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Wednesday, December 6th


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Want to wait until the baby on the UK has 107. I want the replay. 88. Inch. Tony seasons Jones in the morning good morning miss you Maureen. What they were event yes that's gone by fast I'm saying I love it I'm feeling festive guys showed a time where yes I'm ready. Yeah how Philly Christmas found a decorated my decorate my create huge gash. I've got a little minions Rudolph and a milestone case those things he says they only put two things in front of the house no lights too that's. You get two characters in his yard scared I'm not gonna. I put my life in my. How things are yet to take him down back. Now why you don't do you can't see Israel. I have a chain that nice if you should I get tired of roundtree. It's not like one of the big big big ones that I science and other try to roundtree like one little stiff armed the one fallen in this state can't even hold up the Boston leads to decide perhaps on what I got you got to know. I'm very proud they are everybody and I'm I'm pretty. They so that dreams are you yeah you know my. Israel one ball straight yes disappoint so one ball through like these other leg lamp of hope for Christmas story I try to get it. The lady from the attachment the Wall Street that the royals victory this call the one ball three broke. Aria hotel ballroom. Very I put up my lights and I didn't measure right so your only goes to the top and I'm missing the whole side against against Arnold we're not gonna win the award this year I have not. I'm I'm getting kicked out there hello why yes. It's fun to play in most likely put beyond you can't look 75 million. In this CI. Address your question gets and Asian. 2500. Colorado lies qualifier he's maybe all of my you for the straight coming to a side. Who is most likely to be MVP in Tony CDs or Jones who now you can. You know us on this morning and heavy lifting the last six months right since and I would say yes yeah. Who's most likely to be done he gives them to zero Maureen I'm one of them five. Let's find out some crazy about founding faith and in this deal. It's on the line. It's all fighting between 500. A lot of how would you name could see Christie's only Cesar Jones who's more than Yahoo!'s most likely he would be and how it. Bad I had everything that everything is that you could. Well I mean thankfully gone earlier Iran I guess 1005 but your name or person who's most likely be in the end how do you. Bruno really Susan. I'm. If you are sound and. Thanks to the job site isn't about what you named grace brain who is most likely to be a big inroads into the Jones Jodi Miller. He knows Mexican food but they slip up don't sit in itself so what's your name whose most likely to be. And a third. Say yeah. You got. We're up to low birth yeah. It goes back and play Sunday about one of the Indians and then I don't you know big. Fernando congratulations you got Finley for tagged a drastic plans not a Q and is cute she drives down certain places these impossible shots and if. I'm glad I went out. Chris are right possibly qualify you for 2500 dollars from the Colorado lottery hopefully whenever Christmas from Tariq you do what station or job rather well most everybody. Listen biggest those teams you're. Even in the holiday season celebs are still getting slapped and. And it's why I HR and B superstar as somebody who is back. Yeah I'll say hi K yeah well. No doubt feel woman is there. Going straight talk about this she allegedly assaulted her at a strip club for documents obtained by DMZ. Other woman alleges that Trace smacked her phone was ultimately hitter in the face. As you couldn't take a picture of him in the parking lot apparently the woman's glasses broke as a result. And she's suing Strahan the venue for 50000. Dollars easily and they knew accountable. History have a tendency of violent and negative interaction with the public here's a thing though you know strays violin and why are you paying to be at a shuttle it. Hey man you speak out there ain't no argument from me did you think your club. Called drive. I'm like. Yeah yeah outside of economists and money and they're like the idea maybe I don't know okay. Maybe the Iowa female. Daily even though we are bred very very happy with the blog and I have been out Ryan Dougherty. During these. Do you break a well I'm the results of their domestic dispute it and now filed divorce papers against for those who don't know. I nitrate previously filed for divorce before it was last year around the same time basic pulled the plug a last minute no this should announce aren't. But based on the ax fall zero. Some believe she did here is whether or not. This is under this should be now the pitcher because they knew that as many other moves in the right you guys that isn't happening now against a pretty much you need to just throw the whole marriage away. Because there's no point in continuing this flight issue. I'm sure that's all facets of my it's gotten. If she's filed for divorce is like. They clergy should similar she's recognizing I did wrong they did say they series she filed for divorce a day before the actual die. Are you okay outside you try to get out of gas again before she took a while Bynum I don't know yeah. First of Brian let's worry hair and beard hairline it's called the red hair care and the sun will be available through the official website in Sally Beauty locations beginning next month and he isn't just doing mint products there also be woman stuff like more strides there is deep conditioners because you can't just like Iran and bring good lady and a minus quality personal care products looking chap who. Who wins and a hair tonic while. I think is really got that I would like size advantage and that's why and indeed condition I. I know you would you guys give he's using V chicken grease found only nine. Four of them yeah I I had gas trial Rick Ross yeah. The big. I am very low though is this the yeah. We brought you Dave I guess I sinker is now. Tony says Jones I guess on some five excited for Christmas are you as excited and who did have a clue. I love Christmas time and when like when the like I guess since they like you really officially. Ticket information. I'm excited about gifts out I do said about gift giving and then you know sometimes we're excited we're not so excited about. Can sometimes you crack me gives you stuff you don't need right. I'm thankful for everything though and a man familiar to time to go get some been unhappy about it okay. All right here I'm decent stocks they hope you're happy I wish I would I have good news sucks. So it was crazy is there's a survey out and it says that. Do you worst gifts are likely to come from here in mops. Don't think so. Would you like your parents do you see yourself figures as always one good gift okay that's mark. So you got to worry about again like everyone has to give everyone something the second worst gifts come from your coworkers. Rick. The man I know he's so well so they get you like most random things because while we just don't get nothing. That's right book why you're setting you'll get nothing. Right yeah we really good part let's let's let's clear the air here while we're on the air beating each other suns for Christmas. Total probably need somebody that we will get meaning they out near coal. A hole in the sock combat me I'm MO DS gift card your school with that. The art loving it Pattinson would mean I was gonna be whatever my sense is he's he from promotions. I just know that I thought I. There I. Only as a Roman art I'm coming out of pocket they'll be gift receipt with that so thank you away if it doesn't work easily get married and you what we're we're pretty out there right now. About this is the worst ten worst gifts. That are given away Christmas all right tell me he's done this before. Number ten soap on a rope. Never got that avenue and even has bar soap for. You know he's more super you know I'm sorry son you are so that pushed being nice definitely wants opener Greg Rowell school that is old school number nine a scarf. Given a scarf I like our women look I love both my place having love scarves feel good about how would you guys like a handkerchief. Now when he's happy dude if you don't you stay anchored ship no use that is disgusting OK I am seriously is gonna like this maybe Jones. Kansas drug scandal candles we love you handle this thing. Never sits a movie Marty seem. I'm down for a classic dvd you that you need me juice or something like that OK okay. A number five teacher with funny clever and inspirational sayings on them. That's our best to move right there I like that true intent I did have those cooling should you get like a hot topic. I pass on those I don't care for stuff like it's almost every year if I'm sucked. On the floor. Sox that's a Jozy and from there and I'm down for soccer I want us. I don't either want socks I don't want sock number three bath salts or bomb them bubble that's eighties. Well it went bad about the bubble bath joints and yeah. Beat them picky with those Theo just because of the fact that I can make you break out some might view my daughter right and I'm says it exactly. Any listeners who are crack kids like bass also tasteless had. That's something we can't tell they're. My cabinet alchemy another guitar not bad we broadcast the lowest common denominator some days you never know number to a toilet kit. What street kid nothing I mean I totally can't throw in the streets it all comes in that don't favor and Merrill Ollie likes that's like he wears no mouse lies poll that I had to express doesn't torture case I'll look at the water in the greatest regular travelling one if that's how they yeah okay that's a good idea traveling toilet she is we have got divorced. It's that's number two on the list while number one ugly clothing. Are you read the wrong size or. Steal something had to say yep gotta be on the wars was restored to thing is I don't like to pick out gifts for other people like especially close unless I really really know you right because you just. You probably gonna get that wrong mantown better than if you don't know the person my bag you're thinking clothing for someone you're probably gonna get Iran's have you ever got clothing from a place like and Ahmad disrespecting the store anything but sometimes like Ross or TJ Maxx or Kmart are fears as fast today no but but sometimes it's your regular went paneling you sort of than the other or in the army is and that's why it's on sale. And you know. The person they gave you look at the prostate honesty thing ya something nice it's not yet you know Kenneth Cole on their rugby ECB's right is this going to be. I'd say I never got that. Well now. Always get like. Close with the receipt and my mom would be like if you don't like it does take the backgammon on the back all the time for me think about him right mom. Great idea my university yeah. I feel bad that that's gonna like I'm like yea I like Gamal. Hi all I usually go there also that you don't like. Still but I but I where it's okay that's my mom got to play your mom died I hit OK and I'll get right back to the story and I can't be lumped me again. Adversity I'm Mercedes and you know what they got to the qualities Jimmy cash. Well Jimmy Jack. It's much. You know you're just before they friendly. Johnny sees it sounds on kiss on some five raise your hands honk your horn if he can use an extra 500 dollars cash and. Today I'm about a bomb. Let me money money in your pocket and you can hit by attending artist with some five crucial Christmas party. This Friday you sir can you should be there he got company pay candidate for every Kendrick Lamar next year may raising funds. Inexpensive sir we liked the 1000. Doug there. Did you think yes. It's too loud red rocks. Up. I'm Nicole ice we're starting off small with Charles malvo now we in his sixties and then you add a few years and we got to do our due Brandon Marshall going to be in the building and it's going to be good time. Yet we we would be celebrating victories at this time the words you with the new console party you know I'll bronco fans to come out. He's gonna make himself successively to say what's up plug income pictures on grass whatever. I would be significant on a runner on making that and make it happen. Let us know what you really good job enough well yes yeah yeah John W conversational get mad he says no brenly comes with the territory. Are you protecting him understanding we think it's a kids' homes and buy dot com. Ten bucks in 75 right value needs all you need to get in and at 1245 every it's a sticky on the way we're gonna give you little drying ticket. If we draw your number you give 500 bucks cash. Just for come into our party and you that extra Christmas money because. You're still two weeks away from Christmas. Who doesn't need them my pleasure to hello is it Tony Klaus known no excuses about why so close I don't think he's been Jones CloudSat. Yeah I met edit your details which is on some find Beckham we have a great time DJ stacks DJ five HOU you don't turn tables now most in which all okay he's our poll. All right I want to sit from you know yeah yeah maybe we got command pocket periods. It started just eighties idea. I'm the budget I'd nevermind so does not going to be working. I'll be there to celebrate a life Tony saving Jones on kiss awesome five immunize adults some hasn't looked back at Christmas and you get that kid inside missile list I'll take you know you're excited yes sleepless nights because. You're waiting for the special day to open a pure guess right and most of us have done our shopping online in this day and age so that means we have to be aware. But people who still packages offer our porch is. Is when you know when you so far money on home. This is becoming a trend now a lot of people not just I didn't sold magazines off their ports for even in my apartment complex there's lysine and in my apartment congress was complaining yesterday. At their pack is got taken away in the trend is. He's Nolan is so. There's no it happens and more than you think yes shame on the UPS drivers supposed to go to the where would go just like a special place is well suited. Yet another I had a new Amazon key manner where. People into their house is not a sort of say what it is probably not the case and I. My house I'm right there. So so imagine this Tom must learn his wife Ginny out of Denver and they've done the same thing and they did an issue and singing yet imagine histories live stockings are hung. Is there on the way to the house but. The issue where a lot of their packages have been stolen and they have two little kids aren't you and he slept on the moon and I'm he's a little two year old so. The Dow finally got tired of it he said you know let. He turned to FaceBook you went to this community page Friday he is and they found one. He's got to put a weighted equally box in front of the ports of criminals taken that instead. But Tom had a brilliant idea instead of the weekly patents. Can't wait I want to use his two year old sons dirty diapers. That's Smart so that when they went home to chatted so Ferrari does it really is it's seen as. Put at all and Marion about seal that make it look like it's something mail yeah suddenly wondered through the you know through the box. They were entirely different kind of surprised he says and he also put you know when there. We're done putting up with this crap back I think he also says eight. Food. Okay mom I don't they go we're back any time soon. Actually I do it and let's zoom Forte has welcomed by Keenan has recently had some design I'm heading out at. Amid placing got about a Suze and Obama got Jack Michael brought Christmas to them out of the best idea yeah I'm them borrow someone's kid. Can probably do that tried that. Yeah he says he said that he said. Watch out if I see you browse a brand new shoes or. You know you're you're down yes they bring a scary kingdom right beats you down as good as you said they fill this out. Tom Butler and his wife they do this every couple days now because there's still ordering some others deliver packages to come and so you know if you've got to do it every couple of days because if he don't always gonna turn to another problem where you know the company it's rotten. And it really stinks and then you know a fear advertise so package you're gonna smell. And then we think about it sure how many like I know from need during the holiday season I package is coming in an outlet at least every couple days this package is that my door. And then delivery people like you know they're they don't know what the lab they got a lot of packages there probably are yeah you know my pick me up people on the show until 6 o'clock at night he swam like the last stop every time I everywhere island I'm always the last stop. So while when I'm out. I mean before before I or decades from so file I did work I UPS for like eight a year from incisive load like three of them diesels a night them trailers right during the holiday season. And so those packages artist com maniac who asked him right so they're working overtime out there the possibility of stuff can you laugh so here's the word of advice for everybody puck popped up in a separate box once and a while. And might even. I think once I think it's cold and they'd neutralizing going to be a run or anything like that yeah they just don't like every now and then. So somebody tries every Saturday walk on the books to every other day and pitcher got built into rocks yeah. I don't think we're giving you tips for holiday season on how to protect your kids give the gift that keeps on giving OK let's pile. I'm sorry say this sounds like kissing with them five finish the sentence I don't trust people who don't trust people who drive around looking in their rearview mirror. Pool running about like when you're in your car you drive around you see someone who's always like looking in the mirrors like looking around the whole time isn't a I that in. Yeah well again mayor because I'm always like try checking on the baby's stuff. But I don't know between both Diaz the last time you guys are next usually ask each other option because most of you. Yeah. Almost an accident another country right next line at the clay you know there yeah I don't trust people web designer purses and iPhone in a nicer cars. They need the still get food stamps. Of course is what the rules and why are. All day. Brady says on FaceBook site. Matt white tee shots and he had drink decaffeinated coffee. Decaf coffee thing man I don't trust me playing what's claim to have a copy anything from the warm so the dearly and I need caffeine and jittery with that how. Another one take a shot that mean he's just as farce in public they're nasty she. I think yes can there honestly. Fareed I loved soccer and I'll keep Miriam Barney movie sorry that you I'd love it that's what I think we understand. All the gum at the big day there are a lot of Saddam and I have all of us with a new jokes anyway you couldn't wait for that. And so many big 1704. And one of them five mileage and in Canada this is since and I don't just keep. Lou I don't like a belt shot and like you have to be front and Brady could be struck bit. In the morning there right here at the people that I don't I know I don't think they're cut back well. I'm not good birdie because if you do not get shot you're not trying to play elite. Okay then that's perspective faced the sermon there. I. I. I gizmos and how would you encourage both crystal I don't sense anybody who wrecked their arm or yeah I'm chromium predicament like crazy situations like that we earlier about what our government didn't hurt you and I think Tony Madagascar once. Are twice and I grab as many times I'm informal planner when it comes to ask don't just. They usually don't say I guess it was implied with your name at America I don't just anybody room and no. Mean. This isn't your own. I don't eat all day you can go and dig into it and I don't like you no matter the hour. I think you'll walk and an eighth. No I'll borrow my goodness me I get all the time I'm with you cannot eat the baby in the moment the same time. I can't. Basically go through. Your honor I. I just about what's your name I sure this is since you're on just people who aren't so people will say well me and let go a lot. Okay. I wouldn't just commuter. I mean I know what effect OK okay. A real results and experience. Will remove they shoot and edit their often times. If you don't mess with the baby mommy probably I'm messing with your own kids right true so I can't trust it and to both of you mean the baby and the fried chicken. Yeah I genuine than some solid most of its yummy now did look like it aches and seeking the government Iran schools you never take the baby in the mom. Never ever ever please know best. Those are losing in the lobby out ordered without it again. I always they're Demi do you know what you you know also find no eggs and I can't just either any of you thank you. And. And okay go ahead that was saved us was oh hole. This was a 5 morning show party tickets on the line you can with 500 cash that night plus. We're also gonna qualify you went 2500 dollars from the Colorado lottery again fragmentary I'm into the music answer more questions than CC yeah necessary yeah all right Joseph did the judge he contract does do it through the tradition we're a nuisance throwback questions from a couple months to go to see if you remember these answers all right question number one flight. Reporters onboard planes. Far painted black boxes. Is they are wet or people rush for a flight recorders onboard planes are painted black boxes. Are rude and well question number two true or false a penny dropped from atop a building can reach sufficient velocity he's killed a pedestrian below. True question number three true false Tug of war was once an Olympic sport. And well what can you scenario when you girl. Total poor was once an Olympic sport I played a lawyer. Where they pulled a row troops. I your choice is the question is are done you gotta say he's okay I'm playing on. Maria has invited my so tired and what I have very. Ali is trying to make you think. Yeah I didn't know. Yeah mom why then. Have both UI and we are reviewing questions from the passenger was do you remember all right now extra back there we go granny her. Controller plus flight recorders onboard planes are painted black boxes true. Felt that's Foster called black box or they're actually orange barrel for grad or. Last time to. There we go questionable to ensure false that penny drops from a tall building can reach sufficient velocity to kill pedestrians below. What else correct. They are now amounts of pain are insufficient. OK question number three surplus Tug of war was once an Olympic sport that's true for sure it's there was I don't know about what. This team and then add Summer Olympics in 19192. When he inadequate I remember not that I just remember title are used to be that. Well yeah Jones we haven't tied to what. The move I don't believe Maria you got plans on Friday night you go it's my money's on Christmas. Cares she's like yeah we do got a touch she kept school knows everything you're. You can also win 500 bucks and I really music it is when are you looking every 500 bucks gas. And you also qualified to win 2500 dollars from the Colorado lottery OK okay eliminate a program crude. I let everybody know his vision that you have today can't put a camera the Sony say is Jones gets almost seven. Five don't forget the my toy drive going down all of this week at the rural Malden grew at Torrey Thompson today won't be there again and albeit at 2 PM we share well goes down till 9 o'clock every single day and if you can't get their during. The time that we're there because everybody's busy Mario at some work. Try to make it I lunch break comes GSA was up where you can come throughout the day ever wished your shopping anyway. And they're funny places you can hit toys that are benefiting the mile high united way we need all the way from infants to teens. To help not only do for twenty people like we had in the past but just three to 400 people right well I don't all of the out. Every some toys I know a lot of people stop by yesterday shut out our big whatever like. Boxers like not this one toy they are like several younger yet guy's name was no way from no excuses athletics and what they did he got his old GM. Some buttons to all as members its employees who sold the box and then they brought big blocks. All cadets are so yeah we're challenging groups the company's future people together. Brings some toys to work and then the drop Hamas unless act LeRoy a town sinner or you can shop there as well senate's evolution Russert popular toys like some cans and Garrett sunshine is still loves. For his child that's that's why it's not a good bro yeah. That's a good idea color guy I was kidding. I was pretty oh this bacon lied that that was the bothered toying with the good door shut out to view our police department. We had a couple officers come through and donating towards I think that's amazing. So if you're in the area please come to seize worried either from eleven to two right next to the finish line. Right across from notorious right when you come in the interest MS us together as a wing place called. Shifty shifty and who blew right there get some wings get the Mac and cheese brings some toys. I'm picky with us. Help us make a difference in the lives of those who need for the holiday season and again his was a fire Marshal. Along with focused on some five crew helping out more people than ever before with Jason must have five. And Amman. And beyond UK hasn't won a seven I'm warning zone read play. Lie weekdays at six they are on demand any time on KS 1075. Zach Kahn.