Morning Show 12-4-17

Monday, December 4th


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Or or to wait until the Giuliani who GPS 107 I want the replay. 88 and. It was a kiss on some 5 but did morning happy Monday happy money very good morning Yahoo! you have to be come back very happy. Let's get back I'm happy you're happy Latvians the Broncos lost again. No man has got it I'm going to be honest. A bit of a bear to watch. Good for you we should be like I did at the raiders won it and then there in the first place side. Did chargers won all chargers won yet a third place tie Kansas City a three teams they all went down one. Eli Seattle but because they lost everybody's in the first place time kind of tune out of NFL yesterday who's the Broncos are out of them just don't hit should. Tonight Tennessee football league when that. I'm gonna play out there yeah so here's the thing if the raiders do when we have to listen to say he's for the rest of the year. Good thing it only goes to like February 5 and in some nobody here's the thing if you win a championship you bragging rights for the whole year right right technically. Okay do. So popular big game losing streak end at this point our Boston doesn't email one of us have to go limb on a billboard. Until we land here volunteering. I mean I know that was all the radio DJ stuff back and okay. And I'm happy there's legal. Things that go on now that you can't do that. And everything did write funny when he oh we would say yes and we'll talk to legal finally in our favor right good we'll never get approved for it. Never do one episode next season. All right well the good news for us is that we don't have to do games like that we can play games like who is most likely do yeah and we've got tickets since November 4 back to Jurassic quest. And we're also qualify you to win 2500. Dollars. From the Colorado lottery little extra Christmas money in your pocket. The countdown on yeah millions more and 121 days away yes yet do you want disaster money obviously wanted tickets to those most important right. Oh yeah no thank you. The money. Oh. Clothes I most likely to its always Intel will ask your question you tell us who is most likely to go to the sixth when you don't go anywhere. Yeah and most likely. We beyond you can't look seventh I'm. Tell you and you see I. Western and your qualified for 12500 dollars for the Colorado one marine congestion my business as usual quiet please. From lie about watching a sporting event or an award show you 0491005. And who's most likely to lie about watching a sporting event. Awards show. Find out some crazy about county fade and now I tell them what I have been disease. You'll also be qualified to win 2500 dollars and Anthony who's most likely from my about watching a sporting event or an awards show her stated. This is not me no 10 let's just admitted it's not too long does sound good drive down. Tonight visually I guess with them about what's your name or. The goal is most likely to watch a sporting events or actually lie about watching this morning that four awards show ladies really. I watch everything. Sporting events come there come on sit back. Strong answers they think it's I guess he was about what's your name really who's more like. And his most likely lie about watching a sporting event horn awards show how they waited so now. I just. My body and her own right they usually go. I guess it was about what's your name is Jonathan who's most likely lie about watching the sporting event or an awards show. 880. DJ Joseph okay yeah. Not so much on the sporting events but deadly on this award shows I would get twitters and see the timeline to get to recap yeah. Congratulations may have Stanley Ford back in Jurassic Y plus you also back qualify for a chance to win. 2500. Dollars from the Colorado lottery will radio station and PJ Jones if you look at. It could do black imminent in this intriguing is guilty would you say he's bringing up your children's personal life on CB might not sit well with others on breaking down next. He still flew right. You know they didn't talk about it. Only on KM 107 hi I can't measure bag right Candice vishay. As Gary for pocket my daughter's cancer I'm Dancing With The Stars as she believes he only did that to gain publicity on the show. How important blast and it's a dairy care of while he was on the show and asked for permission to allow they've honored to participate in a feature on the show that once the disgust for cancer. Candice told Eric Noll but says the south still ran a piece on her daughter meet a panoramic camera to her in the crowd while she was crying about it. Now it's messy or because now candidates filing their quest to get holiday 'cause DD. Order for the ex couple's twins a new ones and dean a win that competition. Well. Using these dollars and again and again downloads and I sentimental value you know more daring to my. Public you lose the part of your privacy and for some folks can say is I did so I can understand mom portion on that what trying to keep it private for the kids. But I still feel like the kiss at a time opinion on it as wild ride we already knew she was sick bit I guess this winter for underneath him after. Yeah Applebee's Beckley onto something right now back in October Applebee's hope that everybody with a one dollar margaritas thanks so. Now again predicting that's what another deal the restaurant chain in about the beginning that's right now I'm the one dollar Long Island iced teas. The company wants consumers a focus on spending time with family and friends during the holidays without wearing too much about how much it cost was gonna cost you about 101000 degette DUY. They don't really get watered down come zillion dollar dream can have 49 and then dad and I and we will not actually what you want to. But apparently now lawyer's wife and that left their home after the allegations of sexual harassment against the former today co host broke sources say the man that has left the US with the couple's two youngest children and has gone back to winning the Netherlands to be with the family of Corning NY post a lower and his wife have been. A living separate lives for years now so this is. Is not really news only news that she's out the country right they do this and he made the cut the check. I don't think she's coming back from the meadowlands right now there's thousands already empty and now you're right he's got to adjust what exactly those are the way to take it out right now I think it's one of them buy dot com. Don't say I just I can't promise a 51 man's actions could. Twenty million dollar. Talk about less than ten minute Tony Jones I guess on the some five do you think you ever make a twenty million dollar mistake. And I would hope not. That's for sure yeah I hope that backs down under him. Can even dream about making that kind of money right so for so we have to make them money and then that makes them a CNN. Right well NBC is not planning to pay out Matt Lauer salary. Because a source says that the network is not gonna be on the hook too because they're saying he was terminated for cause. And he was supposed to hit twenty million dollars per year. The fact that even gets that kind of money per year. Baffles me that isn't crazy money. Promised to lead has he been collecting and. Over all of these years he's been doing it. How lonely men do and was last big east it was like five your new so and so torn in Detroit has not gone back and before that he's by making fifteen maybe ten million a year. That yeah set for life as a matter no matter where athletes show that for a life. So. His last his salary of play was Tuesday and then out obviously on Wednesday of our colleague Savannah Guthrie announced former colleague I should say. On the air though our gas fired because of inappropriate sexual behavior in the workplace through moral clauses are standard in television news. And the accusations against lauer. Would stand to triggered that caused so they're standing up to 10 AM he didn't fight the network's decision to terminate him how ever. Allegedly he's going to get a legal team and he's expected to push for the compensation this old GM through 2018 he he's fighting for that one million. Him personally he didn't he didn't go out and then for that. I first but it's his legal team that's going for them crack well I mean you got to tell illegal Chattanooga and I say yes or no Boone gets out legally may go to get my money yeah. If you even if it wasn't his idea and you know like say your lawyer calls you up and says they say he's done. There's five million on the table we now. Right choice go get it yes yes yes the co Sinai regardless. And today if we get let go we don't get the rest of our contract goes man I was asked to not look like Earl contracts. I you know. You got Lego you guys got paid out like a severance the ideal you know senate and think hey man this is relaxed check in now I think I'm I think a lot of people go get some insight we may get Lego they still get like you know some money back into their pop it all depends on your deal here in our business. Our guys just love the and I doubt I you know little people they have a contract standard hey hidden in the news in the in the real world we're not in the I do it or two weeks it's not what this salary if they're salaried employee get buyer like six month day whatever you're allergic house whenever you. That's different contract now among other better lawyers than us. You want and you guys wanted to vote what your compensation packages. And now I am an. Read that might tell you I mean I know my the last contact was that pretty outstanding but do this new and is not outstanding Q what it is now. And I noted that any problems they do. Maybe we showed you. You do you do I do yeah that's ever MPH earned vacation and you get your parents taking days and you get your last chance to. Depending on the pay period the basically the second half it again and again asked to check out. Last year about one month Brent and also depends on your bosses they might be nice and you need to end of the month well that's why you guys know I'm not go all crazy Chris Russo. Let us pray that and I'm gonna do anything like that crazy trying to save my money stack my chips so my guess. I yeah I think we're on that boat that got us all scared or shift. Coming up let's take you Christmas coming up this Friday we have something to tell you about that we wanted to be a part of and it requires a minimum money out of your paycheck we'll take that and minister Tony Singh Jones on gives 1075. I also coming this Friday. I'm gonna be a big party gone down just awesome fire Marshal on that celebration that word we're gonna celebrate Broncos win. Well known on my bed when Donald pulled this out of read the Robert season's over a what Brendan Mars Friday night he acknowledged it is well he's acknowledging it and would chairs of that boot we're not good. Say that made him play harder or anything like that is this. They had the two of our year right it's our first annual Christmas party to me that so no it doesn't. Yes it's quite a does mean we can't come out and saying good today yeah you know loyal what they want. I always have a candidate who can look at one of the gate with Miguel. Yeah. He's really doing our Canada tomorrow. We can do it well not exactly. Wake other volunteer to tiger are right there and I promised our featured a guest in our future party's right now we we we didn't have the resource is. Yeah it's it's the daughter as super sexy spy it's not like it's an a basically our it's no I don't billions future that don't spot and though I was you know I put up their guys. Nathan may Palmer yeah. We're seeing another team. There are things that every angle they love as I know things aren't RB singer now we're anyway we we can cussing a couple of songs and they know you don't know how he played two years and now he sings songs and he wears. But at least Jean shot at me and top flight yeah. Urlacher was one extension you know he comes in my specialty in the top flight eight. And money a demo can help them out OK I that is that we were Texas last night you know we got a press is the only. Oh yeah yeah. I'm Bob Graham and I press release I gotta press release from the man. PR agent okay inside of our email okay so other dog back there yeah lets him get directly. Him who put down his own press. You know that you say they don't know their email either way this is Jonathan Palmer on Monday they palms brotherhood. He's welcome to get a couple songs for your songs right I napalm bring your Ashley stub pants. Bring your great state can't say he's you know play at the game I had one time right now when you're really on the side what do you look I don't think I ever get her out. No more pretty sure I get a word altogether she did before you're looking. All live before we saw how did he boost. Yeah she's good okay actually facing really good he can really sing. But this 70 jobs central ball yeah and they are doubting and these things Ali yeah that's my little pony was Broncos. He lived abroad. Mr. word why would sell more iron and opinion it was a mutual agreement that I'm preliminary talks until we're not paying you right. Right but now it is our first their first Christmas party and you know we're easing into it does logic is right now. Only chance to notify us off. Tickets 1075. Andre and giving tickets away when you Elizabeth say he's all week long. So you don't have enough yet ladies is a nice time say go get yourself some them before Friday hits Masako fellas we don't wanna see you you know coming in here would just looking hot mess now you leg and I put out a way and that pleased yet. And a portion of the proceeds are going to go to Kendrick Lamar next year. Why I'm. That's I may. They've bashed they love council met and we right now. Is there like eighteen times forget. We're giving it was superseded my own little rob biggie just a little rough a single them out apple can Iran's to a rough actually a row total. I think that's coming up in less than ten minutes we retreat last weekend. Okay oh yeah and a lot of crazy things happen we're at Ameristar amounts he was worried they tell you what now. I think they listened they don't know any. Don't say intones I guess 1075. So above Thursday Friday and we went to this retreat in Ameristar in black cock for our whole company. Kay Graham and that was called the intercom retreat we do once a year so this was seasons Jones for Thomas is my second talk first time in the mountains for me so Brent. Aged dad never gonna bank credit easy I know yet there was gambling there's obviously you know we had sessions you know like it kind of market hype you up about the company in many years in their building eighteen building as well the whole team build so her family's it was very interesting. Yeah it's there's plenty of Iowa's enjoy not listen I was a I was a witness I want you guys did he married in any advice and it hasn't implemented participates in my dad because I was in bed by 93 I'm just everything. Well why did you know you did miss everything you're gambling til like 1 o'clock in the morning. What do you guys voided and how did you come up all the way peso initially when I got I wanted thousand dollars sees as always and then I lost 500 when it was all said and done some of 15100 but. I would mean big eyes is put in. That was when the 2000 gap a thousand for two bills you're putting for so technically you evened out no bail Amazon 400 dollars almost 201 dollars. OK to Wales to OK okay just days to bail so this is the third time in three weeks and I've won two dozen or more. Christmas is set in so yeah I don't know dragon so I've voted I've waited everybody and canals like to play. Ray when when a team building and out so what happened. I. T know they incur little bit and then tried to gamble about a serious about it. I should just then the the fifteen dollar blackjack table but instead I tried to try Malcolm X 25 dollar table. I would put forty dollars and and the other this guy was the next do me any you know I've met Simon nice you know everybody's a little late yeah. For the guy gives me his money to start gambling is like listen whenever you make we end up splitting. Note that our world by telling it like coming around the table and I'm sure she's okay right make this up allowing only need to only be on your door in an hour goes by Abu 400 dollars. There's much you really bad that go away like Homer Simpson into the bush. Yeah I guy hey yeah. I am very thing mad Mary we want to drink so he felt bad out. I'd they deny her bodyguards that we Bobbie that we that I ask you to those when I told me at a time to not play. At this casino he told me hey Taylor cannot play there you're gonna lose your money and I still live with day in and happier that he had I'm like 125 dollar. I want I want there how much it's I walked out total 174 dollars now to our clearly no Williams they gave money why. Names on the mark key you know I don't play well then pulled my whole paycheck there one time from the U really it has though. Made a certain amount and then as they matter when and and Gamal and I thought oh my god. He they get the free rooms I know how much you make you nothing and. Now both the Wii is still want everything's cool that first night. We have been on what went thirty seize the hour gap you are out you left I'll sleep and that Zelaya has not ready yet he's. These are I don't know like Arab holy person now I'm back out on how well he don't party don't do anything pose a birdie oh OK we can't afford in the morning quickly. There was of a fire alarm went off. Mean right yeah when I thought it was a joke part of that company building that's on the you know loans with Likud is but I I jumped up. They got home my clothes on and end fully addressing I fully dressed fully dressed I'm about back my computer because that's my life. And I walked out on the on the twelfth floor in no smoke and less that oh this is the rail and burlap. Really how I'm copying not choke get. Do you put an extra. Hello I am a little I miss it's. Oh Joseph gave MI does Hussein have their to a so there on the eleventh we made about my goal. We were dribbling down the stairs the next you know everyone's goal now says is the real deal so I'm around online. Was there all our coworkers well there's some just went to bed tonight like on twenty minutes my my house. Like big my agent and any in the buffet game. And sir you did always smelled like you in the head sales lady she was inner. PGA's. This is a crazy experience I think any guy I was in Vegas for when that whole situation went down out there. So for me it was like unreal to be in a hotel where it's actually happening about with Mandalay bay but I was staying somewhere else right and they get back. In this situation it was so scary you don't even think what for me and think what to grab literally I mean booty shorts and a huge bigger likes what are. Covering me running up the stairs it's Korean and you see people Pedro soon died when girls look like they did finish you know get in some. After all the stuff I just like this is the most unreal experience I've ever had in my life the mind is I mean just like took off because after may is she did. Hotel situations and for me and I indicate you don't know all the people in their lockers trying to get. There's downhill there. Every and then after an hour Tony. What happened what was the reason every so when everything was there a fire no there was a fire it was far right wouldn't hydrant. Extinguisher yeah three people. Three guys there to get opened up the fluid out pusher and he's great dollar misprint on Jones room yeah he's really in their own he sprayed down hard with a joke that we rank this hotel has 32 floors ladies and gentlemen though I imagine senior citizens imagine babies kids. Climbing down 32 story right to get down to the bottom level motel that was as an experience that that was unreal and FY I Jones was not joking when we had him since he was smiling with a couple. Like I imagine. Yes I have my hair they leaned up and I was bad about anybody she really lies down these people really don't you were brought strong did not. There were the flat out yes it did there I was thrown in there led day to day. You would have gone in on me. This is somebody who certain people who shouldn't be wearing pajamas like that and nation where we are you are. Yeah if he didn't. Did you like his own sins by some margin to Ameristar while there was a fine. Go anywhere I Sony's in Jones. I guess on some five let me set the scene for you we lifted the Z grand Z casino because we had the faith that was offered to us amazing food by the way which gave us sees in Jones stomach cramps. I'm back but we we're definitely coming back in that buffet was awesome I love the dump out. I'm sorry hello brandy words right after. So were leaving we dip into the truck got everybody's fighting for position in my truck which only fit five people comfortably. We're back in like sarbanes right yes safer it's a person. I did we pull back into the front of the valley area and a bunch of more staff members who missed their shuttle. What a ride so I think jumped in the back so I don't like what maybe 815. Just stand back and they turned and he's running back those 713 thirteen people is energy okay thirteen total. Okay no way to ten OK no more fifteen. I anyway so were all in the car and then a conversation happens jumps. What. The story like that billions while you are I was supposed to stay young. Today's wall if you guys don't know we have a new nite show host here we do. Her name is Rosa this year do an excellent job she's winning number one in the marquee crushing it. But she does so happen to want to fifteen year old sister act fast are the best you want to say. She chose to throw some shade to us as the new morning show because. Our ratings are not as successful losers right now well in the danger is I don't care if you talk smack about me behind my back I'm pretty sure she does all the time I've been. Gave my knee is not a problem but when you do it to my face. I'm gonna do it right back teeth right and that's a wooded lot of people know this now mean I'm I. I can be mean at times a week and it's open married just Blanton was the banner where Marion that is very bland yes so I. What would be in laboratory and our strength actually the best out of my head blown away and cocktails I really bring this though I didn't boot in front about face. And this same thing so I took it upon myself. To go off OK Kelly hasn't happened now wait a minute wait analogy as they paint the picture resident and heads when he's a very early twenties so. Pitching is something your early Tony I'm not a lot of hot mess I would say a lot of things that's off the top my head. In out what that really adds I still do now yeah. Our guys and how I used to be known round match very well are you the only way worse than what I. OK from the police and and I'm clubs on top respect OK but I don't think there's any excuse I really don't go right laughter. It was she says on the about a ratings and like out she's like yeah. I would bug doing this and that and like she would really like brag doses are like Don Bragg and other stare down unless. That we're doing like or believe in like I took nothing in solid no defending would you go deep slash son win. Another I don't I don't remember I blacked out I knew I. I remember anything. Yeah well. Okay let's send the parts that I remember from the quick jab you wanna do this do you sure you wanna do this right now. Do they think you wanna do this amazing life you know looking back him up like Homer Simpson found out I know they can't. I had no what are you doing the meat and I have the one could not the ones. I'm not the one now. Like yeah I think if anywhere not just saying. I invite. I might do seem to insult. 'cause is my team now she's starting gate retaliates and south this Johns keeps raising his voice my question about I think there's for a blessing all right and we all will pick back here right so. I'm ABC they should let you want to talk to me like that where's that coming from calm down calm down when Allen and I when you get help solve the gone down thousands you know. In the middle age now you just can't tell middle aged man just calm down whenever he wants to lose especially from younger twenty girls to like calm down. You don't need to do this right now children and I in Tucson this idea. You try to. I think you get we took as your shyness and you should deathly try to back up like Homer Simpson what she saw that you're getting flustered. But they just weigh in on her in hindsight she did strides on all of us and shown that you know people begin in the same ratings like she had since 1990. You also said nobody listen but one little kids that aren't a lot of praying that. Would go on or not. So it has the heart patients Kobe right now like yellow you really save you know. I say that you should like that's the momentous moment ended apparently apple is the only one offended by this I hear about this wound. I don't know where you were gonna go hey process nowhere with them though he won't. Well if net hey Tony always a fight break. You see on the road I ever did was dead I like I say in their diet you could not say I wouldn't say that the Obama laughed and I'm every joke you saying how I've been out like I. Well you got them. And I knew it and let's actually. One thing we usually have what I think is always gets over and she was fade in the rallies. Police say that a lot of bonuses and so she's you know she slips associates under the very little quick change. Usually get quick look at television is like this like damn did some that I'm well look. Yeah oh yeah I'm living and you never heard some flash and puts you back in steel plates of humble guy many people fired up and it big guys. How bad the next morning she was. She was in my ear yeah. We all. And a nice I was like oh hi guys wisely like there's some guy he's always been my thing yeah. Hi there I'm really happy for I wish her the best success and someone do all these good things right you can't do you can't go around acting like yo dude big fish in this small pond right. But I mean. You know about her a lot of people who don't know radio radio starts off how small you normally take an eye so when you're on the come up then I cited some nights you know it's like come up with a process that I. Our process I don't know necessarily know she knows how long of a stretcher during Wright hasn't her career yet right before we start. You know over hype and about a lot of people you get people know careful with who you hype yourself but do these people don't. Like sounds right Erica you know he's seen a lot of people come through in and out the space and over the years then he's right. I'm no one and I want another one adult prisons to god get out. Listen people people this happens all the time at work your arguments deeply 32 things happened that night Eric. Things happen that night somebody asked and she got. Was the aggressor Joe's actually responded I'll leave you got me there she got her like her hair is shorter today because. I learned a message to the second thing that is how. Thank you say you're welcome Mike Brooks not like thinking sure I'm proud to move on but hey we're one big happy family money they are you mean good family. It cannot get out from another ten minutes. One movie in the country. Where are you about that and we're so you know one of us saw the movie and try each time he's. Isn't just a kiss 1005 we Al love movies whether it's nephews flicks and chill or go into the theater and get an amazing experience. And of course this week you definitely I don't know if you did would you should've. Pocono number one movie 26 point one million over the weekend two weeks in a row taking the top spot and have you seen it I have not singled out yet the so I'm not I took the summit yesterday yeah. For someone say they got to get rid of the frozen out movies or. Add that I got to bring present madman will go a little like a little short like new like frozen more than two. Well this latest tornado do you think this frozen juice come on with it was 1520 minutes 120 minimal before we got to Coco allow. The previews Lou. He's in the Peter I think warned Iran movie. It plays out there though like we could we could do without the frozen thing but Coco. Amazing. You have to watch as soon as I. But not even five minutes I was crying mom you guys that soon a man a man like yeah 'cause. If you have seen the movie that this is there's the colts was the old leg drama played great grandma Wright them I. Joan can you can given all wait another year old issue it's great drama so. The great drama reminds me of my real drama that's alive right now that's 98 years old so I had seen the simulator charities right there and then and yes so littered with tears came off right off the bat and animation CDs they look so real biting drama list library it's yeah. This is Varitek out there's a scene in the movie were almost choked up and out of my wife was crying and was like yeah. To Bob and Mary and I I Datsyuk does so we just watching because it's funny it's also. Very emotional now the fact it's almost falling as much as my wife try as we begin young you kind of soft broke. Red eye on all the Disney princess movies outside Kenny Mann talks smack. Okay here's the thing on the front I think yeah. Lot of I don't I don't have fun laugh and one of them coming in and I'll even know I like the normal movies I'll be cool way. Disney movies always gave me for some reason he's got a menu movie yeah. That there I I don't know why I say here's the thing I think women get a pass on that you guys is it's OK to cry public and got me what. And that can cry when you grind them and about one guy climb middle and the Brooklyn me. Keep him. People are OK I. I would then you know the most annoying know him know don't worry about that first inventory. And we'll be in the process of all things that we talk about China you say he's out. Connected you when they know it's I'm so have you ever tried to children's movie I've seen Jones does he need to issue who does that mean you're soft. Well look like it really just some big hard nose off like you want and you feel like no you're you're week. I don't know brokerages you really co workers in these three years and then you know I will be down. Pay that you. You animals are like in the air hey there's a sensitive side of me that. What a five. I don't tell you what this article I wrote a fan way like I felt bad about you out and you felt bad I'd enough. To right right but I would that. And I waited for does move we aren't local I waited for like all the credit to go by night and if more people to leave because. I really had a lot of tear them I'll. The red eyes I don't want people to stimulate them without this guy what I thought yeah he's raising machine would have no tears by Alexa had a lot of tear. Are Alexa had a lot of chairs and Brenda but yet he was smiling and happy thrilled that it's really don't movie and it's you know obviously chosen ones you want simply did your crying even though you're bragging about it you might see anyone say your softly. Synergy here for now what does that imply that you're required to children's movie does it mean your soft. Or the emotional or do you have a big heart like Sean says he does all what does she belong. Seven season Jones on just one of them five so have you ever cried and children's movie does it mean that you're soft or an emotional person. Or you have a big car a hearty and we're referring to the movie cocoa that don't Jones and I decide he. He tried I didn't he ball actually. Does a lot of tears came out my eyes and people are co signing on FaceBook so way. Our team. And elegant sitting Coco she cried like a baby so yeah there you go I still looking for women cry I think if that's talking okay why don't have any guys on over here trying to you know I love that looks like you know. How about the ladies on the FaceBook page okay back emea OK and I so mr. what you wanna do some of that they Qaeda a Toy Story 3. I'm a psychiatrist or three and I will admit that I gonna help them don't cry I don't grind. And yet everyone tracking Dolly I'm not know my camera back no men because you know what. Did you show off its 700 point 75 hi what's your name brain are really SA. Oh I remember when I was younger I watch. And I'm not yet and I didn't really mean that it because I Harry putter really close relationship but I can't and they wouldn't mind that's yeah yeah I am man. And one Koko I'm. We don't try to repay it in the family so late. Don't see him reuniting like his that we end and yet I am getting about right now. I look over my right do you believe neither guy a great guy a guy image image it could and cry though it they're really good crack. And I think ladies get a pass like you should crichton's great free to try I don't know much also he thinks he's our own time so you know friend wow glad now that kind of set. Struck me is why aren't. You know I think there are a lot to do what the connections you make bell like I don't get there. Crying badly and you remembering some are you are when you when you go through experience that they can really fuel it won't even I mean that's. Well thank you of course you do yeah you horse that you. Usually don't fit being and I guess I was them I would your name Chris what do you say brown. So you'll I don't really feel like you did. And it's more so because like our ability to got a big heart. But we have not grown that I got definitely cried. Got to go their future are located pulled on the street the wow doesn't I would bet. Yeah okay what they may need movies what are they are not cracked. You might know maybe I don't know. All right ever nobody. Oh god go we did we didn't we try now I'm not alone thanks. Under our Dubai nice yellow peppers in the cosigned for Johnson mainly my way to get people might reaper text he said he tried to love and heartache I dare Lion King. How humble reader reproduce local biker. Here in the Mike Kelly drive your dad I think that he never Christ with. I think they're just on the lives. Believe I cried because I killed the guy knows. Well you know well that's why can't make you rich and the white horse. It's. I know. Amanda your crowd should do. Yeah I think you've heard it's. Save you having lunch. Yeah anything Yahoo! we talked into. You grab me and undervalued and what I don't know. Yeah if your television profiles into your box. It's. In the game is that the more questions than see his legitimacy look at how different are they gonna leave the road ideas. Think you're gonna try to answer these questions your real number once shortfalls and the Denver Broncos have lost ten consecutive football games this season. True question number two insurer falls the world's first text message. It was sent on this they 25 years ago by Vodafone engineer British software engineer named Neil have. Afterwards we're very fair question number three shortfalls he slower machine you know. On the sale of the United States means one out of many. Here are your portion of the questions are memories about phasing out of her. Man that morning so Christmas party figures are on the line it's our first one you can't judge says. So are you ready there when this young sons are excited as I did go our way let's. Do we can do you're zoning and we'll strategy session for the second one though. Yeah. They did it go towards your twelve days the Denver Broncos have lost ten consecutive football game. This season's well it's true right parents should story actually is false that. Philosophy. Me I'm. There's growing consumer. Question number two tour false the world's first text message was sent on this date 25 years ago. By Vodafone engineer named Neil passwords. True that is correct. Are they to the text message we'll have the first message was Merry Christmas. Are now our question of a major files he deserved this unum on the similar the United States means one out of many. True that is correct model they emphasize national do you just went for John. We today that's what went on yeah oh. Yeah Jones play we have actually we have a tied there are no. Mainly you grow a business that make you wait till I saw. Bad delays in new parent or anything you so much it Phillies broke away guessing they're not evil to you John King here. I didn't go down this fight ahead of free yes you can you can your mind and and you got for free what station is an opponent I had. Don't think it shows on kids want awesome five so but. Briefly review heading to. Other kids with some five mile high toy drive and we're gonna be at spa orchard town senator. At 79. C 7999. West 446. Avenue in Broomfield. I'm not really familiar liberal so but I'm sure I'll find it yeah it's called the orchard town center. Tag I go to betting on that that could tell me your phone yes 79 iron on any country where he sees them you know Montreal Georgia. It is hard and I you said that they'll play as hard and I'm really mr. Barak your partner apparently died and how right last week yeah. I'm here retreat. Hostility is now know confront because once the shot goes smoothly and that's not the fights are you guys this move elsewhere Whitney now. I'll play in the beginning they were exceed that they need each side as soon as he knows you're not gonna be here he malls movie and a better word play it there's a word of him. Are we embrace some of the what does that mean in combat. Yeah I was you know with them I would do the work so well alienating yeah Cooper Amy me how to get it okay. I come back and ruin everything. It's elegant about mood on the that in work and it kills me didn't have such an amazing time you come back we're like why did you come back then now placement Napoleon on doing it gets to ruin my coffee waiting her let's bring all. I'm again I'm back there I actually get a lot lot better aluminum bat. If I hear when a man I shut down the huge it's done it's okay now it might help you get that. And normally I really do think this might turn some bills and I'd like to be treated once in awhile yeah history did I I you know I'm. I picked up my card boy okay. You've got your eyes yeah how much I get the big then yeah that's a big Iran did our producer to go get the food. The buyer couple. What copied the she does know he didn't I tried my eyes I don't force you've got to do that now they want me. As she liked that you don't unify in Salem based on the history of the Nihon cannot come out of the sun are not the immortal. If you buy toys I will figure and so the look into our president physical location runs and 46 avenue it's the orchard town summer yet. Cold 79799. West honored for six them on the roof or the town center according to their till 2 o'clock. But the case was and I found isn't there all day long okay and we're doing something different this year. Sort of helping twice families we're gonna help three to 400 okay. It's a big distribution through mile high united way now listen everybody pay attention you wanna go to united way. Denver dot org if you wanna get on the list find out because we have a lot of listeners who also need. Toys for the holiday season I know this because I use it's important when someone my dad was going through that time. And he was the sole provider. We got free free presence from the church my president I swear to god it was wrap this since fourteen year old boy on it. In it was a sweater Lou it was something. Something is better than them something about it and I think here's what we need OK and please please if you know what it's like to be in this position. We need stuff for instance. All the way up until teens we wanna help kids for the holiday season because. Imagine what it feels like not to have especially for Christmas. This is simple really if it's as simple as that OK so Ali OJ's was and buy dot com if you can't make it to the 146 avenue and brutal location. The rest of the week from 1120911. AM till 9 PM while we're gonna be at the Aurora Towne center the OK how do fry like balance there on the show. You hate on the isn't aren't we did you can't ever. Okay under and hopefully that's saying doesn't play well are right now I grow until we have listeners network in Broomfield a navy Gordon jump. Maybe they look like it was OK I mean isn't betting on is maybe I'll buy something there you got out. Convince them right now I'm Chris Allen radeon X plus the license they can. He has 107 I'm warning zone read play. Live weekdays six to eight and our on demand anytime you can KS 1075. Zach Kahn.