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All of all the way to show me. Is the new GPS 107. I wanna see the replay. Eight niece she. He didn't jump mechanisms and good morning and brow. I. Yeah. And there you go to peg leg is like being a long week for everybody can only do they really go yeah I had. Okay for us through this not good news day. Yeah run through him well on Monday all of these go right before new years we have one day so we're still short week. We have a Donna days you really can't yesterday. But if I get Baghdad on the same had a short wait for days back of my comics that is Friday's and that's and then IA day pill. I hesitate. Going down today if you refer following deputy secretaries is having this morning giving details that are kiss on some five FaceBook page. We also have they knew mid day host caution came out fired. No he's doing different. They're I don't get an email I DNA. Oh really can't say that my dad of Matt OK she's still works more eyes hostile aren't really ansari Taj I was getting the Justin Timberlake he filling in today starting at 10 AM age and you. He's really brilliant all weekend long White Sox clearly be content. Yes I shot that's really tie it easy premiering a new song filthy every hour between ten and three and guys who do the whole show that's the southern out there right now. I don't want all these ladies come to the studio cap and should we just get signed in my UT shirt and tiger is seeing shares from back in the day. You know coming through the studio oh yeah. Going to be everywhere his is a writer says he wants. But can she knows hey we just did a giant general Cindy and kind. Weekly on the you don't like you'd think yeah. All right well I what do you think your funeral finally watch this about the auto let me know what did you most or do you have plenty of yeah. I anyway so he wants she goes he wants his studio to be cleared out this. And she wants blue corn shells when he comes in blue corn rows deep ocean they can make it matter who. Is right or are replacing my right that would really have a toast if you go out and yeah I know. It's kind of play and most likely. Beyond you can't let them and I'm doing. In this me I really do is guess who's most likely choose and this one is it was most likely he'll other money charity Tony need. You're a season or easy. Have I come unglued most likely you all of their money to charity and you win nothing you give a shot I can ask her to marry her why. I Wear my hair don't want to guess I'm. I hear you right well. Let's find out some crazy about Tony faith and tell them what the industry. Don't load your Moses who is most likely to give them my new charities maybe I don't think there's Jones started. I think that's walls because there I was we've proven there's nothing and Steve. Knows now more big news. I'll book the family who are. Yeah thanks for. And that's why his name is always told me. Nothing. And then wrote an opportunity to talk on the radio. And you didn't know something about it you know I give him the same for my tide players don't. Thank you give us that's anybody that he wants you rowers are tried right now and we appreciate you gone and so go ahead our older girls are beautiful work. I just heard. That's good man ho hum Yahoo! married. Oh good made for a long. Victoria girls. I'll man you shed as many more years you know about how. Okay congratulations. On your your relationship with your wife and also thanks for calling in thanks for listening browbeat you definitely know something about as we appreciate you we're radio station you get to every morning brown owner. I don't know but this is biggest food huge hero from our break up to a sex tape a lot of CEO with Phil yesterday I'll tell you warned that. Food is done now. So I'm ahead or anything else. Yeah when I was seven I'm. Back only after six runs a baby needs you guys and now that called big quake now going into the equity driver broke up a few weeks ago. After their long distance relationship can lose to. USA handle. Don't expect to CNN day and I spent neither did mother will reportedly be focusing on this chicken and waffles about restaurant while Mickey makes a good business move outside of music coming long distance relation they both from queens well you guys you. Now they're all good now as well and he's actually out there is so bad that he amoled multi. Another problem how they would know he's I think if he lives in New York may please. Why is she then no less and out came a 3000 mile relationship I think not grab Viagra that's not at all. If you wanna go right no more. That might be giants actual moment forget ends hey he's single now given every empty chance. Are you wanna be fast I may get it also be a free man you guys can't and is scheduled to be released on Wednesday. Nine months behind bars not if you remember getting gave us 35 months and it's important for them. Particular female fan in me says that when this concert back in 2015. Can't Kevin ended up doing his time out where this time of the day you've been housed an outstanding weapons were later weren't puffed up and he was hit the 830 month. That's been sitting right back behind bars let's just hope this time around we can get value like chicken nobody it's only been. I'm want to feel like he's been there for a long time. Act like you've been gone forever yeah Jay is at the writing was on the wall because he was here for some chemical for years ago Hulu and we can do interview. He came at any other barber chair he's get a haircut while he was doing and he attitude like you already knew this guy was already on one always been like that yeah. Always been like that no single story. Where I must say that all new sex tape up featuring all of that has leaked online attitudes of the recently passed things that can Carty. And a new video was leaked on Twitter image circulating under the warehouse hacked off. Now the and the video was taken as unknown as of right now and after some super intense investigating on my part last night we're talking like hours. Do they like the video tangled. I cannot confirm right now if that is off you don't know so I can't confirm it and and you don't know who comes out you can be like five years old. IE exactly folks are really trying to not let them be happy Hammond party be right now okay. She's isn't my guide doesn't matter he gave me this ring I don't care who. I'm given a second chance remark on the air so still big. Mr. Although I think I'll sit Smith like 500000. To two million video. Ed blocked one out and everything I'm spending about it and like insects and careers now Tony saint John's I guess 1005 if you're headed DIA call in advance because a lot of flights are canceled due to that bomb storm and the northeast and the EC there's but there's a lot of flights that are canceled so you wanna definitely get the 4011 before you head over there because your flight could be canceled and crazy over that seemed like embossed in like. Let go like a hurricane and when I I think there's flooding and theirs this is the crazy part. Its footing which is crazy but there's also like to see snuff yes it's been a terrible week for traveling with relief that would all the snow going on I know coming back from Cali. All the flights are delayed self was really aren't here it was terrible towel around. I'm that I travel with me that now I. Real life game with their own hysteria this series so be careful and also don't forget coming up at 10 AM Justin Timberlake and host. They show ten room and he's gonna be out all weekend long hosting sell stock and I well know soccer mere hobby I think they're kicking us out fifteen minutes. Ernie yeah yeah I've got a note to meet them be a man. I'd so multimillion dollar industry is now in floods we're talking about the marijuana industry and that obviously the federal. Reversal as a means for Colorado while people like freaky now I come are gonna get we're in trouble they're gonna shut this down. And basically what's happening is. I know that the super quick but the attorney general rescinded. But this memo on Thursday and it basically everything's gonna stay the same. Okay right what they're what they're looking at doing is. This same principles that have long been governed all of our prosecution decisions through the United States attorney's office in Colorado is already being guided. With these principles in marijuana prosecutions. Focusing in particular on identifying and prosecuting. Those who create the greatest safety threats to our communities around the state. We will consistent with the attorney general's. Taste. Latest guidance continued pages approach in all of our work with our law enforcement partners throughout Colorado so. When I'm gathering from that as they're going to take on users of the system. Here in the gay prosecuted to the fullest extent that you guys heard about the thing happened with sweet leaf. Let me you're out of town around if you heard anyway they got shut down right yeah I've read before I left actually reported about that. They spend their location as Wright damning our rated. So including what they are doing right now so what they were doing was they were giving more ahead he needs 1000 units and warn you that you know. So I know they were silence outside as like people come and that's why that this kind of playing with good you wanna fellas who lost or type stuff they were little. And they were putting your cheese on cheeseburgers. Well right and led the thing is if it's still not illegal federally right. Know so well I don't think later today it's it's illegal fetish so but nothing will really change. Yeah that's what I'm gathering from the so nothing has none of the federally camp with the money in the bank you can't put it. This this venture money inside a regular traditional main you know you got there and I really cash desolation those big Brinks trucks and those big party guys carrying big bags through large Lou private security end. And that's why you've obviously noticed that some of these places securities tighter because some of them got robbed. Right because they're taking either the marijuana that they can get I think a real life chase right oh yeah Elian back in the back. So while the source of wanna know nothing changes right now but if you are doing it legally you can be prosecuted to the fullest extent so what they're saying they're gonna crack. Down on everybody outside the industry basically drug dealers we define a new hobby to rally for the absolute spent three day helping no more yet you can't sell generic brand you can't somehow. Higher higher though. Dosage whatever it is you know I. I don't know how what are you know yeah so I got. I don't know what purpose it just so if you are an industry here pew Internet and the marijuana industry why not is that right in the mean the the marijuana enforcement is largely in the hands. Of the US attorney of Colorado Bob. Oh boy here right so that dude if he comes out maybe new years from. Who left the dude just has all the keys right. So but here's the thing is so I think it's ACC now including California Hamas German states it is that are the legalized marijuana OK so that the deal is now. Look and by the way if you're from Cali you all about the we you can give legal back now to your state is really saying looming we don't know I don't mind. California is booming right allow. I'll and we can't expect marijuana is an effort to cut economy and I actually we're we're really can't go back now to know where it either happened. Or it's about to happen marijuana is either about to outsell all the hall or it's already happened oh it's gonna happen yet. What kind of a thing they're Leslie Kelly now the eight states thing going on okay so you're kind of safe in this age zone if you live with these days but if you're TJ ward the football player. You are not a matter of all we've got yeah boasted we're what 1990 pounds. Now what did that. I'll let you know I had to get a sense are we actually my you have to read your bank has yet to retire. Here's the thing if that happens here in Denver he still wind up prosecuted to the fullest because he had too much. Right yeah young calves and amount you'll have a small amount is coming out of the a couple of cats so we'll certainly check the rules. And this this focus is on you as a business owner and this focuses on US user check the laws because this this is important for you you can be in prison. And well but we. Earlier everything is okay is Amway anymore yeah so are you guys who don't. What I mean I'm not in the business so you don't care I'd disease that's enough. It's like OK okay now I don't mind what is my car works on. I want them they're great I mean we generally I would tell this give the fact that the people of Colorado could you know it's important for ideology I'll vote for it out you forgot the rodeo illegal in 2012 so it's pretty important to merit I. On that note so let's move from our wanted to pennies Madonna's pennies we'll talk about did little to forty minutes don't go any unease in shows like this 1075. So you're about Madonna. Alice her panties are up for auction. We want auction but yeah I like god and move them up newly. Pennies you lose Modano panties are up for option in what year could be. Well your toys yeah yeah yeah. Well I go back road is vintage. Explains I think this goes back to like this movie because sixteen candles and the dude sarge never really dollar to going to the bathroom is it is gross thanks. What is this next level now we'll get through use hangs them die given to a former boyfriend are about to have hit the auction block white pride you say seeing David tumor and yes she can with a letter Christmas gift from anyone about maybe they were. Hey can you take off his hands and given to me maybe it was that I don't know. I don't know what you're with me. Yeah. What you can. I love the soil pinned up there you can't. And these young girl OK okay I am right there yeah. And you I don't know wanna I wanna know what you have anything I want an easier standing right. Holiday any UN material girl man LA opinion on any. She's what can I know that he's the man. When he one million from her okay from her in order to put an end to this also if she wants the panties or she wants to block the sale would she's trying to do. She's got to give him 21 mil yeah that's amazing you just know you're not you're not. Defaming her character in a decision the character you're like oh underpinnings I don't this year I. All I felt people candy if I'm John I don't think you know she has all kinds like old school pitchers of bag and they you know because she used to be a prostitute right. There before she guns and does not show them the G she had all them photo that I don't think she don't pay any money for some panties on his. 21 act meant then Dylan from ten. OK so. The media some other guys name is Peter Chou right up there Don his legal team has been attempting to by the undergarments back but the two sides couldn't settle on a price Madonna once these old. As candy bashing isn't one because for the sake of I guess integrity should the three. Why don't you don't know what within them hand right right again. On the road you can beat the Germans. He wants to win one million for every year that he was in jail. And he was in jail for 20/20. You're in jail GAAP. So he wants a million for the time he was we got to figure out win this went down yeah yeah my got to my got to hand eye and are they the year these are 1994 big. No the color might not know. Segment that. Hi in Canada south right area hitting they still smile at her. I don't ever say that kind of money and not have them like purified even thing input in the case somewhere. Yes we did not the medication don't just like the all star game if you don't know when you're on. Around your neck right yeah they were there any other in my dashboard my car taken everywhere I go how does this guy does he does there's a handbag like that's. Ridiculous so here's the thing is the least that I lose fan I. 94 and I kept them and I wasn't thinking about them at times but I kept them I ended up going away and when I came on the pennies we're with some of my personal property. We started researching the auction stuff and that's what happened we're trying to get the most for how to act out a bit what we can't. So other messy kitchen. Hold dialect and all I want to let the other woman and I know that the candy would you like frame like a baseball Jersey that's one thing. What about these candy Madonna stands do you. Yeah well they want the well you know what Madonna's like in the nineties and knew would you I get like album covered like no pulls an all together. And they they you know millions who do I prevent my bury them. Come on yeah it was a bad I like oh yeah yeah. Man K is the biggest job. Yeah that shows is good with the Madonna pennies is the man gave five dollar entry kids. And he said cover charge. I'm not a disobeying that Madonna can we get a signature you know an autograph book this it. Yeah her underwear. And then my other rappers don't do well so we've got Madonna's pennies on the I. Yeah enough of that coming up in less than ten minutes Mark Zuckerberg talk about Dixon's basement is a broken. My visit yeah. Anything's been broken maybe Madonna needs to give mark is an easy and then they can work that out fix something I don't know care because. Don't say it shows I guess awesome for us so we all need New Year's resolutions whether it couple days ago in the pack. Asked I don't do anymore but. Whenever you don't know neither I don't do it as just another day. Just ask the dumbest pages celebrate New Year's I'm happy for that but I don't make resolutions. I am lamb. We live don't live up Mark Zuckerberg then head of FaceBook. Has made in New Year's resolution and it's a fixed FaceBook you guys see anything wrong with the first and foremost they can do which if you complete. Tires seem annoying voice. We're going to wait wait postal code when I don't employees familiar place all youth I'm tired and vote. Like pages that no one sees anything that we post and edit the video. There's a goal basically if you have almost 200000 fans and you compose a bridge or anyone like. No lectures does not everyone hates you kind of embarrassing when I'm making this throughout my. There's like basically you have to pay for anyone to see anything in your face making and now I think it feels like day even if you're like have a regular page young people don't notice them. Yeah your time lines are likely to me how much he's seen same post. But even when you refresh you see the same stuff yeah I go to most retail and I'm scrolling down and I'll I see is everything I just think. OK so on. And elegant three like some healthy. OK I know better you. I thought he I was only one who'd like okay well well boy now. OK so Mark Zuckerberg doesn't care about that doesn't care about your you're annoying post things they care about your appreciate your postage needing to likes what he wants to fix our. The high profile problems like promotion. And fake news and hate crashing a noose yeah. You know concerned that there's a story posted its headline Vatican and everybody believes it. Trump card terms of speaking out against big wins but here's the thing if you sometimes we who he posed on a story see story all the facts are given solution pinion with the post. And then when you research it it's a headline one that he had like bad news stories like CNN and M. Nice day in and I'm thrilled let him blow when I got CNN. Hey there is in decades yes. They react slowly and I would absolutely sites we got people posting their own blog with their own opinions it is just an opinion it's not in fact Lou. Who's really got people believe and all this hype about stuff that's not even really happening especially when you get like armed peace such as that's it would be great like the Kid Rock won that one time or a little like how many times and we belittling dollar. FaceBook right yeah. Do you put away I didn't less than your student okay so we could do the weight should you do. I remember that our bus got a lot of it almost went off on either did you feel abbate I. Right now it's basically a fact confirmed yeah. You know you need to go on and Taylor wave about to die. How could I can't yeah yeah I he had missed the UN. OK okay. I'm sure I'll. Where I'm like come down division of the DOT dot which they carry on and on little me. And avoiding me know. I could be wrong. So he's gonna fix that they hate seeing I think guess from the you know the bullying yeah marry him that I. Like it but he's already filtering everything that we do adhere to those when you post something it takes a few seconds the post now. Now and I have a body so that what they did what they don't so far. Is they have. The filters now that are checking for key words for people who are getting bullied and people may commit suicide. Okay so so they're looking for key words to say we have a problem your problem post and that's why these filters are coming out that's why you're not gonna see that many. FaceBook live videos of people getting beat up. Or people getting shot on my Italian that I have. Yeah it was it was scary getting out of hand so he's gonna fix stuff like that which is cool the biggest thing I'm all over that because you have people. Thinking that something is going on and then they look stupid because they believe everything that they see on FaceBook. Well hi unifil the people that are there's jerks on FaceBook melee here this thing that's always talking bad about somebody who dislike button I. And win that. All the highlights and any body fat Graham flowers and all that no I want the dislike button this life but or the or report the button that keep you get so many dislikes and you get suspended play for two weeks at a good. It's gonna be enough. Highlights Porter has Twitter jail. As we need they're great they're FaceBook jail there I can dale JR LOK but see that's for promoting stuff we're putting contest that doesn't. You guys out. I mean do they make people's party you know again thirty days or not you birdied every day thank god daily I couldn't show on K through seven. I'm going to be less than ten minutes while I was comedians in the whole world right now don't say your name would just say something or so crew. Tony singing shows like kiss 1075 all but I got to make sure did come as welcome our. What happened last time I didn't record their interview Boone hall. Did the chance to get the right now when these comedians in the world he's up and coming I'm I'm simply come already a superstar. Let me think as far as that is if the. Pool best job is done. One less Thomas Denny and don't intend to order to do it though than the owners who make big money so remote which doesn't work. She became the last few moments stand before you got that whole family got whites and Jews should. Hello Zack calmer drier course while no matter who plural wings. And oh yeah kids in almost over the past. I am married and you had the Palin to get the pro leagues gradually amendment lifetime supply was doing or thinking she's broke yamana they get out of those moves that will do what's child support you know. Lows. And many of the many men run an ATM card back saying hello I'm. Relations graduate and that brought back so congratulations on your win also he'd be doing big things Mac act being young and you want to show how much numb all. Ahmad costar on Daschle superstore dad who's a great show EMS put him when I quit my warehouse job to drill wells guaranteed. I like silent then like then I have a lawyer and I like I worked in the warehouse my whole life and MB in the store. And using customer load in the back. Then when they when they get the role for the debate Cody are Mosul Bristol or. I'm Julia mother when one moves the puck to make America Ferreira. As I move minimum amount you you you know knew who act you are new gas unit BO. Part of the new wells don't just start so do you give your best to get to orange then. I Jones who runs it's well why don't I don't. Our best for the guys that work in the back in. Thanks George would do away I'd died. Two would get away no one time when asked if they got to know them drive before he lived. You did it I don't know if they're gonna get an amendment the floor amid the you don't sit down and when you stand up well. Panic a little buzz. And illuminate for the first you did go ride. But did make an employer's date the turnover when they went to a get a box and it's not the whole Iraq we can import and everything fell down you got fired. Yeah I got fired after that he's new. Look forward we have totally odd jobs you know odd jobs they're put on this dream. How we do our John Madden does on John yeah Matt give the price of brocade home weeds and stuff in a build up the Value Line you have mandate. Boat magazine gave a Jim little wrote that I guess did they get over the I don't know do you like. You are potentially you know who's in mammoth you know lead then we will acts in my life. Knows how and those of the winter Michigan right in blue did George Bush Jim carpenter. Money and I knew George broad did you know that the putt which are quite. Itself. They learned their lesson with the CDL license to address the fortnight pound and just you with the Max yeah matter fundamentalism hematoma put on many know much unfamiliar for. They learn they go man umpires are right probe what made you decide you wanted to do this. He's really good I want to be a comedian because I ran out of these that I was in good that. There's going to be a drug dealer man my first day of the senate Gregg got rob. All don't act like I'm Ron I though I am. I didn't run over us that is so I cocaine at the very similar reboot and I've got my back to my need to win drugs. Quarterbacks that don't don't do their ability. We're better than his commando my first deal ward Gloria Arianna wrong the only thing I know and noticed that yeah. Don't bill you don't run for men and so. Alcohol drugs do you words men homered for the study Drew Rose one hour here rub. To know that getting huge though he gave me ago unloaded gun. Now that now I BD. Look at Gomez who lived alone Google they get to enjoy you so did you have to what do we took you know weird to get back. So let everybody have grown go to other guards that people. A good job. De LA. Plaza segment. Thank Allah does for a few minutes right yeah I fully phased by the joining us and he's gonna get the ball to Peterson I can jump on kissing some five we have the privilege of Philippe is bars and hanging out with us in studio right now. And live at the boulder theater tonight. 8 PM tickets on sale right now still available. At boulder theater background doors open at 7 PM and it's a pleasure to have you here bro they've got to remember. Now is this first time even the Colorado meanwhile but the Colorado before I to a full format the local club and member bloodshed. The only hit that he wants a name for so our men before they to open a full review review SS Cole can't go. But this is the first time you going to hold you know you go on the boulder tonight right well in my first ever Boulder, Colorado can't you know there's really no Mexicans embolden our solo already brought there. I don't I don't care what it looked a little bit of their domestic nuclear missile drive two hours to go see meet the I'm Laura role she's been. Bill I'll broad review bill did though come this in the fact that Philippe de Mello are busy town and you say dream role that's that's little may score card. Anime when they are honest yeah. I don't mean castle rock. I love it hundreds and mail rather than them though more went through an ever broke. Yeah why do you. It's. Them. He's the Michael would pick or no other things. No idea. I guess it makes no live but we weren't you the true true or it's. The truth clearly you know somebody who. It's. We is funny 2000 bolder more emotion out there one time right first time ever. And if we're giving away free pizzas broke with Papa John's. Not one person took the free pizza in boulder you have mentioned this Tuesday it's organic. My Nintendo. You already know what people are not so to you free a missile enough benefits to do. When you're afraid pizza and some of the money to go to this old oh there it is yeah they're actually very liberal really OK I think we ought to learn more out of his coach at the we will in the country but I under the control. I asked a perfect there's so much above all Obama all the nationalities. That are not in his country. Then there's there's going to Africa before live there myself central. I was sitting at arm's still people who we should be armed. A lot of truth to that there is a lot of is this color but there's truth to it. So not every day you see that I'll amend feed the people feed the people the general was too broad watching a commercial. I wasn't commercial much you know gave the cameramen have to it was time was somewhere writing home about with the well in the first. I don't want to dare I went to TV crews quote the radio groove this holy ground service who ran man and yet there's still wiwa a bill press service. Whether watching film these kids Forestar real. Why only now Brooke what do you say that one of the oldest cat one of the rules is you can't you can't mess with the environment. Honestly I can't say that they can't change he plays a water bottle nobody that can't. OK now I can't do it for you break the rules on your heels she could do that broke. Okay a leg zero point oh what she did Sacramento bugs grass you know should men. You know we're malveaux who ended like this. Can we let go this three Mayo I knew him flutes grass just cruelty Lu yo she and I'm just fly in broad everywhere. Like three miles flown those tracks discussed okay nobody knows there was no do you what do you know. No that's not who am I now put and they tell anybody in the Denver anywhere motive this demand. I know you'll 200000 dollars in child support we have studios and so what this. Right we need goal and a bullet and a name to. He lives. Valued. And the other knows the Camilo. It's okay. Makes them play and do you know make a lot of legal did you also blew community service that I think I'll relay how many how many now more fuel. A million were much. Fellow by the guys you have to be there. Go ahead and how your show's going to be man I really got. Yeah we got the show man this is an amazing little fridge right now don't use drugs MM we will be doing drugs out there man. The boards of late. People always say legs are men so they knew that there have been of their spicy cocaine with ethanol or something you know I'm. I don't know what they could go wind blew just given the right amount of people don't put a nickel and their men. I think what Limbaugh and Arnold put it out of them out the flu Nicholas. So you know than you'd always. Yeah yeah. So no one knows so nice yeah great well you're not doing cocaine as a woman. I'll wait I don't know clinical skills Hillary's laugh like I do know they hope to by the abortive. You know. Always. I mean he's the only that. Right payroll will thank you for coming on the program today. I didn't hear you saying I'm so showrooms again. Doors open at 8 PM tonight tickets emboldened data about how do you measure that we'll still run a mission demy HBO special is now available on iTunes goal. I don't know that matter really mention their man is like offering on your comedy and a top 200 list of settings and I have for your lovely man unemployed you can watch it on my way up my nephew is special that you can download any written five years the funny bummed out amend their two long. What's the name your age real special Grassley this okay. Because well the kid I was tripled President Obama and others begin news. Some of them and that I would note was gonna say Woodrow Wilson about just its own mom she had back spasms not a man who heard the word and in this goes back. So I could make you know where to draw and attendees I mean we're playing good when what you would do it. Yeah okay that's. Bill why. I'm I'm I'm great I'm only the words that. I. There's no that's the other. I know they yeah I know Gagne is an unknown an enormous plot and Caucasian you know caught aging baby yeah. They make good in love. We're all good lord what what would we went with the liberal so much that I you have hackles spasm. OK okay open the whole book. And the golf there's been a huge thing. At dinner the night. And now he's all over Armenian killings came right now. You don't live with his well that. Jerry's its own budgets 1005 the senate to flee they as far as for joining the program you can check out that interview in case you missed the that is less than five dot com in the next thirty minutes while before he's. Along with some pictures I wintertime and I don't forget coming up at 10 o'clock. The man. Is hosting a GS 175 show. Look at the thumb of any other and why let. So we're getting kicked down right I think an escort us out because they get flagged bodyguards and things like that just got an email on 935 get out. Get out well they might lose due to tee now you know we got just didn't. Only right here hiding under the blue. That's my idea. I think he's in a well. They have an about a. A little girls ladies who don't stick that is so funny but so he's gonna be hosting today from ten to three. And also be doing the whole show not introducing his rule premier filthy but he's doing and actually show here on gays and sometimes it does sound sexy filthy. We'll I'm like colds and flu. And I knew I had to live on. Producing joins again within 20. Maybe there isn't a roundabout. How did you time doing this with Justin Timberlake and it's like going back even then they need that he was in the dark place in this is good for timlin and JT they always make good music together yeah. And so here's here's the big thing okay not only is he going to be hosting. The show today. But JT is also be hosting a couple shows this weekend on just must have thought so he's going to be. On the air on kiss also all weekend long I pray you don't have a quick question but this is not coming out of our salary is. A man you'll notice in your next paycheck OK you guys have river crests of. I'm dollar seventeen go ahead of Wednesday's for not using his day. And we would qualify you for the pregame Benson didn't experience for the game that's going down to. It's. We got many sick it's on the line for tonight's game also could qualify you for the the green bench experience lets you know if you and that the first. Did he say he's an answer more questions this year's OK okay. Three true or false questions you don't mess in the studio RA Joan you're the general rod brother Tony are you ready. Yeah you're real question number one sure Boston nicotine insecure form is one of the most powerful poisons known. Here's question number two tour false the dog fish is actually these small shark world. Question number three shortfalls when it goes with the first avoiding the advertise on TV from our peers tiger portion of the questions are done Obama addressing he's okay. Where. My anger out. Tell me are you from. Well tell me. Yes are you from Colorado yes I know you're a big man defense yeah okay do you really want these men up here might. Have to be you man sorry I want to make it for the next. Let's go higher we know your question number one sure false nicotine in it's pure form he's one of the most powerful poisons known. So far no it's true he added. It's cigarettes can be quite lethal compound. It's widely recognized to be the deadliest at doses between thirty and sixty milligrams fourteen years and arsenic cyanide food stamp pretty powerful. They had they can bring down the dosage for cigarettes personally for five days. Could not finish is actually a small shark. No business running a vicious moss Arctic sea to deep gray with some white spots Phillies off right. It's a freaking shark everything for question number three shortfalls. When he knows where the first boy to be advertised on TV false arrests gives mr. Daly and that's right exactly warm and let. The bubble in 1949 release in 1952 mr. potato head still in production that day and plus you try and loosen a matter of somebody else fourth Fridays are. I was really trying hard wrap my thinking cap on. Were I not a blood you've got all the questions rise 71. They listen I winner today. Got to think if I'm nice like. Rodeo there's this. We go tonight. It will rely. Tony says Joan Von. Can't Thompson filed lots of things going down this weekend insidious opens the last keys. And cities and there's too many homes. Just watch the trailer Rowe okay yeah negotiate with most scary so bad and that's real scares was projected to make have 1518 million. And Star Wars the last jet engine Monty still projected to earn another twenty to thirty miles. Ponzi with Corning man I can't. This of course he didn't I didn't I don't know mostly they warn me. I have an almost alone and had them and I'm a little tired of Kevin adds it's never easy in corner right hitting corny man every morning and me I'm good. He is the new kids on the guys. I his movie it was good man they really gave props and all the Jumanji a little bit into it it was though Andre Agassi summer's last NM based hours freak and I have to go watch the game because yesterday. Check the bar did you miss. You know like CDs was shaking now you know I'll say it's media. Same thing I think I'll do a little busy is the word I'm not afraid plant size Florida grandfather's stuff. Oracle and I also don't forget you might want you were Mega Millions ticket for tonight. It's 445. Million dollars brown all odds in winning. Are one in 302 million. Okay I'm gonna you have better odds of assembling and I key end. And it's Becky table in 72 hours you better odds of the Amazon not using enough bubble wrapping your shipment. I would never an elderly gambler on the south. They're really valid and if I give you five books like these that I take it for me. But yeah midnight and do OK here's the thing the Mega Millions ticket is three dollars correct and that's with power play. That's with the mega mall whenever they don't know what's known yet its. Thriller taking it but if you want to did you sell you like jaguars on the whenever we 96 bucks need to do OK I was six what are your kitchen and if you six books if I win you six dollars back. Yes that's a camera games sunny planets like SA when I pull my money to gamble. The dollars death and how they yelled you come up I want all of it and right now now I'm gonna be here hundred. It was yeah. How many gamble with my money you know her anyway and who get the better chance of getting your name spelled regular cup of Starbucks. After recent. So I don't know you jump six bucks a huge two tickets on your hung in Obama didn't you buy your taste in my own one young man and I don't so you'd. This you know that he's buying your own we're not sharing here but don't ask me when I went OK okay round. Thanks I appreciate why when you're so lucky. I probably in Alaska we some how you can play in the last couple years eighty dollars down moto Howard Arianna I. They should be as big a waiter gets big so can't they dollars in right now last couple weeks. But I'm going to Blackhawks try to win some more money to do you think is a so what you're gone C. d.s FYI. Another 2300 I don't talk to you about that. Really down because they knew they can without really good money there may Soledad. Every time economic. You win this time I was only into and out I was on my free money timing swears and and then he goes up they get money any go to Lebanon without their money big Michaels are you serious I hate you are coming with you when you go this how to treat. Out of three words he went last summer well with the two out of three. Yes in a way that's by stormy Jones showed up late I had won 18100 people like that fifty dollars and met Sunday in Seattle the week before that. 2200. Yeah but you know is lucky we are we ready go black complex conflict. Mega Millions I put in twenty dollars until it has been my whole life well it's scary it's like yep and now on let Gary make money you gotta make you want yeah. They're scared to death has been the machine get the motel they tell you make of the way. Okay I'm the machine man until I took my thing. What did you win at all from my hair reply no I want off slot will fortunately we have onslaught and black Archie and once in the great while. And to be on UK hasn't won a seven I'm warning zone read play. Lives weekdays six to may or on demand anytime you can KS 1075. Zach Kahn.