Morning Show Replay 1-18-18

Thursday, January 18th


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Affordable won't wait until the maybe only two GPS 107 I want this replay. Eight cities and she knows. Don't you say he's in Jones like is one of them five good you are now. A very modern almost day job. Yeah and our film is made probably. Today I'm your man it's Dell only DJ quake is really how old she now OG 48 today these that's 48 yeah. Definitely I had no influence on West Coast hip pop. And everything they had only game in Denver yeah who's the big yeah oh yeah. The Fillmore in no more than a show more it was now. I'm making an illegal dog gets skating rink and oh yeah well that's not Matt that's what we call the mamet the mid center for the film work. If you know you never history gas and beef went down because you know bottles outgrown or some gang blood increased kind of stuff going down. Look and looking good cool thing is when he came back. It was so much damn right he made a piece. Oh yeah he made peace would Denver. And everything was all good always I love strategically Goodell that he goes down that you are just like Compton joins here in loans were below cost didn't. Okay so real quick I want to say when he decree came back to do our summer camp yeah had a reason why I was the did the deal breaker for that. I interviewed him at the billboards in Vegas really adds we talked about the beef all and I told my as a Denver's got a little for you broke you've got to come. Always finish I don't know I don't love for damn right I'm any beef I would look to come back. Okay worked out all I thought I think our stuff he's an easy day out I beg your it. No matter how little piggy I'm. Nick you're probably now but hey humor isn't a story right yeah how the birds and I because. This week and them are now there's never there's no B Kenny showed that he was he wasn't afraid of the wind out in the crowding out job slowly act that was. Well loved and now obviously he's hip hop icon West Coast about my guns in general so it it was essential to be a part of that if you know his history can hope living your passion that he had to play in every wind today so would interrupt you ask him requested on the text when the six way nuclear core caller is 720 for now 1005 they would you ever do that LeBron. For dinner yeah. I had ever been real. Well both. And that's really the last weekend it should've let the way that. You smell her 00 everything's Jones and cancel some five deceased still under the weather flu bug killing everybody I could literally killing people familiar for real so I get well and figure out their flu and GoDaddy back tomorrow today we wishing this and that lady what your. Shirt is on you're offering does the flu shot you came and you better. Do you with the pros and con and out like. That's true if you get the flu shot matters like 30% effective source noted that. I know there's Lee had jacares up this weekend I. I think. Good thing banks fell through excludes north of food they can make you they can actually make you stink okay all right you know TV read me it's hard to digest and at least residue my digestion tract. It mixes with bacteria comes on your sweat. Man I do like if you don't stay right. Don't we all yeah. As flaming onstage. All the time that's the thing this information found that women were more attracted to guys who were vegetarians because there's sweats it out here manner. Dad GoDaddy and I'm not too good. Today I mean gay doesn't get out and number two alcohol okay. Most of its metabolize by your neighborhood tiny amounts to minors when CNN's smelling like stale beer to drink a lot of talk all down lights. I felt like out my breath those things generally in the morning I'll ever pressure of alcohol breath let's caucus vote. Are you know I don't know so much with the wind ought to get real dehydrated with a red wine I think alcohol does that immediately when you're at the club people are talking nude in your face yeah he's that she benignly or did you smell it and you combine that with a cigarette yeah well yeah and you miss Meier tragedy Anadarko breath immediately any stink how. How about this fish can make some people's love match. There's a Metallica. Men about metabolic disorder called fish odor shouldn't whom they Wear your sweat. What do you smell fishy and Odierno. I think she is yeah wow. Our OK so but some people can smell fishy everywhere it's I'm just down there right thing and I'm alien. So like you guys. OK okay. From love broccoli asparagus because they both have a lot of sulfur they're good for you but don't stop beating them right. They make you smell bad tried kicking them in bong water that is steaming them that should eliminate most is not that kind of makes you. Spartanburg might oppose signals and I'm an African an island Legg Mason you know. One moment of imprisoned salt pepper and changes the throughout damning America. Carly kids they have another Safir compound called. Olufsen like OK I like like all these things it's not necessarily a bad I don't know if you studies found people actually get turned on by Carly. It appears that I'm back and evaluate your. Burlingame although then. Yeah that's the only thing that saved me on this list the Arctic garlic maybe you guys. I think people actually smell like garlic like a lot a day like Jessica alone grown like you know boom with some new revenue and you're just. Because after everything your name and I'm thinking now. Hart finally coffee might nominate a I don't know much. Stimulants like caffeine making web more secretive sweating out more of those other voters that he's talked about some hockey brings out all the other stinky odors and now what it's like that so if you drive and it worked this morning you've got your cup and show. You know what if I'm Google read that they give birth in the office they. Marty thing. No I don't think there's Joes like kids dollars and five so we YouTube is cracking down on need to hide it. Upon his challenge and most of you probably familiar with the right now our kids just. Going on YouTube are going on FaceBook can paint tight pods that. And his religion is. I'm a cause I mean here in about it but I just don't care to watch anything that I finally. The death somebody's media these is doing it in as accident. Absolutely we dig this. Why would you stick that thing about it is. Those ponds like always to get on with this thing among public afraid because you wanna give up I don't return your children they look like candy to pound receptive now listen you want to keep going way in the distance because you know they're dangerous and poisonous then. And now you gonna do as a challenge again. There is the first story I wrote about it written about it about the tide pods. From for a child's perspective they thought that they were candies okay college humor. Did a story on a call don't eat the laundry pods video which showed a college student at ten mini. And they teed off this bagel hollow then everybody started doing it. I went big on rig Twitter now if you Truman faced month. This is big on you do IC is dude it's called paying the hey play. I applaud you my dad through little pepper in their enemies as you look again is that this right now hi I'm like god this it's amazing yeah. Do not do this oh yeah. Did you fool most recently YouTube has become the online venue of choice obviously but now. They're putting the kibosh on you make a video they're taking it down. But doctors are saying that he isn't harmful even a small amount. Concentrated third did I don't know how they're gonna tell their doctor would have this morning on a row they had diarrhea and the doctor could tell me that's on the that's gonna clean my dishes. Is dangerous 08. They resume this stuff can find here weighing its way into your lungs. And cause breathing difficulties that come out. How crazy and that's why they're warning on their bro OK it's forward to watching this. Notes for wash your clothes no tie the iPod all that's what I. It was the other doing that this same thing like that oh well people are you need. The pods for the what's the bread this trustee rest time announcement made an excellent for a game of beat the odds are they using your dishwasher or go to like the same thing yeah. What do you know what that call you know what the odds are they doing your dishwasher. National academy lynch bridge. Her yeah. It's a my acid gonna weigh in right now what a case of you if you don't simply doing this thing play the 802221222. Yes hey it's okay. You want your value when they did sign an executive can say I am my. Our bureau asked did you decide in the morning doing a fantastic job listen to everybody from the warriors. My mom there's enough talk. It's everything is recorded playback more hello. Thank you me us and we appreciate you again 1802221222. 7979. Tonight the. Agreement saying this is. I mean they're thinking that if you went cascade I mean that you just an amateur tied in your. So they both heard this same game you've seen don't do it blow job my job. Do you guys know. So I'm I had anything else. Yeah when those seven. God move overnight gains. That George Taylor died. Unexpectedly in his home yesterday at the age of 65 the fouling them was found unresponsive in his home happy valley and I think California and the neighbor called 91 that when he was. Went to the hospital is pronounced dead so. How bad news for the game right there at 65 silly young age and I saw a picture of him in the game news G men what do you do you need to worry about right. You're right I came in kind whereas you know I have a report yesterday that they have finally had their baby from the surrogate mother. But they're not selling any baby daisy got labeled as the moral they rejected. Many are doing really well. They sit there was some. Moreover there that's what they said the biggest moneymaker people of all time who put north and south and east and west. Tomorrow how it's stayed the same video. Sorry sorry. They think you're right and then got. Demons don't call the call and ask you in the tournament everything's free game I guess there the opera like you know shoot five million dollar from all kinds of magazines. And web sites like that but they turned it down they said they managed immoral when I don't do that. Woke me up right. Reported then there's real live Nara wheels going down in their I'm not talking about cocaine was found in a little bit worse for governor Monahan. Helmand Marines being right here in Denver and it was a five game everything out from Mexico they're in Port Authority multiple times. But they found. Over 3003. Under five grams of heroin. Wow they also found their way back every time they got the boarding down there and then the course of multiple times so why. Wow they're really Larry messing catering doing a good job no right there and play well but what. And are we losing though. The new women's ice is I'm not doing their job down on the overall but that's that's worse this time that's pretty bad drive right there I go the way you run your broke the heroin ring sting. It can go on the Mac and. Oh yeah we're OK you uncheck those stories it'll be a function as one of them. Five Dak I don't think any Jones on just one of them five didn't lose it he never showers and a terrible usually have a better love life than people who are rude to waiters or are we racist. Other top then a deal breakers. There are most likely to immediately end a date to follow before before you get the lift have you 40000 deal breakers in your mind. You absolutely could Texas. Right now I think mayoralty what Tony. And I go through this gal we want to know what here's our core if you agree with these ones okay six money don't really check find and he should really make you feel like yeah it's common sense but. People just keep doing and so consider this as a refresher course in check in my every go OK I number ten being flaky or showing up late. That's the deal breaker that course unless you have a good excuse you back there and don't bring your mom. Sure nobody in my. I'm on how good my peers every my mom is here today. Number nine being ignorant yes yeah for sure of course that's your red flag right off the bat. Malcolm never come back. What's your answer. I think bad manners. Such as like I called on the table doubles on the table low laugh and kid Q are your mouth full tour. And he did a very good they're bad did have a little surprise for closing out coupon they'll we know 5050 on this payment it's a good thing from my my coupon. Yeah you're right you're minus freely click through on your favorite of the ramp exactly where the flu. How about this one. Doing drugs that's a red flag shows a would you know who broke out is no you have to do the seminar hurt. And the seven to also was this tour and you're in a gum with him although we ask that the jewelry are bad breath from the 720. We're different you know let me if you're both at the club. And you're talking to somebody take a sniff of the person you're talking to even if you're not buzz that person that's your deal breaker right there number six being close minded kind of having with the bad manners yeah they are kind of the same number five making it clear that you're not over your at all yet you know I remind you my. As he did did she did that I'm glad we. Real short story I get a lot of flak for this when I'm chip to Mexico one time would this valiant lady on the DL and the thing is about. We had a romantic dinner but she started crying out of nowhere on the romantic dinner because she was crying over except new romantic did that we haven't this and we came back from Mexico kind of doctor ever did and I've became the bad guy because I never count your human like you know she was you don't want to hear about. And it's usually. Go well guess what we're on the DL going to give aways to you and I cannot know what you want my manager about a hundred and now back. I'll let you go man he need it turned out to be on you sit manipulated to be your thought about this once making its we did. I think something sexist oh yes that's that's done all right guys guys probably Tinto about a lot right there this lady says having a life. Hey you. I don't break your goal the poll by the way completely weird things guys we'll tell you all getting a divorce I'll. Our separate part of the earth where everything I can definitely is a river like three years number three this goes back to the first Dexter being shot a team that hygiene bad breath that I date to nineteen. Okay this was en route to their mom or dad. You're TC that then that's your huge red flag they don't teach you like you're. I do your parents around the back yeah. To wrap number to being consider a rude and number one saying something racist or intolerant followers dole dole out without it being smelly wasn't on the list so you could be thinking instilled the look go beyond influence that we may earlier this show so people like that stuff Tony signature. John King is one of them five cities under the weather mostly I should be back tomorrow so why yesterday as having a conversation. With those good friend Paris from a different we're talking about friendships correct and he said young who's your best friend. And I said wow I don't know how best friends that I am Brothers it's almost like my brother right so unless your best friend I don't know was not I. As my wife's like this draft and I will not now not here why can't be your best friend and I go why. I know I'm married my best friend she's my best friend usually you don't know throw your best tracks in no. Joel my brother my wife is my best friends and I said you look I got more problems that he can you guess he goes that isn't you lose your breaking man code. Your best friend you have doubt the best friend you write your wife your best friend have to be guys that would thing fascinating guys have to be a god guy because I'm married so can we. Debate. I tell my parents be best friend. And apparently not according to my friends to let that someone that's not blood related be your best friend is what he's saying that's what he's saying. Yeah but usually people get married is like you did to your best friend right don't you say that in your vows a married man and there could lose. We have flooded road cry cry you know good demos were friends first and never okay voters yeah and our best friend lovers there. That's the wisest words. It's so weird the so we know we've got to this heated argument around like I'm going to be your friend. Hey man you got demoted to. It's now he was adamant that it's man code that you have to have a best friend and your wife. Can be your best friend well. Can what you have to best friend a woman have multiple best friends know we say you have you can only have one best friend you can. And where you're related this thirteen he same day you got to have a specific just got a best friend but when we go to like ladies and ladies have multiple. This fantastic and they have multiple best friends you can you can have more than one messy and we have like five to. That too many now see that time you can hear a prisoner could do. Have my best friends they're oblivious to this is the problem the okay that they're loose the turn exactly bad. You know we're big wins my computer is Joseph does it you get. Five best friends can dilute the term best friend OK grab them. We are not know they can have five female best friends convey different parts simulate life you're not okay college elementary. High school. Harrah's for a yeah. Oh what if you have two best friends with you and you introduced want as my best friend and you know I. Your best friend who's thinking she's not really your best friend could you be OK with that oh okay introduces will to your best cheese yeah. My best friend's day gets a share into shares moved. Oh please he did so my lucky my best friend right yes but specify if Jones is my brother. And I for refer to my my brother and my best friend my broke my yeah tell me you can only. Have won best friend is that the plan for guys. No because guys are always low sometimes there are guys using just her leg won best friend LA no more than period. There is no the role. I don't think Joba gets on with them plus one of my friends told me that my wife candy my best friend and I have. The best friend and now we're finding out now on the female side you can have five best friend. GM the one busy and get your significant other name your best friend six nailed three if you want to chime in on the conversation right on the text I'm my best friend and not allow them another best friend. I'm the only best friend point blank period okay all right okay. FaceBook if you wanna join the company's conversation is to Graham we on all the social media outlets Cassandra says guess you can't. I have my wife misty among Mexican Bastia. That's the my work messed me up my best because then why. Hold the best thing so I should be read what she's that they can't like I'm more than that she's Jagan had feeling good about herself right away females you can decrease the you've pretty got a category. Seventy 04 right now I'm one of them five I would guess they would never seen her I think they know. I just without boat we can hear him more than one best friend because one million feet Chris. Why am I here is acting sometimes one of carefree one Molly if you need or why you're he's got a black. They're the line and friend whose net phone picking up in the air right business and wasn't costumes and you know like I your sneak us. Too many friends there. He's no fan of all I want I think is one that's going to be therefore you shouldn't ever and you can I just think it's been there where you already I guess you know not a normal line. No he won't give up I thought I must. Yeah they can't do all you punish or Ralph Williams and your own. Well I don't know I don't. Then ask you a bit Britney yeah it would bet actually I mean look we're we're all Carlo with a guy okay. And yes you're right that carpet they need a good legitimate thing that it. They're friendly I'm never at a bit plan I have acquaintances and expensive when I. We won't have any great end. All of us and I'm I'm not that I met a guy with the diet I had wolf there are. The good guys when I was younger is better amendment added I had never met in the back. I did at this hour. I don't know but we know she has not fixed and there are the best there is this guy. Yeah I mean I'm just a friend like ms. marquee. Every yes or no. Is it okay for my wife to be my best friend but yet okay awesome thanks for the call girl. Where do you live here and this don't discriminate. I don't think it's just like kids with them five do you have more than one meciar of the debate going on right now. Are you doing different to your significant other be your best friends. One of my so called home he's told me that no doubt doubt the best friend. And you have to have a wife and that's. That's it all rise 69803. Is the takes on wanna join the conversation from the seven to resume Revver is that right now girls could have best friends but they can't it introduced each other. Each one of them. Boone. The tangled web we. Recent leak like kidding yeah. Yeah I think they do get jealous of each other come on through vet says some face that for me no I have a couple very close friends but only one. Bass more. And that's okay images there of foreign now one of the file hi what's your name great all favored to what do you think your. I'm I don't think it you have more than one bit and it just leads. I really don't like I've met playmate Dolly made like him and I'm excited and I like our auto I didn't. Yeah I think that she's therefore you should pick you up all these other qualities that you lady they're saying that they need. To have multiple best friends you got all the one he had not been I want I want might have been there without any lean out and let down you don't have breaking down categories how might that OK they usually come yeah I don't know what you see my kids with them publish your name. What do you say Mike. I have permit did first there is. You play your best friend of the guy I mean I'm MO all of them my best friend but they're put it could that be could have won on the side that you. You're only you had a romance. I'm the same way man like. God oh my best friend my brother so. They're the same day for me okay so we're good on that you can that you might be your best friend and you broke your round trip I can't get her we're Goliath and we don't certain. The veteran Leo right okay yeah Bob I. Thank you I guess it was about what's your name will say brown. I know I'm apparently breaking every bit rude period. I got and the best friend and and my wife however. I hold most. My my best friend is female. And not my wife who Oklahoma. That's delicious playing regularly. Regularly up all night. Days are gone but they did in 100 no we we did dedicated to nothing like that I'll do yeah. Where is that when you touched and then elementary school yeah. Thank McCall road what or immediate who were prayer and incredibly well just looking through your high. And then they are my agent when they get out of brick and onetime history yeah. It's good. It shows on JS 107. So. Didn't know if you guys knew this or not. He confessed and been on the rise and my city and the rest they over the past several years and each have eight fondness. For high. For Honda the man you are still know never know car alarm. I would think the battery out for our go to bad. They're here got a broken into yes SATA clone not my house and I clubs like course we will no clues in the hood MGM's of our legacy Silverado. Yeah same feeling right and three and AC showdown. And you look first and foremost let me just tell you I hate cart these eight these in general I think people that breaking people's cars. Our real ash and ask them a break in her car yesterday almighty and our Susan what they deserve right favorite. Haven on the fly. Ask your question what fabric can be in my father's philosophies or not. Everything is in fact your batteries. And we were walking out of love arguing this guy I was actually trying to break into my dad's truck UConn and we caught them while. And Paula doctors in my truck. Right yeah. All of religious right out of my stroke. Sorry Matt moved there aren't you gotta gotta gotta size number 90 Betty yeah Australian envoy. Do you did I think it is the list right in tenth place the Jeep Grand Cherokee so I'm one of those being used Toyota Camry. Write this down this could be your card and gift going tonight in five minutes. The Chevy Silverado the I 239. So far in Denver Toyota Camry 193 Jeep Grand Cherokee 189. Subaru Legacy is popular with 254 coming you know that looks like you don't know now. Found intact. Jeep Cherokee to 63 this talented Jeep Grand Cherokee only the grant's missing on this thing. Ford 350. The fourth every fifteen in 299 and now Brooke yeah fifth place and fourth place the Ford F 250. OK for twelve how do you miss the big truck like that. I mean I don't think your garage you just what you get stolen OK you for a crew drive Subaru Impreza and third at 486. And everything I don't know if guru is adolescent I don't care why they don't care was that Joseph did not impress this thing about brands I don't know yeah. He wasn't there were like this that this is where the jumper goes from the 400 history 900 all right so far this year Honda Accord 914. The popular cars bucket I was busy because he's it is still hard because it's great to cruise I don't know I guess man on the planet. Ever guys don't want my strongest ought to mom's going to be once that thanks yeah. Now. And Paula is civic with a nine Sydney why. Should do it I mean they're not that expensive unless there was an announcement and wallets now in the country forty. I think you. Top of the line on the city from maybe 26 to thirty grand you and ejected or whatever did bush try to still feel like a beam there are next this hour anything that's kind of like. You know high and yeah while big if you have one of those should be in the garage so you have to really work for a I guess if you're. Parking lot of the club reverend Al Gore yeah but apparently it's the Honda they must be easy to break into that what I can reveal the secrets but apparently DC's already know. Automotive secret dad I'm you know listen to how we actually is a little mud underneath that gas. She's from wire for the red wire and the blue there's a they're not them admitting I don't know I was still aren't. Do any what you're doing good just life I don't want to go Tony signature on bunch is one of them five so the average kid gets how much hope we can allowance plus more for shores and you can't stomach X lens if that sixth man error three if you wanna tell us. How much you pay your kids for ordinary sounds. As we go through this conversation right now to take is that we found out that the average Q between four and fourteen. Hour for your home. Do we are lower yeah. Four and fourteen bro put our heroes to work out right. At yet do you really puts you Q4 year old who works Texas on that as well employees that it appeared in the room a little bit in which he did okay and I'll know allow normal it's you know your. The average kid needs to. Dollars a week in the allowance they both say they book that's just the base salaries don't. Salary I think get a loud I got lunch money you gotta listen right now I thought plus you get to eat lunch today verifiable agreements. For the week 40 my Johnson. Okay so big bucks a week allowance but that's his base salary OK they also get paid extra. For doing their chores including now this everybody's different so texas' six why don't we right now we want to know what you pay your kids right. OK number seven washing the dishes did you dollar. That's next on top of his or do that because I got food right here losses put got a good. Some numbers six taking out the garbage one dollar. There's a trillion dollar to take other garbage ass you're. New look if you see it's full this is information that parents are saying that they're doing for their kid you guys trash is full yeah empty. That's right no my that was the rule number five vacuuming dollar fifty vacuuming. The dollar fifty kids start telling your parents you wanna get paid. That's where I swear that's a little more difficult I think kids should get more money for this one laundry two dollars. Kids don't we get too much throughout the code the laundry told her own clothes put your clothes away laundry is attacking I don't think a four year old washing. Clearly they might eat the tide pods you can't watch this know who don't let your poor your own horn on your Nader what kind of it's okay no not a pretty kids by number three cleaning the rooms two dollars cleaning your room you get paid two dollars from. You'll get nothing you can out of room to sleep and why did you get to go to your room this lubbers on the text that says I'm a fourteen and eight year old. I never paid a lounge and they have allowed chores but if they want to go to movers on the I'll get him some money but thank you know money their roofs over their day did the men and OK I don't know I'm means you can't you give kudos to clean their room. Why number true. Taking care of the yard four bucks now why is the yards worth more than anything inside the house says they're physically outside. Duels on the with a rake. OK so investing in marketing and none of that stuff vacuum I don't know brother. Please allow us things I tell you I don't from where this reminds us the survey. Okay yeah. On the ground there there's this theory the I don't get your kids now. I'll forget. Yeah when I don't know what is the third major. There you go. You really go into the Joe's been great. In his answer more questions. Easy tickets are on the line I brown all right I chose you out of bounds from the studio lot here I will keep track your legal question number one Moses. Shortfalls the first Taco Bell opened in the same town as the first McDonald's. Evolved question number two true or false the Super Bowl is coming in a couple of weeks the US bank. Stadium in Minneapolis Minneapolis. Means small city ball question number three sure false. Men pick or they don't go well we don't we talk about how that was too many good discriminate. He's heard more under my personal preacher falls minn takes more than women. Truths are your portion of the questions are Dunn and Graham Jones quickly a lot of games. I know what I've done. It's on the Larry confident about your answers Moses. I mean yeah I only change you know mankind I see on the we'll see. We go Jones questioned once threw balls the first Taco Bell opened in the same town as the first McDonald's that is far marketing in this. McDonald's we're talking about follow or you saw as a true that is through San Marino California. I question number two true or false this Super Bowl is coming in a couple of weeks of the US banks CNN Minneapolis Minneapolis means small city. I don't know for a first fat but the sound write songs they threw this at all its faults. From the Sioux word mini for water and the Greek word for flawless. First city means city water and gas gaff kind of oil and three sure foster's men takes more than women that's false that is false women. 14% more than men and total. Is your answer for your right the first time for number 20. I just got a mini NN outlet well. I bro you know I know on the table that the jury would not some how much of reserve. Because today did you easy yeah. A you at a dinner for another guy doesn't matter since. I think energy they. So kids who was the conversation do broke. Right one of their life and to be on UK hasn't won a seven I'm warning zone read play. To lie weekdays six they are on demand any time on KS 1075. Zach Kahn.