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Thursday, October 12th

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Tony did. You don't. I meant to say yeah. Got to bow wow. JJ. Is my film that's doing so that's going on the replay today. Yeah isn't over and over how the brakes Islamism five dot com if you take this out after 10 o'clock. That was a good ideas good morning hey yea I mean happy Thursday there you have we get closer to that we can't I can smell it. I'm excited for and we got a pensive everything's lined up for you monsters thanks again ask him about 1 o'clock see happen. Today is unknown source that's. Back to admit I'll be bag eight eight I thought idea that 7 AM and there are gatlin who got going on. We got dials after dark for pack what else we got ahead of the sea swells. And we got the flu people coming today. It's getting me well we will get the one heck of a show coming in bridge tell you why people don't YLA should take a flu shot him with the naysayers think is well. It got everybody. I don't know. But I don't I'm losing a few months we do have good news with the news that you know was that it was a iceberg on Monday and go home relax semifinal. Hey dad. Oil oil at the hands Levy's home. Yeah that means something that I do well I hands for dinner weren. I mean like Prilosec knowing about top vote oh. Am I got shaved like the night. A breakdown for you they know. All right I got to appreciate that I OK listen just sixty when he gets in line with the the first giveaways coming up. And oh mercy don't forget does 728. I'm lost on the side myself right now why I gather you gather myself don't get that chance. It's the other now I think I talked a lot faster yet than what winning on bathroom. Quickly go. I'm really. Sleep last night and I thought I woke him fresh I was excited about today yeah we have a great show and acumen of the. And an a plus I'm on the bus and my boss my boss gets. Are the Eli it's over Victor okay what's going on drug. I see it out on the isles after dark and don't forget Friday and Saturday is profoundly tonight Thursday night 21 BIE they got all the liquor you liquor and a Beagle to resume. You know when there's value there and oh yeah now come out at night seriously tell my parents think they are. We went last week had a great time right we and then had brought her huge man and there's a I mean. It's huge brought discredit brought gaffe. Huge it's huge so sensitive camera you got a. Lou there. Your back here. This guy theme. The fourth active tickets for you you can go in you can take you girls your guys for tonight did you Drake John. Before you can take your family this Friday and Saturday night or whenever you want throughout the month of October 17 zero. And can't umpire about her whenever I see this April recall from. I Aurora paper from the day January. Actually forced that girl who died bills after dark it's a good time facility. Not Tony won enough right yet how you gonna enjoy is not the of their own their dream team is don't you come home then I'm thinking my god. Their meals and there are giving up more information again Islamism five dot com as far as the Denver zoo on their band stage where radio station into a very important for everybody and don't forget the huge. You ready brought to ship. Yeah that's the biggest movie would you you'll see after yesterday boycotts will never be the same. I'm Manson yeah. It may be the dominant. Only on KM when I was seven hi Carrie could the. This so worlds will now be allowed to enjoy and boy scouts of America and now the scene in mysticism buy it made by the boardwalk also creates. The opportunity for older girls turn my highest honor being an eagle scout. The big news just so happened to fall on the international day of the girl it celebrates impromptu conversation. Of equal opportunities for young woman around the world so what's really the big difference between that and no discharge standard Girl Scouts and Boy Scouts like a kind of do the same thing right I think they should just change the whole thing called the people's apple. That's trying to understand that's wow that's my. Yeah you know I'm watching a comments yesterday when all this was like being put out along the blog commit low key triggered about this really at a kind of like what they got their own separate truth why are we like cold. Could join it together right. And Kimble is your join Girl Scouts exactly night. Again goes back then why don't we just say isn't named to the people out that way you know I just it is a 1014 year old boy an ounce boy scout yeah. I. No it's everywhere you go. It's pretty obvious the ninety's are back in full of bags so for a generation that's a re embracing some he'll figure he left. And super Nintendo is senate come as a surprise the that the Tom got C is making me come back true. That's why does Japanese virtual pet the lid store selves again in November just in time for the holidays though that the originally released in 1997. Surprisingly the re release of the time that he will now I would not have any real tech upgrades so everything that you saw back in the day it's gonna be the same face all of that coming your way you know I never you have one of the alana I don't know what it is right. I did their dope I leave my mind though is why I could never yeah I was out of are in a number of people are still very excited about this through I think grown adults thought about they didn't get it before they get they kid when millionaire Joseph please take care of me. Being yeah pick a bit cool panic. Now you mentioned earlier like Tommy Hilfiger although I have to got to come those in the closet. And fellow right hand he alumni who. Right I know. Reveal any of the reckless driving arrest in new York city of the rapper will have the arrest of wiped off his record. If he goes six months without getting in trouble again. He also agreed to complete thirty hours of community service that sorry performance when he. Mildest charged with a felony for popular we leave while shooting the mid music video but. It was reduced to two misdemeanor charges now a new popular we'll find is gone like well I'll feel there's a magazine I'm Adam Caylee. And they got back out of the fifth Phillies first so where I what does a guy like meek mill go to do his community service McDonald's Lilly didn't. The home shall take about Betty okay I'm very energetic and I rocket Bobble jam I. Hey everybody good morning. Well in their input side. I don't know what it is I'm not Phil did today I'm trying to do in this mode and I woke up you know pretty excited energetic was. But like a feels like I can't do anything right there where I don't I. Mean you over you go back home and you go back to sleep wake up and do all over you Obama paragon use our photography and you know you. And back conflicted. I am definitely on the Thursday. You're getting closer to weak January bag checked out mentally I am way I think I yeah I've been checked out but when we started the damn show in June. I agree. Larry it's an affiliate there would be the only time you can do so and over again you do it. I do the right go right back to me if I could I do that right again heard lean and mean but yeah of course you'll you wanna do something over. Stashing your life you is something wrong. Especially you know. That over say OK we give it something wrong yeah I know you're going Jackie had a dual. Yeah given a do over probably wouldn't give so many people so many second chances. So that's a good one run and second chances so your second chance to do something it would be. There's just evidence of that's why do you are. Did I. Right the wait is almost fundamentally different people second chance there that makes since then because that's how you birdied the second time he. I mean yeah of course that makes funny since I was I would have never gotten married the first time. All right now remember that. Yeah numbed out nice thirty and we married eight hours to get that doesn't have a plan how long was I think you lose less than thirty days. Oh wow so we there was no divorce it was an enormous. All okay yeah hurts so. Had to pay I was being cheated on so I come back and take the greens not less than happy married happily we see some of them now. But you know I do is show from the beginning they got married in a courthouse food. No disrespect anybody gets right to grouse yes but what you just didn't seem I didn't feel right you know and I mean you when you think you're in love and you think you're gonna. You know make this move for ever give them a lot of money then either I was more or Erica straightforward and you know unbeaten try to buy card in Libya like a little Ford fifteen live. You listen to the winning golf cart rule yeah it was all Matt. All bad so yeah I was I can take that back in if I can go back in and have a chance to descent and again I would never got. Married for 24 hours the first time. Colleges than that though until I was I where am I finished so Collins. And then I look at sounds and all those degrees who he's still struggles. Yes the nab them. I only played about. Hey dad dad Jack Schmidt I. There. Yeah a great day and integrate when I'm I'm a problem reading so I guess you have a follow. A fact. That's all the facts that I back yeah from speaking right now do I know you guys got me on the road they there will months ago and only got eight degrees yeah hurry. Three little certificate. Let's think about this you got enough for both of us so world did we want to Greece could. Yeah how they're doing it. I don't know if they knew I could figure have you Sagan says to do something what would it be seventy therefore there isn't shot on Kissinger doesn't lie. So I don't know a lot of incidentally I don't know. You go back and do something over our second chance wise. My gosh yeah. All you. And well that's now and how she speaks to the earlier holes go away right now. That's right yeah. Could you Jeff you quoted me. I don't believe that that is our Priceline as the money running and I don't regret my daughter but I wish I would have waited. This has been a world to raise my kids right now I'm afraid that's where this jittery since he served in this world. Definitely a lot different now used to be the M. Generally slow no doubt I'll go to decay is one of them five FaceBook page Shane says Tom who wouldn't change nothing like who wouldn't be as awesome without screw ups. So we think he's owning either they not only no second chances are good. I did a definitely dig this one right here at Angel might do says that spend more time more family and friends. That have passed away so yeah you know media second chances being okay what your family members before you know they departed at the big one and down. Annan says go to college when I was younger so probably waited a little bit too late go back to school and it's. Little bit more challenging Tim Tim Tim you got the opportunity Simmons who's your story now 1005 Michelle endeavor I would just say. I think long and definitely my. Do you know where it would have been. Not regretting my children that definitely waiting now I was a little bit more established and. Doing better hurt them them being able to cook them up a little bit more kids. May Randy we have a Macy's super mom though because you are able led do all of that even when you were at the top. Yes and I think it makes them a little bit more humble and grateful and appreciative for what they do actually mean that man. Can't wait that kid who still serve them Hamburger Helper T. In the bottom rope thrill lieu of me. Got to teach in the struggles they can enjoy the the good stuff exactly and here and then apparently they. Thank you and hides his homes about what's your name. I think High Court would just say he had a second chance to do something over what would be. Cannot get my daughter that went to not give your daughter is that the baby daddy yes her yeah you know that comeback game during the winter season. They record is always strong. No I eat they eat how many when he came back like am I out of the apartment her why I would. You've made me I hope pocket is that it's. Achievement I'm important she went there anyway pants. Well there aren't that rule I go to pick them up like eight and Uga and I know how. Moon. Now I human the second challenge right now I'll Helmer all right good good good. We cannot permit and beg that you got it it's not your fault it's your son I don't think how he put his head out. I didn't let it do. You know edit your granddaughter. Yeah I guess I agree with that but when you somebody's second chance. Was that shame on first time shame on me so any time shame on you or whatever they're more more time you don't get fooled again. Okay they really go girl we know heard I think it's. Fool me once shame on you fool me twice shame on me he. People realize where the old President George Bush picked up there are no he's not unless there's a lot of money out there yeah. The liberal group one winning lenses well it's funny that. I was Aaron at 69803. On this one a lot of people have different opinions on this topic today wondrous that I would've taken my health more seriously. Miss and I wish I would never met my ex girlfriend I think we all wish we really drives as I'm Marianne thanks how might do over. I do love her I never would have picked up a cigarette out as one of the most of dignity things that are so the south back person. Might do over would be to join the air force I and I had the same as fool me once shame on you fool me twice shame on me. And there won't be a third time that was very mean something that could mailman. I think that's the correct drama we keep saying to George Bush and yeah good we'd like now know it's funny sounds better fellow locked away I begin. Pumping all they pulled me. I don't know I'm pretty pleased that apple may ample legal and general put on the phone imagery got the cookie jury should he surely you remedies that. I deliver when I guess you've done and I'm. It is right yeah you've got to see the door open the. I'm gonna cancel them my FaceBook page Lou said she was she would have stayed in high school. Ryan and now know another 1% which is staying high school. My. Renee says make a better career choice so she's not begin what she's doing right now works OK all right. Synergies therefore are not one of them but let's go to the phone and ethnicities and to do something else or something I do overload would be. I was this quote I Sylvia what do you say. Yes definitely can't. You get grand baby daddy or my children. That's things could be like the strong chancellor today but like your dad the dual role when you had a second daddy went in laughter. I'm glad I thought I was dinner and the second time I get married and clothing and fan I even pick out of work because it. Oh well I can jump on it but I am glad that I guess there is yeah. Thanks for the call girl they get to Nike is on Zimbabwe's trend but they're there I am guessing insensitive sending over who would be run. Treatment of my mama's offers very good because you raised. A family of twelve or all of it's well not totally appreciate your. Thibodeau. Just tell them roaming she saw that every day. Oh I didn't know good for you brother you ready jittery like you figure for rested. I EL IE serve for the morning and I didn't rule it is rarely read my rules. Question could having huge memory Hirsch our love. Ramesh and you shorted out by now every day. Oh you are right here right usual Guerrero put money in her mailbox on the rents Dubroff I do well thanks for the comment. General I guess it was about what's your name and parent TSA is sensitive simply overwhelmed to be. Probably went out and I put get a lot of drug. It's that good. It left the series on time I had done. I then went out and I'd budgets in any judge. Again trouble YAR. I did I had to get out of school and glittery have been that bad. Yeah I probably would have avoided the judge still. Yeah but now I think both very quiet for about yeah. He's gone wrong. But I quote a lot of spot I mean I'm not that bad yeah. And here is so legally here and yet but it in my. Talking. There are yeah you look good listener since you have been so let me say this. In lungs is as follows. You didn't really ask for you on the struggle eventually go. You draft illustrates why I was really Denver getting some that no prep that you guys need to write down to vision. My and they might not be easy access to those they got some really good drive on the only bad role I'll ask this good is possible in this area. For 41 and then on trying to get you have become yet but it's not gonna work and for those somewhere. He even won one Emmy all. Every couple hours not on one feel like if we guess more. Photos show. Then this thing on the way back for me was like I got to like at 11 o'clock Burnham and my cousin for breakfast and what's I would eaten something else offers. It's already thought about that later but. On my way back this is like to. 1130. Okay now. Traffic is ridiculous. Act like you're crazy. So come down my 250 my you know I'm on the shoes I streak come up Santa Fe. Car accident blocked off not to shoot down federal. Chair didn't Wadsworth snack that my what. That's what everybody don't know that there is nobody working anymore. And. Obviously did much clearly only let people move here you know 100000 people came in the last six months wow and I feel like other people are taking over my chic. Oh well hello we are it and view it sounds like both natives yeah Colorado. See you are bound largely made it even before. I have been here before you drop us a little bit but implants but man you guys those that increase the population all over the place yes I mean it when I first got back here in the summer I was like in soccer I would like yelled. Every freeway is jam packed app 2 o'clock in the afternoon a couple of men on Saturday on Saturday and why is there strap this on a Saturday. Yeah I mean I remember when I said come too like Ernie shipped here. Like on a Sunday morning and our cars Saturday morning in the used to read in Glen abbey and I get ten right yes so you need about 1930. And continue here right at game guru he can't do that anymore on the weekend out here it's crazy to me. Driving across town literally from DTC to move by 25 and I seventy. Used to take no life. 1011 minutes oh yeah writes I sort of got recycling is low there's low that. 4 in the morning when driving here. Right away but now it takes like well almost an hour to dig into an hour yeah depending on traffic 3040 minutes therefore remain. So that's crazy so think about this he does that make you say. Yeah because I should be able to like go places and know that I had extra time. Like you know I can actually with the last minute. I'm now you got to make time before you go someone like you only go do remotes and new parents deserve. But it's for media from my house to friend her compound hours thirty minutes. Well that's what I want out now your tries to move all the way aim. It doesn't matter usually gets out of wherever you want and still be OK let the traffic to area do you feel about that out of towners is about the only be mad but Jesus the traffic about all of us more than out here. Always know we Helena tell me how you I'm glad you're okay with you I. This put that I. Yeah I know attack. But at a time is due healthier economy. Yeah not this easy to keep the city bu I mean it's amazing right now it's a really outgrown from what I don't feel any younger you know you cited now I know my my what how. I mean yeah that's who she's doing great and yeah. I know this straight out of my old guy we really great and the name of both the good drive. Legends like I can record I worked yeah I guess it could be real that life coupled legally or black do like the top. Over here I don't think the people in the community that really happy about that. That's why is that do you think you could also and I felt I forget rebate we kind of take W neighborhood go there governor Hickenlooper say were the number one economy which is great. It's overcrowded it's overpopulated and I'm on the Islam people out there who agree with me food while a lot of people that actually are natives are. Moving relocating to like Texas fan I think Las Vegas. If you borrow more wanted him areas because they do get it cheaper home for you know meager home for cheaper price it's. I mean happened in my hometown of from San Diego and it and it's a big military town of kind of like how Colorado is big huge military down. I'm used to never really haven't people that are really from the CD in the city. I think which is. And my I had kind of dull because so much diversity you know I think that's only people so many different cultures like I'm more about embracing that kind of situation tends. It killers so much you never know what they can bring into that city are shielding and making even more don't forget traffic sites bank. You know life not just throw it pros and cons but you notice the difference from the first time here in the second time it's popular here now. The way you are way more developed some awful it's like a holy place. And then you know the debate is on his Amazon might come here. That's right office 2000 shot hole. A 200000 people that's you're gonna need like eight lanes really I California pretty soon you're real hard. That's that's a wrap our house would like San Francisco I think that synergies 0491075. Native person that's our I wanna position that this way. It's already going that way has the increase in population Deborah thank did you. And if so how do you feel about a lot of people coming out of state and essentially taking over the tight right now I think you've lived here all year I was in Colorado. Is Nancy Sabato. Did you and how do you feel about somebody I was as they people taking over the city 700489. 1005 I was this people but he has Abram. Yeah oh. For the hometown where they've got a hold out for their own. They haven't thought let you guys kind of trotted around the city I do you know they've been trying to create wherever they came from November's vote. We people who consider themselves to be memorized they need to figure out how to hold our own. They need MS and their own community right. They would go go go years. Instead of moving away embed them put that money back into overpower who's coming in and putting that money and then without probably be the best idea. So backward radically amend. Even with a politician. Local council folks. Got to find a way to get entered your local Y momma helpful please well way to avoid it hurt. They don't mind cool they sued Karl Rove. I hit songs and publish your name there your diet quiescent room. I hate filled so we're just talk about their those. You're the whole the whole situation would be changed by a third that's what they're colorful. There are. Moment that I live you know Lou ourselves if you're quick eighteen minute third quarter IN in the eight years that I had to go about their loved. Food commute double play bad. I think I you know you try to get fired so there's that I I should be to do the legalization. And I think they've won more states. Darker kind of legalized I think there's chronicle the spurs plus but I hate it right now because I mean traffic and it's ridiculous. Brought on Rowe price who wants to weed gets distributed throughout the United States more or less people are gonna come. But I think I mean right out a lot of Californians right they've been big. Our own movie or you know on the hood you know if you're an opinion you know I don't think that the Serbs went but I. We we. Even they don't muck city M. I've made yeah you know you out. Other transplant Cali how right you may even get to that. They basically come row there you declare I'm guessing some follow what's your name and Erica I don't do we say your. Com I'm a native decline throughout though and what bothers me is that our rush hour traffic rush hour all the emphasis. What do you mean dollar. We think when you and rush hour traffic. From eight to 058 and thirty gave no matter great though if you get on I five. That's true that's effects and I do that a lot and it's no matter what time of the day it is this traffic this track always drive by the stadium no right yeah. It's true yeah out on the alt key spots Colorado boulevard and I 256. Tonight 45 and I would stadiums and I won five. The trip to the Indian really bad oh yeah yeah I agree viewing this and you are echo wing. And demons from. To what I'm saying there's too many people here we need like ten highways now is to get to you know to make it 35 minutes shorter but it that's your only problem without a town where is like here it's you know doubles as I'm driving. I'm a big hiker and I noticed all of that play I can tell they're always packed in track. Or lose and that's young that's disrespectful land some big government's move exactly but that's about all I have as far as I'm apartment I appreciate them I'm glad they're here but at the same time that the payment plus. Six they did some let's say do we know we're in trouble and else are by the thought of green Chile we can get that Kelly yeah really a bad day then they're not doubting that program that's in about an accident stating it would be all right Denver's best kept secret. 700491. Of them file hot topic right now is first downs as five please visit the I. If Colorado do you increase. I was right now wanna hear every affected you and how do you feel about so many out of state people taking over the CD 720491075. Times this. David Lee SA rob good morning may not look which all work the ball low and a new look go to KF one national can be thank you didn't. They're big guys they hit a good that it would bounce on the negative there were to offer ever since the very very beginning. What they have got every word the need to read well when you hold down play everything. I'll you know I notice that there's no need to all field. Not at all I'm and we don't think that yeah you know we knew company mandate I can't you know we did. They we've got the whole music in the budget cut. Did he started an app in the mud built on here you are definitely don't think it's you know third round matchup with what they're ready to bear flag since they're little. Doug or. Won't won't bounty well here you know expect you know lady unlike now amount of moms say you are. Alleyway on the move and I am sorry eleven day. Million a year for granted that the guy with the young Sullivan in the end of the bill bill. The gangs the river about your life continues to be very few additional level of respect. There is now you've almost larger yet everywhere you go oh what sort of covered religion logos everywhere I. I heard that after last summer actually beat as it was crazy. Alia with the mob violence levels that would like every other day in the summer there. Yeah let's talk then. Yes Libya and everybody is still important week now it's war while while wearing them. They're different to a lot of luck or Craig don't look a lot more low key what you sit 1520 years ago you boo particularly three you know I want to stay out in the until the way our you don't all the little group our graduating eighty McClellan you know so I was here remember what. Right I'll fill you wrote things have changed and obviously the increase of population some side were a victim of our own success is a beautiful place to live but also went a lot of people come. We had a potential V in a trashy city is well true. Itself and there you see imminent judge advocate general from that these are here who did not announce a barrel. All Maine like what Wacom Wacom have bellows lately there why can. The magic don't even need a landslide is how he got out of control the walking dogs. Yeah do all my neighborhood. All third then like let's go. All I. ID. But you know what I'm strangers you know what what belt are the ones who go through now no one comes into play at the rocks he went out that the wrong. How another I think that's. Who found convert foods like we they accuse them. Everything and not overlook Vicky who worked on you'll love this bill that let me thank you thank you Susan I mentioned and cut back finally I say her own. I thought that they about the grand. I fares are ridiculous. True. True it's my biggest complaint out here I love that Kendrick becoming a big city I'm a native and I Ali I have the potential to be a huge are some pretty good but now it says for now I'm not about the red. I think they'll move. But the race is the luggage CEO yes definitely I mean the traffic is really obnoxious Q I just started at the net loan and it required me to drive a lot of polite and we'll back. Other than that I can handle that for ray as web site that I live in apartment that. Ford 400 a month and I know she beat southern India Latin. OK hey Bradley got away in less than a thousand square foot right exactly. And this guy. You actually there with you gotten. Pretty much my men and women in America for two bedroom right now listen to grand a month. Crazy and I occur there big thank you some eyes and say yeah thank you diet. Don't wait Davies then the east side is now safe. If I don't think I all the time I yeah he's running for sure and it is OK we've seen. And classy now I read you see the conversation I should plan to fix my eight. Okay. The caller seven do. With saying he's. All right cool. Through these men all you have to do is answer more questions than she does OK okay they set mob tickets on the lines he's amassed in the studio writer I chose is keeping track just do a tone I Sony real question number one sure false taste buds are renewed every ten days. Question number 20 sure files on average human skin on our bodies weighs six pounds spot. Question number three tour false the white lines in the middle of roads today were invented in 1972. Well are you pushing the questions are done I'm guessing he's a good program. Okay thanks that I wrote about it walking there right now tell me they are you feeling confident about same answers coming. They're pretty hard today OK well that's good to know her let's start let's strides on imposed on put out to do. Difficult questions you know cities questionable once true false taste buds are renewed every ten days. I'll see you grow up with your taste buds they don't reveal exactly they knew they have a short lifespan. And they are renewed every ten days are Smart card and in the letter the president reduce your costs aren't. Average human skin our bodies weighs six pounds false because you know said that dream right actually. It's the largest organ in the human body and yes it does way six pounds yes it's true you missed it. Whenever you can. What are. We should never greet tour false the white lines in the middle of roads that they were invented 1972. That would make sense to be true. No it's close they are. You know hands dirty game. OK I don't know until I don't really think that. I'm no good hey it's good for you don't own your winner dad. And delays and let it go and if that's my home and can wait everybody knows they can.