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Wednesday, October 11th

If you missed Wednesday morning with Tony, Cedes and Chonz. 10-10-17


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Johnny it's just such as well as the Bob good morning okay. Good morning my city. Bemoaning how I feel on Tony I'm excited I'm happy it's Wednesday it's tough day I'm ready for the weekend are you closer and closer you are. They instant sleep you know me. That place I would write today who did yesterday and then you're out there yesterday. I was immensely out of the two great yeah yeah. Let let go and through Thomas Jefferson's Evans and yes there was actually a supplemental Russell Brand succumb very hair and everything. This year it's not fitting cart. I mean that's growth but he'll get that hippie vibe I'm. I've played it a free say that non. Comb hair. There's no one who is this TP host in this case stop there. I knew nice girl. Anyway no big it was braves are like ceases trade demand schools then we should let you know since I was arguing that newswire I was there. I was wall hey Tony design doesn't log onto my FaceBook yeah. And you know they tell you what they do stuff like that okay its national day today's. Girls. Tomorrow's leaders so if you know international day of the girl we shall be good potential very young woman. And powerful voice in the community so it's your chance to redeem yourself today nice and relief. Oh yeah. I have to tell you always. Yeah talent isn't gained enough. Isn't he calling her lead. You said that bagged came out on my side there's Halloween I Halloween that I about how we were talking about dressing and so being played out so that lets you watch your apology. Yeah OK thanks guys in my collarbone for Halloween or not you show your collarbone throwing and I wanna apologize on the hose out their we are. Hey let's and it premieres at that. Well I don't join the wishing every girl a bright future out of a profile frame so if you really sincere guilt I have this profile. Yeah no he's not going to get. I thought although I'll do always is now. Listen I don't women can just let whatever they wanna be okay do not get your chance to redeem I'm not a good. Deeper grave I'm not come I never called the woman you didn't know why didn't she said diet you know all these holes out here. I'm pleased song called visa knows well you know you're at the but the anomaly to your right you're right you're right but that won't change you can just move whatever you want to hang some of the woman did you or your great woman that did not. Is twisted this. Yeah I never. OK okay if you look up and I yeah. We'll give you. Yeah I don't know really you know move on Andre and kept coming up in the 7 o'clock hour we have monsters that just. You were you guys. All right so I committed six. When he nine holes after dark. Don't want to on this Thursday night and then coming out Friday Saturday and overcome its we want it both time no Thursday nights when he went up. Then on college just for adults right we are there a couple Thursdays ago and every time when we're down but it's a family four pack coming up at six when he. For all your friends and family okay. My and we shall we didn't change a profile pic on my guess they say yes your community pig tissue which I'm. Rising number. OK I am sorry. I don't know her well. He's just like kids on some five so a couple days ago I was at the Santiago's Ginn some burritos. And so good. Now we've semi rallied ass embryos and joins wanna drop off we have got one they went out once really. They love us when they see is on the street the Wolverine is the Denver real nice. Goes I think a lot of work to do. Those Gomez knows not mother she knew OK okay the only guy I. I sat here the car bring him he really got the embryo aggressive lately and why you're so good it's all attitude mortal. I don't know if you know 1 morning so the lifestyle change for me I've become unbecoming an eight ulcers and you are your trump I don't I am you are grumbling today. Anyway if I don't effects to me back to the story. So your story. Santiago the record Rios. So I'll listen and learn how much going to be guys to resume isn't so much so that takes that was going on. Todd stiffen upon shot a tossup across street right way to get ready in his last night I was gonna get money troubles. I'm Nancy broke up with my ex. Because I just told our stuff and I go look. It definitely does and then I just letting us she's Romney feels I'm not doing what does this you wonder stuff. She won her stuff back but he said I don't know if she gave it to me so unsettling if any are. World Series beyond all of that stuff yeah so he says he got she got a marine she got on the stereo. He ponds. I guess I've I've seen the money he pondered it but he pond he taught how system that she got they were together like two years. There will tell you my photographer there ready Obama go it. Hey guy how everybody is now on the millionaire but so are I mean obviously. This situation where you've been in relation to be broken up and you kept the gift or you sold to give pre game to a friend. Well it sounds harmed a lot of the stuff that. You know his. X base. I'm giving so you know they. Is she yeah our our arm hit her stuff wherever she leads up the house and Monday let me there was one mistake right okay yeah. Well I don't know why and I think that I. As I did so I had to go to sun comes out of the big bucks right. He's like any little stiff like that's something when. Yeah like what I held and at the box and it's like a trip to the motherland and we talked him when he nine. They had like an African sweater in there and all this stuff from. Some like how old this is mad dealt with yet you like that that's you right there. I'm like I did he went shopping for your keys and all right I'll look it I gonna tell the stuff with a little worn right. Right and my big question data though like the longer that I sat on the I'm like man. Some money you know he's not seen in. I am glad that it happens show. And I might tell them that stuff comes from Aden Ali how much of a girl no more this year let's all the stuff in the house one night she. Heap on her staff to new men made it look like again. My god you they never been Africa before. Good night. Leave right all of my answer to the motherland ladies you get all that and then my third and that's what area of the neck lift your right I know some. A piece a land and I'll I wish I could recorded and then I'd probably thinks. Years ago seven years ago who may. Pulled the motherland for me this is great my gonna talk. An unidentified. It broke ideally you'll friend do something like that and then turning into the distance I'll make you think how. How do you care about me that is what some other girl from another countries yeah number no there's not there's no time we got to move. Hey you know English is not lion. We're being blown confirming everything she says you gave and get out of clay events from the motherland I. Playing at the US I don't know how do you get even always human and that you like you the I think it was snapped up the house for example in the often found at the house. Find out what lot they must now you have on girls you know ninety days to collect. Many like like oh this is her 680 who wants to look at the motherland let's give it a car bomb you know I decide maybe in it was a nice piece of jewelry gold. You don't you don't need. I told you really cool day if you will end. Yeah like you're going all your driving whoop Dee you know I. The guy like oh yeah why take that. Actually so just. Their report and I went with them five have you ever pond or sold your gifts from your anything Dallas well hi takes I don't think it's ready to go thirty. I don't think Intel's I guess on the some five hope your commute is it safe one right now have you ever upon her soldier gets killed that your ex he knew there. The rough luck. Today. Yeah ring data but I think rye man at six let me go through a blizzard brought in yet the ex wife and ever getting divorced she threw being daisy Mae and wedding band back I mean. A long story short does what need to retain them after divorced I melt them down and my dog have a platinum dog tag with three carry clinic. Why. An extensive doll like yeah. The dog doesn't go. I earlier I would miss something cultural tablets or whatever early. Only guess that yes I'm upon everything's like a pay four to divorce papers Lou I live. It was learned C not achieved at all. Three sonic is almost a five FaceBook page says my ex cheated ami thought on the gains. He is going found. And his PS three. Usually try to obtain a PS four but I also put his clothes in the bag and gave it to the homeless shelter and issues lamented. How old and he didn't tell him and then had to go back to moments when nothing. Yet the way get revenge on duty sellers to games video games out Miguel thanks I will make bids so match that is there are 491 as a finalist of the phones I lose this may. It may yet so I don't definitely kept my every bit as well. And the heat guy working you have they had caught another. And couldn't see us yet he's gonna I don't remember I don't like it didn't pick up okay yeah I. My outlook. The TV in his right that he didn't feel like 800 no way I'm more and did you had written an L they sleep over it vivid the good though you're gonna have been paid actor Luke like that you didn't hurry it. Put that money doesn't go my Nathan had a pit and you gotta pay below the you're not getting your. I heard that police thought he props on the Xbox reuniting you did the right thing on it. And you think you for the call yeah I guess it was about what's your name ethnic and racial I racial have you ever Honda or soldier gives from your ex and tell us why. Yes I have and I gauge because I just felt like it was something that I carry negative energy. I have actually responded to your FaceBook posts but I am captive for a couple of years after the break out I had planned on giving. Sure my engagement ring to my daughter. But. It was a glancing blow by a gimme for where can I open up the jury box so put something on anything I look at it that there might provide it gave me by applying to party with six. The things they're you in the eye and skin bad memories. Yeah I mean I can't think of they're all bad because we have a daughter together they interrupt. Put a painful reminder. You knew you could feel it energy is something you know like let me go ahead and give them away. Did you give your ring ring away since I started not. I certainly didn't honing. My they do so no I like diamonds you like diamonds what about you guys are absolutely okay I think that come with no problem. OK that's it I wouldn't be Mets either way his peers thing about his I think he's he needed gift you jars with the same whoever you know you want with a guy like you burning. I think in the conversation seventies era story not one of them five tell us why why have you ever upon her sold your news from your man don't think you Jones and Jason some find that you're ever pond or sold your gifts from your ex. Tell us why Simmons user for and I wanna some five times this a bit and we're not okay ulyetza anonymous. I'm pretty much. I live with the that we've had for about four years and without I thought I didn't want to Jerry stood on the ground light. Six months eight months later I was governor reminded you of what went to the same punch up the necklace but I can't put my X he bottoming out last. And wow home. I am I can connect with and I'm like wait a minute I know that split and then there's power in June but on it was not a good thing that clip. Thirty did you count that you really like and they list. What I have and I thought it does it fit in my glory about the probably end up in the same way I can put my foot my guess for about forty announce he's. Now what did you from the Monticello and I haven't been an outcome our enemy and they know you know why should some shot well. I love it. That's crazy watching the number that's right it makes sense to me Matt let him make me about a whale got out yeah. The whole you're on the I would never want yeah I hear is low enough information for a rainy day and they usually home what you do you find you some of them by what's your name and monitored Allen Allen Williams they manage the ever upon her sold your gifts from your acts of tells why. I mean all of I remember I pondered pull any day but I gave you a necklace out that would like if I think ought. And then the next let it out you know what they preachers daughter like kind of keep that there are ignorant and. Mom. Live if they don't lose money when you create here you go. Hey get warming got a mortgage you're way Irish life I don't want or know someone out certain. Give film did you racquet in my present here I mean yeah I don't like oh wow. You told me hey I don't know exactly that's NC game you're good memories there were thank you couldn't give you walk him. I guess maybe six of them that and take your medicine that's value was still kind of dirty it's not yours does not. I'm glad you haven't meet so Ole miss then I can give it way right an alert if you don't hang out yeah amount Helm the you'll appreciate. I yellow beautiful and other good. You know I just think about anonymous she but got a gift right as we get back. No money for it and they got to see him give Texas she wins. I did she actually win I just think it's great that she's waiting on a rainy day to break up of the man thing. That ace in the hole a little messy for sure I'm not dollars and you're listening to these record the fights and it was we wanna see. According to get a conversation takes landed six planning a three heavier potter sold your ideas from your ex and complicit Diggins diligent your savings. You might freak out just a bit when you find out what won't be a felony anymore in one place I'll tell you about it. Do you think your girls saying okay that's what. Or Jerry Brown by an alleged. Police said on Friday that lowered the offense from the families to a misdemeanor if he knowingly expose or infect others. With HIV in California and now there's some interesting is because a lot previously would punish those individuals with the prison sentence of up to eight years. According lithium in the nuance significantly lowers I jail time. Maximum of six months now goes into effect starting January 1 28 seed. We really need to start the hash tag pray for California at this point pray for Amanda has no consequences VM HIV knew about them along knowingly basically just keep your whole life in apparent that the plays could let me like really affect the stuff is scary it's horrible humanitarian MS Renee encounter when as governor or something. Noticed faster and lot of well thought black male well thought that's just go forward this side of the story according to reports floor lower Helmand initially told a publicist. As she never had unprotected sex with the finger but survey and later the woman filed suit. Claiming to have unprotected flights with answer. On at least one occasion now we're garlic usher is sticking to his defense that when you have sex use in the rest of ICB's. Accorded thirteen. Nobody using it they had basically using staff to help him win he said with one of six Jan any given partner. Could have genital herpes she assumed the rest of contract team. And as TV each and every time she chose that unprotected sex with a casual consensual partner. But the G said that they did it they had like a protective that's. Right this is what is Selig knows I'm protect them and now there's she's assuming the risk this is that this say that usher has herpes could kind of thing we. As late does Perry get your little bump on his act play. Sitting there. Let anyone know about it because he will not. I don't lovable Obama and what I felt the bump I'm telling you about a big deal like my style she did not get it from them because they wore a condom right. That shouldn't we did she admitted that didn't where I was and I'm imports on the back your form thank you thought. Regardless he had the bump right is that plan why do you researcher did you know you're right. How one step right you think Santa. Yeah well don't play me one that I'm. I don't want to fix these. Why split Lotto bro we gonna win. Imminent target presidential Donald Trump during a four minute freestyle video at the BT hip hop awards yesterday. Eminem opened without reference to charms calm before the storm before you bash the president over immigration cobwebs and white supremacy of NFL gun control environmental disasters the more. Now imminent even slammed into his fans who back sharp eight and a mine who's a supporter of his. I'm giant sand though I need either for or against me he can't decide you like more and you split on who you should stand aside I'll do for you with this and stuck up the middle finger. You know I'm not Eminem fan I'm not either and by. I liked I liked it more than a freestyle is definitely radiant but that's how they do it now when these these battle kind of route and there was also a lot of freestyle written freestyle or whatever just. Because there was more spoken word. Oh yeah that's how they do it now though what about my Hillary. Hello to me is how. Buffalo is just like that I the battle as are now they don't come through our anti if you watch and even got around you know you so yeah they do it now ample. On the podium in just gave a speech dang thing and I can't help them brought about mound that's how they spin you wanna. I play is I mean they yeah you mean don't look different got to be the way he did is totally different between the freeze our around some power yeah yeah yeah. So I'm okay now. Anyway is a very good what Tony said last time I didn't feel that he he should have been doing this. Prior to you know Donald Trump being in office yet feminine not so great because Iraq was to really think. Story even more inside Philadelphia's bats and they by coronary cooks are. Everything is shown on kiss 1075 part of seventeen songs and erode this hour. Man this year's moving by so quickly it is around or in the middle of October already have a mean right around the corner Thanksgiving next month. And then Christmas family gathering is about to go to now. Why not shot of them dread and you know ahead dreading man pro. They skating loved Christmas I'm visit you know same people. Who flew. Not making any sense total fan. So jealous bullish note on what volume that's okay my brother and not had a play because then the guy yelled we don't look like heaven there's nobody by blood. The red. Regardless back and Damian this play because things got into it pretty tough on our own FaceBook basically. She's always post pictures of my niece and nephew like the they would be at that she would be at the house where the kids work. As soon post pictures and cut essentially taught me like you know I'm very territorial I don't get to see my niece and nephew all the time. As to thank all look at could but Johnson blood which is my -- sister Laura Berman sisters named Johnson and Michael. Why they have to be Johnson the mixture Howard. And Johnson now that he's not saying John think kids don't think kids like kind of knowing I'm like the so Howard don't exactly think. I know she had you made that the girl all the play cuddling kept coming like oh look at these daunting kids CNN NN like K charity told you. Sunshine Nieminen they're like don't they stop referring to lose just their kiss you right. And then because you can't see him very often right exactly and kind of just putting them out then I'm always around and half like that I just got egg gotten it's my boiling play. Mean I got into their own social media I mean she's like a writer I told her nobody went three or pamphlets. It was not meant to you. I say I never want to see I always go to the days before Thanksgiving. And of course this chick is always around to move to play because they. So it's awkward because she liked the kind of like currently KM here my hair and it can't blood. And so by a film she's friends with the you're sister's husband she'd play because infamous of my mind. Claiming that she's famine was actually rock she's grown up around and they kind of like take your anger we have what I. I situations I should always going to be around for holidays. Just annoying it's not that easy for you since you say hey give laugh because. That's exactly my sister knows me like about dobbs this oath from what maybe at this time. He interfaith like I'm in a flash crap every year at the problem in mystic they had not sign this is like these guys from four years ago wow. Our so she'll know right the Turkey in the first place I need to be having dealt psyche or no gravy potatoes you why do you always feel like you have to come here yeah you don't need yet. The whole family all whole family right wing it like why you couldn't miss emerald lake if it's not like your big Mike can you how some sort of gone yeah. You might yourself anyway. This is an awkward situation and I'm excited to see my family but this one little play Clinton who that I can't get rid of. Wright is like a little thing but you still have to go away if you have the choice you wouldn't go I wouldn't yeah probably not we. I would have my family come to Denver for the now one. Specific words and no 10 play because there's so I think all of this go through this at some point in time we have that's certain family member. You know when it comes to salmon GAAP GAAP and gatherings like. I'm going I'm not going to if they're gonna be there so yeah it does let's just make it's topical question when it comes to family gatherings I never attend if blank is there. Who is the most annoying person your families that we'll drive you not even show up and running I want. A girl who 10 or the guys shows everything has to mind you this remind you that look at this and that you don't mean touchy uncle who know. Saddam left hey. Hey hey. Hey you're vacationing in DC yeah. Eleven to 04910756. Line this exciting opening when it comes to family gatherings that's birthday parties included. I never had ten. We're playing is there let us know. Sidney Jones I guess awesome five the Thanksgiving and Christmas right around the corner so when it comes to family gatherings. I never attained if blank is there 1704891005. You fill in the blank. And of course it is a bunch explains well six when you three hi what's your name Ole. We as a hero when it comes to family gatherings are never attended blank is there. Hawaii had cut and site where I would go to the daily ad but life we'll get back from that time where Italian girl are bent. Ligament than just you know get over it I agree hall. As someone coming to Jesus moment if you get even better then and you know make a million kids you know but even then. Maybe now you know. Brought to the united need for any. I feel the same way like I go to the family gatherings I just say hey what's up on the going in the MacKey moved there because I'm really does. There to see like a mile there's Booker will ask this question I see he's been. Have to what do you wanna be the cool when he Mike Jones said but there's still being annoying and then she's saved us the comeback. Denver and they're cousin her supposes fake isn't this good in flash on six. Well it did you on sins wouldn't. It I mean you know like just follow your fate is not like he did being petty and you know about crime pairing of warm but it's about them letter. You're right you're right I appreciate that they usually come I don't they know I just loosen filed what's your name my name is Cathy I guess what you're saying. But when it comes without formal gatherings. By others. Although light can go to them how you manage to go to your father's side of the family now why. I know I'm not the people of my god hasn't pulled my daughter she was born. Only people see her so I do. I think clearly from America. OK so he's just like not incentive so let me there's got a history on your relationship with him right. Yet I haven't talked my dad won't I wanna feel about my opinion that yeah it's the reason you tell us a comma. It's just personal read them I guess he has about another daughter and he doesn't like to spend time with his two older kids he has three other kids and no claims cure them so. He had claimed the older cute so that would be everywhere Miley don't go around you ask not cooled off. That's not cool and so when I come from the people around my life not got to go but I. You guess his loss yeah. Well thank you for the golf here welcome I can't lose them I was your name there are done so when it comes to family gatherings I never attended blank is there or. But it could put that question go anywhere. Apply to my family anymore because the first situation we're wayward kids. Our family all big and together we always want every shuffle again as I got older. In the situation where our family you don't remember our children are very very few of my family members go see this stuff because we believe the other friend remembered back. So easy and holidays please you do it who ever right well usually wild bird popular my mom so although the word out very proud. Horror or anybody in my current affairs. We're gonna give with a friend big my caddie doesn't happen and hang out that he knows and you guys can hang out teamwork great to have. Yahoo! go to the buffet often. Golden Corral it's. So you mean there. Nice to come around somebody very cute. 72048910056. Landed 69803. When it comes to family gatherings I never attend in blank is there and say he's not a road right now but yeah when you go back to dim we come back here after the holidays. You might still be in that teasing thing where you know your freak cousins so called 'cause when rather easy to play because that's due to escalation my guess talk. Right classic and C might stay in Oakland with a black guy. United in Denver we got friends that I never thought okay this is nobody gives a family gatherings I never intended. So anything that shows I can't close them 517 songs and wrote this hour when it comes to family gatherings I never attended Blake is there. A lot of people on it takes climate 69803 guys are saying what would mother in law's lending and the media is CIA that everybody say they never bring out my mother Amal my mother log of summer nerves man. How are you going to be married not merely go see that other birth mother in law. I can get awkward. In Miami and a get a divorce or something right. No big choices here is one of them off my FaceBook page every fifth if any of my family is there in my family as toxic and rude. Not something I need to put up with. Staying cash in general what makes me feel all mellow man put Larry with the press. The season I don't let those third people keep me from my family gatherings Mallory says that so she's. Being the bigger person. She's gonna still pass so it doesn't matter who's that good 37204. And I want a semifinalist in 2000 hotel which I think I've known anonymous go ahead now becomes a family gatherings than ever attended blank is there. I looked at this or are you not at random but now my brother died and at and many more could you pick up my baby mama. How about and that's messy it. Yeah. I'm good I'm. So me and mine are all baby mom broke and then he started talking they're. This luxury awkward dinner table he had he had very awkward. Our whenever we go to our family gathering because I'm I'm getting very very being so leaders show my evening Carrie you know we don't have you on the high. Now make it disappear out the fact you're not saying that they're well requirement while. Scared I. Yeah I was there. I gotta train family their brother if you should put a high three. Greg Craig entered everywhere all right. Write your gig is you're out in the open in their did they have these she's as far as hiding whatever is going on. Thanks for the call brother yeah I'm Obama I just doesn't publish your name. Well Nate I would testimony. Well look I wanted to carry air and weirder and with depth family gathering step in our Stanley. Every page of the plain weird pages hate each other. It's hard to even get a party to get a because everybody's like well there's going to be there is that it's going to be there I'm not going and he doesn't ask me and yeah. Idea yeah sorry though man I'm really these are real fortunate enough. And here we we all got together huge you know. And I always pick every holiday gathered that. They all five guys on the road bridges had not party genders so now it way down a generation and we do it. It's actually now is it's not cool I'm off mood. Johns on how much indeed there and a half. And then to go I am I gonna be very. We both go down a lonely actually how clowns and when to celebrate my himself yeah. Basically with their own immediate family and everybody pretty selfish and our families so. I don't know that went down we got Belichick how badly that I mean yeah we're now we're really seized the. Right now and add more if I'm wouldn't work and you know. Yeah. Like when. Oh no Oreo. Yeah you know I well there I got you ready for a bank skinny and blue moon they should go to. Yeah. Thank you guys aren't general and. Their might just a dime over here say that in her ray EMI within your family. Like anybody that. In my mind. Ali's Boehner doesn't really using newcomers isn't it takes landed 693 when it comes to family gatherings I never attended Blake is there. Macy that is.