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Friday, January 19th


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Affordable won't wait until he. Maybe on the UK has 107 I want this replay. Eight cities and she knows. Dedicated Jones a chance when I was seven sign that LeapFrog. A outing and leave you all there all by yourself do you remember all by yourself. About if you let me all alone grip so you're not happening on Friday it is you're mad at me I'm. Happy that is Friday but Dow nearly user agreement all by yourself a good. I know it's this year and my dad coincide Friday. Mathematics so not goes I don't know what I did was going on how do I really need your help now. And text you called you go to my turn. For a topic. You know we do these problems at 7 o'clock gimmick every day when he turns 86 in turn drives it turned out it was my turn. And I did I didn't believe you when you said that you're gonna go golfing yesterday I drove beautiful man whose deadly golfing weather golf really listen to Jay's. I gonna get your defense cinemas golfing music you. Okay. Soon. There aren't really herself around this Jake about a case of human JK's small dental group asked well I don't know. I need to somehow deal a Ronaldo all the yards and cigar I don't know if he'll smoke cigars them if you get a buzz do. Not a good I don't know what happened to you but I needed your help. On a pull one together. 4:7 o'clock when we talk about it OK but yeah I don't know row I don't know what you think about we might need help today. Hey look look you guys read now impose limits right is. Elmo wanted in the wake me up to say your phone. Bringing my I don't know. Hey Al struggling. Trying to get this together I'm looking at our topic and I don't know if you don't like you we cannot detect Susan see what they wanna talk about today that's a great idea move halo we know. If they can come with something better than I. Or replace the other right. Six minus 69803 what are you wanna talk about this far the topic is concerned that's what's important do you UK we talk about kinda crazy apple and they would not mess he's in that big before always about me asking if it was OK to get money for a wedding Norway adult well I don't. Jones paid for the when he can he's been cheap. Tony Jones unclear chromosome five say he's is out birdied three with a fluently she gets better odds to be back on Monday O'Dowd do and now when I was listed on the Tex signs this fix and I don't think for now where topics yeah. The big snow this weekend dry winter East Coast has more snow you know what Gil herbal politics. Yeah we'll tell you why it's important people are dying no I had people about thirteen people by Harry gimmick and drive. Then I'm not okay now to discuss scenario. Our condolences to those thin in the front of the nerds on the right does not learn how to die smiling face more tonight. I go my Yahoo!. Money on New England favored by seven and now. 0:5 AM. Never did get some great you. Okay and then a game number two to forty the vikings or minus three Eagles. I like the vikings and like I dislike the way that the miracle a Minnesota went down yeah like it's Campbell having been out on a long. Managing teams could meet any team that could beat the patriots. Everybody donations rooting for the jags could ever meet Tom Brady yeah let's Tom Brady in the in the bill from the drubbing can wind he's developed well hopefully that. I stay home Fernando Lamas follow on this which channel. It's. All. They don't. We also got in theaters this weekend opening for wider release twelve strong. I saw these trailer to that it's gonna be amazing house we'll see we'll check it out for free on Tuesday night got to pay this weekend well so what's called strong Christians were then Michael's Janet's star in the story based on the 2009 bestselling book. More soldiers centered on the CIA. Paramilitary operation officers US special forces. Yeah that if I can tell when that SA Afghanistan military degrade that do that any justice would have to watch the trailer. This script don't military movie that just your sorry and I do anything for me OK moving right along that's right concentrate and fifty plus the O'Shea Jackson and zero Gerard Butler up to speed and defense in the movie. Ames's do you. Other fans. Anyway this is the bats and they leave you know of the Los Angeles County Sheriff's Department successful bank robbery and crews out loud plans momma momma and other strange yeah. And then there's another movie gone forever my girl I have not seen the trailer it's about that country music's best class and that's good that's passed. I'm sorry they're Euro 2000. Because it's he we want to go check out the movies obviously inwardly you know is going on also national popcorn 80 yeah we like how. I don't know we are right so you know favorite popcorn are anywhere from carnal corn why gender number one class and butter and salt and surprisingly they have this list. I'm just his claim and pop popcorn didn't make the list I never occurred to you don't really. Chester Chester Tito and oh yeah you're right it's not. Talked about that in though they have popcorn and popcorn and a bag broke popcorn and now they. By the way movie popcorn sucks just FYI your trip into some bad notes when they were still lacks it is still missing in there for days. Then it's not like you're just mad at a cost thirty bucks a the popcorn every my own pretty way out news you do. Nathan Jones on kiss 1075. Hole of a concern there yeah just my my OK okay get that probably the perfect. Oh I guess I try to teach Jones. How do you make off each. And he had just the button and obviously we forgot that the water was shut down so are we can't look up after the next hours FYI the water in the building you said that. Everything broader there is a no god please no god god FYI I could figure out YouTube stars actually kids today. Would they wanna do when they grew up it's not a police officer or firefighter anymore it's YouTube SARS they wanted to be YouTube says it now and I'm going to come days I don't know. Aspirations to be a doctor. And wanna be a bad I don't wanna create a radio he's okay. I don't know that we're last on the list broker. They say they don't make enough they wanna do you mean you tuba you know there's the thing you're up on YouTube is. Now amongst the biggest influences on what kids wanna be a lot of kids why do you two stars because obviously. You know we get all the attention and there's monetary. Yeah yeah yeah. Tell me about then this little kid got he's like 45. Maybe five years and all he does it review. I play with toys to play. Always good toy that does this product priced as 69803. If you remember who's that YouTube video kid that pays what toy thing gets paid for it right. So it's now YouTube among the biggest influences I would what you wanna do they get older and they got out of the researchers talked about a thousand kids under the age twelve and they found that TV movies and online video streaming sites. Like YouTube were top listed influencers. On their career choices. Beating out personal passions parents school and looks so kids don't even look at your parents. Personal passions anymore there on YouTube being influenced them what they wanna be and mostly it's YouTube stardom everyone that's connected to technology. Yeah we're hearing. Experience sports and video games worthy influence is with the least power to impact. I'm kids' sports is. Pulling out the window video games. Going out live experience is going out the window always Ryan's always review rise and that little kids make him like I think he's in the million. Right now amount of time off of you I don't know how much you got Montel W to view I think all the ads so if you give millions. The advertising block do you have any yeah I click I don't make over million dollars. To review Troy three you do I apply your job baggage Thai is cold. I don't even know I've never seen the video I saw him playing regulatory arm and people review games and stuff like that jam yeah. Now these days. I so real quick guys we knew this was dropping out police on the bottom of the list engineer astronaut scientist and then fire fire firefighter at over police okay. Veterinarian teacher okay nominee to the top floor. Don't know his fourth place YouTube star number three doctors still beating the YouTube site and I and in pro athlete is still number one thought we. Even though they're not being influenced by sports. The money's there for if you make it pro athlete saying that they don't make the pro athlete they K commentary on YouTube and how how bloody price per. Please go to YouTube channel to channel Tony he's gonna start playing with toys you guys want what's your favorite topics. Plus side the current. I know it's all right well that's what you know chicken there too you re I think he's the party and his friends. Only on KM when I was 750. But how much do Bruno Mars she joined Mariah Carey beyoncé at the only artist to have three top five. 100 hits on each of their first three albums he grabbed my dad back. After is now a new song you know as often as has been out for a year but they've put Cardin beyond this recently and that's reaching number three I'm not 100. So big guns to my new book the monster he's always bringing his mom broke and a dog don't old school sound and he just makes it sound new again and he teaches. And then you do now know who Kodak Kodak back is here's a little bit of his music. They come on Tony played in the Curtis. Good thing I don't know his head out neck come on let me see you include banana I don't know examine having me and I'm not your favorite songs in jail occupation I. I rested forge. You ain't got no idea. Just call it a bloodless Reza Thursday's health roared on seven felony counts including grand theft and fire on the twenty year old rapper is being held that Murrow award county jail for a grant their firearm possession of a web been. And being by convicted felon marijuana possession and child neglect. And probation I thought Kodak Lange do an interview. A couple weeks ago Muzak Saturday he Maggie Mae. Then I was like why I know you can do show isn't here people said it was not really good at all really. Obviously can't talk to you can't tell you can't wrap and that's when your. Those all realize life. He was released on December 1 love someone as previous surcharge on a 100000 dollar bond faces up to thirty years in prison if he's come how do you know as far as doesn't McCain is not. I'm on hey check this young man. People initiated and then we don't suggest is that all but you know do not need drink and drive but this dude. He made a big mistake he was drive in and he said no man a little bit hungry and so he went to a banking try to do get in order to apple where many women are you a job banks the big right to do as the protocol not a man does not new vehicle. Knocked out of the window and they had to wake him up the man then trying to order are real but the police told them fewer than a chuckle well good. Now several models appeals in the vehicle but hey good news because prescription for him below gave gave. Readiness hey here's Slade really going to DUIDD. And you have a billion dollars I know. Thank you know the words Wagner. And now he's going to the bank today I don't talk about they'd get the money I don't know what I'll try to. I'm just gonna tell this guy under Mourinho trying to find that you could find them sort of as an awesome of five. Dot com Tony say this sounds like it's on some fire assays will hopefully be back on Mondays she's out with the flu and blues been lighting is no joke right now it is no joke and now I need you to take a deep breath just want to let me rephrase okay. Game three is true. Why. Meanwhile it was a sort of calm down. Let's just go with the flow out of my copyright now you know John and I are honored beyond reason when we went live who we want and we we definitely want to talk about the government will give. Yeah later in the show eyes we wanna ask and get some phone calls Bryant put him on hole four we gave you know talked a minute later I added this take a deep breath okay. Let's hope he's okay. We're good I millionaire the his kid watch. Including back until they're back on track where your lies kid. I'm sure there are a couple of strippers first twelfth birthday. While giving the best or worst dad ever. Minus six I don't three. Are you the best or worst dad ever if you buy your twelve year old couple strippers first birthdays that's unreal thou ready watches and Cinemax I don't know. If there's an experiment that the darn things in this room could be here. Didn't say yeah HBO. Yeah it's really the only channel you can be on top of your regular channels right in his thirty bucks a month so you have aged milieu of all yes okay. But then cables started expanding in this city Max came into the fools admits that. And humid. After dark showed me partially nude movie they're rated. Well look good events do we know. I don't know I don't people called skin a Mac yes get a man this thing that's what it was so this guy but his twelve year old. Sun. Global strippers and there's a video of them dancing on him and they've gone viral online all right as. As too soon mandate is bad that the boys topless while the two women in their underwear dance around and they did it topless the boy can't miss the bush papacy just didn't capture on young's flexing. We've blue chickens yes. What are the first place the boy's hands on the others brass pole. Where skin though that's been popular and the line that the boy's father are distribute because he wanted to return. His son into a man who wasn't known where the video was taken over the period nineteen in his twelfth that's kind of molestation. Oh yeah his father of the year round. It did charges could you charge of the find out who he is I think so did the best father ever worst. Our best the other ever probably worst but the kids don't say that plug pulled he was locked into. Yeah. I think you're fourteen Rory we're pretty slow. Lol yeah. Oh wait yeah I don't know about the little hiatus so we want your comments I think that is six nice eight home. Three anyway I think he's the worst father of the year because you went cross the line the good you look you can't feed you could make him a man by doing some yard work. Alpha male like my dad made. My name you pour concrete you know you know the marker and also Cory Condrey got Tom you know it was insured maybe more a marker I don't think it shows like games 107 fly. And so we're talking about stores. And partners and you know obviously. When you're living with a significant other mum on whether it's an apartment or house or whether there's kids or not. Think he get it done around the house and nothing is dirty laundry. You know Powell. What is it Boone make up of the percentage of what you do in your household end. Are you a bad partner if you don't do your percentage or at least. Failing mantra. Failing miserably. And I feel horrible about it and my girl works a lot harder means Hong Kong put it out there. She works who knows she's about five and sometimes you don't get home to show them that night. And you know we do our share them on the plane in Philadelphia burn AM and I'll lose because there but she puts them way more power than me. And she almost does everything I knew about. 25% unfailing. And before like you know. Sometimes I'm on my computer work on my computer and academic demands from the night before and I know you're about to come home Jeff right Alina may diminish the Canadian guys are trying to take. Not just have a right to a little ride up despicable doesn't know where she polygamy on me like I would you do all day right like when you're a kid that. Yeah that's Joan I'll feel well I'm Tony fit shelling and trying to step but. I don't wanna be his back and sometimes if you don't they just. And immediately take doctor Coke and starts. Clean oh start cleaning up and you already know your children and they won't even talk do you feel they are doing so then you are thank thank thank thank the dishes are going to say yeah. 020 great field. Yeah you know your. Like let's say you're horror she did you have dinner ready you're screwed. Because they're hungry now hungry and they don't come clean first and then cook you want me to cook yeah yeah it's bad that you are your nominee I'm the same way I think you'll find make them then throw the trash. Unrelated phone yeah right I'm bad I'm just like you've come back I'm I'm failing and babe I'm gonna work on it yeah. Swear you say that right that's starting Monday Yemen to work on it started Monday after the weekend I am because I hate doing laundry. I'll allow we both paid the bills and buy food in the household items but he does Dell announced forty kids I don't know if you call that 5050 our colleague teamwork and OK see that's good story editor about that. Representatives that would give up more but the mail. Seven to 04 and I wanted to but I would your name. They have no idea what he SA brown our former bill basically does not matter I don't do a damn thing that I basically work and Michael Bolton. Wonder about the vision does she does look good our baby Jane they clean everything themselves. Zero worked herself says she workers are hard at home mom for our kids at home all saw that live when they can't. No we don't need it that's your job. Yes. It's really go broke thank you I give them some would you name calling I think you guys. I was not there wouldn't Cunningham by how come I don't even think that I know that I mean like really out in length and I'm doing that's so I wish he'd been and just like in mere fact that there and then again not a game because they're very big clue. You really don't matter and has worked his revenge he's somebody mad that why exactly run and we weren't tired and they come home and take dedicated V nine I do think that things bother us that somebody like you know he doesn't put -- LeRoy you I have inbox is not a Rwandan man. Played I am you know I like best. Do you honestly doesn't know. I live they're driving me crazy inputs. I think you will finally I go to the store buy the groceries but if I don't think he sees the humor Clinton and I knew I assume you don't. I would have multiple I don't know the animal thought. I think god I want you don't remember burned by it training that's been an unregulated it didn't get anything per day yeah well you know I observed stated we have a lot on our plate no. The New Orleans may be like yeah he's. Actually yeah you bet thank you and I think delegate. You is about seventy therefore did not win the sympathy. There were 49 went equivalent I don't know I don't. I I always in my old phone numbers Tony dated Jones on Jay is one of them five are you a bad party theme don't split the household chores 5050. Facebook's going on Roxy shed depends on. And me both work so we split our tour 5050 as well the cooking if one works and other states home. I'm a stay home mom or dad didn't the stay home should do all the cleaning and cooking. OK so yeah that's like when I only called this girl's home all day then so she should do that yes this she's home to take care of the keys here. Well I'll salary going read nine to five every day. Any minute occasional throw trash you know you. I still don't have stumped too heavy lifting exactly I think you're you your own little clean pizza that's very good at the grass yeah. Seventy is reported 91075. Hi what's your name. I mean none MSN Williamson and in my hand men have been the end background I'm planning and that sure is how well they're Ilie your marriage. He has played he gave up during the week he came he wants so I. We armed eighth pain I have that I attended and I know you had a fairly familiar fire that the this year the way actually lives. I can never again can we could be in there. I think any one time I luckily Erika could be carrying. And the interest that content I and then he would like OM that are working Al and I need to eat before that did not like how I'd. Holiday first Saturdays and our kids learn more at some my Khamenei can come home and start making dinner and you can meet these quiet and then you click. I hit right and I'm right there you have mentally be prepared for this mentally. Thank you yes. They have batted around like Lou I'm crying for this. Okay did I can't figure out appreciated here so I I guess the thing Bob what's your name. I was using your own. So let me try it was in my wife's been together for about ten years I'm a little bit it got very. When we first got together and I keep everything inherit 88 get cool about it everyday says everything you know but again I think it how that all I ask complaining. There won't have to wage well I work part time I can't get any hit on and I felt horrible. All advertising. Let me quick hit. I think it got to get it I hear that hey they you know that you feel guilty you're enjoying it but you know and. They give freely to all my dad's. I well if you do 5050 congratulations if you don't we obviously have some relationship stuff to work I got to work as a counselor at. Yeah. Hi what's your name out and enjoy. Julie who's most likely post a crappy FaceBook photo of you just to tell you any Tony Jones oh don't you think. No nice guy I'm on your own. They actually talk I guess it was about what's your name that's an old Stephanie who's most likely opposed to crappy FaceBook photo of easiest to take you and you don't hear Jones found. I wouldn't say in how means. I would talk. Yeah the lovemaking you feel down sorry Iran answered yeah. Matt brown I give him some time what's your name sort of Sergio who's most likely to post a crappy FaceBook photo love juice when it well. I would bet sultan yeah. We're going to I don't know I've been. Tonight Rosie things my. A row with this move to get blown out I don't think. Jones on kiss 1075 so we're talking about government shut down and it's a big story right now the house voted to avert the federal so down. The senate chances are named as Romney virgin this year down going down tonight at 1159. If they can come to an agreement again the house was cool since like and I. Now we're we want a couple things we want this to work. And some of our terms so and so what does that exactly mean of the government shuts down like that everybody that works in light has government jobs. They're not working what they don't like my midnight OK okay. They will being gay and immediately locking its doors okay. And most agencies are gonna close until Monday if they can't get to sit down. And it would also will dominate we get news coverage of course here's the thing. Most of the federal buildings to be close again agencies. But food inspectors other vital services are gonna continue like Social Security. Federal benefit programs and military operations most most the other like you know if you work at the capitol building. He word you know. Also one time that they get a government job are getting on me doing like get a good job here is your good. If you reach down you can now get eight. Right yeah demonstrate the Democrats are wanting they're demanding concessions on immigration. Chief floods usually protection for thousands of young immigrants facing deportation and largely unified. Behind the effort leadership that Thursday that they would have the votes to block the house passed measure that would have funded the go. For another four weeks OK and it's kind of crazy because this is the one year anniversary. Of president Donald Trump's inauguration is together try to avoid this. Shutting down did you ever really blaming you know there's this young Democrats and let Republicans and vice Versa. So we wanna know how this impacts you here locally. 720489107. Fives if the government shuts down what happens I would change Mario Mario what happens that the government just now from. Complete anarchy announced. Yeah are you know that are you value the work for the government in. In the via via motor vehicle apartment Jack played well you know poems when we shut out here for a day when there's no no I mean when they're now is. You know and if you'll know the thought shut it down and then reported a mom or crede could be back if they're played. Yeah we have a hard time in our place you guys open beer. I don't know I think could go a role they can order by Islamism I would you name. But I went and Richard we can't say well you know we're back government shutdown. Carter had been commission concluded included. We are rude shutdown were anywhere or. What date the couple weeks or couple months. Worker who don't like about big hole. Boost today that you either get up YO orderly and outdoor work at all. Or did he get away not official numbers being and then it's about trying to upload only showed them there are a lot of people. Well let's see there would plunge and I could go a replay judge. Possibly do because we're fire or better serve their. Our good result the government shut down what taxes I mean I don't have to pay taxes. Are all of that and wicked lets us okay so I think it's bad if the government owes you money. Money I don't know I suppose the boy I really don't know take you there are no I don't and I. And I might be in that same boat so word we're favoring the government shut down shut down. Earth is good yeah asserted yeah. Just kidding we want everyone out there just once you get your paychecks and obviously we can track the story and update you as it continues to develop. You don't need to think is one of them fired back I'm coming up less than ten. Biggest team based on your zodiac sign we'll talk about it next only made it sounds like it's awesome five CDs is. Outs at thirty with the flu hopefully she'll be back on Monday. Indeed I had to figure out biggest pet peeve I have a list based on your zodiac sign them before. I tell you Jones what is your biggest. This is right. The biggest pay PF. Right here's brag yours that always try and they. People say that there has some them they really don't rule so like you know fake FaceBook bonuses are facing you know they say that they're gone I control but days steadily in Indiana and I try to implement mega you broke after each count down now. There are day in on you and they still want you know you don't look much run or legal behind your back in China takes on the front because they need the money. You knew you steady make in his paycheck you are you trying to clubs a mistrust and unite here until fifty bucks hit an eight page of the thousand. But I'm just thinking am I have it exactly where you go I would say we got here. Jones. Based on your zodiac John I'm Jim and I together tonight okay your biggest pet peeve is. You can't silly people. You're constantly on the go and you need to engage in activities in your life yet to keep you from being port. You act you like surround yourself with adventurous souls and and stay away from people who lack that sense of adventure. Quiet night she is in your absolute worst nightmare. Sound like the sound like me I always have to be on the goal is on the news on them and yeah I don't like lazy people I mean I'm down the grind right I mean like today. On the temple 24 hours because today you know we get up at three and then I go all the way till three so I got confident right of my Friday night army party got tonight and then hit out of meetings nonstop about the media school would just grow all day and then tomorrow and get up and I go to long mock. For wrestling tournament for sky view high school so I'm going to be working your griner every day every day out and his work do you think three hours. Justly so but your cure closely and you have to pay peanuts don't like the second 54 is well. I want someone that this list as well right I agree we are here with that mine is my my pet peeve and I haven't read this we have zodiac signs I'm Dicey. So my my actual pay heed before we this if this is right is I hate liars all if you. I had some big hits a deal breaker for Ralph for you oh yeah I don't I won't trust you ever again like. Really what he might even have to go there that I we telephone we joke with people and you know your we used you Joseph this nominee Timothy of dissident who knows given shook. But then they need to jump through the obviously new lessons you that's a whole different story if you're lying to me about something serious it's about. I don't crises confrontation is so frustrating and upsetting for taxis they're likely to agree to anything just to make the fighting stopped. You can actually feel other's anger and emotion is an emotional distress and they take it on as a part of their own. Advantage in the fight with high seas although they're really do understand exactly where your coming from. They can express your true feelings about the issue and that could see out hurt you they're likely to back down Sosa's I hate confrontation. Warrior like that it in the very beginning until until you push toward let's. Right there you're out confrontational took a fair point that you could poke you couple times and then. The third time you welcome. Power shift over the fifth and the no more are being acquired are. Aren't the devil is my accounts are just not mean me and I go in there mean I'm running start up that way. No I didn't consider myself a nice guy that wouldn't you turn into me me repeat meaning you mean I know in the name Jones who don't know me don't be mean mean mean VI I I don't think it out. These whenever I don't agree with that I don't know whenever I don't believe I'm a nice guy is the only thing that's got so I. By the Cigna we get your head she's thinking is one of them five dot com according to year's zodiac sign coming up in the next ten minutes. Girls they eases out with the flu. We're gonna show you how you can serve by mid west you putting kick again to forty. Everything has shown on Jay is an awesome five say he's out with the flu and you know we needed the flu we've all had a before they can be horrible anywhere from. You know lunged. As fever body aching throwing up you know diarrhea. And it's horrible yes Judith out of control. That's diarrhea. Not sure you're that's you're. Outside heard the sound like a bird to me will you ever because you threw out and they taste better going down. Definitely yeah that's no. We don't want to throw perhaps diarrhea and so. We've put together this can hopefully we should add. Now this before things got so yeah. So apologies say he was sorry monolithic party came out they should've had this. They should know yeah. When we interviewed the flu ladylike premature she was warning us down here is not shown. We're totally dropped the ball on the job all three let's drop the ball on that apology told us that she told us this flue shot only 30% effective and I'm hearing in some cases 10% depending on who you are. Hey better than 0% her point. That's what you think you're little those two days there were done they write new you've submitted. Because we haven't got hit on Marley I'm scared when this what they're saying yesterday based on report came out. How do you not contracted flu don't breeze like you that the flu they don't want you breathing on somebody keeping it that way now. So once they come bash coming back with a mask he has proven throughout all the doctors mass media box right now try to figure out because we're approaching the flu for the high. The flu season if you will already here. We've put together this little survival kit okay that number one you always want Abbott tomorrow. Can be sick but not have the flu Wiki coming on TOK okay not to lots of fluids. Waters ideals but it's hard to drink enough when you're sick so easy that's stuff like Gatorade peavy like deal for plunger like license. And oh yeah I know. Number three fever pain reliever like Tylenol Motrin just he surgery did directions for any medicine they use especially careful with the children are you want to give too much. Of course you don't wanna make sheer Motrin and your talent out of my mouth your balls and do it I learn something new Daryn now okay. The road Tatum. Motion and then twelve. I didn't know that you got to Rhode Island but I came from that the age where you put tequila on their toes when they have to think yeah. Okay are you Jack yeah. That's right game from today's medicine for chest pain is a congestion and nasal congestion laugher stuffy nose sinus pain. Non drowsy antihistamines for runny nose post nasal drip or watery eyes. You know you put the nix on the Chesley he's due back today than I'm dead for your delayed and yes yeah. And I put on your feet right that some Obama governance supposed to do there are closely actually give him so that's supposed to take. I think your words don't work and I'm still really 69698. At three if you guys put the big sign your chance and he's still do it let us know we want to hear from him that was great yeah. We're pretty good at what about what the hell you put the tell overhead he's got water yeah and any clues. Mouth. I'm fine finally. Some tissues. Foursome disinfecting wipes to stop the spread of germs. I actually got some disrespect him wipes from a mom. Because you know we we've grown route on the wrestling mats right at school so she made sure they get the way you acting and that's to get off oil touching each other swings the bats though you know breathing on each other accidentally spitting on each other you know and you know. It is discussing the pitchers for your mobile doesn't Clorox wipes to clean studio clean your surroundings and wash your hands such easy. Yeah why are handling good about the guys this attorney don't police don't hear from the Arctic Clancy use fakes we can. There's some people call and make this could be another bit after I thought. Game. Can girls saying okay yeah well. Hi. Came hard that she is coming up tomorrow and over trash talking her sister cool. Not now she didn't physically. Pull out OK go my way well then she didn't do that but hey Jeff from harsh words former NBA star Lamar Odom we think took a swipe back thanks. Khloe Kardashian confessing I knew my marriage to Coley was over when she was on her second or third MBA player all call one. I'll stop supplying the rapper. I can I just doing what I'm gonna give you a long delay it was fun. But no he's desert camp fired back tweeting or second or third brothel polluted and oh cool cool. We'll be down one time in Nevada she's back get out of brothel Riley and Khloe and you know all these activities that are famous Maxwell he's dated and your star James Cardin tries -- pregnant interest in Thompson brightest kids so I'm we always go. That green is off I mean they know what town alive wow is that about you know ultimately I gotta give Kim the winds he got dealt some macro. Well yeah area as it would leave also. Yeah I talked about. You know machine gun Kelly you know he's an endeavor for a while right after they've thrown. Every actually ever down the street from GW by the old radios that nobody likes to claim Ohio a Cleveland I'll. There's this in this case also find grown up he's an acre consistently let's pay big news for a memo gonna claim before this broke. He's playing Tom Lee in Mexico and that picks up. I know never knicks' new series among the crew myopic than not there any help okay. I don't know we all know who multi crew is I know you it's always a rock group that. They donate their man you gotta know your music here's Shawn and mom. Are you a little bit about the bad bounce format how they re first sound too fast for 111981. Molly crew combine hard rock heavy metal glam rock. And going to sound over a hundred million albums you've got to know my parents do I but then got to machine gun Cali for that and I told you Justin Timberlake. This dude who I don't know I think you've taken this man in the woods being just a little bit too far off. I'm ready already he served. His gas grasshoppers. And and covered in rose oil and boy I well and yes so basically does all of nerves. The other trade order around would grasshoppers and and covered in rose oil and blood dark complexion merger. And count your broad vision and you know those ground. For all of great early. Lire about anything with a photo love you can do is not outdoors man was doing this the I'm too far number exactly your country don't do on one this make them happy why is thing if I knew it was a grasshopper. Hill now. No no no such knows are out here on another U. Surely did. And welcome mat you're there you're really gonna say you've got Bengal like for you people who might get guys who want to do stories are going to be up on kiss 175 dot com. They need. Your heart seventy. Now you can do is answer more well. GE EZ tickets are on the line are eyebrow OK there's been a big. Cassette tapes show you about this studio overall amount and are you ready you know OK okay. Hi question number one shortfalls the standard audio cassette was invented in the early 1970s. Powerball and question are huge shortfalls there is only one American company that produces audio tape. Plus question imagery sure plus the longest gazette made commercially exploit the PGA 180. First true tiger bush and the questions are done Obama Graham Jones you can RS. I'm broke I'm walking in right now. I brought you do. Pretty quickly though she really guessing realm you both. I have so that if we allow away guys have been doing a lot of words you might get me today about how. I don't like he's taken lab anyway so that's good are we go Jones is how big is this that they decide. Question what's your balls the standard audio cassette tape was invented in the early seventies. True sauce from nineteen. By the fills company in question are huge sure falls there's only one American company that produces audio tape false and no that's true national water. He is Springfield Missouri each question number three shortfalls the longest it's ever made commercially was the TK went eighteen. Well there's only 120 minutes once a false note this. Ninety minutes per side manufactured from the early seventies easy those first so you alone so I don't know totally out of it bad. I had never I never had a 180 K yeah. Hundreds wanted to call it wasn't him that hey congratulations UB. I think it's the kids who. What radio thing. Do you have free and will. And to be on UK hasn't won a seven I'm warning zone read play. Clinton live weekdays six to may or on demand anytime NKS 1075. Zach Kahn.