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Friday, October 20th

If you missed Friday morning with Tony, Cedes and Chonz. 10-20-17


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Portal on the way to show the maybe I'll do JS 107 I want the zone read play. Eight cities she knows there. Tony things. Brian yeah and I. Jones and another was not a bad. Sometimes yeah you updating you next see yes there for the raiders and is still wide gal that's that you get. Man that's what you just for the raiders. Nabbing tens zillow anything. Whether or you're on the air heated mom heard it into what to look the problem with that ever a moment there and problem okay this a laughing matter really read no. The Kansas City Chiefs hit one of the players to Marshawn Lynch has players back he ran onto the field to break really from Oakland right. He's really from doing any good to get. They're either really promote well no sooner did don't forget that he ran onto the field all the dance and. Thought right I saw when you bet I'd give them that we want some you want some. They're bouncing all over the place he he ran onto the field the referee got in the way any grabbed the ref like he was gonna toss him. Hello Larry every I love you can't guess who represent all I am not here out he had never goes my family. Realizing that hey bear hey I was on the bench and I took on the bench do you put car on the big hits and scored thirty point oh my god. And every year is horrible. Mo don't ever count out there Carlos I want don't lose money moderator thank you know I'm moderator famine don't count out their car. Welcome guys vision that I Lucio and low key cheering career because. Can see he has actually been better record so yeah. The right those are the Broncos use cheese to lose big time so. Yeah we low key had to cheer for quick and humiliate everybody low key element in the city checking its movie and I'm I'm never gonna work hard out although raider haters. Because you were low key room for the raiders he had to hear and read and how the great game out there was. Really they won the last what two seconds the main key to your touchdown pass those don't still soaking graduation season they do you allow. Collect my dad oh yeah we. Yes we gave you that bella to me you sure you. Who would pick is man run the replay because he did I do the replays yeah ever mindful that there are no I had no I was at every show Ariel there was no promise you thought on the 333 play. I just so the raiders are playing the chiefs tomorrow what's going on. They're gonna lose yeah I agree and they're gonna land coming from me I don't think we should that I don't think we should make it. Yeah you know I yell yeah it back where he said he. I really don't remind what I am pretty. Why don't her. I'd figure given everything that's not my does that suggest it was clear four times they give you chance to win a a thousand dollars every single time I got the key word for he's been great friends Friday that she cast also seventeen songs in a row. By the way. I can't even yesterday I think eighteen. And I don't forget coming up 61 I don't nuggets Kingston. This season home home opener tomorrow night against the kings that celebrate their fiftieth anniversary and also 855. We are looking you up by the New Year's. Kiss was a bumpers and the show with the lead them to see New Year's Eve on the rocks using on the rocks like that's enough because due out until I was trying to time Iraq what do you cheer than you. He does have going on and I. I know no bounds saw the cheers Pete keeps your road is your security and all thing military and the right now they take. And our I don't know how. I don't think he's just like his rooms and five we are super excited then it's Friday of course it's easy cited that the raiders won. Since. Then sorry I don't break. Your clone and my guys that always hasn't. A lot of it's. Let you know is crazy toll reminds me of the study that I saw and I might be too much into this with Smartphones are harming our ability to concentrate. Like it's doing so. Do you disprove anything. Hey look exactly. Apparently you went shopping I didn't know. Halfway pay attention when it what happens tonight here in the phone and then you're halfway listening to the conversation really though that's. I can see that Tony. Yeah Good Friday yeah. For me there isn't good if not close enough. I'll go live now to look you in the mayor's you're not paying attention a little. I unsolicited sales are not know. Because we we did this yes now if you ask Hamid doing it. We're Gradison grove wrote quake hit one of the guys talking just and I can't checking my phone so I think we all have that habit right cool color. On that no. If you do you reckon the day not magna name a few years ago. Phones and have all these. Right so each made a phone call he sends text message by using the numbers to dial. Like I made only place I. They got the big thing. I'd say man I'm like my baritone when you have very many after them out of being a part of you invited the numbers have gone out and turned back we're 997. Some majors I'm now we value your. It's. Up for anyways so this is what made me think about this is if you could only have one app on your phone what would be. And love in third and stuff in the store and I'll come go FaceBook connect Reno there's a lot more you can read I. Remember it's remember this cry baby on hook one out. Into the brand of the some quake in. You can stay at the all day long career long post that you just don't wanna read. I don't like to read. I don't know I had I don't know why it is not everyday I do not let there be. The pictures don't like space would all you do is what okay what about the texting an actual phone app opponent not an answer yes OK okay. Not at an almost all right hey if you go on your phone right now and you go like our if you have a iPhone and you know you wanted to lead apt. Enemies that have shake yeah you can't delete your uncanny X out the phone though your daughter doing it may turn out well. The Burrell I'm up by the actual information because you don't. I'll find him off from a hole in the seventies therefore I'm gonna symbolic is not a map wanna know first and foremost what app. It gives you only choose one what apple it would be on your phone OK I'm see Amsterdam FaceBook. They need FaceBook Zynga and FaceBook you guys are readers. Like three they're always drama like to hear about complain there's no doubt like stories. And I drama collectors sorry that I like this story on this tough talker like if you with one on there. Images there for now 1005 and you can only keep one app on your phone what would it be and that includes the phone and Jelena at. Nowadays I don't think that that that's it's considered an app if you know better than we do it is I've come to try to who has invited finds the information is well. That is right now. They don't drink so this isn't just a kiss on some five if you don't Rambo one app on your phone what would it be including the phone and takes up no good. He's done out of that little. I don't care what you say those are considered app is now even people I think finance the plan 803 the phone is a part of the service like comes to which your phone glad he looks like them. It's an act it's not an out if it looks like you have to act like it after it's a god dang apple. Female led 69803 again out pinch as the all day I can live without the rest of them. Won't the school I hate it gives you tips on like that where you can find everything clicking and. Like it I'm flash why you gotta love Mac I'm why I don't lovely girl but he made everyone download. All let me remind you guys do my news crew about it and you've got rid of real pitchers that know yeah I know refusing. Like you and says I mean go from if you're related you know binges. Yeah I was straight I wasn't getting anything on my count. I think we don't get the picture clearly. Never good a case for both. I'm glad it's flashbacks happened. Dario says junior. Larry I just joking I guess I'm like what it's only I heard you say that fantasy football I think he's now. Okay yeah have been doing this even though learn exactly you're beyond the aromatic. C'mon man you reminisce and turn your phone. So easily gone Egypt Yemen to apps aren't earned Irene says bic camera happened now let out. Yeah is this the job row seat I mean yes you every citizen of monster month it's okay. 208 UI control that over here bra strap yourself. Seventeen therefore not one of them five let's go to and a c'mon girl if you only keep what up on your phone bill would be. Love I can keep playing out that would be my game back since I'm going to Chicago. It would be my kid after. Banks Abu. We don't got any free tickets for you. Yeah no freebies. You somewhat relate to now we really appreciate that yes I'm hoping like I would yesterday. Thanks for the call girl wanted to live I live and I guess who's a voucher then how am bullish what do you say girls you can only keep one app on your phone would you would be no doubt consider meet feel the bullpen that's a good pig man can they keep you up to date on everything. What I just gonna say Detroit current events you know obviously there's no promotion out of business so it's all the paint the pictures so what better way to insulate yourself but not go through I. Or Illinois gag laurel and obviously you don't like to read yeah. What has sagged that count you know I snag the back down I. It's a man does have the best filters big but you know I don't know we're talking about how fanatical way and I occasionally go girl. Maybe I won't thank you isn't Zimbabwe what's your name that. What do you think your own that it be viewed yeah I want to wait you don't forget that yeah really so yeah I don't make a hard I want play. Ali I all the tutorials raising your day. Tutorials. At videos like pictures of that school know him I hate thanks for the call her own. My kids who was above what's your name there it was a row or don't worry if you could only keep one up on your phone when Libby. There are not a broad day you don't know our addiction. You know most of those very loyal base early seventies pictures you have videos then you like them both of them now yeah now they are very sorry are you already agreed. Read some yeah I know how it goes where no thoughts on the American home or now every bit. Or actually third street yeah. I agree sounds like it's got a lot of pictures bro yeah sometimes I guess it's. We mean here and there they go about it IRS I imagine I canceled the by what's your name. Would you say brown well. Yeah you can't look at it it would be Monday at all. I'm no going on around EA speaking did that on and the Gramm they're CNN there's MSNBC you can follow all of them and get anything that's breaking right there you go. All I'm not gloom about 31 dollars or lose oh don't worry here all. Quite the FaceBook got a hole even though going on everybody quite happy climate that each say hello anyway. Yeah. Oh I don't know what I would be happy either well I'm done. Thank you then you don't pony up the next thing after both attitudes around the download our I know we have to download. It's not a oh yeah well. 080. You go back to fox 31 looks at Newsnight all die hard Cuba thank you yeah I don't do it soon. And to get your show turner Afro. Dude if you don't have to go that App Store and download it it's not Ashraf dive. Corrales images there for now one as the bus hit the phones Roland is this already how. Did you only keep one app on your phone what would it be again and yes. Don't end it's extinct and the cameras happen to know are you there. I totally crazy Jones a kiss on a 75 happy Friday if you could only keep one app on your phone what would it be. All right let's go right here is one of them five FaceBook page Sylvia says her Starbucks. Up maybe. You have one point I don't have stomach than anyone of those apps. Mom Hanna says how about they Internet app you can do everything on the Internet. You know. Well here are beyond your money you need. You have to download don't you know we just turn your phone running on the Internet I know I think I phones come with safari right but it's. I don't know how wet spring enjoyed. I don't know I don't know about these feature apple here already on the Internet as an example I didn't love you you're playing both all night and did the phone and amended in the Internet called not go to let's not let's not be right there that's now. I. No more Carmona has said FaceBook because they have games has camera as news of my friends. You can make phone calls you go live you can send money everything I needed some basement why is solid shot. Simmons is there a story not one of them finalist to the phones will I would your game plan Germany as a hero. I don't think they work with Obama clearly like countries that all the time we faced boots on my face went out she FaceBook do I would have to shake out like 38. Do agree. Add they would having to deal of people complaining now name thing posts that are just irritating. What do you love about FaceBook I don't. Little. Okay you don't have faith okay. They usually don't I guess who's about what's your name. Our game we SA games. I you know I if I think he's one of those. It's hard. Yeah they're great workers would make Donald the McDonnell. Donald that. Good I'm only one million they have to deal. I mean you when you really pre order to McDonald's. Q I'm I'm I'm I'm just makes chicken where I don't. I don't dinner quote. Like they did feel like my old bill I'd OK we'll be right on down. What the goal of the double stacked so. The other big bag the don't give you that very. Look like Coke virtue and Canada wow I handled mail. Why all the networks staring at waiting for lunch right yeah. I don't know they usually come February oh you do then you I can't let them bother your name that is yeah you don't billion which is Abram. I'll block Maualuga I've they've done enough to keep the pool and a good driver may have been in doubt that. My name in paper map in my mind. Melamine my psyche one that I would make them know Larry paid Mac and I think anybody does and sociedad who laps that's a great choice good choice shouldn't while the click. I don't think you but I I guess who's about to name at this ulyetza. I do. They vote that's what I like you know and overall how you know that. That that. Does that fact that tech Ed would be out. Perhaps that is back part of back at move momma post media oh. Boulder area NASCAR saying we go oh. You may god they should call soon Tony. Schooling you now a speakerphone was breaking those are your. I think we're going to ask what rounds on her phone was breaking that bad say anyway very easy conversation Arctic find this explain the three people only keep one app on your phone. What would it become the less than three Eagles boutique depressant legislate a month for one member and the very popular girl group pop fun. He still flew right. You know maybe this doctor about it. Only on KM. When I was 75. He's out singer Michelle Williams about CBS the car camera built for relief thanks to suffer with the question how one point in her life now according to billboard Michelle said that I kind. Cindy she was suffering from depression because she couldn't have been by the signs I symptoms. And if that believe that they were growing pains for myself as you go beyoncé father about how she felt. And his response was also found a multimillion dollar deal you're about to go on tour what do you have to be depressed about. So I was like oh maybe I'm just tired. Yeah people who really don't know though industry have money and yet these are going while successfully in your life. Internally you might be depressed and people that don't know what someone is feeling it and list them here and all the stories about Matthew Knowles I'd be depressed at any point being around that guy. Role model of Bobby Joseph Jackson okay. I can't know everything about this though legged one unless went out there and you know pick your diagnosis because like she enjoys like she pulls out he says. The judge can't do this she miss out on the money shouldn't. Eight I think that's like Balaguer Darren law group like Leo someone of them don't so I've been the sound that I eat so that's okay. Choice writing will not IMAP. Selena fans get ready to get the weight is old words Philly will be honored on the Hollywood walk a play on Friday November embarrassed at 6:30 PM. Glad nobody cargo cleanup man oh man I'm on behalf of that. Excited where they're getting down you have matches helps like. CNN man this did not vote there some of the must also Leno all right all right so. How do I go out like gay marriage even broken into and the thieves made off with 50000 dollars worth the stuffed them right played with him around 3 AM on Thursday. Burglars got in the rule a window it looked like the latter was found in the back yard at that these Baghdad fifty K worth a person's funny glasses no Jolie or glitter. According TV you know without the home at the time Mariah is in New York City. Although the Berlin restricted file an unarmed security didn't discover the break in until about six or seven and found like and then there. Little scam going on and tell you also would be stars like. He's he came here Jason Dooley has. Or 80 K I am not even know he had sigma. An eighty K right and that's why you know this is they could 68250. Too much more realistic. About the out of this and he grows and they've crossed into like just lost forty looks okay. That's about eight or listen trophy. Philippine by the candidate like instead of courier I don't think Joba kid who some thought she always saying he thought. I had body just a hotel. It's. He. They believe my eyes that he made a devastating. Sergio Marchionne is there. Okay. Like I don't care about the cold. All you can I I was I giggle I'm not in the days after opening lower. Over for me. The people who don't. In the movies yeah. Well let me ask hey I'm going on this weekend. What's. Happy dad day. Their final moments any good movie yeah oh the movie. Being happy that day and a doorman that I'm gonna see you at the news that in him from the tiger Viet the end. No we're not running fast and there's a deserted nice. Don't know I have a copy girl thinks he's sick. That hard I don't ask don't know why do you get another way. Yeah there's some movies coming out hooting and. Every you know happy that the AM when we have people now with a knife and our attitude that's pretty come out yeah I think I what comes out of male or they are a jobless you know. I think you know he drops lot of money at the end of last year. Clearly that's not a minus a guy that this weekend is Geo Storm the snowman they likely to see you so much and big Mike actually goes and sees everything so when you listen in this afternoon. It movie reviews from him dizzy I. The for free. They think it's a picture with the poster and are summoned there. That he's pleased at the movies are there is major road from my insurance doesn't mean you could bump carmaker yes yeah yep yep they're good buddy AJ Janet. Since then governor went on they never takes us. O meal with a back home then it's yeah. Yeah. T I'm Janet we don't know what kind. A school don't pass away Vanessa what you don't go and play good that's is playing that's who I am playing well. Your name row prompts. Seem kind of different isn't the only the brave and yet so that doesn't want to shock and you know kind it's legitimate. What else. Your Saturday when my doing when they do we all I had posters really don't Padgett and that's manual high school. Going down another one is NN day and that is that the cruel thing yeah as the curly haired girl has it always. No love right now I think. Do you figure that endorses some manual high school he has what these two beautiful ladies bathroom while the boy they're getting a scholarship and I think every chance to reload to the essence festival concert nice does situation right there props over there man 29. I'll be up about mambo cafe my oh. Right by your moves. Yeah they need. Obama well he talks are really have a moral. And then goes well beyond 84 they're not here on I mean stands up there and then tomorrow. The deejay school actually going to be amazed he's a windy day and the young kids is fiction are our younger students say they'll get perform. Part of their classes and stuff so cool are going to be cool won a five will be amazed he's in the war mall. And then nom Saturday we finally are celebrate in one year coffee and then. You wind you can find here in America almost sold out so it's going to be big show up if you haven't been to cuff and it is when they built this parties out there aren't being. This guy look you'll find Abu bear hunt gold idea when I'm in this stadium in San Diego native title that idea and came back it made and correctly and forget money off me. Okay did everything we know cut the idea I mean he doesn't actually know where. 299 I didn't I didn't actually worry about it he's like I tell you when you tax for a hundred or you want to cash. I have to them both a hundred no allowance for Yankee put him and I got charged with no. I know when and how long do we wish Illinois I don't know what might boost soon you know I'm hearing you feeling NASA. The Bible studies were. That you are again. Yeah you know a lot of other Taylor I'm doing this we can't we don't know if 930 come join us for teeing ground it's in Bible study and see it could happen anyway. You hear you need seasons you show seasick the DJs did you plan that will be the. And beating the two yard idea school out of the get go I don't know if you guys knew that so would be in future allow you tell them how to how to DJ so. Misses their action part of their courses they get to go perform. In front of people and corporate event and so it's a good read really cool phone without you know that a year olds and then. Couple off twelve team it teenagers at it and we really cool listen to your towns and yes I've done Macy's Macy's outlets and among the campus and I could straight. So I was always good trade off is generates enough times tomorrow during yet MetroPCS. Two of the 130. I got concert tickets and of course so they got a special in my when. A two phones they just DV two phones for. Who dislike the low low price only and what were never any looking at some really great deals I'll tell you about that later tomorrow. And then. What I say or go out that things to do this weekend yet. We are doing. Lou it is to make sure there's no check out our friends there and try and boo at the zoo yeah that's collected data about conducting. Think your friends there and family circuits values going down. Others are his Halloween things going ask you continue LA kids' homes and buy dot com with miss just having a Halloween of harvest festival. So anything that you have going on what you are doing we will hear from you you and gives Justice League SF football players that are playing in your your youngsters who. Definitely our doughnut hole also and gives us through mobile loose error from I think it is okay how you ask that your home and he will take care your phone if fear if your face play goes I think glass breaks if he does need new equipment that's the do you go see. He's not a 112 to Washington model Sarah I think he's just a cool new. Yeah and I pay in my knee in pain you say this though. So ray ray anyway synergies therefore I'm one of them projects like this excitedly. What you don't know it's the pro do you go down this Friday we. Ourselves married we have to beat say he's sorry there's. Right oh my gosh you're as sick when the tornado green. Nowadays it shows on kids gruesome thought amid the happy for Dan. Am man Montgomery thank him at some thanks runs on six my main interface so beloved Erik rolled in May and the Lincoln lamb's players. They actually summoned them all right now the trying to make that in no mood today now against this the peak it will. We'll show you know that's from a lot of non kid and you're usually a good acclaim that I yeah they know what okay mad props because we've been horrible for years girl. That's a lot of big we've never seen the number seven as far as wins and the law firm took I try to listen here's improvement you can love. No no come on. Now let didn't know hey so select. So yeah. You know I'm not could put any game then go right cares what should come from FaceBook page may does that. Today is pay day who gets paid for the first time and then that we've got kind of job on him to get beyond the the surprise riverfront it's OK okay if you are gonna be any happier to pay child support. Oh. Most good about it like Ashe day knew he had taken care of the ghetto OK okay thank you should be happy and that's how I. Ahead of I love gay man so married three AG dot edu and yeah you that okay Rachel says shut out because we're losing mid relief. Last night say that again ms. brutally. Holy miserably member early. Missouri believe remember early on my guy is verbally they're young miserably miserably who's at risk Bernard sands and though she's LA dodger fan. I don't know I ask why new ones and I'm gonna want this guy is going to move. He's come you always LA teams props today mom or local to local country and you know. Where where thank you Mack I think number one and then broke through that 1 and then I am an American baseball of these. That is not yet or basketball. Tell you what you want what does your little. Easy. 109000. I'm happy because it's harm the harvest festival did you even talk about the arms from OK okay on the. Yes there you're there and she says she says she's started online game that you played. Which means XP is most and I can grind my end obese to champion two days. I have no idea that I mean you lost me yeah I guess that's part of the game I guess that's. August hawk she drives her. That's hardest okay which you XP is booked I don't know that means I have no clue either and I could diamond obesity champion two days. Now muscles I'm telling you must be hard to talk I don't know them flower moon what about my man LOC you know wild scene when a fellow Aussie invasion what the shot of the family gators my son's school we used is the QB in my daughter's Santana. Is the varsity palms on the must coupons team pay the best of both worlds shut up how those feet got into records. Old school throwback right there and pretty Adobe AZ definite no GMAC trust them. So what the year I gonna be confident with towns or cities or you be going a Bible study like me. Anyway your previous 170 for you now on some file hi what's your name Herbert great shared ice sappy. Friday girl pink hair out. Aren't there aren't a regular played good pick because they're they're they're a lot. Yeah yeah that you could go to the FaceBook pages can't condemn her. But I would sell tickets on line artist that we found on the doorstep of PS and if it's a real sexy spot and you come cup party cuffed. Let me go by the boo yeah. Good day that they usually don't enjoy your regain your own. I guess it was about what's your name I don't know that that's what you got going on here happy Friday include hey man. Megan Monday I know what you weekend plans girl what do. Real nice. I think the whole family got kids yeah nice and then when about the problem and you take that out hello yeah no brother goes well. Thanks for the call girl yeah. We've they've went into these last three weeks so hasn't been very good bronco fans are returning on Trevor CME Himalayas turmoil we're fighting amongst ourselves here. I hit it's all bad right now so we need we need wins they he's I know you do their seats just this pleased to support their things. In fact turn got her once you guys I am so I was proud to be all of that I love my team so think yet she's relishing in the that if we blew my god I don't know. Obama who worked on my. Let me live my. Oh my colleague and out. Your face you are. Happy Monday for her and follow us. Am happy Friday right now are you happy what are your plans Justin shot at you whenever they shouted you wanna shout out to up your kids' teams because we know that their plan this weekend. Heading into us sports weekend if you will 7004891005. He's. Saudi citizens I was on kiss 1075 happy saw it and and I am I. As one of so far FaceBook page or bush on other people's jobs says average to go home to Texas just in time be. Be back for the nuggets game tomorrow so this incident along with three weeks of his life so it's like he's being read to enjoy his. We gave no I don't know seven to 0491075. Every Friday how would you name quote well I was just going on around. Pollutant and you've got my diplomatic hey how great it is delicately but hey you got a bit and I think if you won't give you the. OK maybe you didn't boot I. I dare need I gotta be good and I'll plant I worry tomorrow morning political identity and our severe arrived at the theaters and when I'm allowed to look good. Good thing about that they had to beat out funding so nice nice. Yeah my friends and American financing all he had. No backup Nick Young lady that I absolutely was glad it is here yeah played out manage. Good haul iron needs super dope tons of females in the building he said that definitely some true okay. US and Europe who regularly and let me get my name on that we're okay. I can't group. Believe me out of its iMac I got a good game. OK okay I think he had just completed the. Lot of great young guys that did but I didn't reunite loved assembled nominee every honored that. I didn't hear about simple I don't know it and then that opened this week next week at a politically better than 28 words and clapping yeah actually going to be there 28. If we showed today you know I. Also if you like you know glow sticks in hello. I'm on and it's dope yeah. The amount of the amazing I understand it better that is 3000 people come and I see okay crowd merge it's going to be pretty amazing and the same if you like. Yeah. You know I'm more sure chick it's been Shea morning don't think you let us know. If they are good guys prepared if they remove. They had I gazans about what's your name. Finally felt that before I got on Europe sandy I don't I thought well OK I think that you as a good magnificence. You know honestly there's all you got today Somalia weakened something in there that Sanjay hit Purina apex court. When I mean it stable they actually come out any yeah. And follow that dream you know all of that's why I didn't ask a parent say it is taking me out if it took around an army were. Yeah it's a live band I've been doing it right yes I have tonight that I will enable our only chance we get about 1030. We start at 730 Chucky all come frozen aspect Herman. Tell me it is unique shall Hermon road or give me a particular item brought Republicans and only. I don't go. You priest facing a marijuana but they don't you see him I guess it was about what's your name and I don't want would you I don't on. Come on how much I heard sparking a lot on JWW. Seven. Bath iron in my own. They are you glad. OK okay me you me all that money. Awesome thanks for the call how do we get a good look at your team okay well do you ever since then you're a month including some dinner to. That part definitely done marked as well forget about it just getting into the club I mean can you not yeah. I'm down I'll I. You put this huge remove my. We don't pulled out my yeah I'm cool aluminum that this is the trillion I don't want to laugh anymore broke for a how do you dial and I. These days. When every once again. Okay. Your goal is seven. So let's say so you ready girl. I don't log into the game as answer more questions this year's end this time c.'s Marti good and sounds what I will do listen to us every morning we. He came up with the questions. Rural and they're not easy are right I right. You got to master the stadium RAI. Keeping track marks is he ready I'm ready you know real question number one sure Fossett the first email was sent in 1971. Well. Question number two ensure false. The Earth's core is about the same size of the planet Pluto. Sure question number three sure false. They hit those lists are about two feet wide open behavior towards other questions are done many times these Obama camp that warm. Fieger she's coming in my thinkpad yet we've company I had. I am I am car but it paid a cool name on these contests and on Friday but you know little goose bump her. I don't let any question here we go girl question number one courtesy of my little new JD ensure false the first female Lucent in 1971 okay first of all what is a little they know about 111971. He's Smart kid. All eyes lined up right now he came over these questions you know wasn't created quite the ninety's when it profiles we. The first female I think in 971 horn National Geographic kids yeah. Hey I don't know if you flew across the Earth's core is about the same size the planet Pluto. The educated guess faults correct your stories about the same size the planet Mars. You get when they're girl yep I'm the real question numbers are huge surplus when he hit those lips are about two feet wide. False rant if they prove they aren't you feel my legs. I think well I tell you voice your to know what that outcome is quickly got. Friday I. Found out more about all of the people and so I you so don't get though that red rock tickets to check out New Year's Eve situation in. I don't know the name of it. Maybe we'll leave I'm biased but hey you go yeah and then meego Paul Malone. Okay it's that everybody knows what they did you look even when you knew there. 10 the lemon live. Listen to beyond UK has won a seven I'm warning zone read play. You can live weekdays six to may or on demand any time you could KS 1075. Jack come.