We're knows they need and where we say he's last year you know let me in my I was back in Cali for me my best releases put on for mouse ears and went out we really would not drinking. Yeah really that's being costing sometimes so we just who wants a lousy is inclined down kind of lowered ML series is that from a lady missing easy. If you'd like to go out the would you like to go all out for Halloween time that is Apple's. And yes sometimes I do is if they hit missive from the some years and in it for me is I'm not. Won't parties have already started as far as how long time how. Pattern I see people on our time when stars face who's concerned sir are you going to parties instead so. You definitely want to get your costume ready or maybe a couple hottest teams in mind as we get closer to Halloween so. You guys really haven't thought about what you wanna be there were treated you. I don't know. I really don't know Amazon about a mound I know there was a zombie crawl this past weekend. Now downtown. So candles on a zombies come out like. Can never gold minarets really what we should not to clean up anymore either right. Yeah I'm tired have a lot of played out like I'm tired of seeing the Brittany spears school girls say it's right over that for sure. I kind of like over like the sexy teacher kind of paying all of us I think he's he doesn't love the Brittany spears like the school girl from like yeah I. I'm right out what about all the police officer over it fully. An obvious has got to go do OK so listen this is college winning is doing this I don't. All right I know that not. I was really aren't so upper body and okay that's way way when sexy what they can. Now this has got to be some delays like sexy fit that we can be because some of these are gonna play it out man okay yeah. I'm Beverly overdo it inappropriate native American Dad! man creates yeah salute to indigenous they out there today so. Okay video Natalie over to act right Yucca thought that Susan real quickly on union the most popular based on the research. Penny wise clown for me is when you talk this year the stranger things out there it is likely it is what our game. Not to be sexy okay this is these are just popular Belle from Beauty and the Beast. I giraffes. Being a draft is popular this year I don't know why we were a disease the other day I don't know I Wonder Woman and her game has thrown his characters. Every golf app so that Larry go rebound like that they want to base. No no no aspect can't do that when you watch Baywatch earned. I hate these no now seventies you acorns. So I'm mermaids PV sixteen or me now that's played out played out that's how they don't list of why we got the aerial happen again or something and I have to be redone my. Yeah yeah. I seem to relate to my life especially in San Diego my. Yes the kitty cats are out catwoman yeah okay you have Larry I saw about this what costumes are played out we we know we kinda have an idea of maybe work puck it's costumes would be popular. But what costumes are played out right now seven to 04 and I wanna some five takes Landis explain a three Holler Madison let smokers were looking for costumes. And we wanna dress up for Halloween season. I'm David Jones I guess and assume five when Halloween costumes are just laid out she I'd be like a ton of them yeah why they're going off on our kids won't have a five. FaceBook page if you wanna join the conversation you could do would to Disco on there and put your your feelings on their David says that Obama face. I thought that a lot like over the years then the little mask. With all the president's right there would you like George complement to the jury is still Cleveland Jordan. President supply played out are out stuff out let's see she says. Alice in Wonderland. And back man. He's Alice and wonderland for sure. And then actually overlap I think that them more than Allison when no better than you can never be played out or Superman non faith they played aren't. Karen says about the sexy cop. I'm telling you the couple have to go beyond the hose while those those out no. They want to be like poison IV is sexy ways and IV all right anybody can game thrown their their hot. Then they get on game thrown their hot or that we are nine news weather girl. His ideas bird. Yeah you know I live 720 for me and I went out loud they play music played at three items this pribor Robert Christopher well we constantly playing out man. Dabbled ma'am but that can hold true doubles I actually agree like Intel and a double yeah I. I thought that it just didn't get boring if you are agreed with the what you guys just said about the whole look cool girl opening that that has that been played for like ten years. Bags yeah okay. They should come around yet are good guys you do you I still understand I'm an iPhone the only thing always would be bad right we'll be paid out by. Morning when was the one that little bit don't we know. I don't think I know I don't say I didn't do. Now there is doing out there. All four and I can't lose them five what's your name Yoder would clear then what Halloween costumes have played out room. Oh screw your shirt marine that's true that's true what about for girls. On the lone blue what played out without Luke who played O. Only corn Barley claim yeah the wind did yeah he did anything holy she's played out room only. A. I loved mother basically go wrote in your no no and thank you. My guys and I guess he's about what's your name what they have we don't pay without Maggie morning well we costumes of Plano road. I would say that Greenland will stay on yeah scream when it's like it's going to be archives like ten bucks a stick on a map. This is. Knowing I'm watching them moving anymore. And then break so Bahrain and why I don't even think. Kate pretty even in the lake either pick up on it or nobody did any heart yeah. I mean that's true that's on all three decades now I feel like I mean I don't remember. Media like third grade and wanted to be like green men like you look at it now and it's like nobody. You like Wal-Mart I'm not always act caught the moment. You did not know Halloween is not. I ask you about bullying don't want it why can I don't know I guess we'll just hate it for another collapse. The minute I don't get about loneliness eight months the next day they monopoly and then they get Quentin inmate David for next year's. Solid facts basically go round you go to guy. Nice 7004 and I went 075. My guess sunbeam anger somehow losers still playing well. Now BL OK do we is we did determine if some hope costumes are played out but now and I I thought oh you laid out how I. Literally had outfits costumes. Tell you that a whole outfit right. I mean they didn't have you ever got little girl Wear the black hole and we saw you last week wearing that you where he did. There are hero were it not one of them but we are looking for costumes to where we want to know what's played out. Holly Madison Lesnar gets from Zimbabwe Halloween costumes are laid out I would go to kids are so far FaceBook page. A lot of gossip girl's name. I'll butcher I'm gonna later it under the same as me that if she says which you now about Freddie oh yeah. Freddie oh Freddie the barber pretty Kruger of Freddie Krueger. 90 you're going to ask it. I'm which is vampires. So many mermaids. Let you know really slowly mermaid you could be could be that some. OK. Okay guys also on the on the ex wife's name that. Gray and I'm. Yeah yeah they just say this fascinating it was I completely agree until like you being here I am not being made here listen you guys did some of the costumes for being a lower plate now. So I thought maybe I know. The left or you're like. All the hope all the locals do now the whole way you okay you want to be all holy Tony say he's not. I'm never called an ally are you may be is sixty made known ideas like filet. Always sexy school world you took it they're you know why didn't you took it and women young. All right let's go back from China and yeah. Tell me why not whatever seventy narrow right now when some five moving on well we got user play I use this I crystal Allen classic was played out. Other than that it had shattered whatever you call the Senate's ball below my dogs can't let them know they don't album that pat down. Only tired but I am but at dorms yeah I did battling Eric I wish I could easily do an a but I can't do so played out that she gets through. Including outlook at yeah yep you're right it's Iraq so his six year old is what is. It's like C and unlocked. Thanks C games basically go bloom thank you I guess some of them by what's your name I I would Halloween costumes are played out. Apparently it fired an animal ears yes I will agree I will agree I did today and only exist because I was trying to party last year and I just needed them and put on blank yes is straight lazy when it but I now barely hit hard in Asia met. And that is Bo Derek yeah that's doing a lot I mean I'll like at a time. When you saved and what do you mean isn't. Do my keys to sixteenths to police left it stick played out back what a yeah. Having grown here every year a staple make their ears and a leotard and call today and eighty DNA than Lilly hottest outfit out. And you win the costume contest right Whitewater issue like I'm a bunny here like we do know picture or not. Man I love it thank you for that day. I well really key for costumes that are played out so weakened by a narrow down the costumes and we wanna Wear frown on his not just ho I'll say I didn't sing. That's okay what you say that's what I heard yeah you guys sit you guys started go you. You know all outfitted menu. It's all of them not to cause the most of them all keep going if I believe it's sexy yeah cab drivers sixteen whenever the cavs ahead. Nowhere thrown 62 home sixty wagering is called all of us basically Jose these outdoor owners didn't win. No doubt dude I am no water hello ain't it the Leo no I didn't get started online there for you do that failed. And I stated I removing god don't forget what you heard there's nothing here to feed down the message during his village he would do when you guys guys don't be so. Fine how many NFL game. Slow on the high. I'd go down their biggest. It got up on the mojo going and then. Thank you are producing snow. You know say hi K yeah well I can't even go man I am like extremely sick right now so I don't know I hang from a profit over it sounds good he's really good job in the zoning site. I think if you know there's a good men and all that common with them we appreciate tonight. I'm not personally with the rough man I will be briefed on got a tougher story for you that's gonna make you feel a lot better okay the Oakland Raiders lose this. Even if you want me when you come across. Mean this is this job you don't have the annual winter I had a news I'm gonna doer yeah. Have I hope I'm losing my math on that's. And now there was a red. The four alleged rape beating and woman and woman claims she was raped are now he's tour bus in Washington where he was performing their alleged rape happened Saturday morning. At 3:45 AM the woman specifically said Nelly. Is the one who raped her now he was booked on second degree rape charges Saturday around 7 AM. He was actually released already hour. There's a story can. That's out of LA have gone. Only one way to lawyers stuff. Now these lawyers said now he's the victim have. Completely fabricated allegations are initial investigation investigation. Thirtieth publishes the allegation is going your way. That when I would go on what you when you read this stuff plus one really well I got when word. And. Well maybe I am glad I'm here to this investigation is now on the big and so many big words back to back. In jubilation. Anyway anyway you know various things you just seriously I'm your guy there we let me get through Islam facts that's the facts that you can't hear the president all right this go move on the yeah I got to tell me. Three you know should not believe that Dr. Dre pay 20000 dollar to have him Q wait a minute no we have facts are correct season 50000 is just one hour. Right here. So those facts are right my hair a little bit of CNN I assure the less I. I don't know my just wanting. I'm right there. My claim that new legal document in July 20 theme he was shown they check made out to a man named Dwayne Johnson cut my doctor. So arms that won him a plaque to offer twenty. None of guys. Did you see I was going down on the Internet I was there really be crazy dumb apologized for her racially inflamed it insensitive foot FaceBook ad. After the so company was well I'm on social media that showed a black woman wearing every browser removing her child through bill a white woman came in a lighter top. And this is the third image I never really got I didn't get to see they get to seek Zanardi went said. Well there goes the third image was shown with the white woman rim move publisher. What the woman apparently be that Asian defense led the Internet went crazy base they slam done and they actually replied. That there were in the wrong and there. According insensitive and they took it down so we begin Dell was trying to do by showing different. Shades of women like. Don't know man that matters that. What if seat. But what I don't like is that the black woman transformed into the white women and make sort of trained that when that the darker skin you're actually dirty and so. We went on. We will now you eat you know your wide berth and now you're going and then the way I want. I'm going around revenue if an OK that's good at this point it went the other way around we'll be offend. Name would you iMac in the know Latinos in there was who haven't thought the last what was Latinos. Right now is she isn't she look Latino gentleman apparently Asian descent are kind Selig left enemy though but if you are a few on the Internet and Yemen theme that value you guys could you. Judge for yourself Jack okay and who's is still achieve route to. Culinary we'll start. Sony is John McCain's 1075 so you guys know I have a Tony 2.0 right that's what just like mean twenty. 2.0 and and get after what. I met with Aaron. Yeah it's just like just like he SO he's teeth he may call and said hey dad tell IBM symbol away amber ready on. Your game is back in the game I forgot to put mum the last hour demo oh yeah put money. And became a party that fits us so CCR then last week yet all we're all kind of food on my tablet and like I. I'm with you some food and they left like three subzero. Oh my god. Is live at all my crap new month and I'm happy about that Tony let's continue with the I don't. Up by the way okay the word I covered. Anyway he. He drove his girl they were then what bedroom and instead of coming back home he says not you know what I'm saying not here. He went to the main office and said I'm new at this two bedroom apartment. Got a roommate and things you know still living his dream doing his thing and the last thing already amazing already I mean I know anyway so you know he broke with a home run my lesson. Over time with my kids or anybody for that matter because I want to do it as well. Is you don't want too much. If you find yourself in the position taking your kids sign your friend's side right maybe too much information you start to hate that other person exactly uniqueness. That's your offer viewers right taste of pace of course I mean that they had a day like I I'm pretty. I I pick in sue the things I tell my friends about like the personal pockets who are dating just because of the fact I got a winning here no extra. You know at some of those left I don't hear that extra about it when you tell me everything about him I mean anything peak some crazy about Ali Al. I definitely leave belfry itself out because the power she. It the other person. Yeah towards your attitude towards a part of it that I cannot handle I don't think it's a good idea telling every all the business. No because I think again that they sometimes you can tell some of the business your friends. And man like Ali idea Texas did this to me emblem on the law. And then you paint this picture of your significant other would not right and that and likes they like a separate or whatever and get back together and then just like the kind. You're you're kind of vested in this relationship that you're not even name them all with right. Like I don't like this pretend that we treat my friend. Friday it was even worse to we will tell unlike all your personal business don't break up and get back together right it does look good fat I know it's awkward when you guys come back together did you like. Missiles hate this person and I. Hey I can't you tell me did tell me that are like what are we doing here in my eyes still on strike within Lauren that's out there is a gruesome story does. And what was the plan for the. I don't so it is it is is it a Smart idea tell your friends your personal problems in your relationship. That and here's the thing. You can still say yes because you know you talk but limited basis or whatever this everybody goes through this okay. We want your stories and give us a media and nightmare situation where does your sometimes. Parents who talk to your kids because. Who are friends friendships get broken because the. Right no overall you know what he I'll. I was down for you for days since they won. And we Rhode writer guy on this person we hated them and not give back together with whom he had great. We boycotted them together right now I gotta say you're looking crazy what's happening now I'm odd man out 7204910756. Finds this exciting 03. Is it a Smart idea. Tell your friends your personal pride. Give us your story. Don't think it sounds like kiss on a 75 is a Smart idea to tell your friends your personal problems in your relationship 7204891005. I lose this yeah we I think her. Why are you thinking OK because I've been through it like. All along and family members that my brand out there at this point I don't develop that hate because. Fairly Irene LA everybody takes their guys back now why I give unbiased that hole but it didn't really back I'm glad. Girl you need to leave well right way if you hit back with them. The tide and I I don't talk about the apple back. I ask you quite simple but yet. I had some if it's a personal let's see what aides say UN let's say aides I am but when he 80 you're twenty anything okay. The number of acting like you're 2122. Now the girl told you that you least she is now on that and the club and not let that be any dummy you would probably be you wouldn't be likely to best friendly now and then I'll come. Not yet had camera never been rental vehicle. Really you lay and I get back the time I'm gonna go like well like you know they're married fairly well but in my and the day very. Will most likely yeah I mean I extended the time they're going to go back. Or forty like at where I will be here late into bad I. Right right now Bo I even like like at that have been through high you know email went thinking yeah like a little PD you know how it is. On their way can I put the story though I'm just I'm account at this point I don't take. I sometimes you gotta grab your girlfriend her driver and shaken think he'll get top trap me it doesn't work yeah. Thank you for the come they don't I guess it was about what's your name break our own business Smart idea to tell your friends your personal problems your relationship. We need out there. Hey Matt my dad on tells why not well I have a personal advantage. My husband now that I'm married to Loudon. At a really young delivered content then we always arguing I'm breaking out and I literally locked my best friend Howard added doctor in years. No my we you're telling them all the stuff they got her going through. She was she signed a film like she was part of the relationship and then finally she was like I'm over it are what are did you get because you got back when your man. I'm sick of the I got back were my man we married now and if I hit a clinic that issued and appreciate it and you Blake. Can't really poor man could be together and all the other then end yeah because he did not like. Did not like my head and ask bill Bill Bennett David about that car you Bobbie wouldn't talk to me the. And it's all because of the relationship you lost your friendship pact. The end and Al what I do I think I hate mama read about my business and now I'm on my friend that evening rain did bump on the early in my head I think we've had gone through it yeah Prince Harry back tossing him on the right and that's exactly why talk now. Yeah I call my mom I won't call anybody out they even heard the little if economic let's now let's you'll know Brad. Not out to an understanding momma can somehow mistakes I do they weigh your significant oh yeah. Hey you know the bad part about it that my husband mom always got my back when I got though. You can't. Move debut big you know being nice that you know he'd be nice. So I do is there a story not one of them five. Takes on this exciting 03 isn't a Smart idea to tell your friends your personal problems in your relationship we'll keep the phone is growing that is a I don't think. Joba gets 107517. Songs in a row we do it every morning in the 7 o'clock 8 o'clock or six or seven feet deep. Goes all the way until 9 o'clock hours just mad music that demands oh Max. Muse. I think that it is this Smart idea to tell your friends your personal problems in your relationship. Though. So I thought he should or should I. Let's go to the close right up cemetery and therefore didn't I'm one of them five. Birdied center's cone Moakley who wrote when you save her own doing people on here calls didn't. Why is that because you are we know the knicks certainly inaccurate Internet connection can only a moment where you can forget neither am I gonna forget you know. Oh yeah well that's truth that they not in the relationship they have nothing they see this young black Hawaii oh yeah definitely has now. You speak from experience what happened. Offered all of I know who are written report I'm gonna grow surely they have been good in between you undergoing you know old Elian all. Was this your parents say it on your significant other with a friend. All followed my mom my sister my head. For what Colin Montgomerie. You don't. They they'll Turbo whatever the women know with a little work not your mom's on the DS for your girlfriend and her. So I I'm not easily go growth plan of Rome and a nice isn't some publish your name might might we see growth. Usually you know you can get some woman if you sit there saying hey girls aren't our archives. I've got this weird she's not gonna want my guys didn't get that the other. Don't want to get that they leave out they did tell you get it got to keep it probably a couple of days before there are lucky you know. Won't avoid radio statement about that. Sometimes you only a portion of the business that there you go. But I know you already sometimes you'll get one side though you only get that person inside and and you just had a person's back. And you can you can you can read the story because they're the president's town the store you may think you can leave things out here and there you shape the story how you wanna shapely and so the president that's receiving this information. Had this whole view of that person based on your your angle to your point of view you made it up so you have high profile person to be made it very much here's the solution from here on out whenever somebody tries to tell you the personal relationship. You say go get the other person so we can sit down side here both I didn't go right that I can. It's about ways that you know I am nobody for no reason right fashion you might be the problem you. I never thought of that right you know what that's a great way to look at these priority you think the conversation takes landed 69803 go to the lesson three think is not fill out we sent her home content and change the law doesn't Saudia ship with channel most locals call another awesome guy trying to get sick today. I'll steal that idea to join us whatever you want me to do with you got him in a row. I shouldn't I said Dr. Dre pay them how much to have him killed we'll tell you next. You know they needed talking about it now. Only on KM when I was seven by the wife's mom and. And Vijay show that is first ladies visibility dropped its own is worried to see if he can get through this without messing get. Up until Monday as you know I Columbus they'd be recognized today across the United States. When they're more than fifty US season long if you universities counties and states it's nice that people are celebrating indigenous people's day. And never Denver is actually including one of them surprised to Denver when I'm I love that and we got to read this they'll call from a man. Paul little busy actually former classmate our city o.s are very founding. To indigenous peoples endeavor Denver City Council Paul Lopez told the Denver Post shortly after adopting in the new we holiday between sixteen. We do this because our history books erase such history you honored by making it no longer invisible. I love that you do that yet definitely cool salute now he was arrested allegedly. For raping a woman to come on Donna what's going on over there. I'm gonna make any judgments the woman claims she would radon now he's Turbo tour bus in Washington. Where he was performing their alleged rape happened Saturday morning around 3:45 AM the woman specifically said that now he is the one that rate period. Now Lee's lawyers said now he's a victim of a completely fabricated allegation our initial in this investigation clearly establishes. That allegation is about I credibility and is motivated by greed. And vindictiveness. CEOs gotta remember the keyword is alleged more details are going to come out so we're gonna see where this goes in you yet to decimate the reservation for your judgment but at the same time if this is true. I say this to everybody wearing different day and age social media yet and if your superstar don't let people on your tour bus got to think about it rather RI should night. He believes that Dr. Dre paid him 20000 dollars I'm kills 8650000. Plus. And create what I'm fun I mean night explains the new legal documents that in July 2016. He was showing a check made out to a man named. Dwayne Johnson cover my Dr. Dre he says the money was partial payment to have been killed in January 2015. The same day he was fairly ran over by a man. And his vehicle OK first and foremost you are you know this should not want and everybody kills its. Possible that Dr. Dre would do this but here's the thing doing Johnson out I thought I was like do we Dowayne rock Johnson yeah the rock did you. For joining G. Not right yeah. Oh man hey who gonna go back in seventeen songs in a row right now I'm curious wanna send my.