Morning show replay 12-13-17

Wednesday, December 13th


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Want to wait until we did the UKS 107. This replay. 88. Inch. Sony season Jones just awesome good morn mean I really can't say oh yeah all the did closer. Chris Smith and vacation when and why it's seem like you. Probably did call this true as the week goes on a little bit later so but no snow. We want to grow handlers think they're saying possible snow this weekend possible. Case over right now we're days 64 without any snow the record is 69 days and so we'll see if possible snow this week that. Whether you whether they need to IA guy girl said. Popular daily on the presented Italian and Melanie it's a draft mode at least if I had something better than nothing. Bret I don't know where we we're not gonna have a white Christmas I want what I love snow I think it was 2000 smoke. Okay back. To get out there I refreshed now I don't remember it's been a fan I'm tired but you. I got an eight but I think that a bad thing lemon sound to outsmart you saw. And now I didn't actually. I would have packed today I would in this draft everything MS UK's in his went to sleep very yeah and she does your leg right now as senate then the way I did but I think through it like that at all. Good guy that put everything back India the dresses right here now I'm leaving again on top. They're people I know there are now very good stadium on good look at how melman the I send my thinking cap my clothes and home don't bring anything back and then yeah I'm the lottery yeah I guess it. Right does the flat roof mom we need you might look back at the he's a Smart move. We got the good for you. I guess classic. Christmas going down this Friday basically as one of them fired back some of the free ones are going down we played most likely to at 620 here also many qualified. For 2500 dollars cash from the Colorado Lotto. Movies that please check Verizon gets poor. Everybody wants money in their part of what I holidays deftly makes an extra Christmas Casper and if you are you spend your money. Don't leave out those credit card bills you know replenish your bank account because you don't listen stressful time of year yeah. December 18 is actually the most stressful time here by the way just FYI I think eighteen because I didn't start freaking out but there are no less than a week away fans. You know what really would be introduced last may has really becomes last minute stuff Bryant yeah so. Find out some crazy man found these days and. It's seeing. It's on the line along. Qualifying for 25 dollars cash from Colorado lottery and I would you name. Paul whose looks like please do not have a piercing sounds easier Jones golden value around relevant. My days and I don't know if Jones got nipple piercings bra now. They dumb man in the day they let you. I guess with them publish a name that's great arm whose most likely to not have the piercing I am going to days county. Where things. I guess I'll see you I never came in got Leo usually together how much you. The forward hull I know I. Hey man a member of the men. She's got lazy you got your tickets to go beyond. I've heard wrestle mania. Saturday February 24 are of the thinking about mud and yeah I think I called my friends 2500. Dollars in the Colorado lottery even better. Is what station just for the holidays can't and I don't I welcome the blessed do you spell that you hear nothing he does even the babies and the Hollywood couple is expecting I'll tell you who is Matt. Your girls say he's fun OK yeah. Good reporter for the rock and his girlfriend because it looks like they're gonna have. Have another baby girl in the Stanley announced the good news bad posting about a one is to Graham and they've got a jazzman. Posing Manning even sign that says it's a girl now wondering if they're gonna actually invite carries over now are played. A father that's. At some of them want the people as the godfather and I learned that I. Malware called the beat I don't know what it's and then they haven't really spoke to each other's about six communicated. India. It's that's why there's so much like hatred is that a lot of beef and beef and brown Williams and that it's only headquarters in London the place and music from their new album no one ever really dies. We said I don't know of UC NN news or who's running my country but it's a real bleeping bleep so. I never seen such a desperation in my life apparently the upcoming album of the group's most political album I can they not know how long. Is Vincent played actually put out something I know over a decade yeah. About a decade and that really I'm not a huge any our defense I am I go back to you know lap down to try and let my. Do one joined and I remember Oklahoma it was beach now. Eastern on your eligibility to show my. It was quite yet you don't has yet to be good crazy alternative head if you really can't argue that Family Guy again. Denied sexually assaulting a woman back in March yesterday he released a statement about the Cincinnati. I thought I had already had just how bizarre and twisted this accusation was when I was asked about it in March. Her story of what transpired is not accurate and that I. Accusation is unfair and I'm once said. In March a woman said they see as Miguel for a photo with she agreed ceiling after the photo of the woman claims you've reached down a certain pulled out her breast. Without her consent now the woman says she filed a police report but they won't investigate unless more women. Come forward I. LC Miguel doing that Medved do these things real timid in real laid back I don't know how he was gay. In my game I'll. The room I was you know I I didn't preserve but at the same time we never hidden can't put a fast way and with these R&B artist you never know them like little spikes in my head I mean look let's get straight songs you've seen him let go 360 equal I guess he's I'll let the cool grill like you know cool do yeah. It's a different people the way those tight leather pants he's saying but this video. I don't think it's good that the Iraqi that I can strike sinker is now Tony season Jones until. On some five had nothing for 25 years but last night's honesty even his anniversary. Democrat Doug Jones scored a shocking and sit in the Alabama senate race choose day. Narrowing only capturing AC for the Democrats. In one of the red states in the nation like 22 to 49%. Pretty crazy. MM let's do that for black women may show an episode out and Alabama frissora I think it was 97%. Black woman that help carry over the votes in 93%. Black man big win. And a black voter was a very critical to the ad campaign. And of course so NBA star Charles Barkley is just terrible this is terrible we need to come out and we need to focus this terrible. And you know favorite word terrible. I doubt Moore will concede so I think that the president they know conceding so we love. Moreover he hasn't conceded yet. Yeah is actually Donald Trump call in the primaries before this whom he should do more dude wasn't gonna win he actually endorse somebody else from the beginning. And he was right from the get go but he did say congratulations and Doug Jones right on our five victories throughout most played very big factor but when his wing and the people of Alabama are great and the Republicans rob another shot of deceit. In in very short period time it never ends. They're loading never ends court while I'm in the process now yeah. Bradley doesn't end the recount yet what does that it at this going to be up over point 5%. In order for you to give a recount it's not close enough. I believe it was two percentage points. And he's tried to you know home. Get a recap and out of the sun can happen so. I hate Colleen conceded and say you know. Congratulations you're the winner breaks I'd rather things I don't know I'll let changes. As far as the senate I know that the Democrats have one more seat which makes things a little more complicated for Republicans as far as. Would it mean easy you pushed him past. Bird Donald Trump the Republicans because they had the majority I want what I don't even know the numbers because when it comes to politics. I try to just stay out I. We want my honest opinion on BBC the way I don't stressed he's either side. Rats who reprimands and Democrats out here was present has affected my life I stuff the grind I still gotta hustle. I also shoes I also take its you know I got embryos that I gotta hustle so it doesn't matter angry but that didn't go. This seat you know minorities coming happens showing up for something like this to kind of you know just voiced their damn them use their vote for what they feel is better and what they feel is right and again the numbers compared to these Jones vs more. And 93% black man 6% for more in 98%. Black female the Jones 2% for more so I mean that's huge. Alabama dig a lot of people come there in general I have learned from dead last presidential. Election of course you know. That and maybe that was a pretty big factor when a coach is not to say they. Not put our need to brag that you was accused of being there as sexually abusing teens also add child molest a gas so. And wanna Giuliani wants you dead underneath the folks situation right there. For women to step up and that powerful situation I kind of voice their opinions on it I had I thought I was really don't. There were several allegations that we can't go and say that he did because these are allegations if you accuse somebody new in trouble. That he molested. Or pursued relationships with teenage girls in the seventies. When he was in his thirties as an assistant district attorney that's that's a big gift who's a huge deal so. Are you deafening yet that you know if that is true you definitely don't want that guy leading you and office but I will say this. For for those people vote I don't care who you vote for a Republican or Democrat. You should follow through or even if it's not just about voting what are we lose this much above morning follow through and hold. Your candidate. To what he's promising you. I don't care of Denver I don't care if it's in New York anchor Michelle Obama picked up both because floating employees wanting money sends the message right am I right or not. This is a message that you got to follow through now what do you do for me yeah I don't my favored you in office but what do you do. What are we gonna do to Iraq on that note congratulations to Doug Jones. You know we party. It was an anniversary I would hope so. And why feed any. Borrowed so we welcome that Obama. I'd go up and sent I think congratulations and obviously a big deal and Alabama and obviously plays an important role in the United States and in our future coming Nixon talked about. I thought I had the raunchy. Registered as breastfeeding on the plane that's what it was my got kicked off of Spirit Airlines when not she was trying to feed her checking your kid. Well talk about what happened and how long she was doing it and what the end result was. Don't think this shows I guess on some facets of the senate mother got kicked out from the. The Spirit Airlines flight when her elderly parents which they're only parents. Energy year old son for not immediately stop being up breastfeeding when the cabin crew less certain members asked her. To put him into the seats they can take off now there's more the store because the 34 year old woman was flying with the family from Houston Texas to New York City. When they Abu not to place said that they'd been sitting in a tarmac on the tarmac for. Almost three hours because of anti icing delays and you know backing me. When the planes in the SE anywhere from five minutes to a couple about three hours is great that I threw an hour on the runway for. They're ready to take off mother claims door was still open. She says that she then asked for a few more minutes but then complied. And forced to Lucas little boy into his own seat when he began to cry for 25 minutes before a flight attendant. Asked them to get off oh. I that's enough that's enough off. That's horrible that. That's all well you you made him sit there for three hours and you know in the course to babysit and they're probably going to be a hungry in a three hour time period because junior you're in SpinRite that. Yeah we all the time. Yeah and it led to something even bigger than that when they refused spare me the entire plane disembark and then re bored. There are videos that were later recorded at the gate that showed the staff laughing and refusing to tell the woman. Exactly what she and Enron they also called police escorts found away from the gate. Fellow passengers said they were disgusted by how the famine was treated so there was a definite witnesses that. They're extreme views on the flight to some people actually excited. That you know they eat that spirit took the initiative of what they're saying to athletes who remove herself and her child because the baby kept crying. You think about it wing on a flight a lot of people. You know a lot of people that's their worst thing in the off like please don't put me next to the person as a kid who's crying right the whole time. But my you know my personal. View on that is if you don't wanna listen to that thing you can go paying big barriers like Mikey I'm the only here again there will 65 dollar deal with southwest. Badly and yet people are all more airlines have been doing that more or less be kicking mothers off the flight for kids won't allow me crying. And you know going off on and I'm just like do what did you expect you pay two dollars a spear it. I'm trying to Spirit Airlines. What more would you expect did have first class unless you know yeah get your destination and peace of people I think I never flown before us I know I don't do it did. Don't ever do it then you know I met my match you wanted to eat the baby never even got the effort to get to Bloomberg upon how my guys. They abandoned that thunderbird yeah. Be it so seriously put an undefeated once she might bring headphones and that too like when you think about oh well you know. She should have let the people are saying how she should have tracked bin more preparation for you know how do you prep when you have a two hour delay for DIC you can't play for that loudly your child how do you have when the baby's hungry to. Do you have scheduled times so when you feed your child honestly they're going to be on the sometimes they're hungry maybe an hour earlier than I normally are ranked first and us and especially when you have that kind of delayed you candy mab a dead six from the video out there are lots of video C with highly upset. You. Think. They're getting money compensation anybody. That they got the red -- refund them as your money back free tickets there's also another mother she's she's a mother young medical student graduate. And cancer researchers who said he ordeal was worse than hurricane Harvey. I was like OK I know you're going to be exchange big I mean I guess when you get say if he's out there for two hours and you don't get off the plane. Re board the plane spent another thirty minutes watching the scenario go down with the mom I'm sure I know the paging you try to be booed pretty upset about that balloon. I don't know I think if you want. High class there Illini are classified like you said it first. So I know my own and they go pay the money because you're always going to be a there's always going to be Kim who claimed he was leading economy Wear headphones and the seriously if your kids keeps their anatomy and turns around Foreman C embryo turnaround kid turnaround. Also making faces at Kia whore com bust out some food until the pain it's over so we'll start chasing the peanuts on his. What do I. Love says yes and on the fly out you know what that's why I was trying to fly in the front or alcohol but first class at a time that yeah. They don't bother me. I kicked off so I don't know if it allows me at all I know when I sign up for when I take certain flights and when it's used to say everybody. And there are codes obviously dude any flat like a Schimago wake up or the next destination it's all good did like all sorry about my baby crying all time. Getting everything right there when we live with Jones he's the baby drooling we had clean him mob didn't we got him on the cheat sheet so to speak back. Let kids when I was seven lives so when in a relationship but do you mind if your significant other checks other people out your problem that. They'll then be honest I went enough now that I'm Nicole nickel a good Brendan checked in other youth yet because I know I'm the real deal. You can come and there were. This you can write every fifth. I would say you know what it means about your relationship when your significant other things. Other women are attracted this is obviously pointing toward women. If you notice your boyfriend blasting another woman you can either rush to judgment based on your emotions or you can realize that he's not trying to intentionally upsets you. And understand that it's totally okay for another woman to be attractive. So he's OK okay. Another blow. I know a lot of whenever you that way whatever you say I don't know. Women who feel that way browser is only being attractive. There's a big difference between observing other people and I. Acting out of line obviously real people who listen if you're walking down the mall right which a girl. Now the sudden you break your neck detect somebody's out. Right well that's out of pocket right please I would agree there. So if if this year with this thing you locking them stop you know down the mall your own hands and say he's on the inside here on outside Europe comes do you have. Now the blinders on right. You glance in like take a quick let because. I don't do my experience is when you look do you see what you look at that. That's really straight down the rest. That otherwise could be someone to be jealous of there's I was gonna be a man or woman who's better looking than you and they have all the things that you think that you're lacking. And there's always going to be fear of never being loved by anyone we've all been there boom. You've got to have some confidence in yourself man you've got another you have to camp because right. And again I think yeah I just don't have the sick pat kicks back it's okay right and I. I'm never worried about that just know they're here relationship or marriage or your partner definitely sees other people. That work on the street at restaurants so if they're not doing it's funny you DC other people not like with other people they see them with their eyes. We go quicker I think you have to understand if you're not with your significant other save that dude is seeing other people. With a nice. What can I bet he's checking people out what about that I got and the TV like if someone like non actor are such as that is not a problem. No okay you know you know like your significant other never gonna get that guy or girl right yeah yeah. Yeah man dressed when they all day or whatever a woman Chris what do you call that crap you get it. You have got to do that sometimes you throw them like a picture of us are sons and I see that Ahmed crash or whatever actually big winners though Brian realized she just picks a pretty bad I ever do that Decker yeah. I know better go write these young men dressed. I let the man Chris Monday photos and a cool who is like really hot seat today you your significant other would be like relief. Oh I'm that they used to report I don't know I never post they liked pictures like that like their straps like dudes. And other lady's pick their favorites OK. We do for you they think before you hit the like button to get the video game and I so many people aren't loyal. Lots of people do cheat a case this three out of this is where you got told the line a little bit. If you're going to commit to a relationship or marriage was someone that you have to cut them a little bit of slack this is what he's saying and cars creatures researchers' concerns you can't always get mad. Your significant other chick somebody out can't. Noticing other people that are attracted to not only normal. It's an instinct. Okay so was checking out other women c.s isn't instinct who cracked. Then Brenda and any if you're listening it's instinctual gamers looking to think how when we first made eye contact as I guess so we found you. I mean I can't deal with instinct. I can make that connection say you'd like alma mine is BS all right okay yeah sure she's our eyes at a later added I. They feel like okay drown yourself and listen missing girl building trust is what makes a real relationship so divine so you have to learn to know the difference between. The real issues in your relationship and what are simply your own insecure it's. Hello. Sir I. It's O Larry there golden bear of the day at the end of the day this resurgence PS could you always gonna lose with a woman. Always gonna lose you now all we lose this this was useless today we shouldn't even gotten a tell me things in Jones until it's an awesome fuss over the weekend say he's had an ordeal at the airport. Yes I was flying into San Diego and then I drove up Sally to go to Disneyland but I like a couple hours of the delay. And between time so you know how you people watch in the airport mind you San Diego airport is super super small. So it's super crown and regardless. There was that there is that a family there and a mom with her two sons. And the kids straight that they were act and how they are selling out. Big time and you know back in the day like my mommy can give me the look. And that look would like kind of sets you off like lose I probably got one more time to act up right until floor at the rap for me or zero. I'm down I ever I found out how it got a look and then I just knew that I was gonna add that block watch this mom along with a lays in the airport watching this month. Telling the little boy hey you got one more time the boy you know that's one more time for. And yes lengths in front of everybody from the airport there was no let's take you to the bathroom. Let's do it in a private place let. He got staying inside the airport throw everybody in front of everybody and people's faces watching this was just like I. Oh my gosh. Can't believe you all like I can't believe she's thinking Obama cops. Now my days it was natural you see it all around like you know parents they get their kids things like that happening but it was just crazy to be. The only situation now where people believe that you know there's other ways of discipline. Then actually speaking to a child. Wyatt that mom wasted no time. Let him know at times he was immediately you know straight but. The little boy and I just turn the other way it obviously Manny my business and I've been there and you know and then I came out just fine sometimes thinking throughout life that. I guess I didn't think I was like sixteen years old really sure that would be I remember my left eighteen in high school could hello. I don't now they noises and people are really really essay in Taipei airport because they had to kind of witness a child. Think bogey given that situation with your opinion on it. Again I grew up getting staying till I was sixteen year old so my my standpoint is on me is I don't. I do believe that may be the countdown the look. All those things can happen prior to actually that's happening or taking it sounds like a time a little area we my handset into a bathroom really quick. I don't necessarily say go ahead and think it's out at any moment you do that I believe in like tried to do other things before the actual thinking goes down right child now listening. And they do you react to like pay a little tap for a little pins but I think maybe that's the way to go out and obviously we knew that morning you can stand before he. I need to look I think before learning works for me I think Johnson so that if in the future when you have children. Do you think that you'll be just like the parents that were at their party think that you'll use these different tactics I think outside I'm like yes and I think I'll definitely try. To have a conversation prior and is my child does my listening yes I will resort to spanking that's when I grew up fine. I don't really feel like him public are you would you know. Then I'll know I'll I'll definitely take my child to the bathroom right and they must out in front and battle more Pryor area bullpen but I think I would definitely do I know with yeah I'm beat down. I'm a problem. You'll think as the end. Do you do at camp no doubt they're legal right to not say I you know I'd it takes like three times. Like guys used to running if she gets to 43 times however sorry Tom not strong though like yeah you guys are wrestling practice. And daddy was acting up and let them Alexa there and let's do that no don't make very public thump then all you. You're like let's go to let me let's do this apparently. Love you know that's as her real father and you know I never. Bothered to yeah but you know I think I'm about I'm not a biological fathers are never spank to. There are done anything like that because you know that's for him the way he wanted this and I'll disability and yeah I need to have wanna discipline he has these so she was trying to say don't do that I have under existing. They come down right this is now all. We're doing the right here right now boot and so she is so yes and actually gets really embarrassed over that kind of situation so. How do you learned that certain tone it down. A cat please. What election now and what they would go see that's the way to the kind of precautions so we'll Nestle or around me acted toning down by a mean daddy it's game on. Let the clock beside because you love and. Sorry no matter where you did you do warnings in it's game on there's Jamont there's. Think here's the thing this morning you could find yourself in a situation where you're like Charles and Jones as a split situation. Say he's you can find yourself from the situation where you know it if you he'll decide that because you knock you know until you know. When you one day you can be saying. RY age. Timeouts let me as if you don't know I'm yeah. I know they say you want it well look for you when I have I don't know. They're gonna get a look if you don't understand the look we're gonna teach you OK I mean I. Look I hope I'm around you when I see I'm not okay say yeah in the Sony did not ready. Hey this sounds like it's awesome five in today's society is apparent need choose to use alternative discipline methods for your child in public. Or do you still believe in spanking I can as well let's show five FaceBook page Simone says I still believe in whispering. Learn OK there's another incident is that you got to do it why can't. QB case. And. Yeah I only resign and not being able to include. I don't think the context Assad told my kids ever find out. Oh yeah I laugh it's our time on demand the day and that's my whole attitude here for a nominee Obama would you name are rare what do you think. I thank my kid the right in front of the people. You've probably didn't they act up in the public biggest bank in public. If you break into the restroom and they think oh well I do and none of people in the everything's gonna be a speaker. Yeah. Now will you want to sell items related to its faith in public from Raleigh last I'll find out who my love the normally. They usually can't make you think you my kids lose them by what's your name Mario Mario would just say brown. What's wrong with society data map people are open their kids I think you do you know. I'm like they used to get. Wednesday he doesn't think it's a way to go. Yeah yeah oh definitely. They're not I've bands did it man at that depth may now be out you know. Now I find this they're like they're really who would you would you talk about it Rick George you know. They had they had felt that they'll be like I'll call the principal on all you can service or not. I need a human when your mom gave me the phone signal and yeah my. My it would muted there you know regular opera met around some. It. Assume from your mom if you're lucky you Monroe and yeah. And cinemanow are naming names out there. I think the cup program directly to your I remember getting hit with the chocolate too many times did my momma from the face round I got all red mark on my cheek. Hi what's your name you're missing your own. Candidate must have been OK that if they got things all buttoned down on kids hired these days are well behind they think they're better everyone else. If you compare your mom and public I think she did thank them public has appeared annoying everyone out you do that that matter that. Yeah right at what is the day and obviously we have to take this into consideration we don't wanna go overboard dissolved you can be abused obviously. But there's got to be some type of lesson if you are in line with the spanking discipline route. Different between that. Number on the bus and I'm here I don't know I think I need body slam and then in the middle there were you know re one of much more a motion at all and there and then like the okay. Or you could use the seventy's for practicing positive discipline thanks for the golf OK okay Michael Morgan county ten togetherness breeds. Who's behind Michael I know this is. It is the ultimate discipline the total together. At least favorite trick I don't know makes CBS and I'm not doing the I'm not at all they're good in the very quick feedback that it could find an electric. And in doing. Are counting to ten breathing. I remember the day you're not a good guy. I don't think Jones on JS awesome five in today's society as a parent you choose to use alternative discipline methods for your child. In public or do you still believe in spanking 700491. Awesome file hi what's your name. Our Rick winner which I know how good couple of that well either are or how would I want to go and mobile phone book out what they are. I don't. Physical discipline military like it. You know every bit restore order I yell no while Abbott had projected well. I don't I made our well. The double won't know god it didn't work. The only guy and that's thank him humiliation doesn't work so. Billion dollars. I don't care about we're you know I would've been bad kid in public. Apricot chairwoman Barbara. OK okay thanks god for appreciate it. RBI. Isn't Zimbabwe John and they've learned Robert what do you say about to go. I think they're disciplined here lucky color on the local news and I got stepchildren. And of course you know big step married a third base their kids. So you know there were while all kids are kids in school boy it. So they they respect that a little bit more await the movie that it might respect is well. Are cheap now that you actually think you might equal numb fan well I definitely need better disciplined I mean definitely got a little bit different. Don't go all over the board in MP Nokia. I wrote that in the end there did not know her. I think it's a little love tap again. Okay they hit music business final athletes who come by the way respect me or fear me unless your name yeah we SM Graham. I believe in the making it big padded that's why people I forget think that our kids who I bet you people out. Don't give a crap what they I don't you know don't say hello get it but yeah and Beilein at home it at the that hey. I very quietly this and I'll think spanking is gonna make you say hello in the future do an elder but they simply don't make you look at people a lot of different as far as you know. I'm like I'm gonna talk to people differently because of where my parents raising. Yeah exactly I mean I can't say now I definitely get above Y me you know they get before I do. You know take it there but they know you know they know better. Now I can ask you what does that say you use how often he's got to retaliate do you know thanking you can't argue may. Noticed that in MM right now I'm not protesting saying. Well I think it depends if they've got a big kick a base hit some time. They get away with that you know one time all year and they get a few better quit right now out you know it kind of gained. And then other days where you I don't let me think that they've been like OK well you know I think he'd be counted is if you. Upon yourself you're not one moment and not think you'll be paid very well it's it's you know get what you're gonna. And so I am very basically sometimes they get it sometimes they now yeah. Also explained they just jump right into once you got the third warning there's why I didn't teach us is now they're like this. The season and name linked to you'll never let you don't think. Okay yeah I give you three chances we were tried to attempted to bring you know. After just the three year and that book rights group like you know my. And she says CN's Elaine. I employ around you know walking with Mike and it hit one bad thing I'm like. Smacked him across the. Eight exactly I guess after warning number three you're you're not saying okay we have. The talk now we're going in this shouldn't. Have I'd like I don't vote. It just hit them. Yes it quite you know you get three and hit it they'll never be dating I. Because I want and we know why they're getting back right now because otherwise and they just got to get like Falwell right there then I learned not Ron behavior but kind of a then I'm gonna know why they got. In someone very safe and how to make it something I don't know how to get your. Argues when you walk alongside the smack on side and on the first try don't know what's up. Well I'm. The UK only golf they let you guys who did get can. Remember the first time my dad and Meredith Spain you know what there was only one time did it took him so long Thompson and I tell you they hit we are not gonna happen. He felt the need that big plane like I don't wanna do this I really need to break down a BC DE. Have you broke his mother why you're about to hit the bank by a five brickyard yeah. For a little or yeah old oh yeah they don't moan oh what do you get so mad he's my. But Bristol motor boot. I you CDS seven methods of discipline as far as the what we're trying to keep CDs are actually positive discipline. M five dot com I promise you she's one okay Michael we're going to breeze but don't you mean I didn't do it no I'm led to look. Hello there let us right then let's say dammit I'm still. I need. Oh my god did against them. It's on the line featuring bold pledge. Army also didn't qualify you for 25 emotionally Colorado lottery if you BC's OK okay. Answer more questions as she does is international studio how right he did shows he cracked I got it I don't pursue a question number one ensure false. The statue of liberty wears a size 620 shoe. It's never too sure plus the sharks are the only animal known to man that does not give cancer are. Question number three true false here heartbeats more than 500000 times a day service I hold the Liam address these are quick okay important questions are done. Are there. Brazil and yeah and you may have a good time Friday night man oh my god yeah. I'm like yes yeah. OK can miss the mark Perry is an. Larry verio question number one seed shortfalls the statue of liberty wears a size six when he shoe fans are right through the answer is far. Liberty where's 8879. CUC's. Big play against good morale question a producer of false sharks are the only animal known to man that does not get cancer so it's true or false or. Stingray is also don't need to answer a yes question three sure falls your heart beats more than 500000. Times a day trailer. Tossing it. 100000. More. I know I know I'm very mellow I thought. My dad are you ready what is the j.s in night meaning they. Good guys they did you know you are yeah. You're going to be their friends. I drive me. Pick you up for the Wayne girl I know you hated it things. They're also called 525 unknown from Colorado lottery all I got I've been thinking they might even made my whole week mostly UN actually ask. You're ready to make sure we even better bailout and travel radio station near the money and the tickets girl ever ever play the so I think it shows kids one of them five Christmas right around the corner this weekend obviously. A lot of people already starting to miss work they did in party mode. And you can definitely go to kiss classic Christmas right at any rate I promise you people take it off already broke really yes it's not a real like Crist loses let go week we go way to a week away next week okay so there you bargain vacation mode. They got to wait until you close to Crist now I'm telling you this thing people out of town flights are crazy just say he's been fly and I have. We have this and if you make if you try to get on the plane right now. We're talking like for 500 bucks one way I did notice that. Cost a lot of money yet so on that no don't go anywhere stick Colorado State and Denver. Go to kiss was invited back conscious classic Christmas both us army this Friday night critical point five bucks. It's good price comes in bones teammates won't mean to build and busy yes busy actually busy lives in Colorado now don't think he's left the other left yeah they'll do verses for our local. Rapper friends for hi everybody murder ruled out the big feature to know that. Tony and I. I am really really good NN NN. Is Bono first to mumble wrapped. Possibly what you think no no I don't think they're mumbled. Not now. They get sick twist this mumble. They're firm they're fast rappers. Yeah that they've yet to see if you really isn't there if you're save something. Right yet so there's no mom I'm okay and this has wanna put it off their own definitely was me. Part of their big day there are huge and still he just there's their classic now. Name there it down before we besides a limit everybody talking. OK I guess you didn't loan boom boom. I loved. The only way to go and do when there's no way to run them we will let you go and do what is no way to how. I dug my gift that's left is Steve thank you its own and they need. The community yeah. Tied. Kids classic against the west and out of using on the rocks don't forget. Now is this is a good. You're the only and so are you okay love you more money now on the price Eagles post alone Yung dug Lily I feature original lot more. The weather seems to be perfect Christmas Day forecasting sixty degrees the week after that fifty's and sixty's so. As far as weather for New Year's he's up in the New Year's Eve on the rocks. Well there's gonna be here and there are payment plans available if you notice some of the prices down low. Are pretty pricey likened it to a dollar range you can make payment plans they delegate lay away. What they'll hopefully there won't be snow. There's not NBC now. Okay here's a really good chance it's not it's not just gonna have to transform this dress warm regardless and the bears there's a layer was like go to Wal-Mart you can likely fifty bucks forty months. This is really planned IQ I did it is the first time ever concert series. Are now starting now if you live Leon we'll see for New Year's Eve on the rocks can be a great show. And to be on UK hasn't won a seven I'm warning zone read play. Live weekdays six to may or on demand anytime at one KS 1075. Zach Kahn.