Replay 10-13-17

Friday, October 13th

If you missed Friday morning with Tony, Cedes and Chonz. 10-13-17


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All all the way themselves. In the UKS 107 I want this replay. Eight city's snow suit Tony fined Joan. It all in good morning. Mean happy Friday and Friday that thirteen. Is spooky when hello. Pac ten who he is ready I'm ready are you superstitious. About that. Don't play with length spooky stuff now none of your data ouija board yeah. I know do as flat and I don't play with a double and his friends. Okay that's a good idea I was out of known not to do that dated back and they've. I've played that we keyboard can you know you want to play with somebody that I should try to play by myself man. I was tie yourself down on my gas the word I should never there was it was pretty scary because they've worked. Oh really did they weren't Bono now there's there's evil spirits out there are no life and I was asking him like yo. You know who are you post asked who are you. If they're stars are Tellme was a lady. And that it was how old that was to like 81 years old sat out and then I'm like why herds of them upstairs in my in my mom and dad's house on a limb and now is like. Why do I go okay I gotta go so. For it to be go away despair to go away gas to go they go by on the ouija board. Also spirit like fatal stay around there around you do and it kept. Terry take you mean towards the no like I gotta go and kept pushing my hand if you know you know. Like you did you when he circles to confirm it was like you know and it kept taking me there and I don't really got to go and in my hands came back and win. And it went by the by NFL off the board. I'll laugh. Who picked guys in and do you weren't being away. Food away. Did the spirit ever go backers it. I get a place you never played it and they got a lot of nightmares after that but I'm I never it was Democrats thought when I did it while living there one of them high school. I've never did it again I never played in every ever told the spirit this is my house go home. Yeah. Oh my good yeah. Yeah. Inside delta and the best I'm sorry I did I did a black out my new house they okay. I. Understand that. Hunter couldn't keep it. It will superstitions. Are okay a lot of people at how I believe he goes by if you believe in god you got believing evil spirits never goes out there. No you have to yeah the labor law down and you. There goes to go home to you know see what I think but I think it's like out of the break me on the I'm well yeah I don't know he had died that you guys are taking timbers you don't go anywhere we didn't. My man's. Maybe the dominant. Only on KM when I was 75 Harry desire. You're out there I know red rocks amphitheater outside will host the first ever New Year's theme country it would have nots top the actual landing in the inaugural events. And I felonies including me goes followed by post pneumonia and Giuliani and mourned. Think it's actually owns a sensible am megabucks on line if you wanna see none of those left do you do know that it's really going to be cold that night I that's nothing how many blink at that people gonna have to use to be out there for this story. The copyright their case. It's our concert so they possibly can make his freeze on New Year's Eve. You are already fading for that and I'm sure it's mandatory we have to be there when none. Our men through a lot of fireball and now it feels like basically non. So I. While we're talking about the holiday season at the time of the year people can have a quick come up when it comes to getting a second job. JC Penney is hiring 750. Workers in Colorado. In anticipation of the busy holiday shopping season. The company announced Wednesday in a press release that filled the positions JC Penney says there will be hosting its first ever national hiring these out there on Tuesday October 17. Until 8 PMI and hiring that we'll take place and all the patience but man as we are holding interviews and making employment offers on the spot and. Now to a subject how pullout word holiday you know a lot of fuel going to be driving doing the live in school really being the other way to make income because you know holidays are stressful that's I have a dozen of them retail before. Ma'am all my family members had a great Christmas when I did it not necessary and then played this that was way better than the perks I didn't hear the question is why. A lot of quiet riot. I'm out there burning man know what people would stay out of this business especially when it comes they've ongoing legal battle for the Wayne permanently remain at relatively quiet about his view full blame but now looks like he has had enough of public opinion on the matter. You think food is again my soon enough a few warning shots and those who won't mind their business firming claims may still make SNL Levy is straight. Lil Wayne however that is saying otherwise down. I heard you like I raised them don't worry about Miami you praised Kim you've bathed him you kissed him. I'll Omaha. And you lose the baby I don't know that all sounds kind of all know he didn't have I'm still up we'll put some respect on and Moscow river Mansfield ice. Oh right sure a lot of it scared me his blood he is the roadside heats I got those stories like they have some of them buy dot com. Don't say it shows on kiss 1075 earlier we're talking about obviously if Friday the thirteenth right yeah how they'll celebration. Jones who's playing with a ouija board who knew any guy's house on these and you know now houses on any Intel goes to leave with a ghost did leave so I was fine. And so on that note. The house you live there anymore I know that's where did this you could go anywhere right not on that okay so the house just sold the house still hot. Right yeah by the house and I know that the house flooded. You don't goes to leave. I like the story made up. Florida still third ear bud. I like the story moved on it kind of went like that just like that Tony yes so you're right if they don't ouija board the house got on it because the spirit didn't say goodbye to your post as they go by when they're more Italian to do something. They never say goodbye. And the spears the city he is verified everything you communicate with the goes right. Yeah I communicated with the like this old lady right you don't ask questions Liberia yesterday Yahoo! it is bubble I heard some noises. Upstairs and I got nervous so I was like you know I gotta go. And kept going to know Lance on the Wii U will be ever seen and we do well the yes no numbers and all this stuff there was going to note did. Tell me if you don't wanna go Nevada go and then it's funny when my day go by and pick my. And being guided me to go by and it being that coordinates it. Navigate it if you want to more. That and all I'm saying is you communicate with the ghosts or you could grab the ghost and related to the door and told to leave on sale. Spirit yet you didn't think your house is on did instantly by Monty obviously I'll never got we can never told you go home. And that's how I never told to leave. Tomorrow the stories and make sure you tell you if you if you include wheat board tell the ghost relief. Apparently yeah yeah yeah with some relief but OK so that is simply did you counsel on or you knew somebody died there are those like this. Story behind the house who would you buy in the first place. Well. No why would a mile mountain house I don't know why what I wanna be there goes them out to get like an actress sister coming you know during the house right. Yeah we can stop this thing you already can begin with a ghost near kids well are you afraid. I've always been living in your house right out of my house goes to. So did I your house. The I'm they got older I got scared them can include the right can I do you know when I was young though down. You Prado say he's an area I don't do the whole demo and more means. Time doing. Those things kind of fear mechanisms and am scared she's the child of god tell us. Although I do see you out on this and our cookies images there for not one of them five I think I would just because I'm not I'm. I'm afraid no posts doing that there. Because I think honestly I mean here's the thing if you believe in god you're going to be okay. You're going to be OK but I know weird things happen I you know weird things happen if I seem weird things out yeah we grew we did the same thing with a ouija board and we hope something moved. Place and then turned to come clean through like we didn't let the ghosts go either we left leg we ran out of the room you know whenever I don't think again. So men and women when they are still selling MI you know the kid's soccer we tell which our kids about that right on I'm the kids messed. We moved so mom you know it's obviously when you release an evil spirit or whatever. You're house can be content I don't care what anybody says you can Avalon that's now because this Halloween time or Friday the thirteenth that stuff is real. It is yes and rose the first to die in the movies drugs were always the first run to take off because we know better. So this thing do love my eyes on my notes Friday the thirteenth would you buyer Lyndon Johnson house and or tell us what your haunted house experience is. And why are you still there why did you tell the ghost of Levi 72048910756. Like this six and I hate other green and let us know Tony seasons Jones on kiss 1075 is Friday the thirteenth to would you buy her living on 07204891075. Hi who's. This gallery from right in town calling we'll talk about the week you were higher volume and that's why elite I always thought that that you need likes. Stay away from that they never want to let the play they want to like all right I'll work you'll all agree that anybody out there you don't think about it here either how your leg like. And it's like Hillary don't play him like I think what I get back you get up and oh and perhaps we don't mess but that. You don't play without adding an. Laden. So they always a war that you're gonna make people think I wanna go you don't get married and they're being bad. Number they sold in the toy store and isn't being put a lot of a lot of joy I think it can. Not until you know we're real prayer so being here if you connect but there are you perfect your job sure you can. Let me play Ali great debate here and biting the belly and about how the only inviting the bell rang how well yeah I think easily gone your own. I think shaking that bad guys they like me. You see things I gave them some publisher and got. They skies Friday the thirteenth man would you buyer limit on house. Yeah our lives and the plate that word is an old sanitarium. So badly about it. But how did that is old bearded old idiot those named Erica you. People see things move we're not that it does so. I had a bad I don't believe it is the only way you one million without that the only thing I'm afraid of attack it do. Well god has. Basically come road. I'm using them I was your name 'cause we actually what do you say. I'll bet my mom and how can I would hit and then. I was probably a young. And mental and don't go your way Michael White thread. And you could really cool you know you wouldn't really say anything but yeah now in my room in the basement it freed me. And you know but you would see Eric your realm yeah. That's crazy that's that's the act you got I got to come only about a man yeah. It's key to my room. Yeah now buddy you're really cool you know he didn't bother me if I block it out into the they're at it and anyway appeared later. My definitely moved into the room and my mom and I were talking about as the go to the getting out and played at this big. Oh my god he's seen Harry explained to me why he would wedding I was like yeah I got the golf. The little girl that we all of it might hit my bad that there I have all the main gate dug me out and that how. Equity and they are next time I get a pitch then there's an oil and everything hated. I think out of how nice would denounce it now I don't hear anymore but I bet that this that you built theater did you ever talk now. Never not long he didn't know if he didn't want to hear isn't there an independent. Like sending out a coroner mark what you're doing download. Now and now. They either don't want your. Old YouTube I still owns now and people don't confront the ghost until we get out the gala skim my house is my house is in my house right now. You all out I. Seventeen therefore not one of them five takes like this please mail three it's Friday the thirteenth which you but are living on counselor. Tell us your hunted how scary story everything is just a kiss on some five and honor Friday the thirteenth would you buy your living on. On the house or give us your encounters is far as you're in ghosts are haunted house story seventies era for an Iowa with a five. Thanks minus six money that the I would your name player. Hillary SA group. And I split into concept how to hit and I economically or go to them so we went there I was young and apparently old lady like I don't know how people we know and that fifth. But I would have experienced this every time I leave I feel like something was stationed down on me. I into the bed and I'll wake up. Thousand food early in the morning. Every night I'm nightmare Glendale and welcome my mom who I was scared. And you know it opened doors are good and hug me or the end it was very dark in there one night. Welcome back very uplifting and positive I think my shadow theater just. Area school knowing that I mean at southern port. And lead to growing IE just looking at school knew I couldn't move I think green. If it sounds like you're right preventing me from even saying anything I do quite happy tears rolling down my face right. And after all look like they're going to try to find whatever it won't go down incoming crowd quickly in the context. Here let me go and I got out. The grand. I was praying that everything will be great if you go I'm going through my career move through government now partner thanks David good. But our experience with theory after that I do eighty different form the fair weather friend your round. I was brought back not before and I I feel and I know we're feared that I back. So you'd never my house and harmony yen was on the right thing you know never had a hanging out with at least for a great partner that made fun. I think they're being paired now we learn from Jones. Well all my life I guess Susan I would your name and Isiah Williams said. Though about when he is the guy who played that we are great as a candidate in I don't have a weird feeling following me. But within the last five holes in the I didn't say that as a coach account of how I used to live and my grandpa actually tight end. I one writing I had gotten home from work he's the open is favorite. And my ex husband and I we walked in the door and it in the north and the color. Those coffee table within Canada. And for historical and I'm confident on top of the coffee table with our kitchen shared. And on top of the chair went back five boxes all the way to the top with a billion. And so we think nobody would probably go home and when we homework you know screaming my name opponent here could I have an older than you and then he comes out of the room he lived. Definitely. And he eventually you know you look at that Canada the NFL what would initially Ali yeah we come back and all of their kitchen aid chores or help in all of the cabinet relevant. Everything was just okay so we have partly because of the collection agents try to left the house and it seems to work for a little while black and then I move. They look at China there are not afraid and it is happy Democrats. Hello. Like paranormal activity like actual movie is happening CU that's crazy piano I want you know I'm we'll across the street because nothing was you know nothing with the striking over at the house and the between the Catholic weekly the very end he he prayed and he truly Ryder. Well throughout the house. And then he did the little Palin could very editor for quite get over how apparently buried them in the for a quiet and noted that happened. I get three days later we were outside you know and all of them were. Just they were all right yeah and. And nothing was following you from the last thousand new house and it voted yes that's all we all over the place you can't tell that goes to get out your life. Yeah yeah the ghost. I have I downloaded I I think that it may cut edit I played Hillary I don't know what happened. It's. Gains for the flow Manuel hey Jake I can't biggest economy where Tony is not just me. Wow move into the church. Okay you've become a pretty good. You got here it goes to. Out to argue rant this is my heart I pay rent bills get out. I know that's principally the least you boys to men like that's crazy that mandated real milk is the gateway is again US all I gotta say boo. Where did you see the conversation on it takes like this 698036. I mean. And. Rap game and remove the moon something million or do you rated movie. My comment. Okay. It is okay like huge surge. This comes out I'm excited. There N. There's a long tiring week. It really hasn't yet I'm glad we need to try and we plans began your run. I'm home alone. What am I doing. On Monday when action on an even out of town on them. Sundown and go. President in my new DJ rectangles we don't know he's he's the media for its nuclear mourned the news you'd be battling Kansas all gonna go see him in Vegas on Sunday. And if you don't show some love for grand. And they out they get through Sunday a stalemate since Sunday and then on the data clubs and stuff on. Saturday and a up north got a new close call mumbo cafe who may fourth and here on. And and that's that know how to detect its customers wouldn't confident next week in our eggs and again year anniversary. I know the weather's changing so Yahoo! I wanna like John you guys come around rings whoever. Hey open your significant others before umpires or anything you'd like that it others about it already copped out there and they're reason that's when you're right were you sending you come. So it's every my wife your comfort or where did a B I mean I'd be nice. We lessons do you guys in the building. I will be that I came before I can remember they know I'm I didn't fit enough to. I don't come out you stuff I was there would be nice to Obama. Being complimentary daily show is gonna tweak on Monday Miley gives us now. I'm am. I Jones says that he has only been busy weekend and then his weekend with his family starts at 5 AM the next day it is like two hours through death through what do you say. I got sick last weekend so let's try to make up for everything is set I was gonna do so K one speed. Gonna try to check out mother. Me and I grew. You chance go to York Shire efficient chips will crack somebody who is as some yesterday. Where he's amazing he's been there like twenty years I know it's the first time. I don't ever maybe like boating this please kill me that's awesome go there no doubt I like it's the first Bradley king do the way we thought we are. I got so much you guys hey don't forget tonight Libya though Fred. Oriented seventy in the same breath actually find thirteenth silly especially men going on the ad and DJ. He got all kinds of great prizes and stuff so you the good DJ needed eyeball I'm Molly yeah I thought earlier legs and back in the day and ninety's though. If he's Adobe JDC. Days out from like right in front of everybody its own set of pretty tight self talk guys best of things going on so many do this again. I did last time if you find me right around 730 on the new Huey but there's a limit okay. The one person known can. No make no matter. Hello I'm gonna pay would you need to come in if you find me to five people on you human. Up to five about. That's a whole that's like this try on Iran's right that's like that's like 45 bucks a pop that's up to go look at so finally and then tomorrow be at the house budget did you. I'm forty free ticket clean. The 35 bucks a huge baggage Chile. Confused there was a bit we're giving away a bump on an army tickets away from our just like you said it huge sack. And this is huge passion and I could not get there. 600 words like anybody you. Sack remember because people like sacks that are in their face nice phone saying yeah. Seventy Europe we're not one of them five what do you got going on we know there's tons of football games you know your kids are gonna be out hanging out. Shout out birthday shout not this though was here. Polarizing. Three feet well. Today. Tony season Jones on kids' homes and five we're excited that it is pride day who. Yo gonna go to our kids wants them five FaceBook page because people are excited they wanna share what they do when this weekend and you can do it too. Check it out hope says that full ball practice and game tomorrow. Let's go junior west cowboy though KB and then they when you some dummy follow some pumpkin patch means going on and then. They're gonna get their costume didn't have a great weekend ever nice and I both love Adrian says. Soccer game. Pumpkin patch with the Fam more economic car when we're gonna score with a shout out this article. The mullah Martin believes car club 970 in the bill then. Put up around Rome and John. He says work work work mean collecting that OT got heated. You know get it why can't even doing that since Wednesday so. Truth to that new right there be doing this name. And this is kind of cool alters she's gonna go downtown Albuquerque because we have seen that move fast will they do over there to prove I. I haven't it's it's really cool man do I feel hot air balloon then they go home lumping you feel kinda different designs and stuff like eight. Now that was not that far away you know if you wanna drive that I'm great men don't go there don't. Lucas who released we got a couple here and won last year in eerie blue and then and obesity in Colorado Springs. It early in the morning and you can actually go on the balloons or view late at night you can see Amanda and everything's lit up it's really beautiful. Cool yeah. Big shout out to our new study now this he's gonna have I can't he's actually celebrate his Life Party I can't art show I believe it's going to be acted that the club two K. You go there by some displays support. Our voice sunny and also there's a block party on 3400 some Broadway. A pens merchants and that's legal party going down that's tomorrow won't between three and 9 PM. Synergies therefore do not want the body hasn't been going on we wanna hear from you I'm loses surely I surely got going on I get ready for that I'm I'm they're my they're better off. Cheney. After any grace it going to be great and we got me angry so we're getting ready to head over their hair pretty quick already got UConn in the morning. Might want to be in mind by 10 o'clock O. I that's not a goal OK and. People tailgate in the mornings all day long and red rocks and sector drink you know barbecues so it's actually a fun time all day long. That's pretty much what we're doing and where are taken all of the sick being clear that I can then we're gonna hang out all day. No sleep past the content don't think it's like okay. I think. Yeah drinking and LeBron they're saying yeah you know by noon the way it. Thanks to come up big time eighth saying I guess on Zimbabwe's your name I am I in my would you I don't know this weekend. And let them I'm happy birthday party Mel I know what you're slowly otherwise yeah all our place there. Are you okay. I remember I know your life. And say what's her name on curbing your Luciano brutally lover. I'm. Say if it. And then another year. This day. Box. This that your relation. Sounds really didn't they sleep a brother. My kids 1005 what's your name is not what you are going on this weekend and east. I thought I am I'll probably can actually click click it and blue league game yes both my. Is my great actually. And I am actually don't know why they let my husband. I really have dinner and they're critical that they keep our nieces and tomorrow or we'll go to the magic room and show them. Miles thanks okay we know little about the best of both worlds and euphoria like yeah. And then on Sunday. Where did they take it yes let them rule and other experts say the I'm like what about what do them. The awesome weekend right there yes. And also happy birthday and they want to thank you for the call enjoy your weekend thinking it could. This part of the weekend is watching the Broncos smashed the giants are. She'll walk away without one yeah Watson walked off rise since his. Is there of gore and I 1005. Death of the donor for the weekend and your kids are playing ball could give him a shout and Holler at us. Don't sit and Jones on JS awesome father son prefer. I day. Hey there everybody loves the weekend. 720491. Awesome five what are your plans which he got no went on I would you name Ron Paul hey we got going on this weekend. I'll give you heading out it might make him a flight out they didn't lose. So that they. Daryn back then pollution. I don't know what one nation performing. I think performing mop the mandolin a wound that's still or. Yeah so loudly did not that they get a lot of times so I'm just everything that's been. I'm going to Mandalay and get that then compared them with hope. And not only that get that kind of contribute back to our. They did well right now they're hurting that's awesome you guys actually doing it together he and I love my important by the confidence is there and you know a lot of room. Well overall that's all well we can. Possible wish you safe travels thanks for the cup war room crying but. I guess with them I was your name. I did both the man didn't we do not know who Maliki guy. Glad you guys over there we clearly got actually about the party go no doubt OK but. Am I in Wales who more you get married ME MO I creamed. And so are you any good or was your best party and be like. Uncle down Google gave their careers and the public knows and then again after that an album. That because many. Molina also did she say oh this year Lara. It's now my yeah. So would you say your right knee. I've heard. I love men that have gone down. Oh and we're you know we're doing this day when it clinic where we are given together fourteen years. You know brutality of the we wanna give a shot out do my very good luck or go learn more. How that though everything you know there are winning. Whose basic funding and they are yeah they're they're really good good okay so does that mean the recession is good responsible about it she knows no not here. I'm gonna go broke congratulations. Hello good you guys earlier I worry you to no. I canceled as of five what's your name. My dad my fiance though she got going on. Mostly by the way anyway. My and my guys are gonna go if you we're. Yeah we have Ximian don't sounds of bonds and I I'm excited yes we need not bringing music is really don't think that's a good look I know I'm so excited. You're watching her on the IG should be game thirty turned you know with the that your own models where she's going lives so this should be good car there. I'm not a follow amount that's why is she like foxes they had my my little pony blue Honda. I AM jagged nitpicking at every show it. Alex you are excited about taking it every game. Be ready for a huge crowd surfing as well she loves to do that. I know I thought that he could. Yeah I'm excited Q I didn't moment hit him operate. I assume emulate guys who played great hey Rick MO quick hopefully we're gonna get there illegally. The other friend went and while it's it's always and I. I mean well I well that's about my mind. Well you did covers a senator glad the thing's led a thing of course a social media is left. Again for your car. You can go ahead though with safer assays for a seven months it's okay and now this goes yes decimal question this she does pray I see you got a mess in the studio RI TPJ Jones is keeping track you've got let's do this every go Deseret question number one in the Friday is thirteenth movies and the main killer in most of the series was. They Freddy Krueger. Beat Michael Myers or seen Jason Moore he's. OK question number two mature farce there is a one lightning strike every second on our planet. There are question number three tour false the boy scouts of America announced they would start selling cookies. Starting next year I'll buy your pores in the questions are done on the grass phasing out okay. I can send the day yeah and Friday the thirteenth three feeling confident. I don't know my nephews I'm gonna then I'm not big. I think that's sorely in my decision said that right now so I'm OK I'm. I'm ready for all right well in honor of Friday the thirteenth we actually have a special question you're ready to go girl I'm ready in my and the Friday the thirteenth movies the main killer in most of the series was a Freddy Krueger. These Michael Myers or seen Jason Gore he's Jason and I can. Her name then there. Don't yeah I opened my neck yeah O. Questions for future plus there is one lightning strike every second on our planet false. That is correct their five strikes everything in this week. Resolute major flaws the boy scouts of America announced they would start selling cookie starting next year. No they're letting girls and false that's correct I only got one leg and I. Then he should have listened to your nephew pushers. The right we don't make winners around your eighth I'm not think it's just got anything gradually sale day here. Can make you go away also out on Friday. Especially excited at taking my yeah I would radios they. You not as the men's room full and unfettered. Listen to beyond UK hasn't won a seven I'm warning zone read play. Good to live weekdays six to may or on demand at any time you can KS when I was 75 Zach Kahn.