Morning Show Replay 1-8-18

Monday, January 8th


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Don't think it sounds like it's almost them. Seven. It's not my be my eighth hole. And then getting out of the Michael did. Pay site guys take tackle. OK they're good I don't know. I have this is even if you were yeah. Oh good all right there Tony good morning good morning very nice you do your job. I alien as a board today. And I'm not many yeah. Among them a diet isn't gonna run yeah. I know you're right oh yeah but they you don't maybe. I don't have problems like that streaky this is too long you know how we'll figure out the. Don't worry that if I did hear the sound really different because that Mike is really adjusted for your voice hello again I have to hold this. Because that he's going to look listen let. JV ground while the thing initially that Mike was really post to be your night it won the membrane what Friday's. No not able to be your Mike Allen pulls me in my mouth yeah we have. Number one Larry yeah nobody knows what the hell's going on sorry I did the first Mike doesn't work we're trying to make adjustments your game on Monday yeah. Good nor what that. Wow way to start up guys right C wow that's pretty weird let me. That's why does sound like guys like. I. O'Hara more if you call that engineered dude with the name. Guarantee that you're gonna come back over here about my third save everything right. I'm just shows. They don't care about how crazy their guy doesn't do anything he just comes in stares us while we're on the air taking phone calls. Are we're actually doing an interview command there in this Booth. Everything okay. Do less and clearly they know Daryn yes are you over don't worry about it anyway we got a great. Show planned for you we are going to actually we move some stuff around here okay. So we're joined her way most likely to add seven. Fifteen now OK ma'am we're gonna hook you up a winter on the rocks tickets with Rick Ross so cruel. Spill the tee is I'm hostility. The Mercedes. Shouldn't happen at the same time. We've got so much nuggets bench experience tickets are not sick it's harder to qualify for the best experience I did on Friday listeners love that they love to sit on the bench. And watch the Denver Nuggets and the team's practice before the game and you get really get tickets I think they're like honored in thirty dollar tickets just so yeah it's really dope so. I'm mad notes we got like I say great things planned for this. No different schedule today so bear witness the microphones don't work in different I don't know what the word following. Coming up next the next ten minutes off the struggle must we're gonna tell you. About something that happened that the Golden Globes last night and whose time is up everything that shows on kiss 1075. Did you watch the Golden Globes last night. There watch the whole thing read definitely watched parts of it for sure yeah I just watch Oprah speech that. It that's about it and then you guys to get to and like you knew when to tune in that's awesome. You don't like how I better get on this intern is gone okay and I'm really into the Golden Globe and things like that but I. I like to discuss social services yeah I know that something was going our. Our shot to sterling K brown this is us first African American actor to win the drama actor for mail on television. So that's pretty yup and if you've never seen this series you have to check it out if it's pretty dealt so it's a lot about about life and I guarantee you you will identify. With what the Stanley is going to doing generals pretty dope. Oprah Winfrey gave a speech calling out sexual abusers. And said their time is up check if there. Game. And apparently my microphone was that the Golden Globes as well. How the open man I mean am I missing sound sees something more presidential than we were rational president then over the last year some analysts are I think he's hiring Lama on my court yeah and she's one woman who could run for president and probably win. Don't you 220. Yeah that hasek with all of reporter alas my Oprah it's one swing but if we're gonna millionaire. I would prefer her how I'm refer her and she speaks out again a great job with that word out eloquently kid like Larry okay. All right no word. I think that word out others I was actually see very eloquent and yeah. Is speaking is gray I mean there was this wonderful. Leaders doesn't sound like in my opinion and then you know she was speaking Interfax. You know helping woman but the thing because she didn't know man underneath the bus to. No she issues like you're bringing everyone together you know 'cause. There are men now they're doing positive things to work she deputy called out the men who obviously did wrong which you should rightfully so yeah yeah. Some past Joseph said it is not lost on me that at this moment there is some little girl watching as I become the first black woman to be given the same award. She said when she was a little girl. She was at home and she watched Sydney 48 wind was the first African American to win. I'm an Oscar. So that was huge for her while her mom was working you know two jobs and you know she had the comforts and and the ability to able to see them and that was a huge deal for her and then she was able to do the same thing and somebody else is watching her in May be getting motivated and haven't aspirations to do the same thing. So it was an amazing thing and obviously she she's well deserving this is it and that's huge community woman could do it yeah Oprah could definitely doing obviously we got the air like you know her views on certain issues about sort of backed. I'm the right now I'm with her I'll tell you what is wrong she says when she's president you car you. CNN apparent. I don't know what part of no don't feel like I'm I. Downey savings sounds like JS 1075. There was a one million dollar weekend for lottery winners and we're still here with my busts the we can't let a lot of forward what do we I don't play bad you don't play tomorrow you play if not everything now they keel. How do it I think it's it's been a hundred and some of the dollars and mostly if I'm 150 in the hole now for the last three weeks there. Well yeah hey man your odds are still if your favor I had a one in 133. You know 333 million dollar chance to win. Jason wasn't in how. Better odds can have my car. Secretaries he meant I powerball winner from New Hampshire scored 570 million dollars jackpot seventh largest in history today before. Powerball jackpot was won someone in Florida. Now the 450 million dollar Mega Millions grand prize but that's against 7-Eleven. Home I nine. Yes we don't have for your nachos your big goal you know pain free gas in the ticket was the last time someone in Colorado once something that big I don't know never went the other. Yeah actually wish Yasser my one thought that the 7-Eleven right around the corner from us brilliant. I won by our old job. Meyer old Vietnam or church yes I'll ports are the big 7-Eleven they have the hole like huge sign that the winning place that was a lot of our just five million. Five million have been put a million right here so we can get lucky and kind. Can't get lucky but you're not any give mega millionaire powerball lucky I don't think she might not ever happen. So what happens now like is it just like a million now they go to Lafayette goes back to like you know two point nine million and then you know that's what I wanna do it's his small one right in the next day. I go. Another academic I focus on that 570. Right now he's cool going way under the radar public takes some personal time off say I got family matters. You know stuff like that and get that money I just I'm my strategy that that's why you wanna play the regular Colorado lottery whose. Okay because that 12000000. And 4000005. Million pay jackpot. Usually gets it to like twenty million and somebody wins it would you retire after the two million dollar deal I want him I would quit your confidence when I am glad. The way. Run this thing at me and I'm glad they're. Million dollars like my F 401K we their. I'll try to quit if we get did you think he doesn't know. How soon we know nothing about. He's done Don. So I'm I am or anything else. Yeah that's 1075. And I don't look great it's how this game. Felt welcomed a baby in the world over the weekend. I can't even keep track how many kids ready to talk about the time that he Digg go live on is the brand to another baby girl I've entered the world puzzled. Complemented for the rams this on the web two seconds runs up big accident he had man had pop. And man we let me. And Mehdi Saleh bring your little SIPC yeah but earlier. They have called. I guess I'm a. Always moment that he's ready wow now we know that some of them live on their eggs plants is not every day but I certainly not like there's a man by the name of Robert so what's that we have the world's biggest egg plant clinic eighteen point nine inches. But new findings prove that that could be that is actually completely false and discredit exaggerated. In fact members of the man needed only somewhere around six inches according to a radiologist. Caliber a remarkably good vesta with rod what. Allegation but not to the doctor is this therapist he actually told is that he says he actually begin stretching his manhood with weights and in his early teenage years back. I love you guys solace in the big canary theories about who did not. Did not lying on the Theodore game. Anymore yeah. It's funny thing is and men need to ask this. Exercises yeah I'm just reporting we report stated mr. Do you. Guys that's I don't know we. I write downs I don't ducks Oregon stretching only occurs during personal time. Played very. Very excited for the movie black panther to come out on February 16 and add to the excitement in their mouth like kinship Lamar. Produces sounds like with the help from the top dog label founder Anthony ticket. Jennifer song will be with hello Lamar and so then how about all the stars in other McRae big deal for the first time marble actually hired someone to do original music for the film. According to reports the film direct their mind who live personally reached out Pickens thank. My product so I'm not wearing happy TD. Eat yeah any money made you don't have to make all original music but it can be don't mean does he probably re cycle some older joins included minister let we will be all right. And earlier I like to see him like sea level of coal a couple of other people to really get back I'm here to Colin G the joy I. I did any good join on. They are definitely some then I would probably buy that sounds like separately honestly do think shout out to black Panthers when I'm gonna do save remove characters don't you don't movie guy that can hit the mark also doing the first ever halftime show for college for more attention. Going down tonight between Georgia. And Alabama so that's going to be don't. Yeah that's akin to the market that that would be brought in Dave I can section careers now. Let me say this show got canceled a 75 we all do its can making that resolution. So in shape and hit to jam Somalis even go as far as. Paying for the membership. Putting no money down this is hold ourselves accountable right yeah you drop like Bengie. In I get this is my years. And you try to get you suffer shaped like I believe your contract right where eight days into the new year proved so it's it's packed with Jim's right now. I would you know that. Herbalife by tiger and you know and I haven't heard a lot. OK I didn't expect her nights Herbalife and. Well I hate to sigh. I'm not hanging our demands. Fired on top it's a good thing for Herbalife. They're going to know you're going to own business that's when you go in your own business right through you combine and then precisely how. Collin county is shrinking it down doing the shaking your support with that. Puma my diary by anonymous on I. And family name is Connie here and then the million man yeah I'm back into the not so bright afternoon. Why it's important dominant. I think it is flat tires try to dislike get to us about five cancers and the third parallel life I got the OK hockey content paying you it's actually pretty good and. Well there is so you think the problem here's the deal a lot of us are going to the gym now a lot of us are working out over the Christmas break. I senator tiger cap boxing Jones and I started boxing who writes the senate to them. So that's our armoire or a boy told tiger say he's always working last year so I ran in the DTC right as I was. I do not only has done a boxing you never did quite. I like well OK first the mosque for about one day. First of I want when you go okay so. There again on the point today and I don't doubt Jones and not let my truck I won't and Berle yeah could. I could hear how important optimizing and there's no other local letting the resident I guess what's is name that will Coleman did you say OK though the run they were not okay so. Do you live near Jim I'm around the black smoking tones. I'm now we drive to roar to go work out when we go yes. So it's funny when we work out like yeah like my ZIR. Now when we went down that's why I'm sorry sorry for a job well. Solid and one I don't really be at the day I did I learn I don't care what you guys there. Kiss my butt. Heard the last lap of the highlight what he's got to work out you're living your gym making slimmer does that that's a question can't. Maybe I don't know I think so. Yes it's a right and maybe in your building maybe like two blocks away I sing now I don't think so I take that back really I think you bet I'm a mystery mouth illness. Tons a day if I'm Jim in my apartment complex and I want pass that whip like delivery boxes from pizza. I do witnessed everything I am writing a lot right by the more like Auld is cooked food and don't think twice about that Jim and I cannot CC had to exist with the car. Well everything their lives carbonate all the time Obama when times are doing the pancakes in the may give our. Yeah I did you say yeah unknown. I don't think I was reflecting that back nine I'm thinking how do we all slip up that's okay that the whole point is people who live near Jim. She is supposedly weighed less and they have smaller waist lines if you you're more likely to go a mile away as far as I'm as yeah. Researchers collected data on wait now wait waist measurements and body fat. For more than 400000 men and women wow also looked at where they lived if you live closer to a gym you're more likely to go to the GM. And you're more likely to be thin or not. I do I drive all the that's Aurora my gym is free and I don't go to Monday. And Kelly talked about is did out there only cool. They love doing. Well. The good and I'm the only my zoo like there was to work comes in the mountains workouts Wednesday when a leadoff. One only play if people don't think that phases and one more people don't let her out I think that all the time. Are you are inconceivable you know results and one leg and then you got to see that and more okay I'm here is not lying then. Early each egg whites in the morning a five pieces of pizza and new and so well and although we're better off and all for the. I want I want at all and if you went off you know you do well you know they okay and YouTube to keep Soviet well. Inside my. Well I'm just well I don't college yeah. It's funny is that you know saint Pete may is not equal John I know how to eat the whatever will we don't double what I. Don't tell also both you guys shut the heck up with that and you got UBS who's okay first of all juicy apple and in my in my now. Apple in the morning and then then let's go let's go eat let's go one star Vanessa we'd sure love what I love what I eat. Pancakes eggs make you your life. No I'm not a liar I'm not a my old male. And liar anyway I anyway so Hussein to the fact yeah. Your back OK okay I. Am OK and I'm proud man of god go I don't you back and that's why. Only working out what I'm going to do not think. Tell you right angle into you when you have them pull pizza by yourself and other well you can make it. I mean that's what I do. It about me if I'm bonds could I know a lot. Up next relationships. Are you still friends. You know we'll get into a new. Everything Jones I guess 1075 so I was gonna try to keep the topic I got all flustered because I'm fasting so my guys know they can't. I say no god did I didn't already know like my leg bag manner so I'm not doing your Herbalife. And then when they work out a life of error. I heard from around whatever it's waited for both GM car. I'm have you ever ended a relationship but your siblings continue to be your exits friend. Total methane. I guess ahead of time you know how far that goes if you have kids. With someone you know and their your ex and I can understand why a family with them being connection. We get acts and at least I have like good genuine you know nice cordial relationship with them. But if you know it's old moon in my book. That takes my family and I did so. So if your sister was friends with your actually you know like you either make your choice now my this is about best friends my sister is FaceBook friends with my ex. Now and so like Paul randomly so tell me something to the puzzle you like number I know it's weird like you have Fred as. Hello I remember she did that preceded it but there's nothing wrong with a yeah I like I didn't end so literally go blood coming sending them. He didn't tell you that it. No yeah no that's why you uncritically you don't want and that is exactly the tour like anybody else tell like you know my this is a lot like. I'm front and just as you did not because we don't touch on the more exactly my mom. Stayed friends and wins the girl that I married for many days. And then. Unknown to. They remind. Picked up with Amy he stay friends with Larson for a couple years he was uncomfortable then Algeria how'd she get that and we have to talk. Are dead mom you have to make something happen here. Or. We're not coming over anymore it was so weird and Ellen compass came over to visit one time what I was there now my wife was so we're. There for my wife goes what is she doing that come on Friday that he had not Millen should Israel take gender rekindle the flame witness yeah. I am not followed these things up like that you know can my mom loves my ex as well as I haven't come over and I help being my I think it was like well I. I'll not promising right when I moved back to the going so it's okay I'm over yummy led loosens up I'm like why. And I got hired them for you mom please don't call and then you can imagine that you met your trying to move all of MI inputs and a nice person and CNN's Amy goes out of his way to like you know did nothing about my please I'll. RJ nine he had a lot of phone numbers on that your mom knows that you were in the wrong all we know. Now go do my. I don't hear how. This is sometimes that person knows the way to somebody's heart is their mother so they impress the mom the mom convinced you know that you want her to talking to you what's his name. Move your next. I'm no subject and what. Yeah I loved it and yeah that's what you should you should talk to her you guys should I might. Are you kidding me. Oh man. Oh no wrong and then I'm not doing you know. And all I know I'm not would arsenal doesn't your mom loves you and that you don't bring Yeltsin's around polite guy about to get married or so yeah I don't think anyone around him right. I see in the valley it's clear that they got mom's the ride banana girlfriend got a baby what. Your life and I bet he doesn't Bo Derek is the drama show Lisa Graham she's a hole the and that happened to me this isn't the last time I. He did say they'll bring him around. Hello this is my name another. Hi Susie in 07204891005. Have you ever ended a relationship but your siblings maybe even your mom or your father. Continue to be your exes friends. Don't think it shows on kiss 1075. You have you ever ended a relationship but your siblings or your parents continued. To be here X is friends like it's easy myself. If Alfredo way to get out I thought I'd like mine. That's 69803. Someone write him so my momma still friends of my ex husband. We do have a son together so I understand but he brought a new girl friend over to meet my mom walk I was there. And my mom was so blurred dramatic I mean just so nice to him. Senior such a lucky girl to the Grimes and you're like what the hell's going on. I'll just go to the daughter Nancy Pelosi issued same a's closer to my mom and I am it's a really awkward and uncomfortable I can only imagine. Yeah I was my mom would try to play me like they're forward did you move back. Don't let have a chance and let the two year old I'd sell out with your kayak yeah the oh you're so lucky to have him. Wow this doesn't grainy right here happens to me he she saw her he. What's wrong with you what. I've done my math problem because she did she was all my mom I'm sorry. As I can't promise them five FaceBook page big myth says yes one of the worst feeling in the world. So that's happened to her mom says yes she felt betrayed Miller says Diaz. Jana says you and everyone's like I Haiti and it's camp so a lot of people. We'll while we're not the only ones that haven't either of Maureen I'm one of them five have you ever ended a relationship but your siblings or your mom and dad. Our continued the exits without friends with your ex what you may I was this planet would pretty SA. We actually have a pretty weird situation with my third period. Who've actually input eggs have been so it kinda different as their clearly not together anymore but he has look at video my nephew. That really the only way we can't PM well actually I'll that there are friends with my sister's ex. May end. Those circumstances like I was kind of talking about is there's no way getting around that you gotta keep it cordial for the peace of the kids you know. You do absolutely I mean it to the white male life that you don't even talk. And I have to I have to go do that with CNN while I respect their Latin baton you know he didn't do anything to me. No other relationship remained good it did kinda hard though I mean they're very drama from time to time yeah. Yeah okay guys this kind of make the calls were spared. Not being able do that right now but. It followed did not go to dinner dates in nine states and stuff no right now we're not doing that but sometimes like if I have learned that you could take until I could read it clarity he likened Biden had doubt but mom. All you. That's like me. They're biased that we like and I can maybe you know some kind that it okay and they he had bad they're kind of my other hit it right now no you can't say. That's okay people don't learn how to take the social Q like it was not a good situation far back. Yeah yeah and I think he's having a hard time falling back did you know what the situation over the last couple. Love the flag here back Seattle it's kind of awkward I won't lie. Thank you for the call I say that they've. Coming season Jones on kiss on some five had he ever ended a relationship with your siblings maybe even your mom and pops are still. Friends with your ex is 720489175. Hi what's your name. My name when you won't we SA. I'm at any. What exactly pretty fighting I was very closely match what I plan. Form I don't really want this family and I couldn't sell them off when I'm at apple app. They wouldn't eat all our I cut off all my arm. Now we have been moved out plan and I have a lot about the war on. We made it big there that's what I'm saying this fact I don't go where people some hope left. He was happy holidays. Off at once more of they've got moral boundary that we may like the thing it's not like you that I'm like a solid friendship through. I. I don't immediately. You know I'm my might he might but my belt and it is like she doesn't want you back I know it by. I think happened yet he thought that even if he had met him mob. All right I think you Bob that people thought if I I think I boom around. Bowden tell me how fourth pick up I won't won't up then moved me so I think you and the fact bound. Right what does that thank you so much as they took off a problem I guess if you can make it work and make it work but I told my mommy like you're so much you marry her when it's. We continued coverage they senate six minus six 803 to answer the question have you and did it ever end their relationship. But just give these are your mama does continue to be your ex is friends. It's time to play and most likely beyond you can't let them and I'm doing. In this C. Of course and I went up 75 how would you name or word Yahoo!'s most likely be the best of math or maybe. But I think you huge big leg up on. Don't make sense for the sorry bro my case it was impoverished and I am worried neighbor whose most likely be the best at math Tony say Jesus Jones. Afraid so that's my mom brought. Caves and mountains. To me when they want their equation solved family delayed putting on the bottom of my money that's beside my. Yeah. We also know that in May she get that cannot deny free taxes they med. I. They've really got the hook up ponson Rick Ross to get she's gonna be live at its winter on the rocks show alone now that's. Red rocks on January 26 figure thinking it's 175 dot com CE Bert let us know what they said he lets that work for all of horror. Thirty seasons don't venture is almost 75 we all know this social media to validate our life so long China now they know you're dating game. The social media not validate in my life it does for a lot of people is big big guy get the likes right kind of get polite they got you to ice ever. People you know put the sixty profile picture on there I'm single ready to mean who'll do the dang thing. My name really it's no secret that people are doing that's so why are on there if you wanna Ellen secure online dating game. Well once you make she spent time on your profile match plenty of photos. Don't Wear a hat or sunglasses and too many of them. And you can mr. Almonte raise your profile. But don't necessarily give up on someone if they don't messaging back it's okay refer to you know took stock dump it the second message went down this. Go out there that don't whereas that's a small advertiser I can take off the sunglasses I wanna see the lazy I often. And we wanna know yeah that's what do what he did he bow. And to add to that take off that we want your ball in the wanna find out in NBA if you have that LeBron James Carolina. One idea right yeah is it the worst thing is to find out when you're in bad intimate moment and he got to get off the ground. Yeah yeah. I'm feeling good. Why is OK I don't know Walt Disney OK okay or not. Where do I wish I could. Both smiling now my world. Security I thought should get out you have more so than your pictures are the only upload a few. Don't see your bio. About you tell them why they line Pryor has another okay. So quickly introduce. You can check out beyond the dating game being online but quickly seized was dating a guy names fundamental and I went right you guys on the backhand neverland of barely there and only shows you know the story better right because it came down to. You know Jones I can't mistakes after they get from that point oh. You guys are always seem about that they all knew that while the men they would ball. Problem and not all smiles yeah. Well they are good. They say he got a little bit here and I. I blew it out in Annapolis. We're living on the that you know I don't paid to residents in the look at what they are often in the office telling them tell us who. Pick a child how recently you know if you don't really know how they do it Tony you now tell you about another diet Bobby. Tony how valuable he is truly I wouldn't kudos also. Well apple it's Cleveland looking at the where they have a guy ultimately may drop a message missy season with a half. Look at the screen and I'm talking about vitamins in them and now we had its great we get a yeah I am we carried out the good and I mean really hasn't hit some some time okay. I'm happy. Going on here they like no we made a bad I think things you don't just people all the headlines but soon things. Immediately out of all my ground there what happened but yeah let's talk bad about the Gilad toll IBM yeah. Iowa Jones and a dollar yes I. Lee young didn't let alone. My friends are telling you gotta warn me about him moved gingerly undo what do you own your own. Yeah I. Yeah. And I and we know how I keep. You know. And there was great don't get that road game brown I don't know your. Well I need games got some guys grew up from that you run the story. And the worry is we just lost a dollar pay for that. When they're bloodlines I there are more control loss coming up in the next ten minutes a new coffee drinking and it doesn't go in your mouth. How about coffee in your butt noble but yeah. Coming up next don't go anywhere now it's. Only thing that show that kids are with them but these guys are we better not yeah I carry your iron from wireless. Hey my computer don't know if I'm. I think it figured out you guys are Starbucks and the famous expresso right from the espresso yes well move over Starbucks there's a new competitor down. Espresso. Oh that's way different though it's. So I could benevolent god what is how true is Joaquin 135. Dollar coffee cinemas. Known as the implant O Rama system. I don't want people me this this is their lifestyle web sites duplicate its captain nature Colin. They're old. Some on social media are already calling it an espresso. And apparently. This isn't recommended it might cause rectal burns among other. Sound of that sounds like something I want them to shield I'm what does anybody need dad here's the thing everybody is all about the need to boxing right. Through this is supposedly the new theme in a detox. Copy doesn't make you you know regulation should go to lunch is ready for exactly that uncle and yeah sure it. Cohen planning cleansing can cause mild side effects such as cramping abdominal pain nausea serious problems including. Real failure and went to like imbalance moreover. The device is used in the cleansing are not approved for the going cleansing. By the food and drug in the administration so basically there's this machine you can to a tune. You're that crew and you poured in what could create the copy the or Chris yes then you Florida's Al Strahan gonna act on this. Did you guys are now we're espresso we went out after work so ravenous for aspirin so I now know what we're really cappuccino. I know why don't why you guys. Okay. Do you pay. A girl. Heads of woods ladies we're not get sick it's only four active check out the Memphis Grizzlies this Friday also gonna qualify you for pregame dance experience if you win okay yeah. You know I would play games say you have the best in the studio and I tied three questions brilliant answer more questions as she goes are you ready Leslie let's let it go. Here to judge how well is doing that here real growth we're Schumer want shortfalls. Big duel between his free people is actually called H rule throughout her question number three tour false the stage before frostbite is frosts me. For question number three sure false. Bull frogs do not sleep. How your portion of the questions are done only don't have season came forward. And I she's right there right now when lane. Are you any awareness and I and me and Matt Howard and questions the cold enough to know how that is different and I love you owe me 100. We're we'll find out it's all right there he goes these questionable one true false. They duel between three people is actually called each school. Trail to correct that rule is a new realism for a duel among three opponents when he. Question number two tour false the stage before frostbite to his frost nip. Thrill the correct and the first big. See you don't know their last week that what president agreed to a possible frogs do not sleep. Please call. No Big Sur. How are chosen again. Okay. They're celebrating our celebrate the smoke thing. Now I believe I'll. I wondered the rally and then badly according to the next day you're going congratulations. Think you move. We'll check out the nuggets do. I also don't want the pregame message. Experience through radio stations they. When both the food okay. And beyond UK hasn't won a seven I'm warning zone read play. To live weekdays at six to may or on demand any time I'm KS 1075. Zach Kahn.