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So he's safe and sound in the morning happy Friday good lord day her morning OK I don't the. I know in my throat please just didn't which took you don't know what is so again. And I think that Coca. I don't know when it's clear though I. Didn't know things I need to worry about that you could not pro am and I don't have room the student. Sure look at things OK you've got equal but some ridiculous go I'd better really got you. Yeah okay it's can now do it that's too late. And Thelma and anyway it's Friday and say you were gone when the Broncos beat the raiders weren't so we just wanted to. All weekend. A lot of very well. This makes it. I saw you. I know we're excited I would do the Denver zoo last night was amazing. It was amazing you know I thought that. He's hey yeah Alan my dad tell you why and how low. He's I didn't really weather wasn't on the farm when he gets on the do you Thursday night such when he went and I'll call. All end. Big goal brought she's warm man. I'm a huge Bronco Stadium right and brought huge admission and then they have like got massive amounts of local Beers and at school yeah whether or drink a little bit my head that affiliate web private tour it was oh yeah and if you haven't seen this new NI you have to do it could then die nose after dark celebs like dinosaur display. And then elephants came around and new tiger did you around the tigers scared the crap out of fun. That suffers second ballot I go right. It doesn't challenge and I have known each other for very long time intones back in the day was like oh like take a bullet for you would imagine they would. He always is a tell me like if anything happens he received like take a bullet rather coming out like they drove cars were you right. Hang on about. We're watching this tiger come bear and I never seeing sounds good set like how he did for this tiger you nights where. Bag if it does tiger was able to break through I'm leaving all this. We don't when he came to I don't know how many you'll really like leave me to get EM I got to slow down I got let go. I bet you like the bully them both a fast you can get quite as pretty slow. Roller. In the past then you're you're dead and then you know whether tiger than good and yellow thing you know go say look at tiger now. Hello may I think that's why. I did quite sure. I don't particularly since I would grab Jones and don't let the tiger H. Now hindsight there was very scary situation and I don't tell you truth. I you'd be out there by all by yourself you adding Iran that's that's on our dining hollow humor and I'll mention money. Bad good already flipped it may come back on the way and let you know we got. It took a poll question on face the who would tell you many first and who's he gonna catch first I felt okay. I know it's you bars no. I'm the real I know I'm. Don't know that you would be first to get in mission was military he's so well there's a whole bin embassy minions I. I love you. In the minds tone that I. I am I live in Messina will never know when defrag big giving up and I don't know if you. Look great and all in his intestine and Pawlenty I can use the same tornado from cook and Amanda and I haven't. That's good don't you like hell yeah. I was back where they yeah we put the dogs pullback today. Greece not the fiscal agrees that they took the dog food where I got here okay all right. Lot of times I imagine this moron running O I guess yeah I don't let your bread wrong anyway 72049175. Prime cops now think it's forgiven without. None of monsters that suggests we geeky were at 7 o'clock PJC didn't get the cats. And of course. Tony say this Jones on JS 1075. Hope you're enjoying this Friday if you're out on the streets please drive safe. And does so during a press conference on Wednesday Carolina Panthers beat writer Jordan Rodriguez. Ask quarterback cam knew about his receivers improved rat running abilities. And he shirt saying it was funny he here of FEMA asked the question that affect your place for you right now. Hello I lean years leaders played well it's just they're really embrace. Finally we're females. Ground seem right. OK so. Everybody was up in arms after this went down and she continued to say according to reports that. They had a conversation after the fact and it got worse with you want to talk about it because she had a job to do full moon and obviously. If you if you haven't gone to speed one of his sponsors drop him the over company. And then he he apologize he apologized. This morning okay yes or less I let some video card. Understand. That no word choice was extremely. A great game and there's. And had a very tough charter instill in them that they can. The better day during this whole process I've already lost sponsors and countless fans I realize that Jews. And valuable lessons from this. Don't you like me. Reporters and journalists to the mom's soup from. The daughters this. There are. So we. I thought I was that I've watched that a couple times and I thought the apology was sincere. Right OK I was like OK I knew with density bar complaint that he waited too long and now on this too long and you know then. I don't know what she took away her response I guess we're gonna find out later today or if it's already coming out right now but. People are still criticizing him for what he did and here's the thing when I replay the actual that these initial one down I honestly thought. He was trying to be funny. I really did I think you realize it wasn't aware he was waiting for a laugh from the room now. I'm not Johnson O Reilly anybody because what he said was wrong and it was stupid wrecked. But at the same time I'm roaming every ten new because of he's a crybaby on the football field there is character perceives him as a football player right from. Movers of you if your foot off then and you know Cam Newton is you hate in my case Philip Rivers or you likely Tom Bradley Effect right now that's correct it's because everybody taking everybody here mainstream Philip Rivers. But the passion. I feel where they're letters. I think it is well yeah. They're not your brother and I crybaby like Philip Rivers I don't think. So so let me ask you guys about this you guys are familiar with the situation. Obviously you need your your remarks on the comic and any apology. They add the female I'm a little torn because and a male dominated industry entertain a wide especially with you know radio with TV it's male dominated. I mean can you say things that are always kind of what I took from what Kim said with bases I. You know about runs. Color do you know about roots you know anything about and it's no different than they like Kendrick Lamar came in like back in the beginning skins a remark came in and we were recording interview. And he says demeans all you know pro tools coming my job brown. My I just didn't think about like yeah I know brutal round gallery. I signal pro tools yeah it I guess that I and it's since I have. Have thicker skin so and I hear these comments all the time right in Philly did it really rubs me wrong personally and now do I think that gamma. Worded is answer incorrectly 100%. Hitting come up to date the way he set out but do I think that he may take intentionally to be disrespectful to our. I can't necessarily say yes to that I don't think he meant to intensely how he worded it was completely wrong. You're like you you kind of like wow you know -- routes yeah I just know they're for the kids are like what how you know about pro tools right you know. I look like it's so competitive amendments I would like us like clean billiards on the sometimes. Cocoa Beach how these things all the time and then you just make. Become numb to it you come down and that's what I think into maybe I'm none that can hear you because I've heard for so much yet so far female whom probably doesn't hear it. Are you never hear is in her industry and what she raised its instant offense the because I'm in this industry I hear all the time from guys all the time so for me it was just like after what. And then whatever else but to me I don't know I thought I together like she wasn't. Knowledgeable enough about football. Be asking this question that question compared like you know dawn. What do you know about why. Like he was trying to be like a really girl like her yeah. OK okay what are you really you what are you really know about this right that's what I took away from me if I added the humidity was joking yeah he got a joking but still this thing done. Seriousness in that here's the key really get around this females is then seeing you you knew I had I think he is and I am seeking an. A row you know reporters like I've never end email reporter asked me that he worded it wrong again let him in the way I interpret it and lot of like. Females and you don't know about routes right that's you know I'm pretty sure a lot of other females felt the same way do. At present that's why there's uproar that's why not the endorsed me that's why there's no apology and that's what we're talking about a right now ranked this so quick wit which here. Opinion on the 7004 and I wanna some five takes Landis explain the three was cam Newton's apology necessary. After his response. Or. And here's the thing she's a reporter writes he would end. Athletes rads reporters a lot when they get pissed off they talk stuff right. Kim don't always seems to be annoying when people talked to him and he's never been the same since super wolf the US is called what it is. Come on you take is that you get that they get personality right now there. But they and won't fall camp cam I just pulled them Marshawn Lynch route. You know that is right. Let's put my silence routes I don't you know as any question and answer any prisoners are you guys don't rectify ministers or ten minutes you're done race gender and their candidate got the right word right. The right word there was any hint putting out the the apology with kind of like let me just you know clean it up and I would prefer to be safe silent. That's a big no but testing if he doesn't he loses more endorsements got Gatorade he got a high Dray is their love yo bro you apologize because. A lot of women are going to buy the products or they're going to protest the people who are endorsing him. If that makes any sense right. Well let me let them. This situation at the endorsement is actually very sad you know how that's retaliated let you know there are some tweaks. They came out about Jordan the reporter okay not a lot of goals were making some very racist comment not ultimately gonna dropped on her and I'm just putting that out there. Yeah I know where we're short on time and we could talk about the streets before bay. Our anonymity we try not recently I remember I got to bring him up there are some rays this week that that went out from her in the past like maybe four or five years ago as she did make a public apology. Just yesterday I think yesterday night. You know I and if memory serves me correctly she says something to the effect of oh my gosh my daddy's so Larry is with these racist jokes and and then she went on to say she went to say something like my dad is Siri why the somebody's right I yeah oh so good at this he's the best racist jokes. Why we drive home we're trying to do knob hole lands right yeah. As that's what it was what we'll get the actual tweets for you every those four united and 1704891075. Was cap news agenda was apology necessary and now that you know the whole story we want your opinion on that as well as. Tony season Jones on chancellor 75 with cam Newton's apology necessary after his response to Jordan Rodriguez questioned about then punches. Embracing the physical quality of Rouse who responded it's funny to hear female talk about routes like. It's funny 72049175. Text on this exciting at three I would change. State mainly felt the act but I'm calling because I could not. Crap I download can you say you're right I eat and fair and it's very happy and content. I can't comment I began picking up her as I acquired it and heck it might yet while. Now I did though comment on it I I no other city in BI felt right like you do not all of out on the other outplay another very certain amount Mary you've got to hit. Yeah you click OK I know I'm sorry. Yeah well. Creeping thing he apologize I am hey Eddie let me hand it back right. But I'd bet that and dignity and ended up if we do they're proud spell yeah I don't know why I hit improper that I hate me. Yeah Clint what you. And I think and the I hate why. Said the wrong thing you reading correctly and even occur that. Don't exactly right you got you guys know how you verb when you step on the MI you gotta be careful probably don't know me an aunt that I can't be it from that joke they compete but I've. Don't wait do when they play it. Right especially in this day and age with social media you get him to meet even more careful because. Anybody gets you on video the only not to be an official at a press conference maybe I'm too afraid singular recordings Iraq. I have great and you decorate it ain't you ate it up it is great thank you thank you for. He's a good weekend yeah. Thank you I'm Jason some functioning. I mean Harvey Williams sees him. I thought about anything I think that people love her and they let out I and I didn't really that I usually enlightenment are meant about it I think William Pollack died in a mallet I didn't get taken out of that you invite. I I can I felt like you are surprised I have seen no Stuart. I was surprised this even knew what she was talking about it. I didn't take it as a fly out of here you aren't you right big part of our flight that I thought I'd muted that I I eat out about it. Right maybe dig into some problems in the process that's a great question you know and he worded yeah yeah you heard it allows farmers and funny it's not a man yeah. Yeah I think actually working that was does that wording that I think he might well lit bit right thanks for the call you okay but I guy. Well because of what's going down on myself we know we're all together. So I don't play good. Seventy zero for not one of them Barbara to continue the conversations that takes like this it's like you know three is well what's cam Newton's apology necessary after his response to Jordan Rodrigo. We haven shows like chancellor some five with cam Newton's apology necessary after his response to Jordan right 372049175. Hi who's this. My athlete is MR I mean I agree with app coloring his apology was not necessary and -- court that he did but I. But not offended off and it was a meeting with a funny coming for him to lose them and are making it very good. At that how would prefer for him to stay silent it and then I felt like the apology. All over it makes it over the top and almost feels like now I have to retract everything I DO six zillion guys and he said he hit 78. You know an insane I apologize he could have pie data against Britain saying it wrong I would have preferred into the place violent I don't even want the apology it. Don't exactly completely at eight. But yeah I mean do people aren't sensitive and and you're I have a lot of female friends that you know they claim to love football and they don't know different Downey. Hey if you stay freebies they sign it there goes all the other indoor yeah oh yeah they met my you're my. I mean I met somebody that doesn't look at the money thing thanks to the cob yeah you do I do isms that bother you name important we I think from. Other phone Cam Newton thing. Say now more on what they've always blown out of proportion but took the view on it. From a positive perspective. As if he was more important what you have to say aired. She comes up with a better question and then the Mayo. Correspondence that he feels weird quote time that's our superintendent. He should've said that the problem is is the whole press room. Was silent like he didn't even get anybody to really laugh you know what I mean. I'm hoping he would look out that you look for a laugh or think you would actually got a we've more incorrect right and you have what for a laugh about quite a bit. There were plenty bird Brian would come all the way out funny that you have to be fair what do in game and I would have been another PW thank. I think he would have said that right there with a database it would daddy instantly you know and same but because he he couldn't get on that birds out. Just look bad on his garden and a fan. Right right in it but not always act not only that the media also they'll blow it up because. Nobody fitting thing after the press conference he took he went on Twitter and we've heard about it but battled through hours after the press conference no one else but sit and think about it until he got to stranded Boca. No and that's true but you know like cam Cam Newton does I'm blue chip on the shoulder that's going what is he does hey can I do and what if right there on parent I have the football player yeah. Von Miller is in his Ed good. Everybody could go broke the back you I guess it was above what's your name mining or what do you say Corning. Okay so I think he ever days you didn't have argued. He should it now I want to obviously outfield all the women there and that America. But yeah hit that one perfectly to that reporter. Did you get. I feel it offended because I wouldn't be chatting in the streets. And I'm a female and one guy coming over by an extraordinary how you know what you you know how did what I'm I'm like yes I do well prove me wrong here. Now let me ask you something you're in the trucking industry cracks cracks so this means that you're surrounded by men constantly. So I I don't tell me if I'm wrong but you must hear these kind of comments. All the time cracked. OIBM all the time I had one yesterday it looked at the minute I walk out and tell him he goes yeah you're hot you're here. They and I. I'll now and do you get pissed off and he responded angrily every single time or is it kind of just like all right I'm used to what I I've got myself into I know what I do for a living. And I'm kind of used to live I think I'm okay his Leon because they aren't. I mean women who knew everything that a man. Ice and then there. It is only in her book here OK because you guys both work in an environment where there's tons of men sometimes. You you're treated like one of the guys because we think of US one of the guys and and we never wanted to disrespect you in that matter. But because you're around guys so much like NAFTA related to Tunisia played a little sister right. So this conversation when we country like one of the guys they're disgusting nine. This they don't. That they Ledbetter a junkie and I disaster. Okay Bob. I only got yeah I think you. All right in right now and I. Yeah. It's really mean this does seem you. Daria you've got everybody partly the Mike at all if you can hear around me that you don't know my neck and reforms Nady got a little lock. I'm gonna tell you I'm shocked by both of their conversation. The ads end yeah no I agree I don't lie I bust out the Bible says it turns in the bitty kids. The life. I am 38. I don't think that quick talking to each other like yeah I pay your Friday may be coming in the Middle East county right Giuliani. Some of the very fact I. We this is all said and I think this Jordan Rodrigue chick is an ideal color chickens aren't. Rodrigue reporter as she can position that Ken since the holiday try to just like debt why Eddie deadwood jordin whenever they. Is she didn't apologize OK want all of this the right you can't Rodrigue. Juries. I mean they'll apologize for taking the out of her last me quite. Petty be proud of me Rodriguez. I'm proud to be Rodriguez. It's bigger than the bad. Come night at the end of. There while we holding professional athletes on higher standards and our president of the United States. And that's stroke like yeah I can't speak diet anymore louder than that I really doubt that mr. Bremer in the risky to. So I came within an endorsement you know you don't. Yeah I seventeen therefore not one of them plans or did this all day long takes like six final three to continue the conversation coming up. The thing is losing your girlfriend female rap Latin American Express bleeding when I had the run them they money down. Yeah OK okay yeah well seven. Ian Bailey had big fancy singer was reportedly slapped with a lawsuit for not paying her credit card bills on time. According to slash EOs around 299000. Dollars as of September 5. And I thought my credit card pads were barely more bad. Yeah at this should not be many more basketball players to help. LA lakers on the aisle and I love what happened already Leone last six foot plastic. No word on the scene of that little lane allegedly had a secret sign a woman named Kyoto watching claims she hooked up with Wayne back in 2001. Now according to the jasmine Branson says that she got pregnant by Wayne and have a fan in February 2002. Get a one man one way to pay child support so she went to court in 2015. To establish paternity and surprisingly he was ordered to run her hurts like a five K. Friends alleged Sunday yet hat but has yet to do so length camp says he never received legal papers. Informing him that his that he is the teen's father Brendan Fehr the par five K for fifteen years. I don't know how CN OK okay I don't way to the other day Florida other further be electric big red yeah. I don't know manager Murray this game on TV do you plan to hang up Betty what I think it was not apologizing is Nick Cannon 31 apologized for his performance. During a Catholic university homecoming weekend in New Jersey the comedian TV personality spoke out of fear over the weekend and during the court university homecoming and reunion. An official that the school so can disregard of the terms of his contract. And cross the line of offense of whereas that do not represent the school's core values camera spotted via Twitter writing I mean apologizing for. We I'm sorry you university of them believe in freedom of speech so calm while you get any minute now I'm not saying that they can't let it. In a public school. I cannot say we need headlight bracket that. No doubt they know coming to read I had heard and those stories and more inside they'll receive rocky day back culinary quick sorrow DJ Gallo. Number one is the need to Esposito here kids. Sale and save this. So the part of us seventeen phones in a row we do it every day Monday through Friday 715 yet. About 910 so it's all about the music maybe they see you around as we get right yeah yeah. Therein do you know you might skidding to a little action if you will lie and not me on lockdown now returned immutable. I think I try to do things I. How about this but it's like yes Tony yeah. Not everybody knows what I'm not on the weekends when you DJ you know your. None of them while I'm just getting ready to shoot and kill me anyway so what we've all been in this situation. As far as. What this wasted telling the media may mean. They without. I wasn't the only thing you know rephrase the question we've all been in this situation when it comes to one night stand before right. Tony don't lie and the city then not having definitely the man who yes OK I never had a baby in high school. The penalty unilaterally and a one hour every in the Bible Bible. Well. Exciting I realized hey you know I'm no going to swell we found Leon. Heard county school anyway we have a good question what is it for you gotta when it's down before I guess many many around any minute. Hey man behind its annual person all of many team work now not gonna count were now I'm. Anyway so we here's the thing is so many think it is obviously didn't go out I have one night stands and you know do whatever they get your business for me. Jones had little bell that is outs from the apple is coming. Trouble fresh out what I could miss OS. Minority got in trouble for that way let's get to the point is it bad Eddy Cue to sneak out after he had one nice down with somebody and is that. I don't know hours and we're done. Well I didn't say a word. And then Seattle I'm feeling kind of person like I wanna sit there and pillow talking cuddle with deal. I myself to snap out of killing time that put the clothes on and get out and I'm always down here. I ready every time it doesn't happen to mean these situations I always end up like. Falling over their cows or knocking over a chair with the mother know like oh you're not gonna say until I actually am not. But I think I don't think it's got anything at all I don't think we'll talk in the it is not rude or. Etiquette goes out the window when you have the one makes campaign though. Yeah men were. Plus a moral authority then you know and give whatsoever done so we can now when everything okay here's a well here's the thing of. For me according. I did leave it up on the other yeah. Oh yeah. It was we don't need special I hit the one night instead of looking Pocatello one trick. Furthermore I. And so maybe you got my mom in the other room I'm like okay you've along I did that she's baggage or do you listen. Huge shot I'll listen. The gig if there was me moon and I happen to have a one night stand never before I got married. Okay I would say you don't have to stay with you should definitely tell the person that you're leaving do I think it's rude you did they get there and while I'm time. They know hey I'm ushered back. I have got to say soon. Would you my shirt back on OK OK okay and do you communique after the resign and media tags I'll say yeah they unlock your door but I mean one. Tech's next week and if it was nice little bomb okay might get a follow up what you do women more than you yeah. I don't create a good deputies now do. Or you got the number actually I mean they took me. You guys are rude when my. Standards I'm not rude when you go your free can root I don't think it's rude. Lou I really doubt I don't think that there's etiquette when it comes about I got the pros at the one nightstand season shown Brodie can then I. I want to say I'm offended here Z Jordan and yes. Okay I'm OK okay you're not pros which meant when I said before thank him but oh and you know taking that. You don't think it's bad any keep denounce a game we might think hypothetically if I have one it would be bad. Okay so do 04 and yeah cutting. I'm sorry there's there's they don't want my dad you don't have a hard. This scenario it's bad any kid for one night stand and. Outlined here seems to eat sleep seventy. Reported 91 of them 56 minus 69803 Telus tell us and we want to know why. Tony season Jones on kiss on them by happy Friday isn't bad etiquette for one night stand to sneak out while he or she sleeps obviously have no experience in this. Many of them I use this hair when you say. OK so I was kind of developed storied battle plan B and one of my coworker where you know we are different. And I think we're right now I'm like yeah you uglier than a regular eye opening at 1 o'clock spoke not a waiter or whatever you have well you know. In my little better but look do you actually didn't really catch it girl could put my. There are incomplete. And then I'd go you label it did his arm off yeah label all out there but as the drop the overall dining. Actually the man yeah. You dropped around where. He felt of that you don't read layer of we got it out bluntly I Taylor but I did it why aren't you sick. While. Bound volume like four years ago we don't like that it they have we have Patrick talked about it it every bit out with it. No way. Australia has. Should be got liberal pros and again. I'm all right one night stand for a face guarding you but thank you isn't Zimbabwe's your name. Great which is story Europe went there and I don't think that etiquette at all the moon saying you can pin I have put my color one I've temporary generation. Eileen any forget what it can make it takes tell me any outlook. So we Levy I don't need to tell you anything you are going out there alone. Yeah and then now I wanna get back within southern in the morning and I wanna pretty bland amber hello my own surprise I want my own cap for my hair. And that's why I always got good for you to go the other person's house and not your house. So we don't wake up the you have played under big time golf. Nothing that I don't want you fail over here can leave the. All down there and I don't think you could. Save your physical letting cars so welcome to the really rely meg getting on leaving not while I'm we're going out and so again no feeling Spiezio out there and you connect again at the club founded Ellis connected to any of the. In as Diego county. It's about 700 for you now one of them 56 Wednesday night you three isn't bad etiquette for a one night and just. While he or machine is sleeping. Tony sing show seventeen songs dinner roll and 7 o'clock hour waxes and get the iron 8 o'clock hour we unanimity through Friday he'll believe discount. Kirk at seventeen and therefore you and I went 075. Is it bad etiquette for a one night stand to sneak out while he or she sleeps. Jones and seized say hey Omaha know Tony he's is as a rude. Moral values male and even even seemed hone out here later camp. I don't feel my. Yeah Federer if you like me more gives you know if he's seventy here avoid them it doesn't five pilots are named John you're really does say brown. Basically. I say I came out to be remembered so. I'm okay. Regarding a situation that's always you have to you have to let them know you had a great night. You know if anything elsewhere throughout that could be a very fond defensive about it. Let's just and I always aim to wake up before they do because like thing you want to overstay your welcome. And also been a curator. Popping gone by the time she wakes up beneath what sort of remembers it you probably don't want you matter if you win over weight enough you won't remember you don't. So let me do a deal just drop your business sorry before you. Absolutely not like we were number on the night then okay you warned that one happily leave that fruit basket that now. I raise my. How great honor of Jeter. You give me Matthew not only me all you don't get the rescue harmony. So they can go good flowering renowned again. All. They're ego. All you gotta do at least from humanity that. Hey do me. I don't go to thing you know you're being out one's body or what I guess some of them I was your name luckily I think Max. Cinematic treat you know and understand that hostage situation you know you gotta. They've got I have to turn the release throughout the way you know like. You know like god I don't have any food I got a serial dinner club with its. I'm not sure I'm not sure and he's on the militant now. I make sure that other keys to override a movement make sure they go back to where they get their flu you know we talk to all they got the right I want and I expect this thing returned by the way things. It's got a Lotta Lotta Lotta. Stop one billion or so you know it completely in return I'm I'm not I'm not affected by any means. Like this I'll match my child not even a goodbye I think you look scooter OK yeah. Really nice brown followed suit other reality heard from women and men on an Alley got one out of 425. Yeah bad dude that may make people with a road basically for this. The board so. I'm an online banking committee anywhere any of these slumped in her leave room it's something. I mean I thought Jon Mann mine well. There's no we're calculation of bank AG.