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Tuesday, October 10th

If you missed Tuesday morning with Tony, Cedes and Chonz. 10-10-17


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Tony say end shown in the morning good lord we. And good morning and happy buckled schools day my city I'm. How their body feeling out there wide awake here and we had to get up ice scraper this morning Ali I was like Hewlett I can't afford when I actually. He looked little like CD case I did that was I don't know. Remain did I let me know the first year that she got here like you know you gotta scraper right on the scraper I just. If I come from the beach life yeah we're gonna ghost ride the wind power and the. Say hello Doug and about a scraper there is no good up. Hey how but let's. Oh my guys. So yet admit it's gonna be a lot warmer season high 54 love and then overnight freeze and I think we're gonna go death. 35 tonight and then by Thursday 75 week in the skin looks sunshine is back you mean more your line we'd be where your movie sure is we're going to be back. Throughout the night as I like they'll get a goody so it's a love on. While I'm on the line you can bring your movies are excellent. Payroll quick I want him to something before. We we move forward two days coming up 1000 dollars for the Hamas does that suggest. And also we're going to be the kind of semi dials up inductees members and if I do shows and I were in the kitchen yesterday he sees and we had a revelation. And I've seen that video on the ground but I don't let it. The grammys are you out of the room Larry if I am I your girls ladies had these days so we have Tony has too many names they round. Isn't just do now the. You guys tell me. I'll come up let's talk about the video yes. I'm in bed I got really think during the middle of yesterday sound and I think the video come up on the ground beauty declaring. That's the clearer it's community Kremer. That the coffee you know would you copy in the cream out fridge hit community Kremer we've we've moved past the facts. I have the guys that can actually Kremer in refrigerator full. Okay well look what did you like this did you physically but as yet about this other coal man then the first bite you but for everyone right. Oh yeah for everyone but you did did you personally but I know the company a lot of source for everyone okay. Hey gimme back my. Slipped a little bit right let's catch up because when you hate it would go ahead go OK yeah my problem tells us a video. A bank. This break and he had a slight revelation from the guy that it's gloomy Kremer it is the problem is because before you know wake you OK eight with stealing from your coworkers. Guards that you are feeling our Kremer. Coffee nothing you just leave. If you can share but the American public knew I wouldn't steal U I video you like see I told you that you think that yeah yeah yeah. You don't knock them although. These look even more caiso initially and the Joseph who's come and and he's got. Coffey Jason didn't smell of hand and that right where it brought to lodge job for I don't do that. Not yours you I don't care if you're healthy and is not your sooner that big it's huge primers. Overall record of fifty people working there yet we can't we get the don't dreamers and shows stop well nobody's gonna miss it allows Florida. Drop the somebody's criminal I mean that's how they if you well I have big Cramer now being put yourself you you're still the wrong which you may. Also last year I know you want I can stop don't do that. We thank you know the use that Kramer within two weeks you're gonna spoil you gonna you know holding my your sound ridiculous I'm. Very good yeah. That bat in the old the company does provide Kremer apparently they can't get the water. All our water recedes and let me Richard Jefferson and I know you got through that level that I. Obvious say we did still the last three water bottles on the community for being so late. So I'm in the clear right guys we all good on that Padilla. Let's get to know and I'll go back to with CBC and you you knew you here's video games but you still keep his youth ticket. It's when you didn't know was really free so you are trying to make me feel back of your really not really acting on which I know why don't you feel about it unless you know. Made me want to coach yeah I told police the market right now. I. Don't think. Sounds like kiss on the 75. I am mad think yesterday so I don't know five days so major Lebanese taco Tuesday so atop the CEO Tony look the one that I went away when a black. Cross street. But how long do you remember you said you were on. The one on Hampton right that's hammering enough the big one right yeah. OK so Matt let them the manager and Pablo who served us through turn means honorary singer Rita so if you look at for a good huh. And every game is so high heels and he'll. Yeah you guys cover that lets you think about the place to be the one that recommendation from the tone be known Mexican puts righty that's. The reason there is McHale I Diego's Mexican flu we all look only a commercial like to feel like. You you know it. I knew where the token people ask you say you don't ask people who don't eat some sort of like chicken. My second flagrant foul play. I guess that's my favorite food is. Isn't an opinion and they can so when did you go to he went there yesterday pellet they're Sunday got mast you got what you smashed like relaxed but yeah. You know my read is that we not been sick so I was trying to get money ya all's Joyce couldn't make me feel better not only noodle but it is Michael Moore. I don't know who knows this drink like a poor or something and not afford to. Look how that I'm not how it's okay with that elbow with the alcohol and had alcohol on his girlfriend like a Margarita the more spicy and you. If you got if you listen to you went on a date. Don't worry about my own and bill Ellis though. That's when I. Then maybe I'm not go silent about what is the topic list. You anywhere okay what organ it's not no matter how kids Burton sob my next question. Question is was very young displays of public. Really it would. Very well clock like. A face no PDA going down really sick I was just trying to get better god I think you admits that I think you went on a day was summoned the and what did they let you console it. Mexican restaurant the romantic ballad tie is annually the C needs to say whether and they haven't met this Latino come on count. Oh due to culture yeah. Sir what do you have going on now I signing eat in has started it's a really strong. During a similar system not the cold and I even read her you only mutual tucked. You know when you're drinking and stuff like that right when you drink you didn't like the netting a breeze here. Yeah okay so you clearly got a very good. He gave money you. Oh you and junior high the manager of all the rule out a way then where the nod I'm an option hades is making out with that guy but anyway. I know they didn't know who she was an issue film little tipsy. In modern wind down. All I'm not a girl usually don't kiss in public now at certain spots like that I'm picky with that much can I club we can ever make no lights are down. This thing. All get. I am not a goal is a lot. How the you know they and Donna good today Giuliani right James Jones out of okay Jerry the job. Q so when you made out did you make out in the corner of the dark part of the club or on the dance floor and lights up. Oh yeah it. Now. And when you so faded does happen and no man yeah. Now dozens of people won't even get a hold hands in public others you got full making out like look on the plus I'm gonna. I'm glad. I did see I know is why is this down as we work. Aren't you need more just so I don't know why oh yeah and also does win the working makes out with his wife. You know but I will say you know when I went to Vegas or whenever and I was coming back all my friends went back to San Diego solid on the flight myself. And I did you know there's only three seats on a plane and I sat. Right next to a couple. And they were full on animal in the right makes me out like this it's like most disgusting thing though poor little. You know flights and couldn't get in the middle trying to serve and drinks to learn all about satellite news. I'm like I'll I am and I'm never afford that amount. I'm not aware that there's only three seats on fly in planes and Matt that's just can't go down there other I don't wanna feel I don't mind if I feared the Connecticut this whenever I think everyone belfry magna would add thirty Diane it's not something. Yeah it was just scary it's got. You have some people who wanna be seen to with you know with their man making out to make other people jealous who. Mother will do to signify your relationship with. Others will Leno do it to enhance their image that this is this is when an hour and I sort of got the what do you think we doing then and for men are okay but let's on this is because this is this study that came out OK your. Got back up neck yeah I have yeah. About getting it now yeah I do right now that we warrior according the journal of studies everything else studied. Non B and. You. Look funny feeling in our time and why this student okay I want you guys know that the leave. Both of them whenever he. And Jack fumble I'd go one day only sale is you shouldn't be hallways for Halloween. Yes I'm embracing nobody I have not and I know Mike how. And then girls get one that that's so hot topic now whenever they got in trouble because I had a whole whole coalition are usually tries to understand why not knows. Suppose we are not oh we wanna dress like no that's that's often what a hot and you start up again you got off according to discuss my god oh. The study because what they do. There was other side so you'll get a hot water and never let us you guys need. Like this do to get we don't get in trouble but I thought this phone is are you mean here we go according to the journalist six researcher. They about a 150. Female 994. Male college students asking you about public displays of affection okay. They found while most said they weren't into making out in public 32% of women and 30% of men admit they've done so before the other reasoning among women K this is a lot of talk about 55% wanted to be seen with men to make other people just. 34% wanted to signify a relationship and 30% wanted to enhance that image. That's Ron basing your mouth of on good payout then you get now for men the reasons were different 50% made up publicly to boost their image by I don't wanna hear their rest there. All said he is bad they keep back does that thing out of what do you think I was trying to save you broke here's the thing Ali another there was that little my nose. For much of such a lesson here is there's when. Love you and everybody has their reasons for whatever. I hate you both error no votes there's the question where should you not. Mean making out obviously. I work. How are good here down. Airplanes that relying instead they're playing some pretty big here like I don't. I don't know does that you're going Alan. Now that we're aware of the places three total I saw two teenagers make it on the bowling Alley at a family fun center lake and lake all full on toned ox but yet. And I geez yeah they are all over each other like Penn is getting into different places and as they. I sums up my youngest is just not tough golf. Ball. And then the well. I don't know why I. They're important I went up. Where should you not be making up six point six OK all those lists no. Tony Zeta-Jones on kiss on a similar vibe where should you not be making outs helped out the deal without tops the list so far so. Lafayette at 6980. Sorry I got a card packs are on the boards are dead this morning. I've got a couple people unable one at a restaurant last thing though at the CYE is so making out myself don't do much PA. Now and then annoying yes burrito restaurant eleven none of that the president said definitely not at the DMV. I carry DMB and courthouses I've played there I'm I was trying to be here at the last thing I know is these are happy love. I am already depressed demand and I'm here we don't have yet who fills dilemma at the courthouse backcourt outscored the Indy dim these dirty dirty anyway yeah that's nastier which you know I don't do it yeah see America. Not the place I can't within five FaceBook page. Would I want him for Maude she's this church of course it's true. Com. James says on the toilet. Yeah I'm big I'm. And I think you're text somebody on the toilet this nasty or robbers then I was the sixteenth street mall on the fixing street shuttle bus. You are talking classic this year all I know the shuttle bus for sure and saw that throughout unglued. And tell a homer Max you know more Macs you think Chucky cheese yeah. Yeah I know the kids play with what's going on there is perfect there simply is therefore no 1005606. That if let's go to the phones hi who's this. What I mean mean I'd be worrying you not be making out OK. AD. Well I mom almost literally beat my sister down for some charge a woman she had you know. What about when you get married ensures you know can make comment we yeah. I do to make just right now the only marathon iPhone and that's colored arrow brands blew this thing in the Warner basically gonna be. I don't pay the biggest thing was quite. I was let me put out bad meat yeah. Well traditionally had a little even if it was like a Margarita. It was like a Margarita and a buddy. It was like a fruity drink it wasn't like the tomato zoos kind you know the other any other one. No I don't know well okay I have the Google millennium I'll take that as an have been Litman say I'm ready that they ban the bang and out of in the. Why. They the only time we every say CR IOK. So whatever that dream quiz ends with I thought our chat box. It's I have I thought I was sort of nonsense and I. Think fruity but spicy. And it was clear we're trying to figure out what season digging out of date or she is making Yahoo! now. But not the deal yeah me. Hey there Heidi okay. Making out soon and that by so I just I would've gone how about this where he could not say she's seeds playing. About this for you. In front of your parents. Now of making our phone your parents is a place you shouldn't be making out until he is discussing a ton Brenda down food. You really good idea. Like street cred like you why did you see it yeah hey you're that got to do. None of the little little and the airlines don't know a brand the but to me blue nowhere like that men elect to make out that she wants the make out in front of your parents yes you want to make out. Okay can I wanted to ask you can't do you think you're not she loves to make out for many utilize my mother. Well you every day 7204 in Iowa does them by things like this 69803 where's the place that you should not be making you've had a steady season shows like Jay is dollars and five where she did you not. Dean making out 720 foreign one of them five politics like this excited to have three guys this that hole. Sydney which USA. Or play as it ever make out it lose it theater. Movie theater look he's here to let you know running it you're like yeah. Read through all the plays Leslie little militant silent looming in the lead back you know I learned. Like and then I would not weird like you know I've been blocked when it is put a pitch for a. Yeah you're probably all there you're not a teenager. You know they go to the movies to make gal. Yeah and other the last thing I want your behind get a movie theater somebody moaning. Lou make no honeymoon. I don't think that's okay it's. 10:30 in the morning nice yeah. My guess is of them but once you name. I can't what do you think girl I am not. A bit and say that I hear about it mango not yeah. As a clear Voskuhl was immensely and you know I actually hit kick you ahead. I don't go. So maybe that's what it was a makeup look like and yet it right one point they had that some money bet that they played in it you know you'll rail one for that thank you. Yeah well there are things on the drinks called them mangalore now and her dad got non non. It's no I'm a guy. Sitting in the. Usually go out here to give you probably didn't prop eight. Yeah I just basically said he didn't get any you just sat talking about another case sock and he don't he won a more love I guess loosened by what's your name. My payment Monica and bad smiling because I. Knew a lot about it that primary end. I wasn't. A beer can to bust but why is this drink in the mix I'm I'm not sure I don't know I think they're clean air and they're kind of like Britney and stuff like that I don't really very well I don't. You are behind even though you don't really drink. Helping hand and I see you out on all of thank you girl I appreciate that makes you so much thanks god is this currently isn't your. And I think how one wave hitting me out I didn't have to go to school to school. I I would not mind coming out of my notebook and not an Hispanic or I'm. They're paying bike ride on the inside anywhere. Making our dad had his hand on the mom but police. He even called for a I think yeah very thin little boy sitting right next to them. No worries whatsoever. Wow that China now school district. Yet that I didn't think you I think I got the mining towns you when's school for. It's been a rule books if you. I know what you're really did see the conversation and things like this they played at three coming up less than three assumed he would you girl get your DVR has got to be set tonight for something big hip hop a play about it that. You can barely staying on K yeah well. Tonight he's being a cowboys are going down. And the performance lineup is extremely liquid rock stream its big daddy illegals hardy beats when you go APN 7 central time folks get ready they'll we know all the winners already good. I love my dad or give away did only important for permission yet Powell there. They way we are the salary dot com coming up. I blackest face you criminal charges according to reports the rapper was indicted on first degree sexual conduct charges. I grand jury in South Carolina on Monday. Now if convicted he faces up to thirty years in prison according may ABC affiliate WP DE Kodak is accused of sexually assaulting a teenage girl. Back in February 2016 points all mad man code I've black guy who's in the guy Nellie Kodak black. You know my iMac Kodak Lackey doesn't Tutu and I think I'll wait a minute this is the amount that now leak Kodak black unsure. And I'll start of the Bill Cosby. But yeah it didn't it did for sure I'm never gonna fans honestly of Kodak to be honest with you he checked himself. Out of jail like at the hotels and well let her brother a heart I'm dealt with a lot really yeah also very similar brought to you today Michael O'Leary quit starts. Don't you show pledges it was a five hope you're having AC drive on your way it works seventeen song. In a row starting at 750 is an ending whenever we play and talks are. Apparently get ready touted. As. I wanna give a quick shout out to ultimatum on Don I think Katherine not. Names Isa he's gonna have surgery today. One of pray for a speedy recovery and a successful surgery for you broke today don't write president trying to. Yeah and now let everybody is at teens and today the big day for you jam in the Zenyatta let rice did as a way back in the day yeah no founder founder homestand they generally we will go to school we've taken over or sat down and hampering artists that you school. They're gonna have a new unanimous that the students are super excited man let's Derosa hard my girl and continuing that whole tradition some analysts and and hopefully will be doing a lot more than steps in for the kill enough. And that's so cool the thing I'm and I get a major artists come your school when you are nice hobby height you know I love it. And they show that saves for continued never came back we probably never be. I'm not give up the Vitaly back I sort Ali B. Harrowing night jam in the park in this announcement Centre court yeah mark here LA we hear. We're okay at it that idea is is amazing and it's awesome sword primary or some might say what's up as well after short so on that note one in the senate some might. Floor guys finally came back and finish my slurs after eight weeks appreciate you broke. We if you live in the hotel the real core CU you spent some time and I'll tell Maine who lived upstairs and yes ever we spent one week you know it's now. And then we lived in the basement and upstairs and I would but the living space downstairs is empty. Because my voice that he was gonna come back and he's great he's great at what he does okay. OK okay but apparently he had some issues it is they'll get trafficking is there. Yeah. Like yeah. Then I will anyway tale yeah it's so we can't give an issue of trafficking if you look up in the NLA finally came back a couple days ago and this amazing like Hilton. Was it was so when he thought he would only here's our I think yeah. They'll yell you are all the I don't know and many would more than one guy hates he's a walled you know the other guy by the brother who I think they fight those Indians now my. Yeah I'm rather don't tell my brother you know just. We are Brothers though. Minnesota with this other dude who's really super dope yes Damian the bottom a guy that can. Point two year old kid came and knocked down the party actually posted a picture on my FaceBook page food. Who do you go check out my toll on the radio pay whatever I'm one of those pages one of those you can see out glossy and then what are. That's amazing sorry prison tomorrow's story is if you homeboy goes to jail it's okay can only get. Are you know what when I went over your house and he had the Boehner though there and their training of all the thunder lost and I am and I Saudi yell at them for you. That clip that pink baby that's got the hardwood floors than I hate that I that paint all over on the on the floors Somalia where Jeddah Saudi hey do we get around this man was amended to get. Pain although for just a lot of money for things. You said out loud mouth shutting down at the thing my god won't say I don't think that's what I want to say when he was trying to be like conservative because he don't wanna spend a good it was the home you. I'll hook nice guy right so what do you guys have a house is obviously Ang a situation do you that is normally use all the home he's hurt most years that's not anymore. I must learn after this week. We're Dodd might be okay if you think I'm cool I'm always the moment looking for ever my wife is like this could have been done to three weeks ago Q let me tell she's a reminder she's the. Why isn't that don't always or she's also the inspector Bhutto family with a real company. I would have run. I don't and we hookah bar down the mall and now about the only look at all and homey hook up yeah there. The family yeah. Like that that it you know back thought because it feels like you always old and for something well you pay your own you don't want to miss my going to be free well tell me I'm soliciting new early. He blew out okay. And that happened over the weekend and I need obvious and again we TVs so you'll be used proclaim that you talk about all the time you like to fix things Yancey will be mounting my TV forming talk haven't told the other night about how there. I have made him. But I think you're an unpleasant so the quarry does everything yeah everything I can do that is on an email he doesn't do now. You know the world to find Mexican restaurant are. I don't need no. I. I think all 038 o'clock hour we keep it moving don't forget thousand dollars monsters next guest. Coming about eleven with consummate team. And we toss him he had my back. Right so when I'm here for the birth socio slap me are you doing girl you didn't hit you learn all oh wait there. I'm a better. I know women I'm married when they Q well yes it's better than David and sad that as always I just let us in this that this goes back to the that Halloween costume thing. Yeah that's what he did before even though they're loses some a lot of women on our FaceBook pages defenders shop and pick. That they eat the whole the whole thing is played out. It was a rally addressed at all when I am not I Halloween was played out was Henry the ladies ladies there was something on tech trying to. Do you know letting you play you listen to a self talk OK gonna travel light and think well I would like to refer to our thanks finest. I made a three work even though you know confidence today I mean a whole topic was from Monday man. Coming back quite about yellow when they it was yesterday I think you blue pills or something oh. Don't circling around I mean it's total would be what the hell you talking about whole coalition. Regarding the lady's feelings Obama Halloween youth I felt once I don't dress like the bride of Frankenstein like Lindsay Lohan in mean girls. Meanwhile my name is going to be a mouse. Probably if that. Yeah you know he makes he makes a valid point when I'm Kelly we'll get dotted all had turtle necks and all of them. Who does do that kind of back well they were French maids down. Like many of us are exact date but now there's on the top of their OK go out. I don't care would you dress like I really don't win that was a topical stuff I just say we should appreciate that sexiness appreciate I appreciate your girls come out and oh yeah. I am sellout we'll let them live Greg and the holy union coming up. Yeah. Unions don't be like dad coach as a lot of kids in his holy card can be selling his color new lately on the list and others say you're not how we won't be here that's on seeing. Wow now I feel this is incredible I'm not red flags at all. No this the real Tony we'd go out there yeah. This is all due to a and a question and. Did you do what it was a mega big in Texas and one thing do you have the same hole why can't deadbeat yeah. Our listeners we're seeing it's because I let me just say analysts vitamin a when you sharp and alert when you don't shopping at the the Halloween stores this city of sixty mouse a shadow play hoped we know you're right it doesn't. Well I don't make good huh. You're going nowhere on the coat and it's going home lord help. Thought I think you monde your own mind revealing revealing their ego but I don't have the revealing got coalition come out. I think lowly sales slip in the united. That's listener okay you're just teacher you know no lows the hosting is out. Charlie Burgundy no clown nose. A little quick and bits and you are female has spiraled that's fun and easy on the alcohol. The commission today. Cindy own. Our the standard Gomez all those are played out there behind the flag I. You little better than my advantage for the ball I love my listeners I love women you can view and every wanna be I didn't yeah indicated worse than what it is I don't think we need you guys we just repeating what you guys you know. The public apology from the hotel or not because the fact say hello I want. Our our own choosing the Vick person chooses to be oh are just like no that's their business teeth now while. Offense and this is what's wrong with the nation we. They see you may stuff wrong dollars and was good morning. They do internal computer Oklahoma thanks you. Ladies I give you free permission to do this to Tony flew. I guess we.