Morning Show Replay 12-8-17

Friday, December 8th


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Affordable won't wait until the Giuliani who GPS 107. I want you so replay. Eight is still needs Tonys and a. I hate to. Again this is Christmas time. I see you get ready for Christmas are you ready all right so already they sheiks already you stand and pollution well Linden saw that guy. Emanuel I figured that got. Don't count down the days to. What's today's date it is December 8 the math we are proud moment as did the math when you can just fifteen days away. Sixteen days he's shopping him an a okay this though there's such a great question are you guys doing my shopping so far he can then you're done it. I'm glad I'm almost I'm going back. As Italian as we can talk pelicans and other. It and you're like shot by the store Lecavalier well let up this happened and also the mall with the advances. I thought I kind of all the malls. To send me anymore but they're Macy's shares the Macy's there and there's a JC Penney area that there is different stories. I think in every mom so. I mean there's like no big sort of like on the same everywhere. They're telling you feel like you think is on the like exclusive. They're different plays against Tiffany's or some of them are I don't know I mean like there's undefeated like sneaker shopping. The Los Angeles you can get like dope sneaker all right right right leg and it's no longer like a multi billion these go to a big story in religious stuff so like you TJ Maxx or Iraq. You're watching me they TJ Maxx is no bond value and I don't TJ Maxx arise unify us and good deals sometimes what arms and then the other one penalty is Bud Day. Do you watch with a leaning you're good to go. We're happy about the discount that yeah of course that's what it's all about I come out tomorrow and urging served sixty bucks or even. Thirty bucks for twelve dollars absolute best place to get your co workers get too far for 799. In the coffee cup or whatever. Great idea how big gift cards don't TJ Maxx and might. So huge holes like cough got you found out how to become. Yeah without a doubt that you know pass more inspectors saying this do it still like that you. Let's find out some crazy about county safe and sound. The industry. Okay. Feels like the phone ringing us currency that's me or somebody else or didn't. Somebody importance. It's kind of play and most likely we beyond you can't look seventh I'm doing. You see. I think mark M gonna qualify you to win 2500 dollar from Colorado lottery. How would you name all gone lose most likely to and ignore face while I know that. Facetime god just because I hated cruelty strive then not I kept my face uncertain. We come around it I guess it was about what's your name. Frist who is most likely to the northeast time Collins just because. You yeah. You'd think so ray actually it's not mean. Are things really my kids less than five what's your name. Sara Taylor whose most likely to ignore facetime calls just because he's oh yeah. I mean. Yeah no I answer every call. I even like bill collectors. I think there are ways Paisley golf site is Elizabeth publish your name won't. Who's most likely to ignore a facetime calls just because. Me. I answer every call girl. But my numbers you see IEO. Report. Basically guff I guess it was about what's your name loaded Moses whose most likely to ignore facetime calls just because. Don't. Yeah. I'm good you won't throw you never know what could be doing answer in time I do not want you see what's going. It's here I got. Little more love that there. Desired. I go away and putting. My putting or broke he's the white people that's when he's. Actually since Odeh who waited TM family for a guy to Jurassic wife's plastic qualify for its 1500 dollars from the Colorado lottery. Only able to. The blue eye very well I went back. This out what holidays with vision of Joseph brought it. Now backdrop it is going to be pleasant dreams did you hear it grabbed get out of jail free card and now he's making his way overseas I'll tell you it is next. You can girls say he's like okay yeah well. Biggest dollar a car bomb comes from both the son the son of an age and have plans to play overseas he went on to say. I want to go somewhere where they can play together on the court off. The same time the priority is for the boys to play on the same team for my life for the sixteen year old son out of chino hills high school. The nineteen year old son Leon millions of low out of UCLA to pursue their dreams of playing in the NBA he. I understand you have big dreams of playing in the NBA and all that stuff that he's finished high school. I agree I think high school I mean that's kind of easy yeah. Here are you you show up but I do believe that that Colin loses it everyone's path so I'm. I understand that part of their day it also makes you think what happens in these kids get hurt. Barry earlier where what do you fall back on about playing well apparently they're smaller right around yeah. Okay Hollywood is that is that everybody here's the problem to problem is this is this a new decision was better than Jordan and then the bronze and he only played college ball okay. All what is right. Little an amount that's ordered as they may say dedication six or drop on Christmas Day out like the other dedication pilot projects. This one is produced by DJ drama was quick with the likes of Yang zeevi Chris Brown's key ally in me mills the leading fans. If you never aggregate amount only get you can count on an accent coming your way mixed day. That's college you've. Right People Magazine released a list of their 25 most influential people of the years some of the likes of that list work hard to beat. Obviously she's the break out loud and I yeah Rihanna luster since he beauty line earlier this year about the big hit because of all the shades that comes in that collection. Everything cut it covers all complexion so it's really go for her on the I cannot Arianna Gagne who led the one love benefit after another terrorist attack killed twenty fans. Her concert night. Big up today and I think that this is actually some of the people I know they are that the. Everything about it I guess icing crews now. Sony says it sounds like you. Don't assume five to check this out the city of San Diego awards. The former mayor's wife 85000 dollars in his soon to over a sidewalk follow. That ruptured her breast implants. I remember hearing about that story when I was. Back home. And it was pretty big deal obviously it's the mayor's wife but a lot of people are complaining like really because you question do you really deserve to get that kind of money. I did today accurate sometimes on side wants out here in Iowa back home and let me find out that something happens to me I'm probably gonna do a lot since you can't really blame her for that. You assume. A for sure and ask for your tax dollars spent. I MM AJ 9000 dollars. The word was thing is is was. So is back in 2015 downed reading right arm was. Where they still an office the husband and wife loves former mayor I want a during the time that I'm enjoying. I don't know I don't know I don't know on the same I don't. They does that look all kinds of like you know is that reading is an insane that day there was no policy you all didn't. You know structures and they have all the insides. There actually know the ins and outs and probably knew that they probably didn't lose money right right. True bad day it. Eat whether he was former current mayor at the time you'd think that you know obviously that's a big deal gonna causing controversy coming out ensuing weeks. You know what you're representing four or for that kind of money so I mean I don't think she would sue LSU is really. You know messed up from it well when is thing again that's fine them I mean. Did the argument is that the policies flawed because San Diego has no inspection system lore repair protocol. There's cracks in sidewalks on the Thomas the other uneven in let's say he said before people trip. But is it worth the lawsuit and I don't know like I don't have anything think on my body so lot of fight jam my pinky I think on the student sitting. Yeah that's right if you take a fall on the sidewalk and you know something happens CRA gore your nearest your ankle right you're losing your network medical bills and all these extra things would you assume. Probably that you wouldn't even just take LI. I mean I never I mean people John all the time in nature of ownership relays in news and some of them have been then. Some really big moves were cheap and easy to crack in the shadow a script written. Needed. So you could say maybe you could threaten regardless here's the argument that I think people better math. Yeah it's taxpayer dollars. I direct chick. Let's check but honestly would you even think you know what after I fall I can sue for it I wouldn't I don't even know that that's what I'm saying. I actually they're Smart a that I wouldn't even know hey if I fall on a really big you know followed a pothole. There's tons of them I think that's why would even though that's when I say go back they knew that in and out of the city because legal way but now all other birth that I had a friend in San Diego right the pot holes this NEA all are ridiculous right. She left that her whole fun and scorecard says the city comes out of the fact check you can do the same thing here. But the Powell think it's it's it's I think deep process that was not easy it's not easy there's my outlook with a car for two years but you might get might not. You know come up ride my grandma did you car right Saturday and when he gets here later you can take our TV for now and semis. And like John said. If you are in the position where you know on the ends and outs to access. Amy can you just knew we need this money you know who they can be like this I listen you on the semi cheat you leaking that there are no. We're suing they're I don't know that you have to say can we read about Google at the park all the time you know OK does does the money warranted or not. 85000 dollars can she know just every. That's my job. Oh yeah you know you already know what kind of animal situation happen after I found her. Why don't know how long C madam in my hospital after where and so I will do what I ask breast implants are dangerous what's the first thing you can follow was received we thought. Cry we can't help how. Put your hands out right to get yourself yeah. Documents notes and I'm not just like bell involved. Yeah land on your face and then you have got. I landed on my face I've landed on the I've let black I thought I thought consistently every Wentz are killed and never I don't go out and follow ice and when you strip featured forward. The first thing that comes out of your hands and you land on your Chichi I don't get it maybe she doesn't have many of the. I am. Know if that's possible maybe those gee maybe the silicone was real thing and who knows I don't know I. Whatever it might thousand dollars she she got the money and we're paying for started to get gas in San Diego rallied for a makeover. I love that isn't there Robby mad right. There's little 75 Tony season Jones tonight's the big night shallow hole and we made it. Jones made especially makes rather it's a pre mixed for the parties say yeah that's okay we're gonna custody case. Philly is going down tonight isms infomercial Christmas party. Official Brandon Marshall going to be in the bill then. Also grabbed DJ stacks DJ five may bump if you haven't got the biggest right now what chance then if I'm gonna and after our show so right after our show. Feeding it to test and a five. Tickets. The united jailed 10 AM Barack filter I am KS 1005 dot com if you haven't grabbed it and yet I will probably hop on it. And this independent party with this before you know we get down. More and have a good time. Where do we we we my with the crowd we don't just stand up on stage and waving everybody we actually party Wiki. That's gonna be good time and also I suggest dislikes for example like a lot of people like to go have dinner. Before they go to whatever event they're gonna go to. They have a great do dinner loud so the food there is often that so if you want food out probably eaten there. You might as well mellowed as we don't try to grab a dinner reservation I want to live restaurants stay open and actually if they don't even give some things up and made them pay them pretty late. And I it's good through I mean. It's it's it's pretty fancy I've never in there are you guys recommend. Everything I'm having dinner I'm doing it I think it's five bath yeah okay audio I'll I'll give us all like a little sampler. A weekend thanks so now all we know how would be gone by the time I get more like a little yes I'm a small court to let her through regular that we consumers the food what she. They're very classy new music and I'm and I'm not being in there in the and up are using right now the food yes yes I think anywhere between the whole thing was lying. Hey hey let me by the time I got back you guys say hey we want and we need as anyone we know VIR the only thing he wanted moyers I. I have to barbecue by the spicy. Why shouldn't they if they are holding the women they're big on the arrow I don't like barbecues in quiet eleven and one swing I made them and then I'm sorry I don't need. Anyway try. I try the hot you're hungry doesn't eat then I got there the matter I want. Yeah they want to play once a chicken I was wondering why I in my eyes on the wings I'm sorry. After being here gave. Up one wing mirrors did the wave like three minutes is Miller got traded but don't waste you please don't know. I hate them all you do take my son in Italy than. I don't believe that's all I won't we want our. Share whatever food that we have come Lee's famous family gray maybe some don't listen or did you were gonna order a separate pop played that was she says she isn't so lucky making promises about thinking. That's why I separate suffer their nobody nobody energy food. Guarantee that they it is always a guessing game you think is right now we'll have a great time the news don't be bumping and and it's a great atmosphere and that. If Andre got that does that take a list are over and every time there I'll give you ran Hamachi and south. Did you do much suck every given back Tony got from. I used to it right I can't and over the next ten minutes how about this parents if you're trying to get rid your kids. We have gift ideas that can drop hints at. Tony says its own lunch is on some five so while parents if you can get your kids out here don't kids whether they be in their thirties living at home in your basement get up. Or they're not going to school when they're sixteen years old their old enough to believe jobs. You can get him his stats actually give them hints at the great art yeah. Rapid up there and they see what it is you know at the hands are yeah I this is he sending any message here adult children. And I have no time to move out what I know what with an adult now. I age remains eighteen number jacket on my mom and again. Oh yeah no group who we know he's their laundry done the mills can not love that life. I'm sure you do now. 2121. When he won as an adult you don't think you're eighteen you're looking down their own business outlook says costs around here you back come on. I I I moved back came with my parents or else 24. A cameo this you can you can go back home and held up fine my could move back in at 33. Okay we'll see forties and don't let. And I really don't. President number one given the blender because no one needs a blender if they live across the the house actually has won the literal make your son or daughter say. But don't you already have a splintered. There didn't you write rails and Australia and this is your own Leonard you know blender. Why Yokich and yes my glasses. Get some ice wine glasses see an easier for you when your friends come over to your house and you laying out how I. Love it I don't like a nice way to put it I know the right Obama why do it again this. I give him a twelve pack all right well back a wine glasses. And so that they have many friends who. Here we go. Symbol to the point the movie get out on Blu-ray. That. My family didn't restore. Usually Christmas present we should mind that would give my mom would aim for which my god as your moment that every toy is half you get out no my dad led Priscilla above my mom would never met her there because my sister when. To tell you leave I have. Well or even like it was like twenty suit Larry likes so you plan on going anywhere or not. I do I like eighteen says. Throw salt on all he has an extreme pressure on you know why they did that I can say is now home you know the system down then yeah this this is let alone right yeah. Ten years apart through a did you guys. Jet taking it I didn't demise is when you leave and when you went the wrong impression that's I think they're gonna get out movie I love it perfect as blunt. Empty boxes. For them to use. When. No one's true right isn't much mumbo that's for you move into your gonna meet those come back here so I'm. I don't know after Christmas every holiday so right all right do you write these down seriously. But you should just give her home cleaning its elegant made several of the rosary and. It's coach Jim Rhodes arena I couldn oh god I don't have a yes you do you I have recently it quits or is tired I. I know he had inside a surprise award I I don't picking up all these shields. Yeah I know that they do and they. It's had a mental. They really didn't add up when they're saying there Alexis starred in May they can use this to have someone clean their new near term room but. You can tell me how this is for your house. I love my. Mr. clean their room right boom this is now until your forty but the distance in the basement. A rapist who last unwrap their gifts in classified ads for house rentals. Are far apart lately. So flier to those ten million and you major keys I know that that is gravy redirecting unspectacular. Directing me. This can down the street yeah I definitely could cost you like 39 dollar a month Merry Christmas or you know what last monopolies you get up with a deposit. Here's three and out sort of what I'll never given caddy no phone here right now you get. I definitely like what the mother the air yeah. They if they're in its gonna go on them they're legal issues close to this it actually put the money on the application beans yeah AMR. Give them the paperwork that I and they are when they're evicting an Iowa anyways every day you sign did I hit some freedom to me and what they simply. Forty other studies at Johns on JS awesome fight it's obvious we live in the world of say complements but summer is downright insulting. Know people think of it like as you know I mean as influences how I came help for them right beyond you realize it's kind of like an insult don't have any Yankee. We've been out all week. Far you know the play drives we've been out mystery to why. And that a lot of people while I was leading a listener came through the common use these. Again. I know where do you guys. No and again I don't even know I don't know rhetoric is like like all my guys like you look way better in person may be doing your pictures. That I could. You got me exactly what the. And I was like you sound either way higher than you sound or something else I mean now that we got that bad had that happen like. Numerous I remember when I was with while mines and we went to the Mexican restaurant yeah. And I'll go like you would ban or in person. For saying there aren't. Pictures and you take pride in the majors do. How. I do not think I know. If your camera and mr. Cameron don't. And that's what I imagine Soledad I'm standing awards show I'm mistaken I yeah. How does this one looks so pretty when you smile what does that mean they're saying. You did so pretty smile you have aren't out yet you definitely have an idea we have our the F. Even the ones like like all you look really better without makeup looks Oprah. Now we I did know how long it took to get these eyebrows I and I like what I mean what I would then he. The good natural. We all know all the way they went about this when you look good today. I mean I'm all the time I don't take yet I don't mean I'm like done this and you. Well I yeah I you do that all the time I hear gas and I don't know that Rudy may you are dissing me. Like a hot mess every other day I mean those. Had an analog and Maya with the Leno last. Hey you wanna with Obama yeah. Accelerate well. And Alec he's got one younger than she had been nice had buck had been gone now I gotta be improved this deal. So far bond there was grave so this is not only old man I like our own small side story okay these other do. Mercedes and they're trying to get with our bounds so shows these that he tries to pretend like he's. Why that. So why fast so let's end zone that that we wobbly gets on the EM attitude the whole way I. I plane in they don't wanna talk we'll have an attitude as Susan those try to pop and me he immediately turns off. I put the arm around here. I can't keep my mouth so. Who need it would be my friend a minute ago but now you wanna sell out in front of people pay grade you know get an extra hey I resent your lineup behave behave when he tells the night they think they will be due later tonight big. It extremely well. You as you may I and that I never been more mattered to them and that moment because he wouldn't stop and ask you politely to sign that this other guys act. And he's he she's soldier girl did you know bro yeah girl we run. Yeah basically yeah. I won't judge David has managed to my girl to play a waste no dating game for a lot of other you know she's taken out of the and on what I've read I got to the point yeah. The question right what are some statements that can sound like a compliment but are really an insult we kind of media an example these older story we set a couple of them okay is one more. If I was drunk girl I'd be all over you. Yeah that's that's. I definitely need a little awkward and. So what are some statements that can be selling like you complement letter. Brilliant insults our FaceBook is lighting up over here Brokaw they've given us plenty of insults that. I'd crack in Amanda protect us says that at least your thirties. I'll. Hello this is your bigger your accused of any order to somehow stronger tomorrow doesn't leadership birdied the next enough right but they are your lawyers got paid yeah. Our mom knows there's you carry your weight well. That they say high growth coming out I do not I know I want to I mean I'm so happy that one time I did tell you I didn't. How on the fat guy and the crew there may say eat whatever you want and the crew yeah you're bit you're on the yeah you know and there's any says all my guy you shall skinny yeah the thing which wow. All also give this one a lot. You good for your age. That's what I'm saying quote well hey I'm the shoe fits away zoo faith and the meter says. Thanks for coming to work day oh you always do that. Every play TP yeah moon and that's why jones' debut minds. Images there for now one of them file hi what's your name oh yes they easily end. Now why they are not let them build their act that complemented. And that actually no I'm eat no one might say it. That I probably think or write them yourself clean and I'm back Phillips you are being put a look better aren't they are both better I'm me. Yeah who yeah who never had to cut then some of friends do that to me before or. So thank you for the governor and thank you thank you Matt and I guess it was about what's your name but I doubt I would USA Europe. The more then didn't think what do you think about and I spent. About maybe a couple mud then today. And I can wait no I couldn't I hate and. Hello Bob Osborne and exactly. Yeah yeah I did you can't not let you know eight. Yeah and let me do that yet well and yeah. And yet you wouldn't trying to tell me I was overweight as a friend. No woman ever. Paid them. A girl I'd say yeah I guess it was about what's your name what do you think your lawyers and state misses some mighty compliment voter really insulting. Women in LA. It'll widening net overt when you need is we are superheroes because you're not all the way Q you just can't accuse. Why daddy immature I'm. All the ways you expect this certain looks like you know when you maybe it's your profiler we know when did you look and certain direction you look cute but once you Matt Light and. Yeah. And stay out of my dad overdid it unless our town that let you know yeah basically come girl I guess who isn't Bob would you name. My name is not hand I would like to wish my about a Big Sur happy birthday today they're very clearly and then another route. Actually belittle me. More than healthy happy birthday so please don't have declared their impact. AA will be very big Fisher who really. Frenzy is Allison five decent. Thank you I would ever get there and I just doesn't what's your name what more in this in the ghetto Emil would you say the word macro worded oh you finally decided to do addition you are. It out. Yeah I ELO. I'm so happy you know. And it may not understand the meat should be doing all the time from each all the are helping out at all. It that way I doubt that about people didn't quit them to remain thing again I love my thanks to become room but he edited the day. When they're glad. About this before you. Knew such great personality. Would you not take up until they present a compliment. What he depends on how you say it. Why I got mine that I always do. In doing a good job in doing. Yeah he's got ways yeah you're being blown. For sure you're doing your job me you know about this is it anyone ever told this saves you look so good what is different about you. Yeah for sure but I changed my heroes I'm so yes. Experience. All right Tim do you therefore he's not when I was at a five. Hey is it a compliment or not all right statements. That sound like a compliment but may do in practice that is now coming. I'm gonna kiss on some fob what are some Seaman says sound like a compliment but there. Elite in some 170 for now one of some five hi what's your name I what is cynical and. I'm not backing it and putt on in a lot of time when people are like talk about and there are only. Hard topic but. They are not let your blood share prior. I had my enemy and we say eared and I get around you because they hand out the time my canyons outspent but. If somebody really be angry if they are too quick all okay yeah. Thanks for the call in Canada. I guess who's about what's your name I what is actually. So I got hit a couple of minutes. It would you know a lot it but it the block is the I had are pretty hot flat Kubel. Whole fiasco not a racist yeah I'm straight ugly and bad. How did he hit what looked like it and whether or not a fact. Is that what does that why did you say you're hot you're hot races none. Well I. Thought they usually Cabrera they. I guess it was about what's your name there's terror they John will stay in the salad to complement that are really an insult the one they say oh wow you really good but it was one. You smell really good creator you really good day right what a battery unit there and play him that's a new Cologne or something I like got a quarter related products they keep your boat itself. Dude that DL yesterday is definitely not we love the Cologne today worry none about. Thanks to god roam yeah yeah I guess it was about what's your name on while we SA since out. I'm when my husband thought that we need to get back how clean because it getting out of control. Mike what do you mean we need to. You yeah that's not compliment that he'd said. And then you like why are you thought and it that I said that I'm like do. And that's what this kit fingernail like how many there and I hit that he and netted it made it never out. Ice and go girl thank you Al moral. Story is to pay attention to these compliments because sometimes they're backhanded. Sometimes are downright insulting towards Obama well there are times you just gotta be quick within this come back with a club back. A clap back. Actually and I just wanna see you guys look amazing today thank you for the. The lives in the same room no. So these birds. This 1005 morning show party figures on the line we're giving away 500 bucks tonight at 1245. And everybody who I think it's particularly call your number you win it's that easy OK okay. Also didn't qualify to a 2500 dollars from the Colorado we're lotteries say he's got to mess in the studio RA Joseph you're did you. This thing I am just go party here we go question number one source folks actually it's not true Fossett's. Multiple choice I'm not according to Forbes. The world's highest paid musician is they did he leave beyoncé is seen Drake or. Be happy on the right question number two true or false the average woman uses your height in lipstick every five years. Possible. Question number three sure falls during your lifetime you produce enough human saliva to fill two swimming pools I. I your portion of the questions are dining sigh okay. I need you absorb confidence booster got those questions. I thought I was reckon they're all right we go. Question number one according to Forbes the world's highest paid musician is aid Diddy. We've beyoncé is seed Drake or need the weekend be beyoncé. The 8830 million FiOS and color. Anymore I'm still making money on the seraw McLaren. Drake was third with 94 million in the week it was fourth and 92 to question number two shortfalls. The average woman uses her high school lives take every five years false. No that's true as well. That's going to allow let's see how. Question number three surplus during your lifetime you produce enough human saliva. It feels to swimming pools truth that is correct so yes that's a lot. Eileen what are you guys got one question right today yeah NSA he's just. Menu items already. Do it. I need viewers that it's doing for a good time tonight is our mornings a Christmas party and you just desperate to defend big here a day you're out of. Point 500 dollar from Colorado lottery and tonight we might get 500000 give you did you. You need boomer title tourist season now a radio station manager of ten don't ask don't he's into Joe's largest 1005 last day for the mile high toy drive going down. Today at the roar town center. We're right in the middle I next to finish line and notorious so. If you wanna come out that's exact tour and it's cool thing that were inside the mall so you could get some gift there too so if you don't have any. Like wanna go to a store anything to Scotia tomorrow and get like the last two Raj so if you haven't came out yeah this is the day to get it done. I'm right in the middle mom we're taking kids stories anywhere from babies all the way at the scene so sowing some support and love will be greatly appreciate it does a couple of toy stores there there's a target there's a Wal-Mart near the area all your news come through there from eleven that you. He can't make it like we understand your work that would try to make your lunch hour or when you get off work you shopping. Any way you knew right and we we got to give them a real big up to. People that have like a local stores inside the mall you know there's some big companies there too but. It seemed like a lot of the low cool like people that have like actual shots in the mall there are donating the most and that that data out tomorrow I Jewelers. A notorious. To do downed the the boxing jammed up. Tiger cat tiger cat boxing athletics yeah they came through real big in USANA saw them David did Jewelers actually doing this okay. For anybody who donates a Barbie any Barbie okay. Bring a Marty to our toy drive up until 2 PM today. We're gonna qualify you went to fourteen karat gold nameplate for the holidays why are they know any design any logo. All you do is bring a Barbie you're qualified to win this may play from David Angeles they'll let that the Billick and his staff and lacked quality works out yeah I see a lot of bronco there Iraqis. Another rappers are again they agree does that mean he does explain where you did the radio bonds piece that I Wear sometimes Amanda where tonight theocracy. Yes I totally worth is certain neighborhood. I wounded thirty don't. They know the big sets and notorious because they donated these bags. They if you make a donation though dvds don't puke bags. As a matter of cleaning kits and M and are you going to be coming down for the air Jordan eleven's anyway and try to get those so when I don't you have real easy you know you will come I know how Marty got my number in mind. Again mightily here everyday Ethier Rory town center Tony seasons Jones it's a big deal okay. Babies all the way up to teens. Other big giveaway is going down tomorrow with the united way. Of the amber we'll give you details on that before we bounce up for a instability and even these senator these if I mean the building through. I'm he's going to be easier Christmas party tonight will be a day and that's. Present but I. What is the anybody's way in Havana. I won't make them miss Aurilia before you went to my question are you really 58 these are finally. These 47. Okay Bob. And in the UK has won a seven I'm warning zone read play. To lie weekdays and six to may or on demand anytime you can KS 1075. Dot com.