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It shows in the morning good morning happy Thursday mile high city man the fog is well how are you here has time blindfolded. I tell you GM car you know come down I'm let's go are you check. Be nice man. I was glad my mom and the things that I'm very go home. Among Marlon here and I got a car EA did and I got to work out of the mug any of these guys in case you don't know Jones geo prism from 1980. There in his car I don't know I think we trying to. Listen we have a couple hardly seems that you found that in my opinion in new car. How low interest three indoor thing is our car right there there I don't know all right don't do endorse them in Arizona but I'm not ready you know cardiac. There are ready okay Aaron is trying to fix is 92 car and how many miles city's flu. My 400000. It smells like booty in a slight you know you'll families like run through it actually grow the whole thing. Daily. Exaggerated the story but I'll go with her. Yeah it's true there's no exaggeration. I am totally false and come out at all in. I don't know how you take the lavender color car broke but whenever this happened here I doubt whatever about. Can easily right amounts cards were today gag I want you kind of get your mom got tired a shot out how we are told my car from a creative. The mechanic your Zamir. Javier relievers for all your tone needs days we may need him when we may yeah. I mean I need friends men now I don't mom in the city come say mean we're not mad that we will talk I need any single name out. Real heroes are a good thing that we did your part Iraqis yes they make a big deal out of it because they would grand opening gray coat good. Oreo line. It was over just as soon as this started because I turn on the TV there was six nothing we were down soon. Then gasoline you also look you know when the show's over I'll stretch not about the Rockies. Well I didn't matter that would create no manei Graco said the boroughs. Forget these guys Iraqi busy that it's get after I finish here way to miss that rocked over the right over. Now comes the franchise yeah. We always you never plug everybody putting Mary go. As we have Iraqi dead they're getting mad at us for eight list. You don't win you got to win to be a champion that's all he does say boo hoo I PSI so rocky fans out there if you're mad at us we got something good. Good for you okay yeah he caller seventeen and 71 he won't give some primary compound tickets. One of the scariest Connor has the mind sitting underneath an old low while tell us have a talk with. With six when he read there's a 67 joint next one might ask does anyone hear them therefore you also real quick I wanted to notably you're gonna be armed tonight we're gonna go to the Denver zoo. It's. Dot Dino styles titles after dark it's their resume and my Mexican game analyses. Deals are going to be there that I know who died nose at the American Embassy now Thursday nights there's 21 another bit off tonight so when I. Does that mean that alcohol yes we see. EG we have to put a smile my could be. Like Mary Tyler who imagine now tonight is how night when he won though it goes down from 630 to 9 PM we're gonna yeah. Now and then there are trying to. Good guys went out doing and then there is this is dreading this I think I'll I'll join wanted to everything. Just say I'm done. Gabrielle hello yeah. Stephen Breyer mend these are reducing their receipts and everybody you crowd maybe it's Johnny Damon Jones in the morning good morning hope. Your communities safe it's a pretty foggy throughout the my city so I take it slow you're gonna need they're just be patient and you Jones had obviously use his mom's car too small hole what deceitful they had. Why it's written this Barbara downright they had on me and then that the total what is Jones can't even change a tire yeah I mean I. All alone fix whatever is wrong with this we take you to mechanic right. It's accept the mechanics shop right now but can't because I guess I don't wanna order the parts for those scars Leesburg. I don't know how it's I haven't not a deal of them good. But the hunt applied the same thing it's not anyway your handsome and we're gonna right because you can't obviously thinks that you need your mom mechanically I'm. Hey bro I can read it but I'm jumper cables on my. The gas jumping might have the death your right and then there's other things that you don't do physically is like yeah I remember you telling me that. Your domain sees. That you were sitting there watching your family put the fence can you just sat there a key. Speaker Aaron Miller. A lot of things that tells you guys don't know I don't understand. I'm your image show your the end. Tuesday. The road so on that you know it's it's kind of crazy because Jones you're not alone okay there are a lot of people who can't like even you know bleed the radiator. They can't put defusing the flood living soon card thanking your chance you know they can't even like it if they totally get stuff they can't even Mike. I'm you know get a plunger and no I don't know I don't all of welcome I'm in the bathroom and I mean I'm gonna do that they won't do the toilet and I'll probably apartment people. Really gave back a month do you bass flower. That's probably why well it also depends on what's clogging it yeah if it's a dirty totally I give Tampa but things teacher hands dirty sticking in there may get out. I can own there's a there's a huge percentage of people they can even music clothing drive here. Hell that's terrible they won't change light bulbs so I mean here's the thing you will what are some of the things they each view. Whether it's a chore or something that you need to do. That they're worth paying someone else to do you call the apartment complex for your toilet. Gap when I was definitely I. I have made kind of like Rosalind you. Mean it's all about time management would that I feel I do not feel like every doing it's I read it pays someone to come through and act clean about. Yeah you're tired you word all day and then sometimes Mozilla leg everyone wants the clinic on the weekend a weekend like when he pulls the chill I'm worried. Every time but I really years like you spend literally a whole day on cleaning your house. I will say like the recent weeks and I haven't had semi like Rosa Linda come through. They've added that in in an hour I get it loosens her up super early I can get it done like a Saturday morning super quick so you pay someone a blood but I. I want to do it but I wrote get a daddy and save a little bit of money exactly. Love so early and I have made her name is Amy. Okay Lou. We morning I'm. Totally kidding. This Olivier if you're not kidding aren't you mad anyway on the couch in my toll on our world powers so yeah. Ace Jeff Berg I appreciate you go dude it's. Anyway so I mean pretty much like if I can't do it. I used to be and I'll try to give them around like paper to give them another while basking in my yesterday about my car I knew that you worked on cars. Well enough and while I was trying to help you opinion we got the part for more ready you know the way not just because Jones is why you under the blue with Jiri none of the car to try to fix it this went okay. And let's onetime retain my I had my farming if you really aggravated flat out okay with a big makes us and god is wash your working again lack. How did the whole thing apart you really can't bomb Baghdad you mix don't play your toilet girl I guess you cool the current day. 0491005. What chores are worth paying someone else to do because. It doesn't mean your lazy maybe you're just over you don't wanna do it. Or maybe you don't know how to do and that's OK yesterday where in the world today where odds service industries giving huge so what chores there was pain for. Someone else to do 170 for now was about text landed six 803 that is well. Oh how many days until a bunch is on with some five what chores are worth paying someone else to do. There's a lot of them especially on our text trying to fix my maid of three picking a dog who definitely hands down oh yeah one of the worst things scenario I hated Boone. Luke cleaning your events and your home I had to do that and I've probably never well that's. Sucks yeah I'm never gonna I'm proud to have someone come do you have that the professional great okay. And when prisons and my daughter's hair isn't sure I do pay people to do it. Know a lot of fellows did that all the time they he do in the batter's hair and I know my I enjoyed when our game value of first going in common they're unlikely to. Let's try to outdo myself every time so. Everything really really nailed down that phony Delray. By pony yeah no I haven't had a departure rate in no mood to on the side. They tells me decade go to their content is one of them via FaceBook page Megan said that the bathroom and changing that cat litter box while. Now don't have a cadre on the change to cat litter box yeah. Open your counsel to time it is not. Brittany says this is I hate doing this is hollow especially the the pants. The food when it comes. Thought our more ground. Escorted out the Sonja and other sticky stuff yeah. Images they're fourteen wins them five is this. Mentally SA Euro. I have a day of play here without any amount that they had to leave the area I don't like cleaning the bathroom that in the regular I don't like me that it. I'm up there might be diet. Really busy that it. Yes my nose big old old old cubs do they act like really did in May discover are the worst I hate accept that that's my without one of them for sure. Plays in charge of. It will do we operate like very bad like hey you wanna get a bit of money morihiro Boehner. Hey good added that it we will act very. Oh yeah I won't feel bad they didn't like I really hate that that you didn't like. It hurt both that we will dissect it at the you know about Eckert. Oh that's hilarious he's dance floor yeah. How did silly feud I thought I was mad at me right here. No luck my belief my diet maybe it'd it'd say 88 point. I looked very active duty as a and clean and she. Bill I'm not know where it's not like an innate it's like I appeared at MI. Know this why he doesn't weekly though it just so I found out we're very well once a month I'm getting married really do it but is tracking united all the white that was that flight. Why did Larry Gallo was I didn't play live men being. Well it's simple thing helping me if I'm an idiot hey Perry make it clear out of my near LA when he hit it. I think sometimes the. Cochran the bull stakes and she needs out. I. Yeah I'd bet no but I guess assume I would your name. We SA bureau would shores are worth paying someone else to do. Flood generally I just met foul play that part and regulate it at any of the cars get violent hateful. I'm think by email are also that would make them you play like yard where I want your yard play and most everybody did yeah. That they sent migrant from Iwo Caspian nobody's on Paris tomorrow on mine Don I'm. Isn't there I love it. Yeah I won't do it and then Molina. Well as a that you like doesn't everything have to expect the Arctic. You came did you lock them Leyland the they actually come pet think yeah I guess some of them by the name and a and we got to Sager would sores are worth paying someone else to do. All men and I can't afford Abbott's quarterly gain more. If someone kill clean my house and do my laundry yeah. More. That because those people back hey if I'm idiotic I'm maybe. Okay your card you're tired you wanna do it and the thing about laundry is. I don't think the laundry is the hard part and drawings are part is the folding part. Big flap them. I went and maybe it's like all the cool what it is but now it looks like I don't and have four kids. Eight is it all 1513. And any person I saw him on tour alum who want. That's why you made them. Okay I. I may yet. You're creating your words at home state that's what you think you for the call up thinking you quoted a UQ do FYI men take notes if you know your wife with a laundry or your girlfriend she will love you forever well am I. I promise you. You will get some you can. Big dinners. Everything will be nice at home and yeah. Seventeen to 0491 of them five we'll continue the conversation his what's yours are worth paying someone else to do just. Tony season Jones I guess on some five what chores are worth paying someone else to do seven to 0491075. Hi who's this area. Well yes they bureau particularly news yeah. So my value it perfectly so well. Yes OK hey you know you came to shipman. Wow. I think your room that put me see this payment check in the out the most is my good at nineteen every week. They drive into work Nen in my head nightmare I even put little like a much at this time in the life relax a little bit. But that would kill a mere 700 now Obama wow. How we you have somebody do an apple used to call silver yes. I know them then they'll charge me like that I know the month. It is 25 dollars like one way a lot of money hero known now for not for seven months she says she would do that she'd say she was doing okay. I know wouldn't he acknowledges Palin that they did you know the premier election held my requested Tony beats. If you can I be at my house every morning F 445 with a cup of coffee. I'm sure I'll fry with his shirt off no escaping if you Mexico Lola. You've won a mother and. Former lovers. I appreciate you look bad but my love San Diego and I view my kids. What's your name a good Williams says there. I totally think they're any shorter. Should be paid for bird. I feel very. There people are sharing Blake if you fire fight ever Big Ten AM right however much you won't bring Troy you ordered them to do. I think you should pay so much interbrew way ever doubt your dog and well I guess I really I. Jason got it takes like this 68 at three foot shores are worth. Paying someone else to do I guess we'll see him as the future eager to see how long awaited album that this really dynamic play who it is met through. Everything easy Jones on JS awesome class I gotta read this story for you guys that those pretty hilarious. Since mom ended up with her dress up in the middle of the Starbucks the other day. Thanks to her overactive son. And this lady blogs on her blog page she's waiting to order her koskie is he felt this cool breeze honor but. And she lived down she saw that her son was wearing her dress in the back. Like a with their granny pennies. Oh well lasting relief tower this new guy asked that we see from the underside extracted from the dress and went to order Drew Brees the the guy to older ate some and pay for it and he said it was from a plan. If you check out kid got that many. It's though. I know yeah he's out there never embarrass me down much in public but that's like I found the family gatherings and things like that boot. She's definitely call me now is in Baghdad. You got big Chichi. I. I'm like. Right on runs like I do book I'm Digi beta mama how. They thought I limit insert that she's compared to get that she really knows what she's talking about she's really trying to offend me try yeah. They're honest broad give their honest and they would embarrass you out of my man yeah for sure we've done it's our parents or what about time when your parents are telling the story. And you know they allege they kind of you know go a little too far they need the and two if you will yeah you're like no surgeon after my dad apple like this is kids all but deep down. And they'll put you on the west. Hello my yellow yeah. I doubt you knew even then what is talking about. They don't lie either man they tell the truth not somebody June paid their own whatever so you can definitely get get out of alive from the kid right. You ever measure Q your parents and public. Say he's growing up from sir I did you think I'm sorry go ahead for sure that your body is feeling you know do you acting not acting crazy. I'm going to south on the ground and you don't get what you want to write ICQ my dad and store all time I go matter are. Finished crying up a storm and if it's kind of defense says you're gonna go to China. Really this store. As out of that I have my gosh I'm not entree. All bears much either from everybody so you better let it get in line they are you know it so yeah I'm right down. I think everybody's experienced this how have you or hug your kids embarrass you in public. 720489175. Text landed 69803 Huey definitely want to hear your starting. Sony saying Jones I guess there was some five planned the most music in the mile high city this our seventeen songs in a row have a all of your kids embarrassed you in public 170491. Awesome five hi what's your name and I know that you get to a USA. A bunker and my daughter like a coffee up to people who by the human YE. Laugh when she Internet from mom probably didn't want or a lot. They saw the job you're welcome I guess it was about what's your name. And it got how have your kids embarrassed do public old when outlook. A recap about one school I had my three year old daughter with the agenda go to bathroom so I had to go to the metal baton. Go to her little money in there and now projected at first there was nobody in their associate minister of order being and I moved. So we were ordered. Ed at two of them moved if somebody wanted she said dad don't just. Say no he died when I walked out with my daughter. The guy who can I mean I've got to do something with my daughter not look it was such. Oh yeah oh yeah. You have man you got like all three down like GOLF Magazine good for me he could definitely unintentional row. They actually come up that you know yeah you got up my grip few precincts UIG is 1005 what's your name brand of land where he has a plan my. Earlier. Oh yeah and then that he doesn't like it Koppel live. So one day we went out in public in her dad had asked me some sense and the quantity but he had sent him cheap bad. Bad. Mom than the value alive. And he would like mom's gonna have realized. It's that he up. There's not measured that they don't why Eric she lied about I had great faith in the guys at all in all I'd get back at the store would like standing right there at the counter at the time. Just announced they have heard it and they were like you're Bob but writers by. My momma the why did you know I've heard many small and I don't know I don't like the car and Oprah thought you meant then but momma not a diet stupid yet you live mob. Yeah you're right you're probably your foot and a great leader McDonald's you can pay me to make a vote for it here I'm here. You better not happen the next time I exactly exactly if they usually go ahead think you know. Kids who puts you on blast with honesty because they have faith in you and if you let him down pay a little about how man let's wrap. I go male and 170491. Of them five declined to 69803. How have your kids embarrass you in public money Mormon. Tony Singh has shown such as clueless about what we have a great morning what shores are worth paying someone else to do seven to 04891 awesome five I lose this great. How have your kids embarrassed to public. Well I think potty training my friend so I might like it betrayed him every time he goes good about their own. So we rather rent dry and I got out of that bath there okay he stands up get on the chair back crappy boat. Yeah mom you pull off playing well. Yeah honesty. That look I mean it's crazy because kids that have been nurses but just by being honest I out. I don't think it through that time Bay Area. He's been around it. They really come here now on I guess it was about what's your name nick what I'm going to say. So we went to Wal-Mart if we get a cup looking and then we walked by it one of the emergency exit came pushed open the door after I pulled or not to touch it. Setup although loans we think we didn't care until if somebody came. CN shot with a where you might think that Google. I saw you I mean they're their way out of this likely to give him around here. I don't think I don't wanna do exactly what from my work habit like they're just gonna be like what happened and yeah American a look at the camera. CNN they're gonna do feel right and I think. Let's look at my pick say they've benefited definitely an embarrassing moment for ensuring that everybody is like looking at a fight happened right I'm like oh my god. Myself wearing effect there and pick what they're not too. Not saying yeah here's the criminal you and I and they've always been like oh my goodness it percolate. Five minutes at least five minutes if somebody gets and it felt like for earth like getting out of it was Buckeyes that Jesus film of the car and wound right. Latin that yes as you do it it was aware of what it really amazing and thank god think I just lose them I was your name we're guessing your. So we won't my me. I would put Kobe went to an event an admission for fiction and carelessly so each I think that she was sick as he loudly as. No mom I'm embedded. 06 today your birthday you did you send and hey who say you are sick. The game. Does on the last play. Got a great regular teeth they're pretty good. No mom I'm fine. Yeah thank you for the job. We welcome Alec that you think you know you know and when we yeah that's money the struggle with money. You are you kidding it is free right well. Our so our day year. Under fire your board today I had a that would yeah absorbed through Hawaii like yeah she's since he's not old enough feel Ohio. My sleeve yeah Jonathan on the laugh right Steve OMO. Her I did something down embarrassed that I. You opened up with the wrong topic what chores are worth paying someone else to do is actually how do we know what's your talk about Tony I miss my possessions are. Sometimes sometimes that's got to let you go Tony can we wanted to feel it's okay thanks and then you know I'm okay. It's no real good to have you liked it yourself top. You're like yourself. Oh man hey huge I don't hate you with a we're gonna move months Nelson. He's so sure it. You know they didn't talk about it. Only on KM 1075. I. Limited Eminem longtime producer who is supporter announced the rapper is new album is finished mr. Porter recently told fans. I'm working on Eminem's new album and now we are done how about that he didn't say when the album will be released our way and single will be shared. And in the last full lanes so Daniel how closely they're eighteen from the market some out is how Pete's film. Are you ready so. Seem like you're so excited I. I had that locked in on night anatomy Eminem unlike Eminem went a non not a big fan and I'm him I'm here I'm here. AM this first down that the about it but I'm saying you like one songs what did do a lot of stress at the station because when I'm in the mix show. I have a goal and I do is going real good in the next you know. I'm afraid is something new web fun. Linux Friday night and I got the momentum of the. You web vote. What's going on don't worry you don't agree upon is now our music. It might convince me the whole album and not all. Golf how they'd send them about your living best life after nine years they've behind bars OJ Simpson's living now Las Vegas mansion located near a golf course the 5000 square foot property at five bedrooms five and a half bathrooms. A backyard putting green and pool OJ will partly be staying here for the next few months. These figures out his next move I he was not spotted on Monday on the putting green by a pool. And entertaining his daughter out the property ever if you live there for years. The football star has a sizable nest egg making over 400000. From his NFL consumed since the time he was put in prison I didn't know oh dad anymore France. You would let them before they also all the mouth I. Got no red everybody know is Susan in Homer Simpson going into the bush I don't know that do I wanted to improve the grand I don't know. I currencies get it started Sophia Ritchie is reportedly dating Kourtney Kardashian and X stock is sick and not doesn't really sit well with this thing Eric. And you jazz of American Idol now when asked if he was happy for the couple Ritchie said I'm scared to death are you kidding me. 34 year old to think and indeed in nineteen year old Sophie S since September and the two women to Graham official during a trip to Miami. Mr. Graham Fisher I mean that's too big of a government I would amend it. Now as this just too far power demands where's that from what I hear from my vision enemies can go to clubs venerable drink and he had that technically how many years let's owning. Torn he knows. Display cases we've 15:50. Eastern news this morning and you're a teenager she was even born yet he was already like you know doing his thing like he started looking. Other chicks yeah. And now she didn't really excel tool and even a little bit. These stories and more brought seats they Michael O'Leary could start.