Nemr Interview - 10-14-16

Friday, October 14th


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Miller is here. According wording very happy to be here thanks for having is OK so and it never allegedly saying beamer do you get that beep I get named year and humor and camera. Number never brought to come in in Europe calming them around I don't know where they get the rough from. It's never like simmer my daughter up OK okay baton areas terrorists for sure. Experience is like a Tearrius who has both Arab and Slovakia in there you go right like a hybrid. Like I'd be careful sleeper cell pick but never is a nice you know he's he's that he's he's like. A a young man who's very. Very nice yeah. Yeah hammer yeah you wanna know more and I remember when you're out of the art but if you if you pronounced like it is and purity it's an imminent and it becomes very menacing all right and that's gonna say watch out though than your leg a legitimate by. I don't mind. My name never reads tiger Lily yeah OK okay so my full name never and we dropped the last name not because I want to be like here but because. It's like it's impossible to get any host to introduce me and like on stage and act like they know me with the I realize my good friend we been on the road it's never mean McNamara up Abu opt out and I just tiger tiger thought. The only his camera up and SR which means tiger father of the victorious well that's cool that's a cool name crazy that's all we have a war in the Middle East given names like net. Boring me caddie and I feel like O'Leary Smith not to start anything but when you're tiger father the Victoria's watch out and I think that coffee colts decide this stuff. They now love to be gay. Or if you're gay the most terrifying did pretty good. The world you're not yeah how can you know about you Wear only black. So as a as the cold story and it has been going around the world very very popular in the Middle East and Europe. And you're really you know landing on the US during this tour yet but you eat you were you were born in Lebanon. Yasser came to the states yet when I was about two years old in San Diego San Diego and trump hasn't trusted you since you're. After he wants and I'm like you know I've supported you in the past I've watched your show and I like them you watch the apprentice is highly entertaining and I all right so so you so you came just that have been you went back to Lebanon when I was eleven defend because apparently came here risk initially because of the civil war he ski toward Seoul when you when you talk to the statesmen go back to eleven on the kid was at bill like well. A horrible because when you that's all I knew it obviously I was too when I left Lebanon but I don't even know right on my happy memories Rihanna does America like I want to in San Diego it's a beautiful story I have great friends and then my dad's like we're gonna go to Beirut Lebanon on end we get there Enders and electricity. 24 hours a day in others it just finished by a brutal civil war yeah 35 years. Your bedroom is riddled with bullet holes oh my god there's like mortar fire in your dad like these great. Until I got there is there's there's a rocky in my room like rockets built character. So those are the morals that coalition. He goes oh my dad. My dad this is the funny thing my dad brought us back to Lebanon as is that we need to go back to eleven onward C one who. How does he was afraid you know there was I was grownup he beats and sketches that house like there's this guy watch out for a reason. Pat authority are there. Great now and then like WO drugs he was afraid we get into drugs that enter and eleven on he's like the only threat is war apart from that it's the safest place on earth. Our doors unlocked. You can hear bomb Cummins he can dodge it. I can't see a drug deal OK I I guess or. You know I scary guy and then doesn't make some very nice if Dan would never last few seconds in Lebanon on prices because it didn't go I didn't know directly on the parent which is an area they get shot. I well. Well. Did you stay there then most of my life I just came back to the US about two and a half years ago. I always traveled back and sore again but being eleven on his leg. Being in California it's strange I know but because. The majority of the population with displaced because of Wharton's when I went back there in 93 I wasn't the only one her all my friends we spoke Arabic. Nobody re reads Arabic read we have to learn Arabic English and French OK so when I first went there was disaster could actually speaking Alice from and use it peaking at a and they have hi guys I got. Sell off this stuff up well. We you know we went there it was interesting up in a year I fell in love would happen if it's really one of the most beautiful places owners. Eleven on is contrary to popular belief which is nobody's fault but ours yeah it's it's it's much like San Diego that's why it went to see there's beaches and mountains and four season. That's just gonna ask you this but we do have misconceptions about certain plays in the Middle East because. Always see as war and well in terror and things like that certainly but there are there on I play my. I would anybody report the good stuff I mean I'm pretty sure come look I would evening news like today we go to Beirut to check out the weather great theater. Beautiful day yeah OK yeah well what do people there think of trump like what is the our whole election thing whenever. Well why Arabs like him because he beat liking your dictators he talks like I'm right I'm going to prison her challenge when he says stuff like that they're like well you know he's a tough guy. Sounds like Elmo got to talk about it like they did it. But they hate it's not like they like or dislike them but beat the funny thing is until he said that sentence I think a lot of herbs like this is fun. But then when he said it you were like this is not fun cool and they were like America's not supposed to be like us now. Over here. Like that that one thing but you'll still you'll find yours who would the Arab Americans yet would vote for trumpet Arab Americans would vote. For Hillary now or I'm Christian. But regardless of Muslim or Christian you'll see -- Americans who wanna vote wears a logical system why air of American Muslims want to vote and the main joke is they're tired of having to relatives visit. Now. You can have asked. You. You know he's got a lot of beautiful sunset yeah. Well. Ridiculous but I think a lot of people are also excited about the possibility of a woman yeah being president just does it. I mean when your order for you he's been seen here yet when Barack Obama was elected. It showed America like two worlds like oh these elected black president. In huge evolution now if that's the one and I think he'd be happy if it's from. I don't think I need to go back to where foreign policy head and I have no idea how that would go with trump and have no idea out there. We'll see gap now well I hope nobody grabs her by the Afghan. That being mathematically it's never romance now that's not romance at all like dad first Bates do you Dicey at around here no we don't save. How. Ever bother you out. That we would play cat noises that's the nickname that anything that would you book a millenium called. Since she says that first heard when he did it and now she's used to be called. The lower our lord Jesus you kidding me that I only go. All. And as expected the don't mean that's how you do if magnets and tonight I didn't know anything needs that is as custom. Equipment as he told coach he kidding me ups in your. Oh. And all I know that trump has been in me like you're yeah but I'm. And then winless with that trunk specifically in his opening. There are some people hedging their bets saying all of it does when we're gonna have like four years to really you know do this guy if you're comedian right you've still got that would like. Maybe it's a small percentage of you may be saying hey I need imploded don't. I mean I would've been with but he's been sold giving. Already yeah. I have enough that if you were eight years I did take to cut the this effort jokes we don't need him have a nuclear camera editing is a dual Albanians I don't think he's gonna go away if you lose. Right way don't have seen so easily ease ease the gift that keeps on giving and yes god bless them. I'm. As a comic I was conflict in the beginning my life vote for him to increased income vote for Hillary did the media acts I don't regret the no way I'm gonna go out Tom but I mean you know as a comic myself actually would politics because from the Middle East my whole mission was to bring people together yeah I was able to succeed in front. It's like when crisis is trying to get into Lebanon. Their biggest obstacle was my comedy. I was it was very dangerous while wow I don't. Well because for them to succeed in a place like he did in Iraq. Or in Syria they need to be able to infiltrate idea logic yes I'm fine I think you decimate them at the border there they are nothing there's only 151000 of them. And the army could take monitor they usually come fighting in shorts and money and I thought it was a lot of them are here of their flying in big get recruited yet leader and hard at everything all over the world straight out they're not trained militarily I mean these are people who were like I likes rest I hate in a hundred degrees here in the right now was the most that was the most training and militarily you know and you can take them out but mind wise if they start to affect people. In a country and that's how terrorism works yeah and they couldn't do I let on because for the past ten years we've had these. Like revolution cultural revolution where. We rejected all the divisions of the past one Muslim Christian and you would fight each other again Christina Christian or Muslim and Muslim virtue when it was like the civil war was ridiculous. We realize that we had nothing to do with just other countries. Fighting your fights our country or hate it when ice just I mean we've taken in this is crazy in the past. Three years Lebanon on a population of a million man. Smaller than San Diego county and country are has taken in three million. Syrian Brothers and that's. Well that's right that's right absorbing somewhat like 200 million here in America yeah and chumps like we go along well I mean the thing is taking in three million we don't have electricity. Four hours Dayton we haven't had. Our roads are passed now because the infrastructures completely. Ice is he's trying to get in constantly we have an open border with that conflict zone like Syria now. And it's the most evil place in the Middle East and let me tell you something we haven't had a president for three years either so America. I. Is there. Like I don't know and the ballot maybe I yeah. Send trumpet and Hillary the Mars and have a concern colony to Kenya and everything makes and this. I got to look at the look and on the president's that were presented to us relate no no no I don't I don't hurt me there wow way. And then and then our seats 'cause America and Russia when they decide who our president and be that we have a president and eleven on needs a few more years I'd say about ten to fifteen years of people like myself. War pushing this rhetoric of rejecting the weasels and the reason we need ten to fifteen years old beaters right yeah and your sole power hungry these never set up a system for it to carry on line. I'm Republican Party or Democrat or. How many hits they are. Jesus lynch name change and that it's done so and we're not our generation is not violent or peaceful. What are women we Wear short shorts and we love it. I went a girls wearing short our guys are guys a lot of our shores records aren't. How the funny thing is an easy it is for the record in Lebanon also. Gay people no problem while they're. Very progressive when we don't have marriage equality obviously that's Democrats are desperate don't have civil marriage and then work. I mean if you're gay there's it's it's it's a safe place for everyone because countries. We suffered the consequences division for so long on that right now we understand the ramifications anything that would happen. Anyway so few heat on someone just because of the art aegis it takes back all these memories. Millions of people displeased kill wow that's why that's why were better were better in a weird way yet to get our asses kicked out for us to get better. At living that is you know outlets not have to do that here. I don't I'm not at all I heard yesterday somebody telling Mike Pence. That if Hillary gets elected other revolution revolution. Ask you'd never you don't wanna ever have a walk like that yeah there's no place for that that's not how things work. We look to America I'm American. I take pride when I mean in the Middle East as as an American is America is that asked you know of no matter what happens we will always find the better way and I think this election that's what got sacrifice. It's like we don't want a trouble ourselves to find about the harder way to do it is to do it this way we're not gonna do we're just gonna go in and and and do with this week Reese is hatred of hundreds on wait that's not what America America's like Batman it could kill but it doesn't mean I go to bed rest. I gotta say and and that man has like a story comes out because he has these challenges could she doesn't wanna cue ready until the Joker ages ago but I mean that's American Idol. Really got thousands and funny and Smart path and it's rare it's. Funny. Man I feel like you think we don't like you've been spoken. Every lead I there's always a yeah well. Welcome guys dug between any bad Lebanese you know. Asked that comes from there so it should be good. Larry happy that I'm there at Lebanese had to know that was the only time you got everybody I did I hear is because we're not allowed to have an eleven on what were allowed to grow it is very we that we can drive by the poppy fields and check them out and everything's fine they'll give you gifted seats bird food did you. You can have. And and that's what they say Gertrude we have a clip I should show you after this went viral of this guy on a lid on TV on showing his poppy fields in the warning goes to him like aren't you afraid of the government and that he shows. He stockpile of weaponry is a moderately though perhaps. I'm not going to help you advice he goes so this is all we'd and he goes no it's actually anyway entirely put thug life on in the. That's gonna. Like Larry and told us credit at process and Detroit's like Lebanon there's that the bulls everywhere you'll be used if there's a liar right. I told what is our business. So if you let us hear Warren they have like supermarkets everything down and Serbia and this is always point to this example of how integration happens in your communities in America and there's a strip club in Dearborn. And on in Arabic on the strip club in neon lights like I says and on. So let your Muslim it has a lot of food in case you wanna go there he's wow you're booting get something like Jacobs if you want to strip club you don't want to go to hell I. Six crap. I know here eating at. I did I was gonna. I thank you so much for having thank you be having this is so good. It's local meeting and thank you and much success and when when you get to Kevin Hart level don't forget us. Mayor Sanders her after all we get to Kevin heartland look at that was yours either so we come back this is the day as well 75 points.