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Friday, December 15th


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Don't want to wait until he. Maybe on the UG PS 107 I want this replay. Eight say he's shown. A Tony save it sounds like kiss and a 75. Two things to almost Christmas time. I love them all. Brooke that loss streak that they have a right no I actually won it twice into my release OPEC yeah so it's been like that is actually got three things and I wanna cash Friday snow on the ground and the Broncos want. My only when your mom oh yeah. Both Oregon. Not a fancy someone grabs. It's. If they know there are now I had all of go to Malibu men come in my house there's no hundred pound plus you can and now. Let's close this snow is again a little bit this weekend so we're Christmas found Merry Christmas to go. You know they cheered won't see you next lesson when a lot of I'm never see again. I guess some for Friday. We are bad big weekend coming up our going to be doing our our kids' homes and five Christmas classic can you can still win a pair of tickets later on with the heads of Mercedes. Speaking at a Colorado lottery. 4500 dollars were gonna qualify you twice today to win that's. When we go heads overseas and we also. Go actually lose most likely to give them and we got WW tickets for narrowed wrestle mania. That's happened in February pitcher winning before they even go on sale all right that's a good thing going there. Let's find out some crazy man found these faith and. In this me. And possibly throwing 500 dollars from the Colorado we're Landry whose most satellite. Would you name it Croatia actually shows most likely be a drug lord Tony say is John's I'm gonna think based. Police have. Nothing in my experience I'm not we felt that I was both bags. No I think he. I didn't know exactly the mad and should stay in Niagara sell the blonde go another name okay the end you've got to congratulate and. There's no drugs come with a price down and oh yeah and obviously the five point oh on fire before they got the agenda I'm. I don't don't don't believe me. All right you also got qualify for 2500 dollars from the Colorado lottery and you can't forget the VWE tickets you can come back soon all of them yeah you need radio station into a girl can't about seven. Wait look like Jennifer Hudson and her baby daddy did they were moving in the right direction in regards to their ongoing custody battle over a decade girlfriend. Nobody and I'm glad they had claimed David about your leaking false stories the press Betsy says the meat and don't handle himself because he's the breadwinner of the family Jennifer decides to save their baby's father bicycling now without a point. It would be broken describes his career gold as a voluntary under employment. Jennifer wants the court to stop her now ex from speaking about her to the press or anything regarding the custody battle over their son thinking well. Says this true on those facts. I listen I think. She makes the money he's not gonna get any money this divorce goes through so he should shut up question whether complaining you let them while she was traveling all over the place and he was taking care of the kids going. It was a good situation for them right out there now that he knew is asking for full custody a kid in there could possibly be them you know money. If I don't know now he voluntary. YE eight he can't get none of the money to what's messy to me you get money regardless. Right you can pay like Diana billing and lo these days never heard much from her but I trust she's still out there make a move that quietly. Lifetime will reportedly be making her debut back on the big screen to start her own reality show in 2018. Going to DH when the source told them at this show will give fans a glimpse and that's kind of career for kids in her never ending daily life while we know this won't be on the I mean I'll be I'll watch. Love it though that OK here's the way I'll call us a premier who I super America you don't know what's gonna happen right you know now. Our mom lanes in the mix I might I might do Americans are mom of the how many minutes could now. Why did play a walk workers get paid a whenever they want they're teaming up with the tech companies make hay day come early for its employees. The read tell Diana nothing new in the pay service for its one point four million workers the senate to allow Obama workers you accessed before payday half the wages that they've already earned. If there is higher than personal finance app. Called evil and so I mean for them this is a great love for me I can never be that good all my money would be gone all I can email access and no money. Finally you mean I got money or did every time you you you would get the people who pay day if you have no. Good out every single time cautioned Wal-Mart employees be responsible with this money out that my biweekly and that. The tracking mimic insects and careers now Tony says it's just a kid. 1075 the last couple weeks rumors have been floating around about Russell Simmons and sexual allegations. And that we're surfacing. And finally the New York PD has opened an investigation. And after gathering information on at least. Eleven accusations of sexual misconduct against hip hop mobile. 1111. Up so hot he got more people. Definitely there and yet so. Obviously. You know it. Started in unknown species started in Hollywood because you know I told an hour talking the other day and I said Taylor Swift. In the Denver DJ. Was kind of a springboard. And then RBI Harvey Weinstein and all his acting hundreds Scotty he's. I don't know how good you're back there. Doesn't mean the girl dolls when you have. Not really lit the starter for me so now we're looking at Nellie with whom off the hook Boone. We still trying to figure out how Salma Hayek as recently came guess Harvey Weinstein. Yes she says he's been as monster the whole time he's trying to deny it but there's a there's a big piece that was published an in your New York Times. Travis smiley the guy from PBS Booth he was suspended he's a late night talk show host. And and he's allegedly forced women to have six of them keep their job. C.s so the thing about Russell Simmons is. Jerry Hines won the accusers. Who went by the name missionary share. She was in the all female hip hop group Mercedes leaves them and Simmons. Allegedly raped her in his New York office around 1983. You know I'm not putting anything past anyone these days because you really just don't know you really never know with people. The interesting. Aspect do I guess Russell Simmons case in them. How he's being so open about talking about it like every other day you're seeing him make statements or. You know. I think as a red bag he was saying he's going to do lie detector tests he did what he did Ari do as their lawyers took him out lagging ticket by his brother didn't. Let's put down your brother do you guys decided yet you all you have you have your own team. That's your own you know present lawyer's day lawyers did a lack take a steady path to a flag co Ed and I feel bad a lie detector does not working court. Not even that you're you don't you remember performances like yoga. Meditate or junkie. And I know gotta keep his breathing stay calm do those kind of says that that allowed them to London metal formed you don't think so it doesn't and that reform honestly a man it's been using in cases and it's been you know found to. Get verdicts as far as you know. The system is concerned do you think he's been a little bit too pro active. There's nothing more his innocence to claim is insert a thing if you didn't do it you definitely find it right blue moon but moon but. Eleven women accusing him but he started his own campaign. You see that it's you know there's. This campaign has hash tag not me. I did not know that's a. They need to enact a nominee so that that hash tag you know. Out there for a photo what a minute where they're coming Fortis hash tag me to write food and hash tag that he's created. Point seven cities that try and do you know diminish anything that's going on of their value just want to claim of innocence in this past tag is. Hash tag me to not not me now or any anybody who's been been accused can use hashed may not mean now is that we do know what I. I get why. That's what you wow what got me Morse of about is how many people Russell has put on pink rappers comedians. How there's you don't see a lot of people rallying behind him like that you see rough so I don't think anybody wants any part don't know exactly. I have seen nobody come into his defense what also makes retire and I like food you put so many people like you know so many people. What will I mean me I know I'll he's called for advocates right now well hold on hold on there okay. Whether an out of reach its danced to his defense or not you don't defend such allegations much you know he didn't do it right. Here's the thing if anybody else in his camp where anybody else he put on could possibly also mean. Those types of music did and that's why they're keeping their mouths shut right right because they come and hey you know I got Russell's back well hey you you molested me do you may need to you know. You never know what a muscle like thirty when he made his first wife who mourn Camara was like seventeen dollar Democrats right. She was seventeen with seventy yeah yeah now my eyes they didn't say anything of that apparently that they wanna come out to sea was legal. I think I think in some states sixteen is legal age of consent right. You have to have your parents and other with parents right at fifteen all fifteen I don't know what seems fifteenth it. Did you parental consent sixteen age of consent. I was and I sit there and they just they lose so she was seventeen obviously still not an adult but. Still if if that's the law in New York I gotta be able to do whatever she did how do you prove your innocence. Stayed in doing in 1983 after it was your word I guess the other words how do you claim that you Edison. How do you. They prove you're innocent well you could say that in doing how do you prove that you're not in this I mean you're innocent the problem with what's going on today is. When he needs a incidents have occurred OK so. You're right it's his word against her worth more than eleven accusers word eleven against his word okay. In itself is a big deal in his statue limitations. You know they're they're obviously the NYPD open up an investigation so there are criminal charges. And as far as the possibilities are concerned you look at that case compared to what happened when Nellie remembered as the girl they are kind of my goal we need. You know I wasn't Nellie situation I think that they need more people. People behind her yes it kind of you know go and investigate the situation so eleven vs one. Tried but again and again I think more people know weak yen in bad Leann while you're right. Then you add more people so that's why this is being open got exactly what led bill got these same situation but he's still claiming his innocent. Assad we've proved so I have go down even our way he's going to court is going to court they're gonna look for evidence it's almost like a regular trial and and you know we'll see what happens if that investigation leads. To. Obviously trial and a or eleven separate trial I don't know evidence from 93 and why things are statue limitations because if there's not then we're gonna see how this plays out. We're definitely see this thing that's the whole Nelly Casey if what if if if Nellie. Was guilty of that sort happened in the past. And the other women step toward maybe this girl none of the you know what now come and I'm coming for you because more women have spent more how would they be able to read open hole. Yeah anytime anytime anytime they want any sign. I can that be instead what do you see how this plays out. Definitely keep a close by and this because he's the 9/11 users and that he did it. Then it's gonna be interesting to see which way the benefits true day. Monthly show we'll talk Russell will be on the will be on the blogs he's pro. I'm IG checking out the story yeah what's going on on the break oh yeah all right coming up next in the next ten minutes. How do you guys feel about paying for the Internet never. No to be a possibility he noticed Jones on just awesome five Sawyer from the Internet was in uproar as far as social media was concerned a guy. And tomorrow. Again charged her FaceBook and Twitter is going to be seven dollars a month in fact that it was crazy. People were like packing at midnight that's because the SE CE net neutrality. Ruled that they're never gonna start getting charged if not the case right now but the Federal Communications Commission voted to undo this so called net neutrality rule. That is out they never tell the Internet providers treat. Contents and data. The agency got rid of rules that bar companies like Comcast AT&T and Verizon from playing favorites with Internet apps and sites so now it's been deregulated. And everybody's got this even killed across the. War on which means you may or may not you charge for face they get it could happen whether talking about putting things together like. I'm happy and if you could put these together like packages so like you wanted to FB IL. On eBay paper out. Those kind of there it is you might map to do like ten dollars a month right does he use this service is right. So be like cable but you won the third TV channels while The Who was gonna cost you guys that I paid him for nothing they're really I mean. I'm not paying for anything I don't create multiple emails and collect all the way I will I. I'm not doing your thing you you don't even realizes you already are you paying your monthly bill with your phone or your cable bill you pay for the Internet. Now what they're gonna do but would like Joan said. Here's the basic package appears in the middle package here's the premium package so what was thirty bucks a month for Internet can now be. Eighty bucks for the premium package right yes we want all channels. You want the general the NFL yeah not I'm proof right yeah. Yeah hey that that it wagons and well and I guess I'm going back to Nokia. Now and make implanting in the right. I guess that's what I'll do I like hazing is well and get a dictionary. The data is like Yahoo! getting a math major I'm not only get this call you don't get those who don't get encyclopedia could other house whenever. Then being they don't ever somewhere that major hero we saw encyclopedia says America I am gonna get I'll get an encyclopedia not such in my life focusing on the. That's next thing I got a normally I'm going to help school won't come until I got there with a. I'm not saying OK listen no need to panic because the broadbent an easy promises that the inexperience isn't going to change yeah right. They will be allowed surprise various online activity move that use bandwidth. Different race so even your speeds. Are going to you and your friends from the collect our McKinny. My maiden you know all off glad kidnap him all right what they tell you who don't know that I mean it the updates on this Netflix. I really well then the feature out basically you download all your stuff so. You wanna go download all your pitches now as they were for a rainy day but in my computer. Do we know this extended your time on you know being charges like this from happening today but hey January 1 who knows what's gonna. I go through more way more trials I mean this is in the final. Final say I don't know I'm not the government to our SEC. We'll see we'll see it right we'll thereafter you re right to check on can you raise the forest goes down through the math and this is part of our job right we needed we needed their help us out there. That's run on five somebody who didn't need somebody like we need the Internet. Chomping down Rosa she's now going public with some of the things not all lose things we'll talk about it in less than ten. Don't think it sounds like it's almost 75 so we don't know that's Amoroso left the White House since talked about instilled the tee yesterday through she's obviously saying that no it didn't go the way everybody says it was like I didn't get thrown out there was no confrontation and of course it's her word against the whoever is putting out the storm weary right. She talked about her departure from the drug administration with Michael Strahan yesterday you're just take a quick listen I'd take this name because interviews long and boring subject is Barnett and a lot of speculation about you leaving the White House let's get straight to it. What happens yeah I don't resigns. And I. Didn't do that in the residence as being reported to John Kelly and I sat down in the situation room and we had a very candid conversation. And I wanted to make the one year mark there. It was one of the goals that I set out to and then get back to my life. So you resign you weren't fired at them now reported. He's quiet and I like. To hear all of these interesting tales but I have to tell you that there a 100% false and John Kelly and I had a very. Straightforward discussion about concerns I have. Issues that I've raised and as a result I resigned and it will be taking place June 20 when I leave. This is very interesting administration. That and Michael Strahan try to presser to come out with more. No I think here's a thing like she can't really talk about it in just in January 20 today don't wanna say that you know C will be talking about it. After messianic interesting story to tell. Well Robin Roberts also had some fans say right out throughout the Fella you guys are on the same page or take this I'm Robin Roberts as of this thing about it here. I'm good minutes army. She says she has a story to tell I'm sure she'll be selling that story. I'm Felicia. Larry what are you thinking you go rob let her bomb blasts that this so the message does. They know I would land and iron and then she's when the next story like it was nothing like this less to worry about. Other days the basically do the right I'm oracle not even if they say it's basically because the back comment that there's like a black woman civil war going on. Well here we go my actually you know we don't like you barely yeah. I don't know if you saw the stories get music scene but it. I I am now. I'm I'm I'm I'm not buying ammunition she Jamie she's not even Davies and I hear more do you think. GMAC swat I'm not here for your gas minimum freshman team. I'd sort of being. For months. That's not what I felt that I was out that okay yeah. I guarantee you Robin Robin and everything and you know look like you if you saw her face you can actually take you asking Micky as was them buy dot com like nothing like it was nothing I. Commentator yeah have you guys people like CNN and CNN and I commons girl and thought I can't tell us now Angela had me in tears no crying laughing when they announce they even came out about it should even do a straight face though Souza right. You can not being able to put all of the people who comedy in the big screen whenever I. Other women say like I'll die if she goes no he did not exhibit one lady she put the paper funder of mates for CC any disagreement. You might know yeah it's kind of nice whose great. We save this show Don JS 1075. Though most of the celebrate the holidays whether it's Christmas Chanukah Kwanzaa. How are reasonably some people don't and they said they often enjoy it soon so. That means it. Christmas is good here soon. Weather is just some of your family traditions that you have. Spiked eggnog. Oh yeah well Crown Royal not my grandmother moon now my my grandpa thing man I couldn't wait to turns 11 until he takes it out though found leading sit. Dad like he has a bar in the house or whatever so you know when I wanna let's what turned 21 and like you and initiate and create new video of the bar in the house and we would all go in there and there's little by little I'm 11 of their. Like younger cousins okay. Right and so it's that we fabric to get that I agency that once I finally got their man I was late that Christmas tournament yeah could not wait. I live Debra bankers that they ever since then we we keep it going so spiked egg that is definitely how. Oh you're down we have that's like eggnog you I like their mud mud pots really loves that. What they'd I don't do it all I do personally do is show up. Among some cells in ebitda but they make tamales and so there I guess it yesterday my my father my mother there you in the meat ready for the tamales and actually gonna do it this weekend they gonna this army cannot. I must yeah that's a Christmas Eve thing first and new years he thinks. Now I don't know if you guys remember me at it tell you this before Christmas Day our family unit for seven years we go to Chinese restaurant. That's unless you're great idea and we do because of the movie the Christmas story until he had never seen that that's the reason we do it. My mom wasn't on board at first as we knew Amy's family the day before Christmas Eve and my family day. And we're we're working on something different insuring new different tradition turning every together but. Christian Christmas Day we go to Chinese restaurant it's amazing it's it's different it's not your Turkey your hand your did your traditional Christmas foods. And they are open to throw open yeah. I that ally places it normally sat down and there's some places that are open specifically for you because they know that. A lot of people they don't want to cook my mood right and the movies you can go to the movies on Christmas Day. Yeah I got one year down there was what I'm on the way Iraqi came out here. Seventy Don Mattingly. And then the whole family went an Iraqi theater I mean glossy rocking the theater and there was like it was just us in the Peter Cook. But we're off script or when that's when the music came on down to deny. Whereas here. The ball they had done some eggnog right. I'm and I want to come back. There's something that you guys. Quickly answered this is something that you guys in would look forward to benefit if you know somebody hasn't been different. As far as tradition was concerned I think that's more for many years for me to okay we have a lot a lot of knee is what tradition of an arm home like you can't wash. On New Year's oh yeah which is the worst thing Erika now we need clothes washed like every other day it's a bachelor's and a and I hate black guy he's just like the nasty thing ever familiar great restaurant. I threw me out I know I know you have the though that I wish we can get rid of them find something else that does that put those. I count yes he's on the new this year some valid I'm with you Wear matching PGA's. Once these withdrew when he's your family volume down or that there. Non-GAAP then post for page shown seated thank you guys get together signature on makes you guys didn't funny season Jones case chromosome five Christmas right around the corner where where ten days away. Yeah I'm down oh I don't believe that. How ready for a broken here before you know idea of Lincoln's. Pin yeah. What you found tradition you can share with us we're looking out for maybe try something new this year that try something a little bit different then we'll get some suggestions actually on the IG. McCain is also five Johnson says my family decorate a coat wrapped. For the ones who were bad that year and they also give lick wish in this docking here. The way they did litre since they're mad. Yes certainly he had the backing down again as the Christian don't give us an idea here really wanna punish your kids given the black and encourage them that they think are the entire world in my. I love her and she knows it made it. Richard says though we have this edition every year. Where one was don't try to kill each other well underneath the same roof yeah. Well I was such a good kid as a kid in this of the comes out that. There's a fight breaks out or something knocked down well Tony is stadium Jones are talking about an alcohol tradition with the eggnog right through some people they don't deserve to have all gone. And holidays. Did she ends up this you must bright. Yeah you know drinks tonight to celebrate eating together and try to get through without fighting cranberry GM. Bill says good Ole Mexican food. I just this is making gingerbread houses of course yes you ask me about I never made gingerbread. Before both make cookies and I saw. Popular anime gingerbread this year could either go then and getting kids involved with the cookie making process and they never do it's it's cool they love the responsibility and I doubt about seven to 0491075. Hi what's your name. We are Carly what's what do you Christmas traditions. No prayer group maybe may keep candy hey we likely hear and read the white tried C I don't know that is. 8 o'clock on a YE is about the record at the cure it. I had a nice. I'm not ready for that think that I think whether I instead. And I'm going to get regular white pipe cleaner and then we put the feet iMac and the enemies or man hit in the front plate umpire clearly needs a low cast your job I did I don't sound appealing at all. Ago when he dry heat did you do like your whole family yet I mean I'm not a member up. Love that it's usually we could see I want that I think yeah thank Matt definitely blossomed thank you view of why not a great day and. You have I guess on some five what's your name Mac. Well what's up Matt bush era Christmas tradition run. Well we have a couple I it life and she did we always Wear it like you could imagine he didn't. We knew that and my our whole family we need. We do like eight Christmas craft. I'm so like last year we made. We get cut out. Snowman. Out of like work. And drilled hole and it's so we decorate it pain there. And then acolytes into it. On the other thing we do as well and good gift exchange. The adults and kids who wound their earnings to a patent will lead to let me clue you draw you buy it yet or or we'll be white elephant. Smart way to save money out the exact the first one sounds like you had a whole would shopping Center City. But I do go or what show how big. They could go road but it yeah that's always coupled have a hole which shocked. Crafts like that saws and drills and I'm not making everyone look bad and good luck Obama get it's. Tony says it's Jones on kiss 1075 Christmas and New Year's soon ten days away what are some your founding traditions that you can share with us so are we looking to try something new this year yeah on the IGK it's also found adored. To Al case this. We do tee time before Christmas all the ladies get together and we had have a little tea in the book treats from your rings. Little daughter she loves it and they've by all kinds of little order remains where they can hang on the tree. And the sun and their son and the boys they get little gingerbread houses where boys can grab on. So that's one of their family traditions that they're doing over there in the house is nice critical yet. 720491075. This Christmas traditions what are you doing I would you name planning gathering again Gutierrez thank. OK so what we do is being the only I'm do you know like why I want him unload everybody and then we are not whether you like to see who wins Stanley. Yeah as a family and that's cool I like he was surprised. Usually they don't like if you are encouraged that our hundred dollar encouraged. How depends on who has sit back and you need your family. I'm you can buy right. Thank you for the Americas and his own Meg Whitman by his handsome Bob what's your name. Obama and Abraham when he SA being. That is good lives. Leo preferred to have me everything I can ignite at the things that are. Hall that's not to do any good. They're also could show learning singing jingle. You know yeah. You know. The warm you up there showing. Oh brother or there are rare double more ideas by you can do the countdown to Christmas with your family. Yeah that's cool write letters to Santa. We're doing that we visited three farm. Not doing it plastic street now tell your poetry together. And know what each country. Are starting ornament collection you have some of those yeah yeah we have that there you go ones make history garlands. What does that. The only paper rings around the screen that I'm Lugar and twine it's no major he's making kindergarten yeah this bring back. What I don't streamline how about this you guys RD into the alcohol part right set up a Christmas theme park local market. That's why am I went a party like that if actually don't yeah is that that's I think we're gonna. And you know that sounds like you're gonna talk with some break out the hot cocoa Christmas cookies set up your presentation I was melody at validate my cool and oh yeah I know. My mini marshmallows whipped cream everybody needs to make an owner you have somebody margins and I go yeah yeah I'll go holiday lights it goes sightseeing flight things. Yeah let go down as brash brother rich people aren't kicked all of them pretty nice I think I know. And as they can afford the liability they go here's like do try to outdo everybody competition knew it back and I did the and we've already done but we need you back so many she'd get back in that you do teach your kids had to give. This is something I don't know if you guys do this I'm sure he knew creole holiday playlist of Christmas joints the top army Christmas joints Dallek does not like the soulful Christmas yeah so full Crist. This banana like old Jane brown won this. Memphis is always happen you know you know in the U married all the whole school joints and finally. My wife let's me do this and I don't wanna do this school Christmas caroling like convoy said are you serious yeah Jane wants to do that. Pickett wrote that's cheesy. I'm sorry so you can in my house a shut the door in your face. Students their Mac card will get revoked if you go Christmas Carol Roddy. Well we cheesy what do you think cease. I wouldn't do it. Yes you will see you call me nothing I lose my man card if I don't hold your means that you sort arrested it's when he teen tonight the dashing through the snow in the and you can you just pitcher Tony how then. Apparently I'm now a few hours of my go to your house and I eat. It's not Janet Lindsay Graham that you're gonna shut the door on my face congress just don't know if they are I guess we're gonna find out full Christmas Amy really months we need to go back. Hey good. It's. Yeah. Big hero. JS classic tickets on the line this show goes down tonight featuring both as an army. Also qualify for 2500 dollars from the Colorado lottery if you meet. Say he's would you go into the game. Hey you got a thousand studio RA Eva are you ready. Tyrone Jones is keeping track okay this go here we don't need the question number one listen carefully. In this all the twelve days of Christmas how many swans a swimming where there eighth six feet 74 seat twelve. Sure I'm lending. Question number two sure cause. Alabama was the first state to recognize Christmas as an official holidays. And right. You'll also Alabama was the first state to recognize Christmas as an official holiday and I. My mom it's. Question number three sure false name at least three of Santa's reindeer well I don't know man and a really dark side your portion of the questions are done. I think I'm address these okay. Right they evacuated play. Great question number one. The Christmas and how many swans a swimming where their 86. Feet seven or C 1212. Feet. Actually seven swans a swimming I thought I was too well what is solid twelve of them come on guys you know. I let him and then. Listen to serve plus Alabama was the first state to recognize Christmas as an official holiday false. No it's true that you. Began an 1830 days. I hope they do until well question there are three sure false name at least three of Santa's reindeer Rudolph. Yeah. Answer okay. Can't forget makes them last year you were there one little question why is she got all three of them. I'm good though borrower makes you lo and it still won't then harmony you are going to gradually send also called 52500. Dollar from the Colorado lottery hopefully you win that money courtesy of Colorado lottery gives some of them five. Hit them close to one full time. The years thirty minutes so make day right now now what day. You know I can be. Hertz is Carol your assays now be there and I will not be their nationality your city not my head song for you all the way happy and love. They can't I think she's she's up she's down sat out when you show your house in sync I told you on the Schiavo leak so leak Christiane and our dollar I was making news Caroline so come and ask them they know it's a man what do is slam the door in my face so I think no one care for a gay male they don't want and I just get back to the kids classic that's going down tonight you need to take the case when the I'm not enough or get out the door. Don't let an army busy he's already here I think. That the lizard you wanna I wanna go. I wanna you wanna thank you wanna bag is gonna. Walking in his sandals we're able the job he did a very real weather guys in the flip love I. I swear to god this is true story. He came to Silverado won nine barefoot. And he was dancing and yes. I thought I. As I was sorry Diana you wanna I wanna buy you anyway you imagine. Also big senate to Nazis they're doing. Anyone would when Jefferson Mexico for Christmas and he'd call. Kind of backdoor not an economics guy. I don't know the cubs are that he just search is on some find that come and tell us why you like to donate blood and they can hit you up that's two and it's okay. It is hit me I guess there right now we're in the kingdom props gone so we hit 87 years ago because he's opening he's hosting new years eve on the rocks. And so yet and that's going down after we wanna get your tickets it isn't lay away plan gives him some five backup we're giving a proxy said he did a song born itself showed him love apparently some people that he knows we're listening to win sentiment tanks are called know many needs you know he has also find some reason is 36 we don't fight like dogs soft money so. We're talking stuff about you rumor given you try you know who's so you know he knows all of diplomats and Ali said gross is soon and don't. That's I just imitating you row I think I always imitate you so he's a lesson work who is not do menial now. But we see all of these people got to finish the little says it is and thank god you guys you know right what he did know was going to carefully and yeah I don't think people's friends the kingdom's friends. We weren't this and we're giving you probably lucky that we know he's a friend for example this that or damaging him so he's hosting new years eve on writing to close the loan. Young thug Lilja and tributes and a whole lot more privileges envoy. All they show you can lay away like Wal-Mart you know what did you think of those 500 right now. My name payment plans of well a little more than five bucks but hey if you get paid every damn Wal-Mart. And in the UK has won a seven I'm warning zone read play. To live weekdays six to may or on demand at any time I'm KS 1075. Zach Hahn.