NF Interview

Tuesday, December 19th

NF, whose new album "Perception" debuted at #1 and whose single "Let You Down" has been blowing up these last few months on KS1075, called in with KS1075's Big Mic to talk about all of his success in 2017, coming to Denver in March, and more! 

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Is Jane is little seven so I've bit my excited to get this man on a line this is one amazing talent who is quickly becoming a worldwide sensation. A you've been here and it's jam lets you Daniel cancel some four minute animus be topping them now we got an app what's up man do it right. I'm doing pretty good a man how you've been NF I think yeah keep busy he had deathly seems like you've been busy minutes when he seventeen what a crazy year you know you've you put out here around perception exploded on the charts. Debuting at number one in your record let you down continues to rise in the charts by the day you know what's when he seventeen them like human. I mean there's a lot like things that shocked me but I also like this year's maybe super pac man I mean my third studio project. Perception and received singles. You know it's been doing awesome on radio which is great but also dislike everything's. Growing. You know. Better than our crew ever imagined in a lot of people I've changed things one do you and they grow up and down like this year's really kind of made me realize that accompanied. The out as a big demand lets you down it was actually three months ago today that we adhered to as an awesome file where one of the first states to get a rotation. You know when I heard that jam of it's around this we need to get this on. It's been takeovers been blown up says and then stream and you know when you were wrapping that song up again down the studio did you. Did you know that you're gonna get such a great response from us and we. Think you're ever and now I mean sometime early this the only judgment that song I loved that song I think it's amazing when you're honest and never know. How people. The people respect. Let you down actually recorded output up my second record. In 2016. And I actually I think are recorded that song to week after a drop that album or the week the week before actually. Like I said that phone for like a year year and a half. Before everyone heard it but yeah yeah always felt like. It was special to me I just didn't like people lose. If people really cute as much as they did but I'm thankful that there are. You know it's interesting a music sometimes the life these records did you know for a lot of people. We're just gave introduced it introduced to a today it might have been made a year to logo arm for you with this record having been able sit there for awhile these you know now that people are getting. Introduced woods is kind of reignite your passion for I. Sure of that question because I don't think I listen when I guess until like record mode which I'm always kind of writing sometimes that. That's what I was 1999%. Of the time is my own stuff because I'm constantly on the perfectionist I'm always signed it. Make everything capacity can be. But you know it's just in just his good it and I mean I love the community can only confirms. Let's powerful record equally powerful video and actually December 2 you're coming out here to Denver he going to be the film auditorium people and get their tickets it is an awesome five dot com. Have you had a chance of former Colorado before. And then have actually. Denver's one of the biggest markets and a plate. Sissy you know about the altitude that I don't gotta give you any oxygen warnings. Not on the ground and anything up pretty much is right in my bless. And yeah who wake up in the new CD it's like during music uninteresting experience experience Adams and signed him in new. Sometimes though though wake up on the bus here people that have performed here and relies Ali Jacqui embryo on stage. It's awesome well you know NF wanna thank you for making time for us man and like I said you know congratulations on. Obviously and you've been doing this for minute but it's awesome to see you know all the hard work pay off for you and you know you put out. You put out three prizes in the last several years so I'm hoping that 2018. You won't have a long break hopefully we'll get some more new slim form. And we know right now I'm pretty much during all the year 2018. But structure.