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Monday, December 11th


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Portal on the way themselves Giuliani who GPS 107. I wanna see the replay. Eight city's snow aids. Saudis they didn't show and then the morning and I really Wednesday morning making hung ran out the back. And even when those referenced Archos. And with that. Well let's make sure we don't order on CDs phone 'cause my cards on their right to expect that we don't want me to pay for it. Yeah while we do by the way C grace that's exactly what we don't do race that is all I'm an hour and erase that. How do you buy breakfast onetime boom you sound the one you guys. It sounded a good idea do I can do I always die in the money maker. Eighties that the refinances outs I did not I'm sad I did not read I'm a little else what I. That's all I was thinking about them and we're still in you know thinking about it I'm. I think about doing it they'll think. You know I. No I got the family members there listening you might well enjoy him yeah you're right yeah I mean you he. I the I'm thinking about it now you're nothing you're nice and did you got a bad thing. Brand new car. Built from the ground up and Conrad Black leather seat. Now is finally tracked him to rely coming out thank all of my idea yeah. Straight from Christians ladies and let. Well MDA usually embrace everything and I couldn't really on food love animals. Hartford MIT IOU ROK but broke come she broke through the underdog a no. Well I would love what I you know who do you send back ten years hey listen this show we keep your room we hope nothing bad you are loading bro. OK I am not loaded the he's got a truckload of money it's got like bags. Becky secured the bag and I meg meg meg not problematic people know we work growth. Yeah. Yeah roughly eleven forward to your eye here click hey funny out there were when we do to toy drive and on ads that are. Not only that they won't need to learn to highlight that that'll be the last six home runs human twice but let's listen to my drive right they shoot did you buy the toys don't they don't. He birdied the city young and dumb accused knew not why it was my toes that's a TU I guess that's that big that's your country let's say bad. And up to kids out that's your choice for a. Guys I make my contribution on Saturday and not in any good. So everybody. Ruin all your chance. Sign up some crazy about founding faith and. It's seeing. Is your story now one of them five of Jurassic quest tickets and to qualify for 25 girls from the Colorado lottery knows most likely simply. Person. To flash on a coworker out of Tony sees it sounds and I'm managing this is the show. We already know your. The last person to flash are saying no word. It's kind of play and most likely. We beyond you can't let us senate I'm doing. You see. For active drastically. It's and when he 500 dollars if you qualify for from the Colorado lottery I would change. Anthony Anthony who was the last person to flash on a co worker Tony she's Jones. They generally. I was about 23 weeks ago no your honor arrested yes I guess he doesn't bother your name. Also follows the last person out of its only season Jones to flash on a coworker arms try to remember most truly didn't woes only. I'm glad I did glass on the go workers and we talked about on there yeah we did. Five days ago I guess it was a violation and we'll let us Lauren who was the last person and Tony seasons Jones to flash on a coworker I think Tony what do I know full well. I'm so mean and sorry Iran. I guess it was about what's your name our murder work I'd say you know if you listen to the show yesterday. Who is most likely or who was the last person to flash on a co worker okay I clear that I just yeah. I basically come play gazans and publisher named Eric bu that was the last person to flash on a coworker talent. Do you listen to show. Go off on coworker tells story and you other when. He deservedly so. Every fourth bags browsing crises is panic mentally cents. I often think you know he also qualified to win twenty finalists from the Colorado lottery helps you digest Europe yeah I don't need it. Was stations you'll hit 100. You have to listen to these really huge hero for what it looks like there's no good luck in this easier for one wraparound play who is Mac. You can barely say eve five K yeah well those seven. You know you've been fighting hard after the round. To be released from jail but unfortunately that does deny his request for bail according CNB judge Cindy Brinkley says we need is a flight risk and a danger to the community. We lawyer says or does business so it's very long pattern or unfair treatment of unique. And say they will appeal that's among gonna ask you the same judge that's mandated comedian do the covers. Any voice command team we probably should we thought that before you put it out into the public initiatives have done that about playing rail I have to I think day I don't know I was truthful is obviously unique. Got arrested the charges were dropped right in which shouldn't put yourself in the situation it's only two years now it could have been a whole lot worse or end Charlie really got off kind of easy in this situation and as president too surprising that Leandro ball won't be returning to UCLA basketball or the university. According to reports his father Lamar ball is quick drying him from the school closing you know a couple weeks ago Leon's got to. Suspended from the basketball team after he stole from a story during its trip to China along with two other players as father believes a suspension wasn't fair is that the charges were dropped. He told CN disease that it's it's it's no reason to kill a kid spirit. While he said that actually the consequences here ended the United States are stiffer brand in China. So I believe that is it's way too easygoing and he's not really am holding accountability to his son out. Today the school with the extremely thin are welcoming a whole lot worse than him if he you know in and out going to Chinese friends and. That is deaths of these guys. Train him and coach and himself sitting in an MBA oh OK you or you know. OK so we didn't have to go to call enjoy playing don't commit the time if you're not ready to face the punishment straight a necklace with confirmed that its popular political drama house of cards and this is one of my favorite shows. Plus the sixth and final season after all without its Oscar winning star Kevin Spacey. Netflix says this this cell will start production next year most likely in mid January with Robin Wright in the lead. The eight episode season will bring closure of the show for fans for me it's not the same because at the end of the day Kevin Spacey was the lead so for the final season the big cool rock. The grand finale you don't have the lead it kind of doesn't make sense to me you know and every place in the lead with a different do. A different guy yeah. All these C I want its head in. Then they laugh and Madonna lane yet I do with Spartacus marrow and that you guys try and switch out the actor and then you guys now. Say hey remember that man situation now what shape the joke and I already he carried finishes hole yeah all right it's taking so they left him and that I just feel like you don't pull people never shown that especially had that many seasons as a killing so we kill off do often the first show just come off I don't even come out with a season that it's gonna get everybody's used to cabin up as though you're busy and I hope. Nobody CNN in my yard in the great yeah. It is not actually a good. Thirteen he's done these you kill Bob they wish it was you can we tell me I don't see it I hunt big bracket it I guess I think there is now sunny day. Jones I guess on a 75 so every year time magazine picks a person of the year note based on some of the things that they've done. But the positive or controversial. They didn't end this year and they actually haven't picked a person is down to their ten. Person shortlist when somebody give me a list of names you can tell me who you gonna vote for but let me finish the list okay do you hope. You're right they don't learn to take over I wanna know who you think should get it who can't. I so only one woman made the cut by the way. I mean he's now for medical Reuters no particular. Blah blah blah Jeff nasal you know he has. As they do from I was on Amazon CEO richest man in the world this year continues to expand the global reach. And as retail empire I don't know why you persevere for that but okay he's rich. But many times bucket. The dreamers streamers of thousands of undocumented Emery immigrants brought to the US by their parents when they were children they face uncertain futures. If the drug administration follows through on plans to end. The Obama Sarah Duckett program. We knew. Number three. Patty Jenkins of the Wonder Woman director broke several box office records this year she became the first woman direct do you director film that made more than a hundred million dollars in its opening weekend. And the sign on to direct and highly anticipated sequel so you can be successful in business to number three Kim Jung who own. The North Korean leader I think. Okay whatever we are you know we know within. He must it's become rocky manuals of the world. Very secretive matters into a prison neighbors and neither is true dear dear members and thank you people and they'll send thigh number number five can't even make. Ethnic tapper kneecap whenever the services some former Sims is the 49ers Duma defense team for years. After launching a national protest against racism and police brutality by noon during the National Anthem. Him back number six the meat to movements. As they need to movement aims to shed light on the the prevalence of sexual harassment and assaults. It took off and after bombshell allegations against Purdue for our producer Harvey Weinstein and dozens of other leaders are in Hollywood media business and politics. The meeting movement with her a number several Wheeler. He's the special counselor was appointed after FBI director James colonies firing I don't know he is but he's the guy brought charges against four people so far. Investigation comes campaign's final how did you just you. He's your investigating people moving on number eight crown prince Mohamed bin Salman. Thirty serial crown prince is the son of king settlement. And he recently led to sweeping crackdown on businessmen and members of the royal family accused of corruption that's pretty cool he's got a cleaning up. The bad stuff I'm number nine. You know this is gonna happen Donald Trump when president trump he was the person of the year of 2016 by the way. And he's been his first journal office attempting to dismantle the work of the law Obama administration. From health could care immigration policy environmental regulations and tax form. He also a sparked multiple Twitter feuds. Number ten. Z Jayne Payne the Chinese president was given a sticking your five turn this year. And was written into the Communist party's constitution. Achieving new authority and reinforcing his status as the country's most powerful leader in decades he'll run to probably run the country to a ducks. City's case on the list. Who is our person of the year cannot. The dreamers. Who moved. They're James organization because it affects my family directly because you know there Reynolds Barnum and Mexico. And then just different family members say you know that you could have been here since five years old and know nothing more than the United States and they can send you back to the year. Country of origin. So right along with the the dreamers and act like captain mats is basically it it. Raises the awareness to stand for something or fall for anything was I think a lot of people do in today's generation we're we're just so used to going along with the flow he broke a fat not me. So I I appreciate your methods and I put him. I think from you know fighting against social injustice. And most of those actually you debt. That I would have to go with one of those two was well. Everybody else well and the other crown prince Mohamed bin Salman that was so everybody else is rich and everybody else has money to me to me yes. Brought that's a lie as well so I mean you guys are picked one song lyrics go different but I'll say the meat to movement. Just because it does headline on sexual harassment and that should be taking care of ace that everybody should get training every machinery training on how do you think now we move forward from here on out I. Mr. prospects. Trump said something about him not wanting to do it the time he may tweak or something basically claiming he didn't wanna be apart holding resigning but I told them no. Yeah and that time came back and say no we never reached out TO who was right. So now confused how do you make the sleigh throughout my eight yes so basically he wasn't lying about one thing there's a lot of things. Where. Honoraria all the way. If I'm if I'm right I remember something coming out I met you said directly out time reach out and I told them no they're not I don't do it. And they and time you made it's we like actually no we never insanity well if this item on the list so I think that's way. Maybe he might have fabricated on he said he was already that person then they add their prime time you're on the list yeah I'm really looking and doing my my. They're lying because they did reach out to tell that he was that he's on the living room bright moon right. OK but also give you stomach you trump one more because remember that are further reported that he was reaching out to Michael Flynn or that the general about. Russia yeah when he was before he got elected revenue was Lyon got suspended over the weekend early on said. That's not true I only I reached out to eat after I got elected. So they're trying to talk about disillusioned about. And I think that didn't happen and understand that you've just been because he lied about trumpet troubles I know I'm telling the truth so domestic. Is that a. Just get to introduce I don't know how did the loss to Diaz but yeah. Aids Tennessee is this just like she is awesome five this Friday when she did down what does prior while Marshall Christmas party as well done at both Philly and so he got clip to come check it out Friday night it's Brandon Marshall gonna be in the building as well. If she hadn't been there it's it's a beautiful spot it is I mean food is great. It's kind of like guys is they don't stage big screen TV and cattle like these old school is really fitting for us and that's all these old school radios but on the stage right though since well on radio stuff like that it really is really fitting for our post our party and we had a special guest coming to a fresh tell you guys dinner action Mars coming up. Kendrick should mark's comment I had him you know gander Jamar is I don't he's Kendrick Lamar 'cause uh huh hello like I can absolutely. I go okay now a big name in the though they Dedrick yeah it always is now home all the proceeds are going to our next Christmas party because Oregon new artist for next year next chicks are reasons but this year would you come down with us and we have a good time we really have a good time. Yeah it's it's gonna be great in mean that there venue that's values incredible the drinks got a lot of look like a local Colorado Beers on tap so. Definitely gonna be able to indulge and have a nice kid and and watch our DJ's get down. DJ stacks the U 58. They don't do that thing. And then at ten dollars and 75 cents that's all you need to get tickets actually right now come. Come out tech gizmos and five dot com or live within their address ignored team physicians about a house is on a semi dot com you get me out of nowhere on the safety of flight. They go out there that's what I got now. 4321. Blah blah blah dads is confused I don't know why they make is so confusing if are so we honored him you're gonna do. With the party as well let me show Hokies say this there are I mean I saw this is all this also is gonna happen okay everybody walks in the door. Everybody it's taking it. Is going to get to. Eight take you weren't here. It may become blue bringing you a ticket this Friday night at 12:45. PM and whatever you wanna call it or drive ticket. If it's your ticket where you 500 dollars cash. 500 dollar drain out of Tony he's cut. Is it I'm so I'm pledging no let emails and Obama that I doubt about it UNESCO you know total cost that it's not worrying him like you know coupons at the end and you know you're freaked out. For not official it's a fish yeah. So off duty lively kitty coming in Maria you're taking it in the marina drive at 1245 someone's in the 500 dollar cash. For the holidays so you've got a ticket for ten dollars what an investment this would be to not only party with this but when 500 dollars cash equity I don't I'm fine yeah. So again. Marcia Christmas party Brent marsh is going to be their DJ stacks a DJ five million of course spots were big party years and they are you doing you departed on yeah. Over if you ban on drinking in and done this good no good time it's not if you like around downtown is not gonna cost you a lot to do that though isms and vice that's going to be that I know because they you know they wanna party anything I want on the guest list yeah yeah they're gonna Landry they get well and then not eligible to win the tickets he did the money either. On that means that our box Republicans try to get our roster come out as well. Who said that OK maybe not how I might help make that yeah. I would even though they may not by me I bet you money would come up anyways yeah he's trying to get our governor afterward canard it's Bob good. Did you watch people think it's unnecessary to have. I agree yeah Sony didn't show much it's awesome five so we're all generally he'd love our box right corrects. Jones Tucson with. The coastline okay. So you think your boss is a necessary in this replacing the sort of Merman. Be honest did not give virus. Do you think our boss is necessary yes absolutely. Since he Philly is necessary yeah. Yeah it's up to deserve to assess them affect the looking for and I'm not gonna do logs. Yeah I asked them what they might still even the longer we didn't want a delay doing together. I think I its relationship. Dudek. I don't know maybe maybe our moss tells big money to do that and just and we'll take a nap. Right so it may need not necessary if you don't get enough all who also gonna set a Foley's emails. Where do you need to rephrase that to us is gonna send us all these pointless emails oh my bad that was originally who's gonna air check me when I love on the radio. Hey man. That poses a day away Jones stand LA so I think that's true. It's bombs he's not. Anfield fulfills. Joseph Monfils the media check in a group of state and let's let's take this woman inside broke 80% of our people think they're Abbas is totally unnecessary okay. So your boss suddenly vanished I would defector working heat and if your answer is not not at all congratulations. You're just like everybody else. You don't need your boss. Okay. Yeah. I'm sure that is there about you with the survey also found that less than half of bosses ever received any management training. You must not just our mosque but your boss everybody is listening could be. I'm trained like he didn't even know what the hell he or she is doing. I don't think I gotta make this back and make sense a lot of people get kind of thrown in yeah. Especially since so let these promoted a little bit strange correctly ready promoting now do the job right is that I guess they figured out. Right he had been there as they say congratulations. Figured out when there's so many types of training there's the actual job. There's a delegation of authority there's how to keep your you know your workers TD to get a loan and a great environments there's sexual harassment training there's all kind of training. So I propose that we send our bonds offer years' worth the training. I think it only takes a year to get comfortable in your actual job anyway reggae especially amendment's right yeah so. A year. The train is definitely down though I've never been a manager are buses then begin. Our bus for a year now well he's not been your boss for years is my bus for like two months. And they finally going on six right. Six mostly back almost yeah yes you know six months of year bonds so I'm I'm going on a year and a half. You got that relationship with no I don't not as well. Does your wish me yeah he can fire you you moving the First Lady I you know you're really close to a that is closest to the bus these open DO. Oh I. Don't think he got the local mosque. I think jones' closest at the on the second place Indiana better relationship with this bustling demagogue pass wiley and definitely. I don't be the first to say that we have a better relationship Marlee Q what do you mean Tony. Why when I already had a look at their early is at the hour with them a lot of police and I got a few I had no idea every single day. Every day consistently I don't I'm I'm walking on eggshells. And jumps what we're kind of relationship is different. How different are close to that allows must go download when we meet him cool would mean I was like because we went to. We we came out together so he was. Raising the ranks always to keep before you in the Bosnian Muslim and you're familiar there was lean years like yeah she loves you he was learning on the job oh OK he does everything he switched up your did decent coming into murky. Police say he's let them do it but I would have been ER over the weekend he had no remorse release so. Pretty much. And the same boat. At the scene now spring everything if they come to work I was god when you see cats I guess it's hot. So this is sure you can't go oh yeah and a well yeah I had an ad like kids in that no no no problem that's un. Christie nobody in my mama's not buying new album take today off I'm drew junior reason when I'm just work. I would say you didn't want my I would DR who didn't I was in the army are Larry's situation. Earthlink net. More levees okay. Hamas' right if you sign the check campfires can we don't have. Love the movie that there's there's this game I wrote me Emanuel. Jones on TS 1075 so I had a friend who I try to hang out with and it happens more not that often. And the reason is is because he SS his wife if he can go. Do these things which you sometimes I come I will do just wanna go to the park he's got kids yelled this do we teach kids go me but the party can I ask my wife. Hasn't worked. Well I don't know is she's got jealous of my role was to meet are nice not GMAC and did you do so in the past not do anything. So am I don't what was wrong with this girl. If she's not letting you do these things are said you did something you don't even sector now protective order jealous I mean but what my did you and look how harmless in my. Weren't making go to buffalo wowing the must've football games. So I don't know let me do women jump some of the new two. Out of. Net Bailey did jealous of I do maybe is like you know the dunes characteristics. That we gave you know a little concerned about for Sawyer okay. There's things that winning is Alice that's for sure like ace Adam. When. Like sir do that would they alligator. Kind of upset when they wave go on in the Gramm it wasn't a liking part of pictures about it shakes it was my heart I have the heart I am Moses heard they would drop on other. The out like that you know what you are daylight there why do you have to be you know put in hard I am Mozee is on the girl's picture to what you know like enough of you and I'm glad I. I just felt like doing Indy you're coming at all what I used election Dallas you're just jealous. That's what is that about does not like the hot item mosey live and all the is that you have to do on that day you can do is lighting up no single heart by using kid called Dallas all the time for like wouldn't do that they were doing all our friends. Also I had a friend Boca and there aren't there secretly young like you I think we've. No I felt like it was they if they call me Joseph Simmons then it is what it is not like somebody be jealous war. OK to be great no hard I Mozee is a no other six photos but mine so winner of the. Things that make you jealous. Women in general. I know Brenda dish out like a fight eat by myself. They go right decade cool good dinner about myself or some leg irons nice lunch I show is still text daylight with. An up close on mr. Reynolds on my dash opposed Muehlegg waft face. You look single you out there in by just how you look single sheet metal contamination they'll work what you wanna do gonna make this for thousands food and consent to call big. That's almost real bread so much nutrition is an even if I mean that. No no. I get smelling your out of when I'm out we're out by yourself Pioline at a nice restaurant and cherry creek. I'll let you know they are you speedway engines. You every weekend. Why won't god has come out of work and my guess is she hiding out when I guess we didn't for a work so she's jealous and sometimes you go to and the restaurants prior. Well I can. Restaurants is very pretty though what I did talk about what Vashon. I don't remember which is due him in the Mets did when I even IC on the pump I was Alice Cooper and right. It won't get enough free what meal OK now I get. That's a different kind of jealousy she's like yell your near experiences something cool without me yeah I do that I think women probably do that but. You know it's like I think will now in this thing any disease. Russa talking about you know mr. Graham I think when you're patrolling FaceBook or spending a lot of time on social media I think women can be jealous of that too right. I you know I hate to call it jealousy I hate that word a bad day I mean technically. I guess in his opinion I was being jealous I say made in these proud I am policies on some girls photo. I think means there was just go for you'd be kind of jealous say. Thanks I could. Days or less just. It is still important I'm one of them five. What things can make women jealous or ladies we're talking you what things make you jealous that it is a 7204891. So. Jones since Jones on canceled a 75 what things can make a woman jealous obviously and Samantha sees blue moon don't even though listen only mode is it the hard I am. Okay what they like the crazy I want like with a wide open. I as high as well as always gets into that was tried to switch it up after they were like a clarion call that about the heart I Mozee is always go for ice and attempt to put the hot photo we just don't put eyes on a Condo when he's NTH claim OG so. It steadily grabbing my post I glance I heard on an American saved them I would say 700491. Of them five I would you name. Welcome Carl coming Coco is they are at anything amend does not not around it really is it. She's saying anything Ali because. I got that ilk are there any team I've done in the past Billy you do it. Moon memorabilia. So here's your past skeletons and say is creeping up on New Year's Day. Are they everything yeah. They usually because they know I guess it was about what's your name myself and Michelle what is the one thing that makes you jealous. When my husband comes home from Murray can eat can't stop talking about the new code work. Yeah now yeah I'm battling for so I have now and have them like OK that's enough thank you could mean the court. And don't. They beat any for all we know we don't know we don't work with these sober talk about Veronica Iraq is Elvis did you round got me here about Veronica I would just an ironic at the Christmas party Veronica yeah easy easy easy smile she's talented I don't care I don't care comes to Christmas party LU meter and. No water and the other guys I that you would put her on there like can you talk about other guys. Talk more than they saw it got to be ironic. So exciting to talk. You don't even want about how do you. Thought well that's a miss you on the eleventh floor what are you doing and you're always smile I mean yeah he's been a joy to the compound or not. I love it makes you so much it's easily go oh I guess it was about what's your name I didn't like all that C what do you guys say what's the one thing and Hugh Jones. I'm I haven't been one thing that make me balance is my boyfriend being try to do it explode eighth glad gimmick like not a paid fairly young writing little common criminal. Well I know I I definitely don't want a gigabyte plan but that. My mom or strength is she's anxious over now. And the case sometimes but isn't it kind of annoying I agree on strands. Its brands like. I'm bend him there because they're the bank doesn't get elected just relax. They usually call you old saying is getting back to Veronica I don't think you wanna hear about they might. Could hear about I'm letting my hair down by big money. Allen loves him. Tony sings sounds Sanjay is one of them five original seventeen songs in a row what's the one thing that makes when men jealous. 720491005. I what you named Tony out Alina what things make you jealous. Real quickly and I had a mild mannered late duck and I don't. What is your man does that make you jealous son definitely weighing he'd go now because I'm trying to go out and get checked and every. And oh how I get to let you play I think I do magic right in Amish and you can ask you know you really delicate and. Even met just the fact that you don't know if it's really you guys mad cow or a teasing me now wait you know Ashley. From around the way that's what my belly Disney guy and I found like that who didn't. And again I mean do alibi I don't think I drink special wherever you go. I know. Exactly Amazon were awaits you this. Make sure you check credit card girl dead you know it would I want that got my number one day a year I'll be. I guess there was some thought would you name we aren't. GSA girl. And well I actually played bay eat and then wait I'm down I eat. Everybody. That had I know about you what I'll play her but god. And we got home late mood out there I mean I am how I would. Yeah I think good bad and bad luck out I forgot I'm glad we didn't act like I have my knee. My friend well we all know that guy about hope and kill one and we go around him what's my excuse because I. I'm the guy who's not know why do you yeah. That it your leg and none of them did get married the other I knew knob and you know them. Maybe you're getting quite good because god and you would lie and. You border I suspect not only I mean my friends anonymous life. The downs while they're out they Hugh. What are. Idea on how much borderline suspect they're saying only that not you with other friends now and she sells or licenses husband to be done. Seated next you don't know knocked. Whatever and on national and allowing. And. Redding went the same. I'm making it was a 5 morning show party. 500 dollars there anymore. 52500. Dollars. With the Colorado lottery okay yeah yes to answer more questions this season as easy MS UCLA. Joan Hickey betray. Let's do it so we are ready to bury your real question number one brochure plus the mayor has caused more human this. Since then any other mammals in history through question number two shortfalls the highest grossing. Film series in history it's Star Wars your question number three tour false. Wars can be caused by accessing certain animals especially tones spool. You. I'm your portion of the questions are done fail on you gotta say. I ask you right there right now brown he's now oh okay Mario. Go aggressive iron throughout the globe mail I. I don't. The food banks let's see what I could do I Rios these question number one true or false in the mirror has caused more human deaths than any other mammal in history. False correct you know there are none at all. Perez your answer there you go yeah the rest of frequent carrier of disease and it's been the deadliest animal it's. Question number two true or false. The highest grossing film series in history is Star Wars true that is false hope very owner Jerry got around our own father. Don't hold Disney being at Disneyland first hour or kids left bury everything very true greens I can go back Larry I was the winner James Bond thing is I was was third. I really I never preacher Fossum works can be caused by touching certain animals especially tones or lady's private parts show. I'm all really low human you're. Man this is yeah lays much of buyers is OK okay how early you're. Well he's actually going to get one right now. Samsung yeah. Okay it's okay though you can make women around you go at someone as a Christmas I. We're giving away 500 bucks that night as lows in May she get there early. Lottery where. I'm gonna look vision that you are there were no better. To have its own resume sounds it's a black hole. I don't know what your love and about my. And as you guys like because he has a funny you know listen I will listen music file Montoya driver UBS I. An error. Riviera right they feel very exciting stuff a limited to we're collecting toys is we spend fifty united mile. Hi my anyway. Apple we want jobs come support today because it it was a little life for our show boom we got out do I afternoon do big Mike. Seemed like you got like. A plethora of toys and maybe they really like a lot of man he's very little box him in there all big stuff in their from the dollar store so yeah at that that doesn't count. Lou we were gonna get better stuff today while that's why I'm going to call that. Here's the thing and we did you write and we we don't hear work if you can't make it but the malls are pretty packed right now during the Christmas season so to have a chance enjoying lunch break. Stop by we're going to be in the middle kind of by the centers clouds already in the midwest and oh yeah where they talk yeah where where in the good spot check. Download stuff from these Jewelers when he armies they've Julia. Money she comes out and helps to sell as well so again we're he digital clock it's important and being instead of doing. Twenty people like this that's been done in the past. We're just a little bit different trying to help three to 400 families that's amazing art job so great so we have we come I think we don't have enough just to take care of about 45 families and 45045. Individuals instead of one person everybody and go going to be very part of this process more action gonna give that the toys out. And guess outfit today kids that are any brightness on Saturday I believe that the hole and we apologize Saturn yeah I'm I'm gonna shatter I'm here yes. You're gonna go back home for little bit and I am going to be home and so we'll give way to just for you in on behalf of the season but again. It was not we're not down I'm closer don't wanna set up as many found this is we can't infants all the way eighteenth here's the thing where one place every single day. Floor ten hours. Okay eleven to nine Aurora Towne center actually you do all this week every single day. Through Friday eleventh and ninth at the Aurora Towne center how we are switching locations snuff out the same spot all week from here on out okay GAAP. Lemons and Ashley Friday's eleven to seven so let's please come out please make a donation please make it count for kids in my city and if you wanna get on the list you can go to. I'm damned well united way Denver dot org deck and I think people asking how do they get on the right there and we know that there's listeners out there who need extra -- out presents for their kids or presence in general when it comes to you know your babies or your look your teenagers so again that's a united way Denver dot org if you wanna get on the list. Did you helped us we need some specific things. For you as well OK we're on that note Tony says it shows like just 1005 last day for the mile high toy drive going down today at the Aurora Towne center. We're right in the middle I next to finish line and notorious so. If you wanna come out that's exact tour and it's cool thing that were inside the mall so you could get some gift there too so if you don't have any. Like wanna go to a store I think you just go straight to the mall at like the last two bras so if you haven't came out yeah this is the day to get it done. Right in the middle mom we're taking kids stories anywhere from babies all the way at the scene so sowing some support in level would be greatly appreciate it does a couple of toy stores there there's a target there's a Wal-Mart near the area all you have to do is come through there from eleven issue. He can't make it like we understand your work you have would try to make your lunch hour or when you get off work you shopping. Any way through. Right and when we got to give them a real big up to. People that have like a local stores inside the mall. You know there's some big companies there too but. It seemed like a lot of the low cool like people that have like actual shot in the mall there are donating the most and that that data out tomorrow I Jewelers. A notorious. To do downs of the boxing jammed up. Tiger cat tiger cat boxing athletics yeah they came through real big and USANA saw them David did Jewelers actually doing this okay. For anybody who donates a Barbie any barbies okay. Bring a Marty to our toy drive up until 2 PM today. We're gonna qualify you went to fourteen karat gold nameplate for the holidays why are they know any design any logo. All you do is bring a Barbie you're qualified to win this nameplate from David Angeles they'll let that the Billick and his staff and my quality work so yeah I see a lot of bronco there Iraqis. Another rappers are gain their grip does that mean he does explain where you did the radio bonds piece that I Wear sometimes amend our tonight theocracy. Yeah totally wears is certain neighborhood. Food is pretty don't. Database that's a notorious because they don't do these bags. They if you make a donation no dvds don't puke bags. As a matter of cleaning kits and M and are you going to be coming down from the air Jordan eleven's anyway and try to get those so why don't you will easy you know you will come I know how Marty got my number in mind. Again my toy your everyday Ethier Rory town center Tony seasons Jones it's a big deal okay. Babies all the way up to teens. Other big giveaway is going down tomorrow with the united way. Of the amber we'll give you details on that before we bounce up for a instability and even these senator these if I mean the building was. 'cause he's going to be easier Christmas party tonight Timmy and actors and catch your. Well okay Lisa and Lisa were in Havana. I won't make them miss Aurilia before you went to my question are you really 58 these are finally. These 47. I. A and to be on UK hasn't won a seven I'm warning zone read play. To lie weekdays six they are on demand any time on KS 1075. Zach Kahn.